Endings and Beginnings πŸŒ•πŸ’«πŸŽ† 2018

After the Full Moon in Cancer on New Year’s day, today – the 2nd, Uranus stations direct, perhaps freeing us up on our journey of enlightenment.

Jan 1st’s astrological kite formation had the full moon opposite major planets in stellium in Capricorn, among them were Venus, Saturn, Pluto and the Sun. Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio were forming a trine to Neptune in Pisces, while Mars/Jupiter and Neptune formed a sextile to the Capricorn Stellium.

New Year’s time is usually a time of ending and beginnings. Many cultural celebrations include reviews of the previous year and setting intentions or goals for the future.

Interestingly, having a full moon in Cancer at culmination (full) on the first day of the New Year, in the astrological world, sets a tone for the year. I believe that you can make the best of all the transits, and look forward to discovering what this year brings in terms of inspiration. Cancer is a very lovely sign offering nurturing and support. At best, it can help the foundation for all of the very strong Capricorn energy in the chart. At best, Capricorn will help with that inner world foundation (Cancer), by focusing the work and being diligent and forming supportive structures in the world from which to grow in a stabilized and grounded way.

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2018, and a very nurturing (compassionate, peaceful), fulfilling New Year!

Here are two photos that I have taken to ring in the New Year. I took this particular photo of the Full Moon at 6:24pm, PST, exact.


Duck πŸ¦†Β Symbolism (night-time cruiser)


“Sitting in meditation, and continually finding my way back to peace…” is a good personal mantra for this New Year.

28 thoughts on “Endings and Beginnings πŸŒ•πŸ’«πŸŽ† 2018

  1. It happens that I bought a ring on New Year’s Eve. The stone in it is chalcedony. The woman who sold it to me told me that it is a nurturing stone. I hope that’s true. I like the idea of a nurturing year ahead. And I love your moon photo!

    1. Hi Lori~
      I’ve been meditating a lot on how we “make home” into a place where we can be wherever we are. Thank you for your lovely comment! I think it’s wonderful that you were guided toward the chalcedony. May you be nurtured by the energy in it and the energy that you share with your environment. Let’s see what this year brings, in any event, as we explore what nurturing feels like! Thank you dear Lori for your visit,

  2. Great moon shot, oh lunar one!
    I enjoyed your full moon interpretation also and agree the lunation can set the tone, It falls in my 5th house of romance and recreation. God knows they both have been elusive lately,

    But that was then and this IS now.

    peace, Linda

    1. Thank you Dear!
      I’m glad that you liked it, very glad πŸ™‚
      Here’s to you having a wonderful year ahead with that 5th house all lit up.
      It’s also the house of risk and creativity. I wonder what you will choose in the months ahead.
      Here’s to NOW!
      Cheers to you Linda
      Love, Ka

    1. Hello my lovely sister friend! Yes, Time is whizzing by! I’ve been so busy with my day-to-day Qi and really recommitting myself within my silent daily meditation practice that this New Moon in Capricorn has secured its loving energy in the depth of my being, and made itself very known in my life and my physicality goals. I feel so glad that you visited me and enjoying savoring this resonant New Moon 🌚 with you and all the magic within and beyond our friendship! Love to the stars and back! So grateful for you! Thank you for thinking of me dear one, and I will be over shortly! Deep aloha πŸ’—πŸ¦‹ Ka

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