grow with me πŸŒ™

words change like days
and moons pass as events
as moments uplift and letdown

the witnessing awareness
sees it all as a playground
or museum, or like a trailer park of
ideas β€œgone somewhere,” then stopped,
and decided to live.

we clear out our systems on cleaning
days or on days assigned for other
maintence activities, or just whenever
cleaning finds time for itself.

the fun of doing anything
is living in the unknown
is speculating
is just facing the unexpected,
and embracing it.

i can definitely find security in this:

everything changes

12 thoughts on “grow with me πŸŒ™

  1. Love the opening in particular, the moon as an event, the roller coaster of reaction, and the shift to the witnessing awareness. I can find comfort in continuous change, too. It’s not easy sometimes, but I think you’re right about the way embracing it sort of changes the perspective completely…

    Thanks for this reminder, and these lovely words!
    Sending joy!

    1. I feel & think & find that these reminders show up again and again in my life. Each time a little bit different, and received as a little bit more nuanced. Also, I ‘so’ appreciate the JOY you are sending, it’s really a matter of continuously rediscovering it. Thank you for that reminder!

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