This moon is for us πŸ™‚πŸ€πŸ’—

πŸ€Chiron and Pisces
don’t need an address,
Just touch the pain –

It has no point,
it’s everywhere that
you’ve felt misunderstood.

but it loves you,

Unconditionally teaches

2:22 balancing you
links us together
as we learn how to
appropriately disconnect
as permission is not
needed for when we seek
safety, we are allowed to
care for ourselves too,
as we do with each other
when it is appropriate.

just know that I will
be here.

all empathetic Storms
have a β€œpause button,”
for however long you want to float

On that buoy.

Remember to follow the light shining
On the water. Sometimes you can see me more clearly in my reflection.


**it is really difficult to compose posts using my phone but this β€œpoem” wanted to be share, so we do what we can πŸ€

25 thoughts on “This moon is for us πŸ™‚πŸ€πŸ’—

  1. So comforting. Especially that part about not needing permission to seek safety, taking care of ourselves, and the pause button for as long as you want to float.

      1. Thank you for sharing, Kristen. I feel like it’s part of the β€œgreat work” to find peace in that balance, and honoring of ourselves in our relationships with others, and the collective energies we field and navigate. Sending lots of love πŸ™‚πŸ€πŸ’—

  2. It’s lovely. My favorite part: we are allowed to care for ourselves too,
    as we do with each other when it is appropriate.
    Been working on that so much lately and it’s such a hard balance between protecting oneself and compassion.

  3. I love the last line, Ka. Looking at something directly can be daunting and blur our vision. Instead, observing its reflection may give fear a reprieve. “I can see clearly now the rain is gone.” ❀

  4. I needed to land here today Ka and read your lovely poem.. Pain and Balance.. to be shared and conquered in the eye of the storm we all seem to find at some point in our lives..

    Wishing you a beautiful peaceful, and sending healing energies as those I have received.. as you enter this Full Blue Moon.. Enjoy Easter Ka..
    Much love my friend.. You are sent lots of it and many blessings xxx ❀

    1. Hi Sue!
      What a blessing for your visit πŸ™‚
      Thank you for your love and restful energies as I return the same, and we both appreciate all that *today’s* full moon now in Libra has to offer. I may post about it, if it comes up naturally for me to post.

      For now, there is all the sense and appreciation for renewal, resurrection and grace…. Lots of love, and wishing you a wonderful Easter and Passover as well. I celebrate most all the holidays because to me they are planetary and space-making events. I might celebrate differently or untraditionally each year (or have different focuses), and maybe some years I just feel grief, but this year… it’s a big mix, thanks to all those intense and interesting! energies involved in the Mars/Saturn conjunction and its effect on the Sun/Moon opposition (full moon in Libra), Mercury retrograde in Aries, etc…

      Yes, it is a blue moon. As an astrologer, it is never, ever, ever boring, and that’s why sometimes, I just take a break from ‘thinking’ about the astrology as well, or keep it very generic and simple. But, I love it all… love it. I soooo appreciate you and your amazing paintings! xoxo I appreciate that energy that you’ve been pulling in, and the grace surrounding your own, unique process!


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