Rose 🌹 tea & cats 🐈

Several years ago now, I started disseminating Tulsi tea to friends and family. I had forgotten about it, but then remembered. The tea is often combined with Rose 🌹 which I have been on quite the binge with since April, having recalled the love of rose – which brings me to earlier memories of my love with roses, sharing this love with my grandmother’s cat 🐈 named Meesh (probably was more my grandfather’s cat) who was left to the wild and visited when he wanted to (mostly because of me and the asthma I had when I was a child) thankfully hasn’t been a problem in years, but I still don’t have a cat 🐈. As far as the cat’s love for roses, there was an image hanging in their house (which was just sold) with Meesh (white cat) pictured smelling one of my grandmother’s red roses. I always absorbed that image, and it made me so happy. It’s still in my mind.

I might update this post about Tulsi, Rose, or cats, in more detail later, but I’m here today because I really wanted to share these rose images that stunned me on my walk yesterday.

Yes, I had with me only my smart phone but glad I did. Sometimes I want to be free of that, too! 😉



12 thoughts on “Rose 🌹 tea & cats 🐈

  1. Wonderful memories shared Of Meesh, and those Roses, just beautiful, Enjoy your Tea.. Mine was nettle this morning. Now I am drinking Peppermint 🙂 Your tea sound delicious.. ❤ 🌹💖

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