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It’s important for me to remember to “do” one day at a time. I have tools that help me look into the future but that is, at best, not always to be used. This is important. I’ve grown accustomed to learning how to do many different things and regularly shift my focus. But as my energy has gone out a lot recently, I’m starting to draw it back again, bring it back into focus for the winter. I enjoyed my short break to wander a little bit. It is reflected from my changing activities in my school schedule, and the working schedule that I make for myself. There’s a lot that I am balancing in a shifting world. Every day the needs of my family are different. The clocks have changed, too. The time to “drawn in” as such, like a deep inward breath has come again. Adjustments are being made to our circadian rhythms here.

Meanwhile, the reality of the upcoming holidays stimulate our appetites and communities with activities and industriousness.

A lizard visited with me yesterday, this was for several minutes. I’m aware that I am to persevere by our visit. Having recently scrubbed out my refrigerator, I’m aware of needing to clean this window sill as well.


A few weeks ago, while getting some of our regular “Vitamin N” outdoors, I captured a glimpse of a unique tree with a plaque that explains it, “Sausage Tree.”



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Special moment of gratitude: This day and every day I am so grateful for my wonderful husband and partner! 💖


18 thoughts on “gnarly, sausage tree, lizard 🦎

  1. What in unusual tree is that sausage tree.. 🙂 Nature never ceases to show us her wonderful creations, including your visiting lizard..
    I have learned its most important to appreciate the moment… The daylight hours are getting shorter and yes the holiday season is pushed upon us as early as August here in some stores..
    I try not to think too far ahead these days… 🙂 though I know your first Christmas with your daughter will be extra special..
    Sending love my friend ❤

    1. I’m glad nature keeps me on my toes, Sue! Appreciating the moment is all we have, and I’m learning that if I can’t appreciate the exact moment I’m in, I usually come around in the next moment or two, so I don’t even try to make myself appreciate anything anymore – lol. I used to do that. Wow, August?! I’m not sure that I’ve seen that. Yes, my daughter is so amazing, she makes me melt regularly… she bursts me wide open in so many ways, every day. Christmas and Solstice – as you know… we celebrate as many holidays as we can. ❤ Sending love right back to you, Sue!

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