Unique and Interesting things Series #1: Melocactus & Elderberry and Lemon flavored Probiotic Skyr

Have you ever wanted to try interesting ‘new’ things but aren’t adventurous enough but enjoy hearing or reading about them? After a truly restful Labor Day weekend, where I slept much more than I could have imagined, which may or may not be due to that intense solar energy, we’ve been having lately, I feel like click-clacking out another post and sharing my glee—expressed powerfully through numerous run-on sentences. One of the best things that corresponded with my lazy affect over this past weekend is the reading of the Necromancer’s Daughter by Diana Wallace Peach. I have been mostly unable to put the kindle book version-on-my-phone app down during my reading periods, and if it weren’t for me having to “do life,” I would have finished it already; but as it is, I am halfway through it.

Now I shall get to the other interesting things:

Not your regular yogurt

“Now, we use milk from grass-fed cows raised on local organic farms. We ferment the milk slowly at low heat with our special blend of live and active cultures. When it starts curdling, we strain it gently until it’s rich, smooth and full of protein. Nothing else.”

This taste is fantastic, unique, and smooth. Teaming with healthy probiotics and Icelandic sensibilities, this flavor is perfect for an evening heat wave, for delicious satisfaction and a slightly cooling effect. I’m about to try the Strawberry and Rubarb one, although I have enjoyed that flavor before. During the 2020 part of the pandemic, I made my own Elderberry Syrup on the stove from scratch. This delicate flavor of Elderberry with lemon in the yogurt is the perfect complement as an evening snack, which the smoothness and richness of a dessert without any damage.

A cactus berry that looks like a 🥕 carrot!

There’s another video from Snake island where you can actually see these little fruit like carrots being removed.

Cactus fruits are known to be high in antioxidants. It contains betacyanin which is a natural pretty reddish bluish pigment which is also in pitaya which is why it’s a good comparison as spoken in this video. I have not tasted these cactus fruits nor many other cactus fruits, but I’ll keep you posted on that.

This Pisces full moon is coming to fruition on September 10 but adjust for your place in the world. The fact that this full moon is coming on the heels of Mercury retrograde can have us drawing up some metaphors and interpretations. Maybe things seem more Neptunian-like and surreal, spirituality takes on a bigger appeal or maybe you are just asking why everyone so out of their minds. The possibilities are limitless as with the subconscious and realms that are Piscean watery-like , “ego less” psychic-seeming and without bounds. Dip your feet in the waters of this Pisces moon with your own private ceremony to wash away the vicissitudes of life and get a grip on where and when you sacrifice your better judgement. A nice Sun trine Uranus with full moon sextile Uranus can bring unusual inspirations, out of nowhere! Yes, and with the moon in conjunction with Neptune, this Pisces theme is a double-decker Pisces sandwich of sorts. Be it whimsy if you may. Set up your date with art and beauty for the weekend, if you haven’t already, and let your inspirations take you away…

6 thoughts on “Unique and Interesting things Series #1: Melocactus & Elderberry and Lemon flavored Probiotic Skyr

  1. Thank you so much for the kind shout out, Ka. You’re so kind to give the book a little boost. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. And thanks for showing me the cactus “carrots!” I’ve never seen those before. Isn’t this planet amazing? When I think of pieces, I always reflect on how it’s the oldest sign, capable of swimming in sunlit waters or down deep in the dark. So emotional. The sign of empaths. A good time to be aware of our feelings. Enjoy some happiness. 🙂

    1. Honestly I wish I could give the book an even bigger boost. I am so inspired by your love for writing and it comes out in the reading, which has give me happiness and pleasure. What gift could be better?

      Yes, this planet is so amazing and I cherish it so. I feel like I am able to keep going constantly discovering new unique and interesting things! This is why I think this will be a series.

      Thank you for your additions about Pisces ♓️. I absolutely agree with what you wrote and love your interplay with the light and dark of the water in relationship to the depth of that h2o. It goes so well with the swimming fishes symbol as well, which I see in my mind’s eye. We feel each other well. 💗 Thank you so much my friend!

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