Neptune: the dreaming consciousness


The planet Neptune is important right now because the full moon back on August 20 was conjunct Neptune (meaning next to or beside – as appears in the sky from Earth). Also, we’ve been experiencing a Sun opposite Neptune transit. When the sun is opposite Neptune, we may have more awareness of our connections to the illusions or tendencies within our minds to dream while we are awake. We also may have been experiencing a heightened awareness of our dreams. As with all opposite aspects, or when one body appears as 180 degrees from another, there is some level of awareness of the energies.

More about Neptune

In Greek mythology Neptune is known as Poseidon, the god of the sea. He gets his name, Neptune, from Roman mythology, where he is also god of the sea. With trident (3-pronged staff) in hand, it’s easy to conjure up depictions of a sea god-king from the movie, “The Little Mermaid,” where Ariel’s father thunders through the deep sea on his chariot of seahorses. In astrology, Neptune is the ruler of the unconscious and the watery realms, spirituality, and a host of other nebulous things.  So the mythology and astrology are very similar. You get the idea.  Metaphorically the ocean or darkness associated with the deep sea has been an analogy thorough out time to describe the unconscious, indiscriminate awareness. This brings us to understanding how the planet Neptune functions as an archetype.

Neptune in his “worst light” signifies deception or illusion. One afflicted with Neptunian issues may have drinking or substance abuse problems; he or she may even suffer from psychological confusion or delusion. Neptune rules the condition where one form blends into another without much distinction, the distinction often being associated with the logical brain, or that which the ego permits to see as concrete. Neptune’s ruler-ship domain in a chart is in the 12th house, also known as the house of “self-undoing.” Self-undoing can be for the good or the bad, or neither…

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus

The ruler of the sign Pisces is Neptune. Many astrological associations will give Pisceans (Sun in Pisces or Pisces Ascendant) a special knack for being dreamy, kind, and spiritual. We can see how these associations come up because Neptune is the Higher Octave of Venus. Take all that you know about love and that which is most pleasing to your senses, your tastes and transcend that.  Neptune represents the faith and unconditional-ity that expresses in deepest compassion without a drop of reason needed. Neptune is present (in a chart) where the greatest form of acceptance is needed, and where we can let in the light of grace through the cracks of suffering. Also associated with artists and other realms, Neptune shows us the multi-dimensionality of existence – the invisible quality to an object, and to an object before it is born, as an idea.

Neptune as dream maker and dream weaver

Wrapped up in the archetype of Neptune is all the mental modeling we do for what we wish to see, and often what we think would be ideal.  The experience of Neptune is a bit like being on “cloud 9” though, so we’re not usually aware of all our pre-conceptions. Nevertheless we will find that if we withdraw from our illusions, our wishes and wants, and even our fears, underneath that mental net that we cast upon everything we see, is the potential for accepting for what really is.

Neptune will help you weave dreams, but not see those “seams” or what else “seems” to be there, clearly. Neptune as an archetype teaches about areas where acceptance is needed and where we can – and often do—go with the flow.

6 thoughts on “Neptune: the dreaming consciousness

    1. Thank you, Debra! I really appreciate your reading and commenting. Right now with Mars in Pisces, we are facing the Neptunian theme (Neptune being the modern ‘ruler’ of Pisces). Mars in Pisces “puts” us in a situation of surrender. There’s a lot of “it’s out of our hands,” experiences. With Mercury about to go retrograde in Aquarius on January 21st, 2015 (currently in the shadow period), we need now (more than ever) to see things has they really are (whatever that means). Net-less awareness, perhaps. Objectivity (Aquarius/Aquarian age) is a work in progress…it’s a collective phenomenon in the making…perhaps. I have a similar experience with Neptune, Debra. 🙂 xoxo Ka

      1. Welcome 🙂 Appreciate your interest! Wish I had some more time/and/or/flow or whatever is required to post on current transits. Uranus/Aquarius is pretty strong in my natal chart. Looks like you wrote an interesting post on music! I’m not familiar with the musician in the post, so it’s an introduction for me. I hope maybe I can catch up with what you’re looking at over at Ptero Card soon 🙂 Much Love, Ka

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