Watercolored Words

There’s this beautiful silence that begins every word.

It is a blank canvas.

If I allow myself the time to saturate in the words,

to marinate in the feeling, I admit, my colors spin more vividly on the page.

It’s as if I immerse my whole self, bodied, full

into the pool of language.

into the space of spaces, open to the air.

Such is water-color and a brush,

whole-heartedly dunked in hue.

But, if such a moment happens,

that I lapse in concentration,

the color spills out of bounds

and onto unintended pages. no longer vibrant, nor intentional.

but, sometimes, I’m much happier.

6 thoughts on “Watercolored Words

    1. Awesome! Thanks for visiting mine too and leaving a comment 🙂 I honestly didn’t know that you find astrology interesting because I had not read that particular blog post. I think I found you because I was intrigued by your Mexican expat lifestyle, and so I decided to follow. Are you into sustainability, too? We moved to San Diego about a year ago, so we are on the border now. In fact, you also write poetry, and you recited a John Donne poem which made me think of the movie called “Wit.” Thanks for making the connection, and for directing me to your post on your astrological interest. Also, happy early Birthday! Looking forward to your visit here and your sharing through your blog, too!

  1. I love the colours that you paint within your words dear Ka… 🙂 thank you my friend for being on this journey that spins so much colour in all directions within the Kaleidoscope of Life..
    Love and Blessings.. Sue ❤

  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    I love this.

    Taking the time to saturate in the words and marinate in the feelings. Those words alone, encourage a deep breath and a happy exhale. Thanks Ka.

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