Astrological Transits: The Beginner’s Guide…by April Elliott Kent

Astrological Transits_April Elliott Kent
Ka Malana holding up April Elliot Kent’s book: Astrological Transits.

Some people are just so easy to converse with!

That’s how I feel about April Elliott Kent.

When she and I met, I didn’t realize that I’d be taking my astrology anywhere. As a solo practitioner of astrology, I didn’t really have any astrology friends. I was mostly closeted about it for a while. I was discovering it all on my own, with the help of books, while maintaining and editing my own constant reflections upon the transits. To me, it was my private scientific investigation.

Eventually, I had this blog, and I was meeting with the occasional client. I was still feeling out what exactly I wanted to do with my clients in the astro realm. I kept looking for the “WE,” the co-creating. How could I really be of service in a way that also worked within the flexible framework of my highest values and within my integrity? These were the types of questions that I began asking myself while healing from a major back injury, when I met April two years ago, in my new city.

I didn’t realize that April was such a popular and well-established astrologer!

She was just such a great friend to me from ‘go,’ and I noticed that we linked up nicely when comparing our charts, but I really only looked ‘after the fact’ for any astrological connection. Then, after a while, I started to read her blog posts on the New and Full moon (just like I had been writing about on my blog!) and I kept getting more and more of this sense about her as a WISE woman, with a delightful conveyance of the astrological archetypes. Truly her writings are highly accessible, and contribute to anyone’s monthly astrological undertakings.

To say that I have developed a deep respect for this woman as a person far surpasses even my own understanding for what she knows about astrology! That being said, I want to move onto a review of her book. Yes, I will basically be doing that from the perspective of being a friend and a fan.

A Beginner’s Book is a beginner’s book; it is something that you can understand if you don’t have a lot of background knowledge. The full title of her book is Astrological Transits: The Beginner’s Guide to Using Planetary Cycles to Plan and Predict Your Day, Week, Year (or Destiny). Side note, I can admire a woman who uses parentheticals. It’s one of my favorite features for writing in TODAY’s complex world. I applaud her use of parentheses in the title of this book.

If you notice the way I photographed the book, it appears as though it is as big as my heart–no, even bigger. It takes up the entire space of my chest. Why did I photograph it that way? Although this book is a “beginner’s book,” I see the value in all things “beginner,” and recognize that this book is for me. ☺

I commend this text for its concise organization, while containing a lot of solid “How To” information. April writes to TODAY’s astrologer: Astrological Transits makes what is classic, accessible.  I am also referring to her writings, here, where her style really shines.

For the non-astrologer: Other books like it (Beginner’s Guides: sure there are some exceptions but…) rarely do they include a tiny little box of helpful tips specifically like, “how long this transit lasts,” and the approximate age that you may experience a particular transit.  You do not have to be an astrologer to learn from this book!!! Whether you are an astrologer or not, consulting with another astrologer can be very helpful, as it helps to guide your understanding of what you are learning, experiencing, and evaluating.

Here’s an excerpt: I like April’s advice here about the Sun transiting the 10th house of a natal chart; it’s good advice for anyone, at any time!

The trick to enjoying the Sun in the tenth house is to imagine not that you’re in an inferior position that must be escaped at all costs, but rather that you’re in the perfect position to get where you’re going. Part of that journey begins with a plan—for your career or even for your whole life. If you already have a plan, revisit and revise it. If you don’t know where you are going, you won’t recognize it when you arrive. Also, since you probably work plenty hard already, work smarter—and learn to delegate. Even if you can do anything, you don’t have to do everything. Partner with others who like to do things you don’t care for, and vice versa. You’ll go much further with help from others than you can alone.”

Please visit her here  @, where she’s been publishing for 15 years! Astrological Transits: The Beginner’s Guide to Using Planetary Cycles to Plan and Predict your Day, Week, Year (OR DESTINY) is her newest book!

In Astrological Transits, astrologer April Elliott Kent teaches you:

  • How Today’s astrological weather affects your birth chart and what is going on in your life
  • Ways to make the most of good transits and harness and transform the energy of challenging ones
  • The roles recurring planetary cycles play in your life and how to anticipate important transits

Astrological Transits Full Book Image

Sarah Starts Living, a novel by Gina Medvedz

A novel by Gina Medvedz
A novel by Gina Medvedz

Do you see that thin line on the book in the picture above, just to the right of the book’s spine, that’s a “reader’s crease” ?    That’s a love mark.

A few words about where I met the author:

When I met Gina Medvedz at our Sangha in Bethlehem, PA, it was several years ago. This is the group where I also met my husband. It’s a place where I regularly meditated with our Sangha on Monday nights. There’s a part of my spirit that is still joining every Monday night and sharing in “Evening Aspirations,” as the group continues on. Meanwhile, it was there that I took my meditation practice to a deeper level. I cultivated a place of refuge within me; indeed, it was my first ‘true’ community in every way that I needed it to be. Sitting in silence, alone beside one another, is how I’ve felt the most connected spiritually. As my husband and I have since moved our residence 3 times, each group I’ve discovered along the way has been different, and so much to be appreciated about each. In Santa Cruz, CA is where I met a group that I also miss very much, but our live connections (via online or in person have not continued due to loss of contact information and “life happens,”) and so far my Bethlehem Sangha has lived in my heart and since widened to include a much larger online community. My new meditations have expanded in ways that I would have never expected.

About the Author: Gina Medvedz

“Rev. Gina Medvedz is a certified Akashic records reader, spiritual healer, and certified nutritional consultant with a MS degree in holistic nutrition. Ordained in the Order of Melchizedek, she uses divine guidance to clear the fear and self-doubt that prevent her clients from living an inspired life. Her passion lies in reconnecting people with their spirit guides and teaching them to bring all areas of their lives into alignment with their soul values and purpose. In this, her first novel, Gina continues spreading her message of healing through self-love. She currently resides in Lehigh Valley of Pennsylania with her husband and two children.”

About: Sarah Starts Living 

“For eighteen years, Sarah has been a devoted wife and doting mother. When her only child leaves for college, Sarah wonders how she will spend her days. But when her husband announces that he is leaving too, Sarah is forced to reexamine everything that she holds to be true. On a dare from her best friend, Sarah agrees to listen to God and do what He suggests. Following signs that she interprets as divine, she winds up in a convent in Connecticut, on a mission in West Virgina, and in a metaphysical bookstore in Pennsylvania. Learning lessons along the way that shift her belief in the nature of God and her mindset about herself, for the first time in her forty-five years, Sarah Starts Living!”

What really struck me, what made the text so easy to read, was the way the dialogue between the characters directed the plot. The characters’ voices were audible in my own mind while reading. They basically started to live with me for the couple of days during my reading of the book. The main character, Sarah, had a lot of inner dialogue and guidance, and she was keen to follow her cues to integrate and make decisions about her guidance, regardless of any contradictory feedback from her family and friends. The book includes a series of questions at the end for further discussion and is helpful as a springboard to the readers’ intuitive development through inner responses and group discussion.

To read more about “Sarah Starts Living,” visit her at her website here.

*End in Light* ~ Introducing poetry by Kai Coggin from her new book: Periscope Heart

Dear Friends, Readers, Co-hearts, Star-lovers,

This year I was blessed to be reunited with another poet of the heart & viscera. She is Kai Coggin. From the beginning, when I read her words, it was confirmed for me that Spirit had put me on the path of meeting and connecting with soul family; and she is One. She’s one of those co-hearts that transcends space and time. Our connection was quick in understanding; and roots run deep. She’s given me permission to share with you now one of my first favorite poems from her new book. It’s called, ‘End in Light’ p.99  Thank you, Kai, for sharing the gift of your voice and with all your heart!

⌘  End in Light

A Ghazal

Every footstep on the ancient wise path is worth the fight.
There is no other true purpose in life than to end in light.

Deviation is normal – not every journey starts out right,
but there is an internal compass steering to end in light.

Truth blindness and deaf ears defeat your heart’s flying,
everything is open – the source begins and ends in light.

Your first heartbeat is a star being born in the blackness.
Each beat and breath brings you closer to ending in light.

I have lived through the chaos of becoming illumined,
shedding false skins and shells, screaming to end in light.

This can be a dancing of spirit if your heart can break through,
be the ever virgin song that aches to fulfill the ending in light.

Life is a burning ground, a filling of a chalice that you hold inside.
My dear, fledgling soul – death is not the only way to end in light.

Let go of what you have been forced to believe is your self,
become everything that you know you are, that bends in light

and is not broken, but transforms into prisms and eleven rainbows,
and knows “I AM” becomes everything you are that ends in light.


Peace Crane from Kai

Kai sent me this beautiful peace crane pictured above. She’s an amazing person, author, and educator. She has touched my heart. The edges of the book’s pages are already dog-eared with love.

I’m not alone in celebrating her…

“I first met Kai Coggin as a blazing fire of energy, a supernova educator in the Houston high schools.  Now she is on her light path, teaching through her own poetry.  Her words are spells, chants, prayers, invocations.  Thank you, Kai, for work of the spirit, for illuminations like desert thunder and a night sky of benedictions.

Sandra Cisneros, Internationally Acclaimed Author of The House on Mango Street”

Please visit her at and explore her wonderful site where you can read more reviews like the one above, and purchase her book.

Spontaneous Evolution: Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman (2011)

~“To Ka,  Thank you for being a co-heart on the journey!” ~ Steve Bhaerman

In 2012, luckily, I “ran into” both Steve Bhaerman and Bruce Lipton. Isn’t it interesting how that happened? I didn’t see these co-authors at the same time, nor did I see them in the same place. In fact, I didn’t even realize until now that I met both of the authors within roughly a year’s time – a year of massive change – 2012. If I did realize it, I probably forgot it already.

I’m thinking about it now because I was witnessing so much growth and evolution, so many thoughts and ideas zipping around WordPress in the most fabulous way.  I’m finding new blogs to read and making new friends and acquaintances in such a super-fast way.

It seems like there’s no person/blogger who is originating the thoughts or ideas that get shared – even in my circle, we are all sort of evolving at the same time into this new consciousness. It brings up questions like, ‘What is inspiration?’


I don’t know, but I’ll definitely add my contribution. “Talk UP to people,”  says  Steve Bhaerman in this video

[When I was an undergraduate I studied anthropology as I mentioned in a previous blog post, and one of the theories that came up for inquiry was about how biological structures can independently evolve. This is referred to as Convergent evolution. If you want, you can read more about it here. It’s a super fascinating subject. In fact, I don’t really understand it! There are competing theories.]

I ran into Steve Bhaerman (Swami Beyondananda) and his lovely wife at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Santa Cruz. I just “felt” like going that day. I’m very ‘random’ like that.  By the way, that’s how I chose what I read in terms of blogging. As my sister says, “You always followed your heart.” It’s true; it has never underserved me. I read a quote today, it said, “an open heart is an open mind,” Dalai Llama XIV. This couldn’t be more true!

We had a very interesting conversation, Steve and his wife Trudy and I. He was kind enough to sign my copy of his book, and write: “To – Ka,  Thank you for being a co-heart on the journey!”

photo (7)

It feels good to be on that path, knowing that I am not alone. Others have paved some roads, and I will pave my own road *while* I witness what converges.

I definitely have to take a little break everyone – a blogging break! Things are moving too fasdalai lamat. It’s time for me to leave you with Bruce and Steve. I may pop back in now and then to share some astrology updates. The rest of story-telling will likely come after much rest; and, after I’m on break from Oriental Medical school.

Much love to you all of you! Happy forward momentum!