My birthday gift to myself: a blogging hiatus

Hello friends,

As my birthday approaches, and my life has changed in a new influx of abundance with the birth of my daughter, and projects that demand my full attention, I think more about scaling down my life. I’ve started going through my emails, and reducing and eliminating every subscription, that even if I have enjoyed it, clutters up my mailbox. I have nearly eliminated all social media, over time.

This blog has been a wonderful gift to myself when I gave it me and started here all the way back in 2011 – 8 years ago!

I enjoyed having a place to share my poetry book offering, connect with many like-minded friends, and share in the experiences of other bloggers.

This blogging hiatus is indefinite, as I do enjoy and will likely miss contact with so many of you. My blog will be switching shortly to personal mode and from there I may still participate occasionally in visiting other blogs, but will for the most part “go silent.”

The time has come for me to renew my relationship with art and with all that I am doing in a more focused way, and spend more of my time and energy locally. No doubt, I have enjoyed reading poetry and browsing pictures and contemplating and living an examined life with other bloggers and writers and artists. This is what makes WordPress blogging a unique activity. I will want to improve my craft, so I will hopefully be back at some time in the future with fresh energy and fresh offerings.

In the meantime, know that I will miss contact with you, but am giving myself this space, so that I can be the best “me” I can be.

With great aloha, my love to you all, Ka

The new guide to life

The new guide to life
consists of simple pleasures

watching the shapes form
from out of clouds in the sky

the smell of the house
when dinner is full of
browning butter

fresh fruit on the counter

my baby daughter’s cheeks
when she smiles and
the sound of her squeal as
she kicks with enthusiasm

the sound that the trees make
when wind is whisking through

the splashing of ocean water
as it laps at our ankles
and the sand tickles and
exfoliates the soles of our feet

our morning walk to beat the
late summer heat

squeezing a lemon slice into
a glass of water and watching
it swirl

celebrating Lammas by gathering
ideas and updating the altar

singing simple songs in
foreign languages
and making up rhymes

just for her.

Mama and baby feet _ found online

Photo credit: source unknown