Ponderosa Pine Speaks

I’m inspired to journey some more… ❤

Walking my path: Mindful wanderings in nature

This is in response to beautiful Ka, at Fiesta Estrellas. She is in the process of creating a very special tree painting, and has requested answers to these 3 questions:

If you were a tree, what would you feel like?

What kind would you be?

If you could choose to make artwork to honor a tree, what format/media/style would it be

I will speak as a ponderosa pine, as theirs is the habitat in which I live. I thought about willow or oak, as they are here too, and quite meaningful, but ponderosa has spoken to me the most this week, as I have pondered these questions. My style is photography with words.

DSC_0018 - Copy

For almost 300 years I have been standing amongst my friends. Ah, so many friends have I, who have come and gone over the course of my life. I have loved them all.

DSC_0141 - Copy

I feel the…

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IAM a Unique Art Form…

Barbara…. Wow…. ❤ See. What. You. Did? Love those orchids by the way, and the angel’s wings… xo Ka

Me, My Magnificent Self


IAM an old and wise Willow tree
I love to live by the riverside
my roots deeply emerged in cool waters
My branches are flexible and hang low
creating shade for my Human friends
to sit and eat their delicious picnics
hide away and laze during school recess
and cover them from the rain…

IAM a vibrant and unique Art form
I observe with joy the ones who pass by
imagining for a moment
IAM a smiley boy expressing
a bright and jolly nature
with rainbow colours hanging all around me
receiving light and warmth from the sun
feeling free, limitless and able to give
the beautiful fruits of reflection…

Barbara Franken… Inspiring New Energy Consciousness

We are truly all unique Art forms but do we ever look at ourselves with eyes of passion and see our true strength, playfulness, wisdom, sensuality and authentic power… When I  look at an old tree…

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