Moon trine Pluto in the Earth Signs: Dig? How deep?


It was in the process of attempting to write a new blog post for Fiesta Estrella a couple of days ago, when I realized I need to write a book. So, I am. I’ve recently begun this awesome task, and I’m letting it lead me. It requires some level of unearthing the tap root. This is quite like current planetary configuration’s theme.

Moon trine Pluto in the Earth signs: finding the root of the situation

A few keywords about what the moon represents:

nurturing, the past, the emotional body, unconscious, feminine

A few keywords about what Pluto represents:

Occult, resurrection, unearthing depth, psychology, transformation

With the moon in Virgo we have a chance to analyze the depths of things, gain deeper awareness about our physical health, and perhaps even tap into the root of our psyche with regard to our relationships (Pluto conjunct Venus). Venus is also in Capricorn, and in trine with the moon, so I consider them buddies.  Other possibilities could be a time where we can gain deep insight (Pluto) into our finances and our spending habits.  Virgo also is a supportive sign (it likes to help others, and be of service) so maybe this also a time where we are more aware of our contribution, our need to make a contribution, or our need to impact the bottom-line (Pluto) in Capricorn (business) and in Virgo (human concerns). What is the health of our finances, and could this be related to the depth of our relationships? Pluto asks us to go deeper into things—and rarely will leave any stone unturned.

You never know what may turnip?


Sometimes this energy can be frightening to people because the Plutonian urge can be experienced as compulsive or intense (Scorpios should be very familiar with this energy, as Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio).  Also with Pluto is a marked capacity for resilience, not entirely unlike Capricorn, the sign Pluto has been currently residing.  The difference in Scorpio/Pluto (from Capricorn) is the depth. Capricorn relates to systems of all kinds, crystallized methods and processes. In the face of Plutonian transformation, this can leave one feeling on the verge of death—usually in terms of ‘psychological deaths.’ As one door closes and another door opens, the saying goes. This is the understanding that change and transformation is just another type of birth, or doorway to walk through. Transformation is also a re-organization of essential energies.


For the shovel, is from a wonderful blog post ( by Andrew Tarantola about “The 8 types of shovels everyone should know.”

For the turnip goes to Niki Jabbour, a blogger who writes about her adventures as a professional garden writer, radio show host and obsessive veggie gardener. She’s working on her second book, check her out at: There you will find more images of turnips. The images, she says, “…are some of my beloved Hakurei turnips that mature in just 38 days!”

Uranus square Pluto is activated. These are the times we are in.


                This is the current planetary configuration. Bare with me, it is more than a mouthful: Moon conjunct Jupiter in Cancer, which is opposite Venus conjunct Pluto square Uranus in Capricorn. (by the time I finish this, the moon will be in loose conjunction with Jupiter—hopefully)

I’ve been writing a bit about how Uranus square Pluto is a major planetary transit (a longer term cycle) that is revolutionizing our culture (the world’s culture).  I’ll briefly elucidate, but first: An aspect is formed by at least two bodies or mathematical points of value in an astrological chart. You know, like in music, you need a couple of notes in unison to define a chord.  Well in astrology, you need at least two to form an aspect. You can also think about geometry.  In geometry you need two points to make a line, or a straight line joining the ends of an arc. Think of an aspect as a line between two points that may be connected loosely, or fairly taut—varying degrees of tension. Now imagine a line where both ends are getting pulled but neither end is gaining, and the string still doesn’t break.  What you have with this square is a “push-pull” feel to it.  With the push-pull energy, we’ve generated a lot of energy, like a sort of gravitational potential energy.

What’s being pushed/pulled you might ask? (Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn)

So the individual energies that I’ll discuss, as the signs, are undergoing a period of what I call renegotiation, but with a deadline.  With the square, there’s a sense of urgency, and what we are talking about is a revolution from 2012-2015, a revolution, literally, that just keeps us working on certain energy-patterns, or planetary themes.  This is our collective work, to ascend the stairs of 7 exact squares. Aside from that longer-term collective job, we have our own individual relationship to the current transiting planetary configurations, and those were established at the time of our birth. That said, let’s stick just a few more moments with the basic story before we go into sub-stories (I’d need to study your chart to look at your personal stories, anyways). For now, I’m going to continue with the Uranus/Pluto square.

First, Capricorn is the sign of worldliness, it relates to the values that the world holds at large, and here’s a laundry list of terms associated with Capricorn: serious, businesslike, tried-n-true, dealing with the public image, discipline, anything associated with the planet Saturn, the sign’s ruler. It’s not really an endless list, but there are some specific key terms that you’ll see on repeat no matter where you go to look for Capricorn key terms. After a while, you internalize them and sometimes, as with any language, you develop your own special relationship to the meaning of those words and start to work with nuance. We are not talking about nuance here. Not now.

Ok, so Pluto, the once-called-planet and symbol of underworld destroyer or as I like to say, “Provocateur of deep transformation” is transiting the sign of Capricorn which is the structure of government, business, policy – you know from the previous paragraph—Capricorn stuff.

Moving right along we’ve got the planet Uranus that stands for everything nouveau, advent garde (seems I can’t find a suitable English word). Uranus is referred to as “the awakener,” by many astrologers. Imagine a gong, or a bell rang in the middle of your meditation. The Tibetans have some really nice examples of crashing sounds to awaken your mind from any form of drifting from the present moment. Also with Uranus, think of the Tesla-type of person (Uranus is in charge of electricity), think of another inventor, Elon Musk. Elon Musk has Aries rising—with Uranus in the 7th angular house. Houses of angularity (1, 4, 7, 10 are the major defining points of the chart).

Shall I not digress, I will proceed with a brief mention of the sign Aries. Aries is the fire and the force of starting all things, spring comes into action by a seemingly spontaneous process. Aries is a good placement for Uranus, for in Aries, Uranus is said to be exalted. The essence of Aries is ME!  I AM, ME!  So you have the individual struggling for existence, fighting back for the RIGHT to not be consumed by huge corporations that swallow individuals whole after gutting them of all their money and talents—inspiration and essence. You have the growth of entrepreneurs, and people looking to the “flame” or Aries fire, the spark of spirit to guide them back into a meaningful experience on Earth (if perchance they have danced away from the life-breath of the flame of their own inspired life).

Finally, the sub-stories:

Transiting Venus conjunct Pluto will activate the Uranus/Pluto square but by adding an additional theme of love relationships, transforming values, possessions, and deeper experiences of beauty. If your birth chart shows planetary squares from Venus to Saturn or other uncomfortable aspects (which I shall not go into here) you likely *feel* it now, especially your trials with relationships and experiences with money over the holiday season. Just remember, this is another opportunity to transform this challenging energy into constructive energy. The key with square is to *use creativity.* The square’s dynamic forces us to find a constructive outlet… otherwise, you’ve got the old, karmic routine.

Jupiter conjunct moon in Cancer is also activating the Uranus/Pluto square (this is why I spend so much more time on the larger theme of the story—it’s getting activated), the experience of Jupiter (abundance) alongside the experience of Moon (emotions, past, family) brings embellishment, this can be overwhelming or fulfilling, but the energy of Jupiter brings expansion to longer lasting experience of Uranus/Pluto square. That is, Jupiter will expand or make larger anything it is “seen with” in the sky.

Uranus Square Pluto to help us Re-Pattern: (2013-2015)

Uranus Square Pluto to help us Re-Pattern: (2013-2015)

Carpe Diem

There has never been a better time to change the deeply-ingrained patterns that run our lives. The universe is doing this for us anyways, as we are currently being called to deeper and deeper levels of awareness. This experience need not always be full of pain and resistance. In fact, we may even find unique ways to re-pattern, bringing ease into our lives where we may never have imagined possible.

If you can feel it building:  May 21, 2013 is our next exact aspect.   It’s building.  

See if you notice any existing patterns in your life around these dates involved prior to today and see if you help yourself balance the energies within yourself and note themes in your life around these dates.

Uranus square Pluto (2013-2015)

Dates for exact aspect
Uranus square Pluto June 24 2012 – 8 degrees
Uranus square Pluto September 19 2012 – 6 degrees
Uranus square Pluto May 21 2013 – 11 degrees
Uranus square Pluto November 1 2013 – 9 degrees
Uranus square Pluto April 21 2014 – 13 degrees
Uranus square Pluto December 15 2014 – 12 degrees
Uranus square Pluto March 17 2015 – 15 degrees

Uranus in Aries

Uranus doesn’t want to be like everyone else, he is the archetypal maverick. His wants FREEDOM to be himself, to experiment, to be irregular, to be unpredictable, and to be ‘in the moment.’ This is why Uranus’s presence is known to bring flashes of insight and highlights of brilliance or enlightenment.


Stop.  Take a moment. What is authentic here? With the Uranian theme, being an individual counts towards the good of the collective. One does not act for the good of the collective (because one may not know what that good is), one acts for oneself (which coincidentally is good for the collective). One acts from inspiration (Aries).


Oh yes, and of course, Uranus is the ruler of the sign Aquarius, the gift of friendship, equality, objectivity, and detachment. The PURPOSE for bringing together the like-minded is for the common good. If you are feeling the push to make some real progress on things deeply inspiring to you, the universe is on your side.


In Aries, Uranus is even more of a maverick and appears ‘self-ish,’ or that is, without ‘self-consciousness.’ Really, re-read that previous sentence. It can get esoteric but it’s pretty simple: be yourself – it’s good for everyone 🙂


Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto, once deemed a “planet,” shows us a deep capacity for archetypal transformation. If you’ve followed any of Carl Jung’s writing on the collective consciousness, you may have stumbled across ‘the shadow.’ Now according to Carl Jung this shadow doesn’t necessarily mean the icky dark things (bad mojo) in all respects, it’s pretty comprehensive. The shadow represents all that is unseen from the viewpoint of the individual. Therefore, the shadow holds both the good and bad.  Whew!  Ain’t that a relief!  What skeletons in your closet are maybe really pretty, friendly, loving skeletons after all – happy, dancing skeletons?


One method for seeing into the shadow, capturing a glimpse of it, is in looking at our attitudes towards others. Is he or she always irritating you in a certain way?  Well, now you’ve just looked into the mirror. This is why the ‘Shadow’ tends to get a lot of people ‘running away’ from it. Who wants to see that?  On the other hand, for every bad, there’s likely to be at least, if not more (even if you don’t believe me) one good there. Look for it.  Maybe you are jealous of someone. Maybe you are just seeing a side of yourself that you wish to claim and embody in your own life. What can you empower yourself to see in yourself that you projected onto others?

Stepping out of the shadow and looking at the ‘Uranus Square Pluto’ aspect shows us that energies are intensely transformative right now, make the best of it. That which you resist persists. My often best repeated words of advice, and I have no idea who said it first, “take nothing personally.”    Many blessings 🙂

Mercury Rx opposite Saturn, square Pluto

Resistance is not likely to be helpful at this time

I am moved to write, strange how that is since Mercury is opposite Saturn at this time. This has been a strenuous aspect for many people. I can see it all around me. Saturn is in Libra (same sign as the recent full moon) and it is opposed by Mercury Retrograde (about to Station Direct Motion) conjunct Mars in Aries (drive, impatience). Therefore, we have a tremendous amount of restriction and resistance going on with communication, with technology and logistics, and within our relationships–this can even manifest very strongly in our minds and thoughts (Mercury).

Today’s a good day though, the moon is in Sagittarius, a fire sign that’s in harmonious aspect to the almost conjunct (side-by-side) placement of Uranus and Venus, meaning that we are collectively emotionally ready for some changes, at least during this moon, and if we can tap into it (depending on your natal moon placement) we can see changes and developments optimistically (Sagittarius). We can choose the adventure. Remember those “Choose your own adventure” books? Well, you don’t control the adventure, but you open yourself up to it, and then you make the decisions you can make to best of your capability. If your restless and nothing is going on, don’t forget to open up the book. Choose to start.

I’m very fortunate to be headed to Kauai this weekend for a meditative adventure. That’s right, I am going for both the silence, and the adventure. I am also trying to figure out how I will bring my technology with me so that I can continue writing this blog with the ease of my keyboard. Meanwhile, around me there are enough people with challenging situations that call upon their internal resources to keep to their commitments and ride the tide, so to speak. This is what has moved me to write this blog. None of the situations are the same, but a lot of tension is building.

Saturn in Libra is asking us to make decisions, or that we’ve made our decisions and now we have to ride out the challenges that arise by experiences that do not appear to be our own creation. Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury are all packed in Aries, opposing Saturn in Libra, squaring Pluto all equating to a “Wooahh intensity.” All the while, the Sun, a fresh resident in the sign of Taurus (Earth) is the harmonizing point: Sun sextile Neptune (look for the higher purpose, deeper meaning and let go, surrendering to what is). Sun trine Pluto (Your life energy is being transformed and revolutionized, rapidly). Sun trine N. Node of the Moon (What is being required of you now on an essential level, has much future direction, and is providing the substance, or sustenance for the future). Moon square Neptune (Face illusions about the past, see the consequences of negative thought-habits or visions that repeat almost subconsciously, do you have any say in those?…. YES).

The bottom line is “resistance is futile.” Recognize that the more you experience friction at this time, the more you are unnecessarily attempting to enforce your will. That is, allow your will to be aligned with what is needed for the greatest interest of all. You are unlikely to know what that is, so it’s best to allow as much as you can. Step aside where needed, be useful in the most apparent and obvious ways, but stop there. Stop gently.

Much Love,

Pluto Retrograde

Hello, Shadow, dancing over there…

British Library Gate from

Pluto goes into retrograde station on April 9, 2011 at 7 Capricorn 30, and then Station’s Direct on September 16, at 4 Capricorn 53.

I don’t think I realized it until this year that Pluto Retrograde is my favorite time of the year  =) usually lasting for about 6 months or half a year.  I might be realizing my good fortune now because Pluto stations retrograde conjunct my natal Part of Fortune, giving me ample opportunity to milk this one hardy and delicate spot on my birth-chart! Thank you, Pluto!

During Pluto Retrograde: increased are the powers of personal regeneration.  Improved is one’s own potential for deep transformation.  Reduced is the outward expression of Pluto/Power, and obsession.  Increased is the ability to harness any powers that seem to be used against you, realizing that power is you. You are the resistance, and now take back your reigns. Make decisions that free you from any external power—psychic power, financial authority, personal power—power that you’ve given away to someone or something else over your deepest and darkest secrets and treasures.  I, personally, will never be a fortune teller nor a misfortune teller. Please do not see me for any of these reasons, ever.  I will tell you what I know (from knowledge and intuition), what I have learned (from study and from practice), and what I have experienced (from what I have felt in my heart to be true)–beyond that, I give you the message that liberates you:  It is up to you.  You are the master of your Universe.

When you can see the shadow on the wall

Detachment from power is the most wonderful thing in the world. It’s the only way that you can look at ‘it’ and see it for what it really is. Detachment also triggers the allowance of true power to move through you—for it is not owned by anyone. What’s owned, nearest, dearest, and most accessible is just you, and it’s tremendously enough. More about retrograde movement comes from the best-selling Author and Astrologer Jeff Green—an expert on Pluto—from his trusty book I bought several, several years ago called, Pluto: the Evolutionary Journey of the Soul.

The correlative principle of retrogration can be defined this way: any planetary function (behavior) that is retrograde must be given an individual definition. The retrograde principle creates a reactive retreat from the status quo; from societal and collective definitions, expectations, and pressures to respond to life in conforming ways … .[The] Pluto retrograde tends to place the emphasis on the desire to return [to] the Source of the Soul, or to evolve in a more accelerated fashion. Because of the individualizing effect of Pluto retrograde, the person must do that which they must do in their own way.


See, your individual way is your individual right. It’s at these times (Pluto retrograde) where we can do the most with our soul’s dissatisfaction, and move toward that which allows our souls to re-merge with “All that is.” Pluto has a lot to do with our unconscious tendencies, and our habitual modes. When looking at psychological issues in an astrological chart, we look at Pluto’s placement in the chart, its aspects, and the conditions of 4th and 8th houses among other places. Where Pluto is housed shows our resistance to change. Flip the coin over, and we have our transformative power coiled before us.

You may have noticed just how much energy we generate through resistance. You may not have realized this, in which case: please check out the Sedona Method and start releasing today. You may have become aware of this principle of resistance through martial arts training. Masters have cultivated the ability to resist nothing, and thereby direct everything.  “The Tao nourishes by not forcing. By not dominating, the Master leads,” Lao Tsu.

Masters and Mastering

Pluto points out to us that place in life where we experience our greatest confrontation. Use this retrograde-period as an excellent time to investigate your inner confrontations, seek out your inner-resistance, and become completely aware of the presence and source of power in your life. Any awareness or light shed on this subject helps you to maintain control over yourself.  The method you use to secure power suggests the path that you opt to take in this life.  Please always choose wisely. If it is over others, you are fooling yourself.  Penetrate this understanding very thoroughly.  See through the dark by penetrating fully any darkness within. The times we live in demand that we become clear inside. Always seek a trusted master if you recognize that you will benefit from the courage and compassion of one who has walked the path. There are many masters, but only your heart knows what is true for you.