Venus Retrograde: revisiting old flames, loves, and daemons

*Thank you to Alessia -nice to meet you! -who favored a tweet today of this blog post, and by doing so, reminded me me about a blog post I wrote when I had more time and energy for writing and astrology :-)* In honor of Venus Retrograde: Here it is…Cheers.

Fiesta Estrellas

“…How I longed to be over there with you…”


Dear Readers,

In lieu of Venus going retrograde, I thought I’d write you a letter and tell you about it. No matter what happens, I want you to know that the goddess of love is even closer to our hearts now than she is at any other time…


Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.” ~Washington Irving


Venus turns and dances backwards on December 21, 2013—she’ll be doing a foxtrot for her winter solstice celebration.  Retrograding just about every 20 months or 1.6777 years, this is not a terribly uncommon style for Venus.  But just because the planet of love is reverting to her former astrological turf in the sign of Capricorn, does not mean that her love shall -in any way- wane.



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Venus Station Direct: February 1, 2014


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Venus keywords: relationships, values, art, the senses, Taurus, Libra, money

Some relationships are built into our lives so deeply that they simply seem to align with our deepest needs for growth and change—despite all the ups and downs and vicissitudes of life. Other relationships, well, they may have been continuous, or seeming to last over a span of time, but there’s something about them—in and of themselves—wherein interaction betrays our deepest authenticity. These relationships we feel compelled to maintain due to on-going patterns beyond our control, such as family relations, or because we made promises to ourselves to be a good friend by being consistently present.

Both of these types of relationships can be described by Venus in Capricorn: those relationships that are solid and lasting because of their ease and innate naturalness, and those relationships that persist to wear away at our very essence. If we are honest with ourselves, we know which are which, and we can make appropriate decisions about where to put our energy. Nevertheless, as Venus stations direct, we can return our awareness to those relationships that are most in alignment with our deepest values—relationships that honor the integrity of our being. In other words, It’ll be easier to spot a true-blue friend going forward.



Venus Retrograde: revisiting old flames, loves, and daemons

“…How I longed to be over there with you…”


Dear Readers,

In lieu of Venus going retrograde, I thought I’d write you a letter and tell you about it. No matter what happens, I want you to know that the goddess of love is even closer to our hearts now than she is at any other time…


Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.” ~Washington Irving

Venus turns and dances backwards on December 21, 2013—she’ll be doing a foxtrot for her winter solstice celebration.  Retrograding just about every 20 months or 1.6777 years, this is not a terribly uncommon style for Venus.  But just because the planet of love is reverting to her former astrological turf in the sign of Capricorn, does not mean that her love shall -in any way- wane.


During this period, she will re-cover her retrograde shadow – last visited on November 20, 2013—at 13 degrees of Capricorn.  Check your charts. Check for other planets, midpoints, or other degrees of note at that point or by aspect to your natal chart. See if Venus left anything there for you to pick-up during her revisit from now until January 31, 2014 – for afterward, she will turn forward and proceed with dignified manner, lessons learned.

Like good jazz dances up and down the pentatonic scale, Venus was here and back, potentially making some swanky (or not so swanky) artistic moves along the way.  After all, Venus rules everything sensual – music, art, and the fine things in life. It may not be just an old flame you revisit; it could be that you are given the opportunity to get in touch with your artistic muses.

Regardless, what makes this Venus retrograde period so tantalizingly interesting and profound is that her return period takes her right back into the thrall of her Pluto mate – perhaps for one last dance—one critical opportunity to choose transformation over stagnation.

The whole idea of the goddess of beauty, Venus, dancing next to the god of the underworld, Pluto, got me thinking about how Persephone was wooed into the underworld.

“Persephone was picking flowers … but these weren’t earthly flowers … these flowers were the work of Zeus and put there for “a girl with a flower’s beauty.” The flowers were there to ensnare Persephone in a trap, a beautiful, divine trap. The trigger for the trap was an irresistible flower with one hundred stems of fragrant blossoms. When Persephone reached out with both hands to pluck the flower, the earth opened at her feet and Hades roared forth in his golden chariot and seized her before an alarm could be raised.”

So much for temptations.

You will be interested to know that Venus retrograde period lasts approximately 40 days and 40 nights. Does this sound familiar to you? Well, it’s very likely that it does, both Jesus and the Buddha were “tempted” and fasted during periods of 40 days and (40 nights) –and in some legends Quetzalcoatl, too!

Mara’s daughters



Temptation of Christ


Venus is also known as “morning star” and “evening star.” The morning star, or the light bearer, was named Lucifer. Originally, the two different appearances of Venus, one as morning star and one as evening star, were thought to have been two separate stars. This has to do with the perception of Venus based on its planetary orbit in relationship to the Sun.

It’s interesting to see how the period of temptation (40 days of Venus retrograde) aligns with a planetary body originally named Lucifer, only later to be associated with satan or the devil. More on that Lucifer name, here:

In classical literature, daemons (a term not always negative) were benign beings of inspirational nature. They could even be spirit guides.


Venus retrograde may be a time for temptation and for old demons visiting, but it also just may be a time to explore what value we obtain from stories and myths, a time to consider what really inspires us and urges us to make music, write poetry, or make a painting.  At best, these “temptations” that attempt to break us from our higher natures, also serve—once conquered—to strengthen our bond with those drives and motives that go beyond the senses. That is, it is actually by the hand of temptation that we come to seek spirituality, God, and the clarity of reason as a means for our redemption. Remember, in the words of Shakespeare,


“Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind. And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.” 

Love always,

Ka Malana


Libra Full Moon, April 17th, Mystic Rectangle

Full Moon in Libra

image from

This full moon is in the sign of Libra. It’s an incredibly interesting and dynamic chart to look at. In astrology, the sun represents the masculine and the moon represents the feminine. When the two are in apparent opposition to one another, they “look” like they are on two separate sides from the earth’s view: the sun in Aries, and the moon in Libra. The moon gets the full illumination of the sun’s light. That’s why the whole circle is colored-in up there in the sky, bright light, to see at night. It’s a direct reflection. This phenomenon has been interpreted as a point of culmination in the solar/lunar cycle, and has descriptive meaning for the joining of masculine and feminine archetypes to “give birth ” or manifest.

Indeed, the full moon is associated with fertility, childbirth. The passage into life is often experienced as painful. I heard from a friend that scientists have put a microphone up to a caterpillar while erupting from out of its cocoon, and they have recorded what sounds like a “scream.” During human birth there are the mother’s cries as she labors

and delivers the child into this world. We are all familiar with that sound of cries, both mother and baby, during the birth process. I’m sure some part of us remembers the cry, and thereby we hold back during metaphorically re-birthing moments because of it.

Moon, Language of the Subconscious

Symbolism is so very fun to work with because it is the language of the subconscious, and it’s mostly always at work, even when we aren’t. That’s its ease and beauty, not to mention that symbolism is a way to connect with the source and spirit of everything—kind of like a dialogue that might not make sense to the logical mind. The rational mind is called “ration” or part, because that’s exactly what it is, only a part of mind.  To that extent we can say that the moon’s symbolism communicates to the subconscious mind, perhaps another part of mind; and, it’s the feminine aspect (receptive) that gets credited with happenings around the full moon in astrology.

Venus, Love Nature

This full moon is in the sign of Libra, a feminine sign, and also a sign said to be ruled by Venus. With Venus we can look to Goddess energy (which has its own active and receptive principles). She can be the Greek goddess Aphrodite or the Sumerian goddess of Inanna, among others. What’s more important is that her symbol draws a distinction between the feminine archetype of mother (moon) who is fecund, and points more to the sensuous side of feminine beauty. By looking at this chart, what is asking to be healed is the lower octave of Venus, the use and abuse of sensuality and art or edifice to manipulate and magnetize, for the sole purpose and intention of overpowering another–thereby causing them harm. We know why we are afraid to love, to be intimate; it makes us vulnerable to harm.  But, we don’t stop there, do we? Here’s one of my favorite quotes of all time to reflect on for the message of the higher octave of Venus:

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~Anais Nin

I think the vulnerability is worth it. That’s not to say, don’t be cautious. Be clear. Oh, be clear. Bloom in the full light of the Sun.

Mystic Rectangle

Also present in the chart is a lovely mystic rectangle: 2 sextiles, 2 trines, and 1 opposition. This really makes for some creative balancing. I don’t know how many people have noticed this, but I’ll use Albert Einstein as my example: he’s one of the greatest minds in human history, and no one denies that. But what society seems to deny, or maybe we just think it does, is that the mystical mind is not really a mind at all; in fact, it’s a director of mind. Albert Einstein–a pretty mystical guy–Allow me to quote him.

“The most beautiful and most profound experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive forms – this knowledge, this feeling is at the center of true religiousness.” (Albert Einstein -The Merging of Spirit and Science)

Somehow, somewhere, or maybe only in retrospect did his credible experiences become manifest and evident to the “world’s view” of what is relevant, reverent, and irrelevant and irreverent.  Got all those words?  Words and symbols just never serve, but we use them to point to the fact that there is something observable beyond them.

What about a mind that doesn’t see the bigger picture, the unity of all things? Well, here it is from Elsie Wheeler’s Sabian symbols, the full moon’s degree symbol:  Libra 28: A man alone in deep gloom. Unnoticed, angels are coming to his aid (originally published by Marc Edmund Jones but recorded from

At once we begin to experience a sense of relief. At once! We can sense that maybe someone or something else knows how to communicate and ask for help, even when we do not. Herein lies the message of this full moon. Release. Expect the unexpected from an unknown source. It’s got a positive message for you, if you choose to see it. With this message, you can give birth to more harmony and abundance in your life. Attune yourself to this quality of receiving messages.

At this full moon with a Grand Trine (equilateral triangle) forming from Moon, to Chiron (wounded-healer), and the S. Node (past), we have a chance to heal our past wounds, and gently re-awaken our feminine side to love without restriction, while simultaneously maintaining your highest and purest ideals. In Libra, we can have compromise (give up an important part of ourselves) or we can have balance with others exactly as we are. This full moon says you can have your cake and eat it–and no one is harmed by that choice—in fact, it helps others if you do just that. Remember, that’s just a metaphor. Don’t take it literally. 😉

Many blessings,


For further exploration of archetypal symbols related to Venus, see website where Ishtar photo came from:  You’ll love the Easter connection.

Venus conjunct Neptune: Things have been dreamy lately

Hello Folks!

I wanted to re-blog my older post in honor of the 29th degree of Aquarius, during our upcoming New Moon on February 18. It “took place” at the same degree as Venus Conjunct Neptune (@ Aquarius 29) in 2011 (03-25-11, date of my orig. post). I am wrapping up some themes here in my life as we embrace this “Nth” degrees of these signs (Next month Pisces 29). I’m happy to say that this is the second post I’ve written here at Fiesta Estrella, and I really wouldn’t change too much. I’d also like to dedicate this post to your celebrations of Valentine’s Day &/or MahaShivaratri (in our case) The marriage of Shiva & Shakti, with my sweetheart. We’ve had a wonderful journey, and I’m happy to see how far this blog has come, as have I. [I took 2012 off completely as part of my own transformation.] I am so grateful for my readers and commenters who have just shown how AWESOME they are on their own blogs – and who have taken the time to comment, engage, celebrate, and just Be with me here. I Love you All. ~Ka Malana
Wishing for you all kinds of Lovin’ this New Moon in Aquarius! LOVE-EQUALITY

From personal to impersonal, we make the leap to transpersonal

When are Ideas about Love Ideals and not entirely realistic?

I was discussing with a friend the ideals we have about love and relationships and how, over time, our ideals have both informed and misinformed us about true relating in our relationships.  It’s occurred to me a good reason that he and I are having this conversation is because of this transit. I’d like to examine this aspect here in my blog today:  Neptune conjunct Venus

A conjunction is an astrological aspect described as two planets or cosmic bodies co-existing side-by-side in an astrological chart.  The planetary energies fuse together, combining archetypes. Two archetypes are at play in the sign of Aquarius (detachment, and humanistic /impersonal love). The archetypes are Neptune: the submerged, sea-god Poseidon, who represents sacrifice and transcendence; and, Venus: representing Eros, personal love, and relationships.

Being a lover of love, it’s easy for me to allow myself to be very conscious of this topic. I have no problem addressing where my expectations in my intimate and love relationships have developed and where they play out.  But this was not always the case.

Step #1 is the realization of the dream-idea, taking a step back from my deepest yearnings and realizing what is factual, and what is actual. The “taking-a-step-back” has been wholly a result of experience. At this point, I have more notches on my lipstick case than I’d like to make record. Everyone has a different approach to this, and for me, abundance in love was not a quest—it’s been more like the result of processing through a strong ideal, and then living out the reality. Thereby, I’ve only had to give up what was necessary, as a part of my experience. That which was unreal, truly just fell away.

The planet Neptune will always bring up the question of what is possible.  It’s the spiritual aspect of love. Neptune is a higher octave of Venus. I recommend you take a step back from your current dream and just take a look at your historical relationship record: (Venus conjunct Neptune in trine aspect to South Node). The South Node indicates our past, sometimes this life, sometimes beyond.  I recommend you do this because of what is to come.

Love that is to come: April 4 and beyond

The reason why Neptune’s movement into Pisces is so spectacular is because its theme will last until 2025. Get used to the fogginess.  There is an obvious “foggy” affect that is making you feel like you are swimming through some unified field of a greater matrix that your brain cannot comprehend—in fact, you are not exactly “seeing” but experiencing this unity-consciousness on a bodily level. Venus is the ruler of the sign Taurus: all things that are sensory, tangible, and experiential. Take this BIG LOVE LOOK because Neptune is switching out of Aquarius (impersonal, human, individual love) and moving into Pisces which is the sign that it rules: imagination, spirituality, transcendence, confusion, and possibly deception.  Don’t worry, deception is always a result of misinforming the self. Get honest with yourself and you have less outside of you that can strike you with deception. Neptune was in Aquarius since 1998. This brings up a lot of questions for people about the Age of Aquarius, but I’m sorry that is too complicated to get into in this blog on Neptune and Venus, and Neptune in Pisces. I’ll say this, we didn’t start doubting science on a collective level as “all there is” until this transit. Also, we who love science very passionately, were secretively exploring other “less science-y” things—in the closet.

April 4: A dip into Pisces, and then swimming back to Aquarius

On April 4th, Neptune will hang out in Pisces, starting here, and then will exit back into Aquarius in August 2011, as a part of its retrograde cycle, only to return to Pisces on February 2012, and stay until 2025. Yes, this is a long time.  Neptune is giving us a clue about this transformation because it is conjunct-ing Venus at the last degree of Aquarius. I always pay special attention to “goodbyes” and “hellos;” what surrounds these transitional moments are hints. I know this because in 2012 Saturn is going to be in Scorpio, the opposite sign of Taurus.  Our relationships and how we share (our money and energy) is up for review.  You thought already that it was being reviewed because of our crashing world economy, but that’s the macro speaking to the micro. Get ready to look more closely at how the details play out on a personal level.

Transpersonal Questions

Last time Neptune was in Pisces was in the 1840s: consider the California gold rush and Spiritualism. Do you think these things could re-emerge? Is there a dream land where there’s metaphorical gold, and if so, is it in this world? If there are other dimensions, can we communicate and traverse these dimensions, by communicating with beings on another plane of existence? Do we even care what reality is… if we find a way to make use of the unclear messages and obscure wisdom emerging from “nowhere”?  More people will be intrigued with these questions, and the progressive, high-science-minded may even follow suit. Notions of Past/Present/Future may seem more like arbitrary descriptions of time rather than clear, concise representations of time.  Of course, we will always conduct our experiments and seek proof (thankfully)—but I have a feeling that our experiments will start looking wackier.

In Summary:

‘Reality’ is something that is becoming more and more spiritualized, as we personally re-emerge with the source of our individual lives, and shape our reality consciously. We will use our new sense of reality to evaluate our relationships, and many of us will set forth on the journey to making those dreams reality, as we believe we can truly cultivate this dream in relationship to one another. As long as we are clear with ourselves about what we deem to be real and not-so-real, we are good to go anywhere. Be aware of the danger of dishonesty and you are golden. The “new” golden age may look like a dark age, but it depends on your internal GPS. Have fun with this plot as it unfolds (Neptune was in Sagittarius at my birth) so I’ll also recommend having fun when things get weird and unexplainable. Maybe that’s just my generational coping-mechanism, but it is meant to help you swim through your life with joy—as I, without a doubt, intend to trust my life without the expectation that it unfold in a certain and particular way.

This should have been posted earlier today but it was more important to me to support my friend while she played piano, and be graced by her beauty in all her ways.

Love is always~


Adding Song for the occasion: