Mindfulness Meditation Track – 5 minutes


Hello Today!

One of the newest features of Fiesta Estrellas has been in the making for some time. Only recently, however, have I created the space in order to get it started. I am starting a new series of mindfulness meditations. This particular one I used with my graduate class a couple of semesters ago, and I received positive feedback. This recording is a little bit on the quiet-side; I do hope to make adjustments with the next one. In the meantime, I hope you are able to make the necessary adjustments with your headphones; and I wish you all the very best with your meditations!

Any future meditations that I record will be loaded under the ‘meditations’ section of Fiesta Estrellas. This way you will know where to go when you want to join me in meditation – at any time.

Meditate Now.

Have a beautiful day.

Love, Ka

16 thoughts on “Mindfulness Meditation Track – 5 minutes

  1. Enjoyed this one, Ka! Had to listen very carefully to feel the weight of the hair on my head. There are those for whom this would be a right proper koan. I’m at the stage where the glaciers of youth are melting, sea level is rising, and the mangroves are being pushed further inland. 🙂

    Lovely to hear your voice.


  2. Hey Ka,

    Mindful, restful, and peaceful…a song of gentle stillness given easeful form by your calming voice. And a fabulous new direction to take your readership! Thank you for 5 minutes of soothing reflection 🙂

    I wonder if the words of your beautiful poems would fall upon the ear with a touch just as soft?

    Have a wonderful day!


    DN – 22/03/2015

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