New Moon Virgo, Mercury Direct, Jupiter Retrograde

New Virgo Moon

New Moon Sabian Symbol: “A merry-go-round”

This is your invitation to step-off of your own personal Gerbil wheel. Recognition of the endless nature of the current path, we can see excuses we give ourselves for continuing in the same fashion. Seek renewal, true renewal.

I’ve noticed that this new moon had a lot of movement! I’m sure you did also. With the Sun/Moon (New Moon) conjunction in Virgo, a trine (easy aspect and zippy fast) to Jupiter in Taurus, and a trine to the retrograde Pluto in Capricorn, what we have are a number of celestial events that all reinforce the earth changes. Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn are the earth signs, all involved in the major aspects listed above. No surprise that the East Coast was affected by an earthquake and a hurricane! Earth changes and collective consciousness changes abound.

Celestial event: Mercury retrograde ends (August 26, 2011)

Mercury started retrograde at 2 Virgo, backing up to 19 Leo (1st pass on July 15th). On August 26th Mercury stationed direct motion. Virgo themes are health, work, our pets, and the way we offer services. All are in a state of renewal and have been under review. The Sabian Symbol for Mercury Retrograde is “A large white cross upraised.” Blain Bovee, Sabian specialist, says this symbol is about setting a higher standard, and raising the bar. More is expected, requiring solid, tangible results. He also writes that, “When standards are hoisted… or foisted… a definite change in the atmosphere can be felt.” (site reference).

When we work with the earth energies, more is felt, as it is experienced on the physical plane. We can see the evidence of this without a doubt; it’s measurable and tangible. Yet what we are seeking is direction. Now the Sabian Symbol for the degree that mercury retrograded back to, Leo 19, is called, “A houseboat Party,” also what Bovee calls, “a keel-less boat.” The keel is the main structure of the ship—all the ship’s seaworthiness rests on the keel—apply this metaphor to our minds, and communications. How’s your mental keel? The keel is also defined as “the median ridge on the breastbone of birds that fly.” See, the keel is fundamental by design. The vision we communicate (Mercury) is in need of leadership and guidance, and that leadership must be built-in by design. More structural changes are ahead in your work-life and daily habits of mind (Virgo).

Clarity of direction

Mercury retrograde also helps to show us where our illusions are likely to be burst. The mercury retrograde cycle itself is good for re-viewing items, and that’s why it’s not a good time for signing contracts or starting new projects. The reason is that mercury brings its gift of clarity at the end of the retrograde cycle. During the retrograde cycle, we are in a muddier state, needing to return our attention to things already started. Mercury’s retrograde was from August 2 to August 26th, and if you tried to start something new at this time, it simply may have met with resistance or other types of inertia. Important to note is Mercury’s retrograde cycle extends beyond the visibly direction-change, meaning that when the planet turns direct, it’s going back over those astrological degrees in the sky it formerly passed before the retrograde. This records a cycle spanning back to July 15th. By September 9th, Mercury will have exited the retrograde path, Virgo 2. By then, all the mental dust ought to be settled, and the communications will be easier—even the thoughts will be more geared to forward movement with a likely re-direction of mental energies.

Celestial Event: New Moon in Virgo (August 28, 2011)

This new moon simply opens the door for the implementing the necessary changes that Mercury’s retrograde cycle helped to bring to our consciousness. The areas concerned are swiftly changing, however, regardless of whether or not consciousness has caught up with the knowledge. Let’s refer back to the Grand Trine that includes the New Moon with Jupiter, and Pluto. Pluto’s role here is about tremendous transformation. Pluto unearths (naturally it governs Scorpio), and will exhume what has been untouched for years, bringing it to the surface. What it brings up has a lot to do with Jupiter (your joy, abundance) in Taurus. Taurus is the astrological sign that represents our values and our resources. Taurus shows us the condition of our resources.

Celestial event: Jupiter Stations Retrograde (August 30, 2011)

Jupiter turns retrograde tomorrow in the sign of Taurus, on August 30th, 2011 until December 25, 2011.

When a planet retrogrades, it’s said that its energies are introverted, making the energies even more personal. That is, retrograde motion gives the consciousness the opportunity to reflect on itself. We will reflect on our excesses, where we “hold abundance” and those areas of life that bring us hope. This is also a time for considering where abundance is blocked in our being, our energy, and our personal vision about our life. As always, this information is shared with love and is my gift to you. Be blessed!

Aspects involving New Moon:
Grand Trine: New Moon conjunct Venus, Pluto, and Jupiter
Grand Trine: Mercury, Lilith, transiting N.Node
New Moon opposite Chiron and Neptune

Events within days of New Moon:
Mercury Station Direct (Aug 26) -2 days
Jupiter Station Retrograde (Aug 30) +2 days

Larger aspect cycles, independent of New Moon:
Uranus Square Pluto
Mars Square Saturn
Saturn Opposite Lilith
T-Square: Lilith, Mars, Saturn

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The Full Moon in Aquarius: Consciousness, from Individuation to Awakening

Aquarius Full Moon: Ushering in the New Era

There is a nature to the universe, an order, a unity that is divine. Early scientists had some interest in what they sensed as the divinity of order, and they sought to uncover it. At the Aquarian Full Moon, August 13th, 2011, we come clean to our awareness that there is perfect structure in creation.  We are witnessing within and without this extraordinary epoch of renewal, the unfolding of the universe before us–ever becoming, blossoming, simultaneously as our awareness blooms into space.

In this new era, we will see children differently, having allowed our own inner-children to grow up spiritually, we can allow our children to write their own stories/destinies from day-one. They will be encouraged to teach us by their individual expressions. When we are awakened, “Before God we are all equally wise – and equally foolish,” Albert Einstein. We will be like God, knowing this, but not necessarily why or how we all are actually equal in the eyes of All There Is. We will be in our heart-mind, knowing the truth by heart again, giving new life to old ways of using language such as, “memorized by heart.” We will be re-freshed about Science as a process, not just as a book of knowledge (written by those of power) to be used for or against religious beliefs. We will be released from the socialized pressure of making fringe ideas disappear, and able to embrace anomalies with curiosity, sensitivity, and compassion as the virtue of connectedness. Testing and experimentation will be done only by mutual agreement and mutual interest in the results. We will become very aware of our connectedness again.

How do we get there? In two ways that are really one: First, by the awareness that we are already there (use our individuality to express the truth of this unity in all one’s thoughts and actions; We must become self-sustaining). Two: via Uranus square Pluto transits, that is, the tests and challenges ushering the era From

There are seven exact square between Uranus and Pluto between 2012 and 2015. The last series of squares was between 1932 and 1934.

Uranus square Pluto June 26 2012

Uranus square Pluto September 19 2012

Uranus square Pluto May 21 2013

Uranus square Pluto November 1 2013

Uranus square Pluto April 21 2014

Uranus square Pluto December 15 2014

Uranus square Pluto March 17 2015

These tests are not to be feared but to be understood as taking place on the inner plane of your existence. It is always, at every moment, up to oneself to do the refining work to become better people. We must create with courage and sincerity (Leo)—the passion of love, and with humanity and fraternity—the awareness of the self in Other (Aquarius).

Aquarius Full Moon: Aspects

The Sun is in conjunction with Venus, illuminating the feminine principle—or more appropriately, the “Yin” function of receptivity in creation. Mercury is retrograde in Leo, also conjunct the Sun and Venus, setting up the mental template for Venusian influence. Our psyches are primed for sensitivity and tenderness, the receptivity of Venus. We can acknowledge mentally that love is a ‘want’ and a ‘value’ that is self-possessed.

The moon in the sign of Aquarius gives distance to the emotions, subjugates the unconscious (moon) to lend a certain cognitive distance, which can either serve the purpose of illuminating those principles that underlie creation (in Leo, its individual selves), or to dismiss and isolate self-expression as marginal and non-cohesive (say it’s against harmony).

The North Node of the moon (future) is in the sign of Sagittarius begging us to be adventurous, spirited, and optimistic in our nature. The South node of the moon (past) is in Gemini asking us to make use of our knowledge and our networks, and to release this focus on communication-for-communication’s-sake to reach into the higher realms (not just greater distances for the sake of it, but to be progressive, such as the arrow of the archer has aim), and to further develop humanity’s current philosophy and judiciousness.

In its earliest stages, individuation starts as the mirror of the world (at least how one thinks the world would like the individual to act and behave, and most of this is projected) eventually through experimentation and differentiation (Aquarius), the individual sorts out the matrix of self-material and finally anchors all self-expression in the soul—that which resonates most deeply with the incarnate being. It’s at this point that the artist (Leo) can touch the hearts of the collective. Coming full-circle, the deepest part of Self is not Self at all but  individuated, temporary expressions of the collective spark of all life, Spirit.

The Aquarius full moon is indeed the gift of Self to the collective, offered as both (small) just one of many, and (enormously powerful) a speaker of the One.

Leo New Moon August 3 2011

Leo New Moon: Self-Hood, Be your Best Self.

The self is not just ‘one thing.’ The self is composed of: the lower self, the higher Self, the personality, the ego, and the soul matrix. We have the discipline of psychology to thank for giving us other ‘terms’ such as, Id, Super-ego, and the Unconscious. Altogether, we can recognize that there are multiple forms of self that are “inside” us. Our pieces of self are our values, beliefs, our mentality, and our dreams (interpretation of reality). Now all these pieces are functional and healthy when they seem to all be “the same thing,” but it’s possible for these pieces to be in conflict.  Read about the psychologist Carl Jung and astrology, visit, “His Interest in Astrology.”

Swiss psychologist (1875-1961) Carl Gustav Jung founded the discipline of Analytical Psychology, and basically awakened the collective consciousness to a cursory awareness of itself (after all, he coined the term collective unconscious). Jung is also famous for defining the term “projection.” That which is not realized or unconscious by the individual is seen as characteristic within the other to whom one is in relationship. This projection is a result of the unconsciousness or the “Shadow” aspect of self. The shadow is projected on the other because the ego cannot manage it as a self-definition. Thus the integration of the shadow is required for individuation to take place. Please see the 4th excerpt from Jung on this page. Individuation relates very well to the sign of astrological sign of Leo. For more on the Carl Jung and individuation process:

In its simplest terms, the Leo archetype is all about reflection. The light that shines back on us is a reflection of the light that we ourselves are emitting. The shadow’s we cast, too, are very much our own shadows. With Leo the creator is born, the artist, the actor. One can only “act” as oneself and thereby those actions do shape and develop the character as he tries on different types of expressions. For Leo, self-development is essential. Leo will attempt to re-decorate the world to reflect itself so that it can maintain its individuality, only excepting complete adoration, seeing anything less as dissension. Until eventually Leo rests in some kind of knowing-ness that its Self-hood cannot be threatened by other special Selves, because the Self is reinforced as an illusion of the ego. The powerfully subjective experience of self, seeming to have no collective meaning, is nothing but a collective expression, and is urged out.

Have fun being yourself this new moon. Try different ways to shine! The paradigm of Leo is playful.