Astrology of Wuhan Asteroid

Please take a look at this, per Demetra George and Brenda Wilson, mainly Brenda Wilson’s observation and recording of the Wuhan asteroid discovered in 1980. Here are the well-orchestrated and outlined moments of the Wuhan asteroid with its plays against the greatly discussed Saturn/Pluto conjunction, the Mars/Jupiter square and the markets fall.

In this analysis, the Sibley chart is used for the U.S., the timeline is further outlined with Wuhan’s retrograde point at the end of May.

This is an analysis that astrologer’s do not want to miss! We are talking about and leading up to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 0 degree Aquarius ♒️ which gives way to eventually 2023-2024 Pluto ingress into Aquarius. You can’t make this stuff up!!

In brief, the asteroid Wuhan (discovered in 1980 at the Purple Mountain Observatory) entered into Capricorn in early January shortly before the Saturn Pluto conjunction. The average rate of speed for asteroids is about 1 degree every four days. Since then, it has been progressively passing over the South Node, Jupiter, Mars, Pluto and Saturn. It enters Aquarius mid-April, but by the end of May turns retrograde around 4 Aquarius and passes back over Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. It turns direct at the end of August, once again contacting Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn until mid-November when it enters Aquarius for about the next four months. There it will prepare the way for the historic Jupiter Saturn conjunction near Winter Solstice.

Full Moon Virgo, March 19, 2011: Illumination

I’m putting this out there…
It’s an old write up. So much has changed since 2011. And yet I think what we can continue to look at is Virgo/Pisces in terms of this pandemic. Pisces is avoidance/distraction (or denial) and Virgo is pragmatism and focus/detail, but also anxiety. These two are always better paired. Need a little bit of both. Keep the hope alive, and be aware of the actual situation by getting clear on the facts. I have so much love for all of you at this time of great change and adjustment.

Fiesta Estrellas

Are you servicing your soul (Pisces) with your pragmatism (Virgo)?

If ‘yes,’ excellent! If ‘no’… then, who do you serve?… If you don’t serve you , then who does?

I’m looking at the full moon chart for March 19, 2011, and it’s not the easiest due to the mutable grand cross configuration involving the moon’s nodes; but, before anyone gets too carried away by being flustered: the good news is that Venus and Neptune are making very harmonious contacts. Venus (love and values) is sextile Mercury (communication and thoughts), so let’s just say that communication is active (Aries) and somewhat objective (Aquarius).  However, that’s not the whole story for communication: next to the full moon is Saturn, which tends to have a reserved or restrictive quality—meaning that you may have a meaning/need/or feeling to convey but have not the words to convey it, or you may realize you need to…

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Full Moon in Virgo

It’s been a while now since I haven’t been writing or sharing my own astrological interpretations. This aspect of my life has gone quiet for reasons of me being flooded out, I think, by so many of them out there. I think I need now to find “my own thing” again. I’m not sure what that is, but I lost my voice in this. It makes me kind of sad because it’s why I built this blog. On the other hand, I’m willing to go with the flow and accept that maybe it’s just not for me right now, and that’s okay.

That said, I enjoy the freshness of Wondergirl. I’m calling her that instead of her pedestrian name because why else would she choose that moniker? It’s fabulous. I have been occasionally catching her monthly videos and watching her grow and grow on YouTube and now her own special paid subscribers, etc. I think her take on this full moon is pretty good. Maybe later I will dig up some of my old Virgo blog posts and repost it just for the heck of it. It’s nice to know that no one is relying on me to keep the output.

gray day

Rain on the lake

activates ripples

increasingly the drops make

lashings of dimples

seagulls, pigeons and

ducks run amok

a social dynamic

wide-flapping panoramic

breeze in, breeze out,

waves up-down and about

rings along the ledges,

circled rocks, and maybe trout

a startle will break the ground

and send attendees to the sky

making a canopy of dots speckled

with abundant overfly

rain blurs the distinction

of dark to light

this gray day is heavy

but fresh and just right.