Buddha’s White Rose, Libra’s Full Moon

© 2017 Ka Malana, Photography

Tiny granite gravel garners
your contours
arranged and shaped by larger hands
from the hours and minutes

Our conversations linger above
like a cloud
accumulating memories as
rain drops and I chase the

In new places, on islands,
in another part of the world
I sit under the same tree.

At this point it is beyond
40 days and 40 nights,
how many lifetimes,

Like a leopard stalking
hungrily, I’ve faced you,
and sought your incarnation
in every one.

Yet each moment with you
is like a million moments
that are first moments;
and I am covered in morning light,

a soft gaze, your tenderness.

I shall return for more.

© 2017 Ka Malana, Photography

Marrying ThySelf: Lunar Eclipse April 4, 2015


Yesterday while driving, this blog post was writing itself. I was so eager to get what was flowing to pen and paper – which is really a romantic way of saying – getting to my computer, to type.

Even the act of writing, with pen contacting paper, has a downward and outward movement, a path of gravity. It is saturated with momentum. When I sit across from my computer screen – it’s more direct — more confrontational. The words on the screen as I’m writing, are more “in my face.” Is that slightly less romantic? Hmmm…

I don’t know. I suppose different people have different ideas about romance. Mine still changes with the seasons (but I’ve got my same man). For some, romance describes an era that’s come and gone – a gentle whisper of memory, thoughts of riper, more classic days. For others, it’s the heat of passion that comes on quickly, burns with complete obeisance; and then ends in devastation/emptiness.

Right now, I’m looking at time itself as romantic. It is undressing, It is revealing.

When we age, we often talk about “falling apart” while being pleased about having more wisdom. What we lose in pep or spunk, we gain in gumption.

I’d like to think that age is something that refines us – sculpts us into the expression of who we have ever been, or who have ever tried to be. It undresses us, un-hides us. Points out who we are, to ourselves. After all, we all experience the process of aging differently, despite the fact that we have the same usher. I’m referring to time as that usher. Time walks us down the aisle and brings us to the bridegroom, our extant other half, again and again.

On April 4th, 2015, we have a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Libra – and for some reason – I wasn’t planning on writing about romance or age, and all these words here, they aren’t what I intended when flow was happening ‘the other day’ while I was busy. These words are simply what happen when I show up at my computer: something different.

This Lunar eclipse suggests to me a blossoming: A coming of Age.

Somewhere in your life is a beautiful flower about to come into blossom. I wonder what it is. Where is it? Maybe it’s a surprise. Uranus, the planet of surprises, is in conjunction with the Sun, and in opposition to the moon in Libra. What partnerships in your lives best help express that inspired, fiery Aries/Uranus, Inventive, Original, Essence/Sun? Who or what sets your world ablaze? Marry that!

Again, and again.

Image: The marriage of Inanna and Dumuzi, reproduction of a Sumerian sculpture. Public Domain

Read more: http://www.ancient-origins.net/history/serpent-priestesses-and-ancient-sexual-rites-002491#ixzz3VLv9WXWM

I Believe in Bravery: Astrology for April 2014

This month’s Lunar Eclipse will occur on April 15, 2014. In California, it will happen at 12:42am. The month is filled with challenges and opportunities, and the feminine energy returns.

Challenges & Opportunities

This month we have a lot of “heavy duty” transits. The Grand Cross pattern that the heavens have been cultivating is known to bring challenging experiences. These experiences, however, can be very constructive.  Often, they ARE constructive, but we don’t realize that until the pressure is turned down, way down. The Grand Cross is simply a pressure valve, and it can be expressed in many different ways, each unique to one’s own chart and behavior pattern. We can even see this pressure valve trying to release itself in the land with the earthquakes in Chile.

Any challenge has the potential to bring out the best of those working toward a goal by transforming challenges into opportunities. The Grand Cross pattern provides an opportunity for maintaining one’s focus, and specifically in a Cardinal Grand Cross, using that focus as a trajectory.

Unfortunately, the Grand Cross pattern/configuration does not lend itself really well to teamwork. The energy is so very centralized, and it’s a good idea to watch any area of your life where you may be overdoing it, or any area that is demanding too much of your time where your energies are too scattered. You want to make the best of the energies that are supporting you!

Feminine Return

This Lunar Eclipse in Libra certainly calls for some peace and some grace. It’s best to take your time when you can; the pace of interaction can be swift and jarring for those who are sensitive.

Now is the time to find/create the quiet, safe place within yourself; or, it can be any place you designate. Let the receptive, feminine energy (also known as the yin shadow) ‘cool down’ some of the fiery masculine energy of Aries, the yang excitement. In other words, find the Libran balance, the fulcrum point, and rest in stillness for a while. 

Both of the eclipses this month call upon the Goddess energy, the White Tara of Compassion. The Lunar Eclipse on April 15th  is in Libra, a masculine sign ruled by a feminine planet; and, the Solar Eclipse is in the feminine sign of Taurus, on April 28.

Finally, the most satisfying and pleasant feature of this month’s planetary configuration is the grand trine of Saturn, Jupiter, and Chiron. Venus (ruler of Libra) will be transiting conjunct Chiron (applying aspect), and by month’s end, Venus will be forming a harmonious trine with Saturn. Venus rules both Libra and Taurus, making Venus a prime motif for us all month.

Personal note: I shall be taking a break from my blog writing/sharing for most of the month, and will be focusing on my clients, my schoolwork, and travel.  We live in exciting times, and I’m delighted that we’ve been able to share so much through the blog-space!

May Peace Be With You,

Ka Malana

New moon in Libra: Plato’s Cave


October 4th, 2013

This new moon picture will keep us busy. It occurs on October 4th at 5:35 PST. There are some major players, especially the planet Uranus, which I will discuss here.  The new moon occurs in the sign of Libra at 11 degrees 57 minutes, read as Sabian Symbol for Libra 12 (see Sabian Symbol website linked in my other blog entries to see how Sabian Symbols are given, or google it 🙂  )

“Miners emerging from a mine.”

Emerging from the mine, things don’t look the same. The environment, in the daylight, looks different. It’s time to see what’s behind the shadows.  This is not unlike leaving Plato’s cave. When in Plato’s Cave, people mistake that which is real with that which is the shadow cast by the real. “The prisoners may learn what a book is by their experience with shadows of books. But they would be mistaken if they thought that the word “book” refers to something that any of them has ever seen.” (Cohen 2006)

Let’s look at the aspects:

This new moon is opposite Uranus in Aries. The experience can be unsettling for some and provocative and interesting for others. Anything Uranus touches brings an electrical charge and the opportunity for insight or inspiration – arriving like an unexpected bolt of lightning.  Looking at the Nodes of the moon (which reflects our social networks and the directional aspect of our soul’s past and future or “fate”), the North Node quincunx shows that some transitions during this lunation will be uncomfortable, requiring adjustment by both parties involved in the way personal themes like security and individual needs bring and resist changes in existing relationships, as well as how to establish new relationships based on these themes.

Of course, Uranus is also squaring Pluto (our big transit that everyone is talking about, until 2015) bringing tremendous and sometimes swift transformation – also described as “the shift.” During this lunation, Uranus is also in square aspect with Jupiter in Cancer. I wouldn’t be surprised if issues from the past come up around nurturing and parenthood, because belief systems (Jupiter) are getting energized by the grand square aspect this lunation. Also of note but not directly related to the aspects involved with the new moon is the quincunx between Uranus and Mercury conjunct North Node. Individuals who usually act on impulse or inspiration (Uranus in Aries) may need to adjust their communications (Mercury) within social circles, considering carefully what they say regarding money, sex, and yes… taxes (N.Node in Scorpio).

In sum, there’s more tension than usual, and it’s in the stars. It will pass. Don’t base too many long term decisions on this time frame or lunation. If the forward  movement of your life feels like it’s getting snagged on some edges, well, that’s because this time period is available for you to figure out *what* and *where* you are snagged so that you can modify both your perception and your expression enough to get your messages across more smoothly. These snags are ultimately meant to propel you, once the necessary modifications are made (and this could have to do with the other party or parties involved). So just kind of “wait it out,” use the tension that’s building at this time for the right point of expression – once the best time becomes available.  In the meantime, my guidance says, keep your direction in your heart, and have confidence in that knowing.

Libra Full Moon, April 17th, Mystic Rectangle

Full Moon in Libra

image from http://www.astrologycom.com/easter.html

This full moon is in the sign of Libra. It’s an incredibly interesting and dynamic chart to look at. In astrology, the sun represents the masculine and the moon represents the feminine. When the two are in apparent opposition to one another, they “look” like they are on two separate sides from the earth’s view: the sun in Aries, and the moon in Libra. The moon gets the full illumination of the sun’s light. That’s why the whole circle is colored-in up there in the sky, bright light, to see at night. It’s a direct reflection. This phenomenon has been interpreted as a point of culmination in the solar/lunar cycle, and has descriptive meaning for the joining of masculine and feminine archetypes to “give birth ” or manifest.

Indeed, the full moon is associated with fertility, childbirth. The passage into life is often experienced as painful. I heard from a friend that scientists have put a microphone up to a caterpillar while erupting from out of its cocoon, and they have recorded what sounds like a “scream.” During human birth there are the mother’s cries as she labors

and delivers the child into this world. We are all familiar with that sound of cries, both mother and baby, during the birth process. I’m sure some part of us remembers the cry, and thereby we hold back during metaphorically re-birthing moments because of it.

Moon, Language of the Subconscious

Symbolism is so very fun to work with because it is the language of the subconscious, and it’s mostly always at work, even when we aren’t. That’s its ease and beauty, not to mention that symbolism is a way to connect with the source and spirit of everything—kind of like a dialogue that might not make sense to the logical mind. The rational mind is called “ration” or part, because that’s exactly what it is, only a part of mind.  To that extent we can say that the moon’s symbolism communicates to the subconscious mind, perhaps another part of mind; and, it’s the feminine aspect (receptive) that gets credited with happenings around the full moon in astrology.

Venus, Love Nature

This full moon is in the sign of Libra, a feminine sign, and also a sign said to be ruled by Venus. With Venus we can look to Goddess energy (which has its own active and receptive principles). She can be the Greek goddess Aphrodite or the Sumerian goddess of Inanna, among others. What’s more important is that her symbol draws a distinction between the feminine archetype of mother (moon) who is fecund, and points more to the sensuous side of feminine beauty. By looking at this chart, what is asking to be healed is the lower octave of Venus, the use and abuse of sensuality and art or edifice to manipulate and magnetize, for the sole purpose and intention of overpowering another–thereby causing them harm. We know why we are afraid to love, to be intimate; it makes us vulnerable to harm.  But, we don’t stop there, do we? Here’s one of my favorite quotes of all time to reflect on for the message of the higher octave of Venus:

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~Anais Nin

I think the vulnerability is worth it. That’s not to say, don’t be cautious. Be clear. Oh, be clear. Bloom in the full light of the Sun.

Mystic Rectangle

Also present in the chart is a lovely mystic rectangle: 2 sextiles, 2 trines, and 1 opposition. This really makes for some creative balancing. I don’t know how many people have noticed this, but I’ll use Albert Einstein as my example: he’s one of the greatest minds in human history, and no one denies that. But what society seems to deny, or maybe we just think it does, is that the mystical mind is not really a mind at all; in fact, it’s a director of mind. Albert Einstein–a pretty mystical guy–Allow me to quote him.

“The most beautiful and most profound experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive forms – this knowledge, this feeling is at the center of true religiousness.” (Albert Einstein -The Merging of Spirit and Science)

Somehow, somewhere, or maybe only in retrospect did his credible experiences become manifest and evident to the “world’s view” of what is relevant, reverent, and irrelevant and irreverent.  Got all those words?  Words and symbols just never serve, but we use them to point to the fact that there is something observable beyond them.

What about a mind that doesn’t see the bigger picture, the unity of all things? Well, here it is from Elsie Wheeler’s Sabian symbols, the full moon’s degree symbol:  Libra 28: A man alone in deep gloom. Unnoticed, angels are coming to his aid (originally published by Marc Edmund Jones but recorded from http://www.sabiansymbols.com/article-detail2d45.html?id=1453).

At once we begin to experience a sense of relief. At once! We can sense that maybe someone or something else knows how to communicate and ask for help, even when we do not. Herein lies the message of this full moon. Release. Expect the unexpected from an unknown source. It’s got a positive message for you, if you choose to see it. With this message, you can give birth to more harmony and abundance in your life. Attune yourself to this quality of receiving messages.

At this full moon with a Grand Trine (equilateral triangle) forming from Moon, to Chiron (wounded-healer), and the S. Node (past), we have a chance to heal our past wounds, and gently re-awaken our feminine side to love without restriction, while simultaneously maintaining your highest and purest ideals. In Libra, we can have compromise (give up an important part of ourselves) or we can have balance with others exactly as we are. This full moon says you can have your cake and eat it–and no one is harmed by that choice—in fact, it helps others if you do just that. Remember, that’s just a metaphor. Don’t take it literally. 😉

Many blessings,


For further exploration of archetypal symbols related to Venus, see website where Ishtar photo came from: http://www.astrologycom.com/easter.html  You’ll love the Easter connection.