The Past meets the New Universe in the form of an Egg (New Moon in Cancer)



Welcoming the New Moon!

I’m reposting some text that I wrote about the New Moon in Cancer from 2011. I know that posting old writing seems ironic for “New Moon” energy; however, in honor of Mercury retrograde, I am “looking back.”

My chart is cast for San Diego, CA @ 1:08am, on June 27th. SUN/MOON @ 5.37 Cancer

The astrological sign of Cancer is given the element of water, describing what type energy it is, and the cardinal modality, describing how it operates. Cancer, like water, flows into any shape of container. It surrounds and absorbs. It is inherently adaptive. Water energy is sensitive to all energy. Cancer acts like a sponge and soaks up its environment, but also surrounds and saturates. It can be protective and shielding, or weak and yielding. Cancer traditionally represents the Mother Archetype and rules the private life of house and home.

Now I’d like to talk about the Cancer/Capricorn polarity. The signs oppose one another on the zodiacal wheel, but the energy really represents to two-sides of same coin and are thus complementary. Cancer is Elemental: that which is raw, unformed, flowing. Cancer is Archetypal: the sign of the mother, the instinctive, the nurturer. Capricorn is elemental: physical and material; it represents body, thought-form (principle), think of the way lava cools and hardens after it freely releases–that is the way of nature. Capricorn is traditionally Archetypal: the sign of the father, authoritarian, disciplinarian, rule-enforcer.

Making our way (the moon’s nodes) from shallow footsteps, to deep grooves, to ruts… habit builds structure, some call it karma.

We can look to psychological astrology and see our childhood experiences, how we relate to them, the deep impressions that imprinted into memories during our childhoods, and our personal past usually has a story, how it was perceived by us at that time. Cancer, in the astrological chart, points to the subconscious, the underground of the mind. It is where our stories flow like a river, without our awareness. When our subconscious emerges because of the build-up of inner pressures, (for various reasons, sometimes never known); and, we get the signal of emotion, we can look for a story.  Get to know it first. Then, decide to drop the old story. This takes practice. Over time our tendencies, habits, stories form into beliefs, and that feeds back into a loop, shaping how we see today’s reality, and ultimately our future.

So, the ‘shaping’ process of life—the way experiences mold us into our character is through the Cancer to Capricorn polarity. Capricorn, the crystallization of the trodden path into an absolute paved road has been laid via repeated actions into habits. Often astrologers talk about the planet Saturn (Capricorn’s ruler) as being the karmic planet. We can see why, its placement is a description of our own personal rulebook, or that which we project outward into the world as our authority. Nevertheless, what was once a rough sketch of possibility before we repeated it over and over again, became “written in stone” and therefore a fact about ourselves. When all along, it was really just our belief forming into reality, caught up in a feedback loop. We all have beliefs, even those to don’t feel comfortable with things like “belief,” who prefer what they call facts. If we operate in that way (we really have no choice about that part) we get back exactly what we put in, and face limitation during difficult Saturn transits. Here rather than be rewarded for our past efforts (whatever past it may be, this life or another).

I know that the whole concept of past and future lives is a bit to stomach all at once but take a small bite and consider how BIG and LONG these cycles really are in the universe. We are the universe, we are nature. That’s a belief to work with!

Karmic Rut

Fresh footprints in the sand (as light markings of a once-over walk) can be blown away by the wind, but after several passes over the same spot, our way can become so deepened and hardened that these walkways become absolute ruts (albeit much easier to stay in) with high walls that we cannot even see over–so deep that it’s starting to look like a maze, and you wish you had a map because you are so stuck in the narrowness of where you were (the past) going over and over it again, that you can’t see anything beyond the wall of that vision. We sometimes like to call these karmic moments, when we simply realize that it’s time to work a little less on the old path, and consider starting a new path where we have more vision.

I think you get my point. If you don’t that’s okay, let these pictures and thoughts sit with you for a little while and let them sink in.

Sabian Symbol – Cancer 6

Sabian Symbol: It is in the flush of spring, and innumerable wild or game birds are seen feathering their nests.”

Aspect formations

Grand Cross – see previous posts:

Grand Trine –Saturn retrograde, Jupiter, Chiron

Sun/Moon trine Retrograde Neptune:  TRANSCEND the PAST, forgiveness, openness, and the Spirit of new beginnings.

Note: After trying to find a picture to add to my post…I realized I would just play around with some colors instead – glad that I did. It was very refreshing. I feel like I am playing “catch up,” but then I read my older post with advice for how to handle Mercury retrograde – and I’m think, WOW… How helpful! Let the balls go, Ka…..

Scarab Beetle with Wings

Yesterday, at Balboa Park, I was greeted by an interesting type of flying Scarab beetle.

During our somewhat brief interaction, I went into a position with my arms out, as though I was being smudged with sage before a ceremony. It even took a couple of passes across the length of my body and around my heart chakra. SO COOL!!!! How do those little wings hold up that big, green, sparkling body?! The energy of it felt wonderfully soothing, there wasn’t a touch of fear in my body. Otherwise, a big, buzzing bug, that seemed to arrive out of nowhere, might startle me.

I had some computer trouble this past week, and car trouble; so the computer didn’t get resolved yet. I’m also looking at a loss of files. This was classic Mercury retrograde (and we’re still in it!). Natal Moon and Mercury in Cancer, and a Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo- plus the “more-or-less-there” grand cross activates my personal planets –especially my natal Moon square Pluto. Not to mention the Chiron retrograde at the Solstice, and my natal 3rd house (Mercury/Gemini) Chiron. I haven’t been able to practice my Chinese since my laptop firmware issue – the Apple Manufacturing defect required them to wipe everything – that I only partially backed up, due to perceived time constraints. See my former Mercury retrograde article. I’ll come back and edit this article eventually.

Meanwhile… amazingly awesome and mystical encounters…allow me to know that I am

Summer Solstice 2014


Summertime kicks off in San Diego at 3:51am, PDT, on June 21, 2014. I’ve always enjoyed summer as my favorite time of the year. Summer is always filled with so much hope and potential. As a child, I would just relish in the entire season of it and into the autumn, my second-favorite time of the year!

Looking at the chart that celebrates the beginning of the season:

I still see a weakening grand cross (looks like a square); it has lessened quite a bit.  So… yes, there’s still some *creative* tension there. I will review it here. Following that, you will see an opposition (slicing through the center of the square) which is within interpretable orb, particularly Mars Opposite Uranus. Here’s a great blog post regarding Mar/Uranus OppositionA quick note about orb – the tighter the aspect, the stronger the astrological accuracy. However, with all this Neptune energy (and my own transits), I’m not being very rigid with my orbs delineations. Also, this post is about making generalizations, so that’s what I am doing. I’m still talking about the leftover grand cross because we’re still not done with Uranus square Pluto‘s exact aspects (tightest orb), coming around for its second last *exact* aspect on December 15, 2014 (I haven’t checked for the specific date/time for San Diego yet). I wrote about it here, last year – it’s potentially what set me free from my astrology-writing hiatus for the whole year of 2012.

Corners of the Grand Cross –

Corner A:

Uranus conjunct Moon in Aries

(unexpected emotion, fiery passion, drive for genius, inspired inventions, objectivity over mind/body, anger, spontaneity, energy, excitability)

Corner B:

Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn

(transforming business-matters, opening up unexplored areas in the psyche surrounding public life)

Corner C:

Mars, with nearby transiting N.Node – orb is too wide to call it a conjunction – in Libra

(WE – balancing – scales – weighing the truth, merit of agreement – and the drive for relationship, negotiation, agreement)

Corner D:

Jupiter in Cancer

(family, abundance, world-view/philosophy, explorer, wandering heart)

Mental factors:

Mercury is retrograde and the strong Mercury/Sun conjunction trine Neptune give us more discussion around dreams and other reality-transcending topics – fuzzy thinking, idealistic or illusionary thinking, communication with angels or beings beyond the realm of the ordinary senses. For more on Neptune, click the link.


Mars/Uranus (see link above)




Cover photo from 9HDwallpaper.

The chart I created using astrodienst

A Journey of Fulfillment: Intention and Dedication

These 40 days I dedicate my existing meditation practice to this shared Journey of Fulfillment. I will check in daily with this contemplation and use it during my silent meditation practice. This is for you, for me, and for A.J.J. “To all who yearn, to all who desire, to all who seek, may my actions and intentions on this journey assist you toward your own fulfillment, that we may know our Oneness, Unity, Joy, and Divine Perfection together.”


Declaring your intention for this Journey is a very important part of this practice. The 40-day Consciousness Journeys are a means to an end: the goal is to move the consciousness to a new state of awareness, acceptance, understanding, and knowledge of a particular aspect of the truth of Being, the truth of your Self, and yourself.

This goal is the general goal of these jouneys  that I invoke for all who choose to participate; the guiding thoughts are structured and designed to achieve this goal.

But every person has an idea of what fulfillment means to them. Each person is doing this journey for more awareness, understanding, and knowledge about his or her particular expression or experience of fulfillment. Getting clear about your own conception of fulfillment and what you want as an outcome creates your intention. Those thoughts and ideas set your standard, by which you may assess…

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Love your wounds while nursing your spirit

OUch! I hurt here.


Right in my…. I don’t know where…

Is that a place?

Can you fix a spot that, that I can’t SEE – but feel?

Some of you know that I am enrolled in a Traditional Chinese Medical program. I’ve only just begun! Many of us are there because we have been wounded, we have aches and pains or chronic illnesses. We’ve been touched by them in some way – some aspect of life as “gotten us,” or a loved one, and we grieved so deeply – deeply enough to realize that there’s a way to work with pain by helping to direct it, through acupuncture, massage, etc.. and, so we’ve enlisted ourselves in this awesome task of learning how to help people with what ails them. It’s ambitious and scary, and also, delightfully interesting. It’s also about holding hands – touching – and being touched.

There are some students – and I’ve spoken to quite a few – who want to learn more about the services they will be offering their patients once they graduate, but they don’t have any reason to go for a visit at our clinic.

I, on the other hand, have been able to find *so many things* to work with!  I feel so blessed, so fortunate, so unequivocally involved in the process! I celebrate it – in the process, I have met so many amazing internists, and every visit, I *know* I am at home. This is it! I found my spot! 🙂 Not to mention, I get to be a participant-observer. This is one of my philosophical view-points I developed through my anthropological studies, or one aspect of anthropology that made it uniquely anthropology… and not another discipline.

Love is your wounded-ness. You need a heart to break. It’s okay. Half the time we don’t even realize how broken we are, even if we thought we were pretty banged-up. The inverse is also true, we may be a lot healthier than we ever realized 🙂  Either way, we are all in it together.  And, we are all caught in combat – fighting a battle inside us, that no one knows about. Because how could they? They are not you. Words do not suffice. This is life. We live in peace, knowing that to *feel* is to *be* alive.

Sometimes we hold stories because, we love…  and sometimes, that is the very essence of our pain. And, sometimes, that pain can be transformed from a story… into a healing…

More to come, perhaps, Summer Solstice Chart…maybe a poem…still on 40-day consciousness journey of fulfillment.

Schedule for A Journey of Fulfillment

I’m planning on embarking on a 40-day Consciousness Journey with Susanwithpearls. I look forward to this journey very much, and feel so grateful to have found Susan! It’s amazing how the universe always provides the opportunity to deepen our experience with others who also seek to discipline their process. “A Journey of Fulfillment, Beginning June 16, 2014.” Thank you, Susan, for sharing your practice with me!


A Journey of Fulfillment, a 40-day Consciousness Journey, begins at on Monday June 16, 2014.

The schedule for the journey will be as follows:

Monday June 16, 2014: A brief overview of this journey– “Why a Journey of Fulfillment”. Find out if it sounds like something you’d like to do for yourself.

Tuesday June 17, 2014: The commitment statement will be posted. This is the statement that focuses and dedicates the journey.

June 18- July 27 : 40 days of guiding thoughts for consideration and contemplation; 40 days of sharing about the contemplation. 40 days of shifting my consciousness into a higher understanding and experience of Fulfillment–maybe yours too?

July 28-August 3: There will be one or two posts of an afterword, and some concluding thoughts. Processing myself, thinking about thinking about the thinking.

The structure of the Journey is:


  • Spend 5 minutes reading and thinking about the guiding…

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Conceptualizing Astrology, the Universe, and YOU

Fiesta Estrellas


The ancient Hindu and Buddhist scholars taught us that the external world is an illusion, Maya. Taken on an intellectual level, the concept is barely acceptable to anyone’s mind! We aren’t used to the notion that there’s no separation between ‘you’ and ‘me.’ In fact, the stability of our psychology rests on believing that this separation exists!  In other words, the experience of reality as ‘oneness,’ can be really destabilizing. At its worst, it can take you off the deep end. So let’s be kind to ourselves, and allow ourselves to be comfortable with this as merely a concept, for just a little while in order to examine it here as it relates to astrology. (more a short story on Maya: ).

The Nature of Reality: Advaita

‘Oneness’ as the nature of reality is described really well by Advaita. Advaita is a sub-school of Vedanta, a Hindu school of…

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To have peace of mind is to empty

To have peace of mind is to empty

Mind completely

Like overturning your purse

Stuff might plop out,

Not all neatly one by one, in single file.

That’s not what this work is about.

It is about digging deep into

the purpose.

What’s behind the cobwebs’ shadow?

From where did your first thought emerge?

There’s no voice in the empty mind,

It is a silent angel of energy neatly settled

In your womb.

From here everything learns to whisper.

Ka Malana© 6.12.14

June 12th Full Moon in Sagittarius, 2:11PM, PDT


This full moon will be conjunct my natal Neptune, within a 2 degree orb, so there’s a good possibility that Neptune will influence how I read this full moon’s chart.  Neptune will be making some ‘friendly’ aspects to Pluto (sextile, 60 degrees) and the retrograde planet Mercury (trine, 120 degrees).  So, I anticipate that what I have to write will be relevant to at least some of you.

The Sun part of the (Sun opposite Moon = Full Moon) equation will be occurring right on the cusp of my natal 11th house. This is the 5/11 house axis that relates to the individual’s creative output (5th) and the groups, friendships and associations (11th), with whom the individual is participating. With the full moon on my 11th house, it’s about these groups and friendships, community hopes and ideals, coming to fruition in some way. Sure. I can see that. Also, Gemini and Sagittarius are natural rulers of the 3rd/9th houses of the mentality, neighbors, local networks (3rd) and higher learning, educational institution, and publication (9th).

With Full Moon square Chiron, it’s also about healing wounds that arose from previous attempts with groups, friendships, and associations, and thus culminating into new fields of learning and associations. I AM really experiencing a lot of new growth showing up in that area of my life, as the moon deals with the public and Chiron with healing.

A full moon will bring something visible to your awareness in the area/house placement in your natal chart where it occurs. If you are looking at your own chart, see where 22 degrees of Gemini/Sagittarius are housed. See what planets are aspecting the full moon in your nativity; and then, look at those aspects by transit and progression.

General themes

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is squaring Chiron in Pisces.  Sagittarius is about seeing the “bigger picture,” it relates to optimism and faith. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter (ancient ruler of the sign Pisces) and represents grand portions and big plans. Sagittarius is also the natural ruler of the 9th house, in any nativity. Pisces is about spirituality and psychic experiences (Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces). All in all, there’s a call to faith here that will take some effort for going the long distance (square aspect 90 degrees).

Gemini/Sagittarius: Anatomy & Function

According to Max Heindel in his book called, The Message of the Stars, “Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs, the femur, ilium, the coccygeal and sacral regions of the spine, the iliac arteries and veins, [and] sciatic nerves.” (p.543) According to Robert Carl Jansky in his book, Astrology, Nutrition, and Health, “the physiological functions of this [Gemini/Sagittarius] sign pair are distributive and locomotive.” (p.24). Gemini rules the lungs and trachea, and commonly known to astrologers is that Gemini is the ruler of the 3rd house of communication and short distance travel.

Pisces Correlations: Host of transiting Chiron (Wounded-healer)

In Jeffrey Wolf Green’s Evolutionary Astrology book called, Medical Astrology: Astrological correlations to anatomy, physiology, and the chakra system, he makes the following associations for Pisces with regard to the Chakra system as well as other processes. Neptune/Pisces/12th house: crown chakra, sacral chakra with co-ruler Jupiter, and the astral body. “Neptune also correlates with the phenomena of consciousness, the consciousness of the Soul. It correlates with sleep/being awake, dreams, visions, and hallucinations that occur within consciousness.” (p.23)

Finally, this Sagittarius Full Moon forms a trine (120 degree) aspect with Uranus in Aries. This is more fuel for fire in the ‘change and inspiration’ aka “newness” department of our lives. Aries rules the 1st house in the natural astrological chart. It deals with beginnings. The awakening involved with Uranus in Aries really is bringing in the ‘Age of Aquarius.’ It is fitting for Uranus to be cast in this role, as Uranus is the archetypal ruler of Aquarius in the form of Prometheus – one who stole fire from the gods and gave it to man!


Green, J.W. (2014).  Medical astrology: Astrological correlations to anatomy, physiology and the chakra system. San Bernardino, CA: School of Evolutionary Astrology.

Heindl, M. (1976). The Message of the Stars.  Pasadena, CA: Wood & Jones.


A photograph of my yogi tea message for today.



Neptune Retrograde


Occasionally, I seem to have this natural ability to wake up in the middle of the night and ask myself, am I in denial about something? It’s so funny because life is just humming along, and then I have this new sense of awareness. It’s also interesting to notice that this experience coincided two days before Neptune went retrograde.  This is just one of the reasons why I always say astrology found me – I didn’t necessarily find astrology. I simply realized it.

Today I am using the power of Neptune retrograde to shift my consciousness to the positive experiences, without drawing very deep and dark lines around what ‘is’ and ‘is not’ positive or negative.

It’s very simple, and one not need to make a big fuss about it – it’s actually a very subtle movement of consciousness, a light gaze. The mind brushes against everything ever so lightly. I’m simply allowing my experience to be delicate and imaginable. There’s no need to assign the order of  “true/false” dichotomy to experiences that simply are all delicate veils and visions. I choose consciously the “color” of fabric for my mental filter.

In this scenario, I see rose or pink-colored. However, it’s more the experience of a lightness of being rather than one of “seeing,” but an analogy helps you understand a little bit better at what I am drawing with my mind, or rather what I am un-drawing. In fact, I’m un-touching everything, and feeling only those things most delicate and accessible.

Baboon Baby and the Lioness


Hello friends, readers, visitors, and welcome guests:

This morning a friend shared something that ‘set the tone’ for my morning. It’s a special story, an unbelievable story!

You can read about it here, and maybe it will inspire something in you – like it did in me. It’s a story about not allowing the appearances of things determine your understanding of them. Things are not always what they seem! There’s a hunter in every heart, and a heart in every hunter. Watch and see what happens, as those who wrote the story, tell the story.

Lots of Love,

Ka Malana