don’t want to say goodbye

for me, i’m not ready
for you, to go just yet–
but you’re tired and

please find your peace
and the company of your
loves ones
who have already crossed over,

and who wait with
embrace of which you
are most familiar.

I just cannot let you go so

so sorry I am not there
to provide comfort, how I
am saying goodbye from
an internet connection

my words are Frank.

not colored with poetry.

I just don’t want to say goodbye.

Not a Romcom

Life is not a romcom.
More like a tragic humor show
while good sensibility meets
overtop frustration and
ultimately – the absurdity
everyone is
in the same boat, on the same
stage, not the same page –
doing improvisation

like they never were trained.

but they were, because that’s life

training you every day. (registered trademark!)

Life is “practice,” …all of it.

—>so it’s more like an absurdist
like an ironic,
silly show,

that can be tragic in all its ineptitude –
and cluelessness, and endless attempts to
dunk the basket in the wrong city for the wrong

Moments are deep, penetrative and connecting,
quite serious.

but, while in a romcom: People experience drama,

in this absurdist play,
it a bit more like trauma,

this era,
constant recovery from
constant growth.


too good go slow

penetrating the shadow
from the line that holds the

allowing the words to fall
into the empty bucket
of my mind

from voice to page to back
around again, inside voice
inside my head again

a box opens with mind
in gaze and the landscape
is more perfect upside-down.

too good go slow
for passing speed is
not ideal these days,

no HOV lane near the solid
line of thought, in sight
go slower, still,

until you wake.

Ka Malana©2019

There might have been music to this but it sort of started itself on its own and wanted to be written and shared on Fiestaestrellas. It was more about the energy behind the words as I embarked on an entirely new, and yet normal-for-Ka, mysterious journey that will continue for the next 16 months.