Revealing My Identity

So that you can find Joannaoftheforest….
Great suggestion to reblog in order to help Love and Love connect.
I like the time and faith idea, too…
❤ Blessings to all involved, near and far.
Very excited for you and all your plans!

Anything is Possible!

She thew away her masks and put on her soul

It’s still me, joannaoftheforest!

My “government name” wasn’t a big secret, and Joanna of the Forest is still part of who I am. But in my determination to move forward and create a website from my WP blog, I bought the  domain name: I didn’t know that when I bought the domain name that it would automatically replace joannaoftheforest.

I sincerely hope my followers can find me, because I’ve  come to love my blogging families here and on “Loving Me, Too.” My plan was to make each of my blogs a page on the website. I apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Since I don’t see how to change the address back to joannaoftheforest, I’m going to give it some time and have faith that you will be able to find me.

Any suggestions or tips will be greatly appreciated!

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Playing God Word Collage

Play turns into Practice
And from practice, valuable skill
And from valuable skill, pleasure.

Some would say the pleasure
Comes first. Who are they?
Sufi friends I’m pointing at you.
Glory be to God and to You as God. Spin, Spin…

We don’t know who is doing it all
We just see it happening, and
Wonder: “What the happening?”

Or, WTF.

Mooji says, “Who is aware of this ‘I’ that is
Watching form and phenomena?”

We drool, we scream. We draw blank stares.
We struggle with words different from our
Native language.

We choke on tears, throw fits
And laugh over those same stories that
Make the tears, transformed.

Quick. How can that happen so fast?
So big to so little, so little to so big.
Nothing into something and then into
Nothing before a baby’s first swallow,
On any given day.

Who is this
One who notices the noticing?

Where is ‘time’ in sound? “Sita Ram… Sita Ram..”

There are metaphors about skies.
And blank screens. There’s some creativity
But mostly all end up singing in praise
Or waiting in line to do it, to dropping down
At the feet of God. Again and again, forever.

Pointing and shouting to Shiva. I see you! Hah-ha!
Go and hide and we’ll seek again. ::wink::
God is the name I made for me to keep me busy
Playing: Who’s next?

Note for readers: I wrote this poem following my 7-day silent retreat with Mooji
via broadcast from Monte Sahaja, Portugal

Reflections #4: Figure Drawings

Depicting the human body has both amazed and inspired me since my teens when I had the opportunity to freely draw at a local college with a nude model. I didn’t have any lessons in this type of drawing at the time, but the practice helped me to make a representation of the image I saw before me. Then, when in college undergrad, I took a drawing class that had a 3-day drawing nude model exercise, the other activities were still-life, etc.

In essence, it’s been years since I’ve attempted anything like this. I doubt that I can “pick up where I left off.” By the same token, I am surprised that I was able to do this at all, and with very little training. What really mattered to me was the state of mind that drawing put me in. It was so comfortably silent. I have to wonder if my openness at the time led to these drawings. Believe me, I know the opposite: frustration. However, frustration is limited. It cannot last. What does last, is the mark on the page. Even then, it will disappear in time.


This is the last article in my Reflections series for the Mercury retrograde transit in Taurus. Starting tomorrow, I will be engaging in a weeklong silent retreat, and will be offline completely for at least a week. Following that I have some blog posts planned about my recent travels. Still, you know how inspiration is, it has its own timeline. We’ll see what happens after the retreat. Many of my days did not go as planned, but I’ve learned in life not to plan, while still, to plan.

May you all have sweet, blessed days filled with all the amazing developments of your own growth and the bliss of life. May all your creations bring you the joy of that curious openness, an openness accepting of mystery, and while relishing in the unfoldment and enlightenment that each day brings.  ❤   aloha, ka



Reflections #2: Honey is Home

Give me honey
Any day
And I’ll find a place for
Sweet to counter the bitter.

We move through our days
Trying to keep our stories
On the margin of our memories
Trying to be present to
What we encounter in the moment.

As I have,
We just move on.

Or is it that life moves on,
and we can choose at any moment,
to recognize that even if others don’t see it

everything is different.


The above image is an older sketch-experiment from the 1990s. In the days to come I will share some more pieces from my old collection.

Currently there are a few planets transiting through Taurus. We are embracing this New Moon in Taurus and drawing in conscious breaths, sending our roots deeply into the earth.

Today is a new day.

Meanwhile a few planets are in retrograde motion (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto). I am sifting through my past, while moving forward, going simultaneously deeper into my past while further into my future. After a visit with friends and family in Pennsylvania, including my elder Italian relatives who immigrated from Italy, we continued on.

Today we are in Rome, having spent the last couple of days getting settled in.