Reflection #1 Entrepreneur; Heart Math; mer. Retro


Side note: I plugged in my HeartMath device and decided to have looksie at my heart’s coherence while I write. This is my personal medical information that I do not feel like disclosing; and therefore, I won’t, unless I change my mind. I take my own personal information very seriously. Each person is entitled to their privacy and proper respect of their information. This is one reason why I do not discuss about my clients, patients, etc. on my blog or anywhere at all. I know there are people who are clever at discussing without names, etc, but I won’t even get close to that; to me that is a risk I am unwilling to take. Second side note: An EmWave device (by Heart Math) is an excellent tool for the goal-oriented meditator. The device can supply very helpful feedback about what is happening during your meditation ~ whatever style or type of practice you choose!(except the one w/out goals)

Today’s reflection is from a random passage reading. This is a technique known as bibliomancy. If you google it, as I have done, just to be sure I am representing it correctly (or in accordance with the current internet Gods), most likely you will get this:

Bibliomancy is the practice of seeking spiritual insight by selecting a random passage from a Holy Book. Bibliomancy is divination using a book, sometimes a bible is used.”

I consider everything is sacred. So this book I got back in 2010, which is absolutely amazing FOR people who ARE looking for direction in their lives. I highly recommend it; it’s perfect for entrepreneurs like us. People who are self-employed, people who are learning to become self-employed. This book helped me find my way into my current path. I’d like to say it was a nudge to write a blog but that came from and my friend Kathleen, aka. Deva Vidya who told me about, which got me thinking about starting my services up there. While she said nothing about a blog, she was an inspiration to me by simply being a first follower of my blog.

Since then, I was “graduated” to more schooling and a different framework for incorporating what I do; who I am; “healer,” etc. Plus, what I am doing now is really for me. Yes, just for me 🙂 I needle myself!

Without further ado…

Zen and the Art of Making A Living: A practical Guide to Creative Career Design, 2010, e.d. by Laurence G. Boldt

I have taken the time of transcribing a small passage here below in the interest that the author of this work get the credit.

p. 207  How Many Do you Want to Reach and How Deeply?

When contemplating your life’s work, consider the scope of the impact you want to make. Is the change or benefit you want to make at the level of the individual, family, community, nation, or planet? How many lives do you want to reach and at what level of depth? The quality of depth of the impact that you make upon others can be as important as the breadth of your impact. For example, an elementary school teacher may profoundly impact the twenty-five students that she teaches each day for a year. Her students will grow up to be better people and to give more to the world because of her effort and love.

You may have heard it said that effectiveness is a matter of doing the right things, and efficiency is doing things right. Your work purpose reflects what you think are the right things to do. It is the why-you-do that proceeds the how-to-do. If you have a strong enough why, you will figure out the how. When we continue to act on and into purpose, the results have a way of taking care of themselves, even as when we care for a tree, the fruit takes care of itself. Thoreau said, “Be not simply good– be good for something.” Discover what you are good for! Look within your heart and out upon the world. Look at how much the world needs your love and at how much you want to give it. Then determine to live your life on purpose, to play your part as it was meant to be played.

And whosoever of you will be the Chiefest, Shall be the servant of all.   Mark 10:44

Tomorrow I’ve got a plane to catch, and I’m not quite ready. I’m not worried about it because, well, I’ve always survived. I have more to share than I have time for, and on more than one topic, or in one type of style, voice, or format. Heck, I have lots of writing to do for me, and just for me. I’ve got authors I’d like to share about, etc. That’s right! I want to brag about my friends to you, my friends. I will do my best to make time for you – as I always do. Also, I might need your support. I need to write a book of poems. How do I do it? Where do I start? Are my poems good enough?  Who wants to be my editor? I’m kind of picky about that one because I am adamant about leaving creative errors and challenging peoples’ ideas of what constitutes, “good,” “marketable,” “worthy.”

I’m taking you all with me as best I can, for I love you, and of course, we have always been connected ~ as I am following you. So be my leader. Do it. Show me the way.

Astrology blurb

I have natal Mercury sextile Saturn [and Mercury trine Uranus]; and I will tell you, from my experience, I always produce more creative output around the Mercury retrograde cycles. It’s so cool!  Will I regret it later? I don’t know, that’s later’s problem. I love Mercury Retrograde! I’m not the kind of astrologer that fears it, until it pisses me off, then I am. But, I bounce back, just like planes do! Here’s to Mercury retrograde in Taurus: May all your (HE)ART be rewarding in the physical, and let this retrograde cycle (Mercury in Taurus) be the one to help you learn how to win more for everyone, and/or to keep at it in the best way! Success is all there really is…even failure is success.



Images from stock images and
Author: Ka Malana

The Lady returns to Her Tower

“and movement steps
to kick up some dust in order
to go forward.”

Retrogrades for us all are special opportunities to play with shadows…
This year we saw Beats Antique on Valentine’s Day. This post was before THAT happened.

Fiesta Estrellas



Stacked up
in old cases
are micro cassettes,
of conversations
made with coffee,
beer, and cigarettes.
spun together by the
wheels of travel,
and the comings and goings
of creation.

are the fingerprints
and logbooks
of times gone uncatalogued,
but recorded.

Laced among these
etchings of memory is the
antique smell of old wishes,
Fingerprints of old selves’ images
cobwebbed around
corners, breaking the rhythm patterned
slats of black and white into some
gossamer diagonals.

Even the cobwebs have shadows!

What were once
only some dog-eared remnants are now
the blackened, forgotten
bones of unchew-ed material,
rendered unidentifiable by time
and the consequences
of improper scrapbooking.

Time has lost its identity
and persons no longer care
about the era of happenings.

Edges fade in the total room
of all things attic-bound.
Behind the curtains of civilization
how the peopling of these
selves somehow happened
in conjunction with planetary

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Home is Where I LIVE. Happy Earth Day!

Me and Matt Kahn

Currently I’m bubbling up with the perfect happiness of anticipating my future travels, of endings and beginnings, and of the continuous flow. I expect ups and downs as the natural framework. Even there are times when I experience ’emptiness’ at points of achievement or success. I’ve come to become more accepting of these times.

Recently I completed a major milestone in my acupuncture studies with completing my first set of comprehensive exams. This was 10hrs + of testing following my final exams.  It’s a long journey, but the way I am doing it, it puts my spirituality and my living ‘beingness’ at the forefront.

Recently, I’ve had a lot of updates with my technology. These were near-mandatory updates due to malfunctioning equipment. Luckily, I got my phone replaced for free and only lost some data. Pre-Merc. Retro shadow. I think I have it mostly squared away now. Anyways, being away from the hustle and bustle of the net created the appropriate space for me to rest and recuperate – to return to the fullness of my own experience. My yoga practice feels deeper, my sense of presence feels renewed. Nature walks are more vibrant. The presence of in my toes, renewed! The breath is deeper, and returned.

Also recently, I completed the final installation of my Munay Ki rites and I’m integrating all these changes, and growing these seeds. I do not feel upset with my pace. I feel just fine; after a certain amount of energy work, the openings have different flavors, and I wouldn’t want to miss any aspects of these nuanced discoveries, however many times around!

My fire-breath practice (for regular readers) has been renewed again as well.

So where is Fiestaestrellas in all this? Where is the astrology?  Last week I attended an excellent presentation on sunset charts by Arthur Chadbourne. He’s a 3rd generation astrologer who has been working with a lineage since his great grandmother went to India and adapted her astrological teachings for the West. His presentation was enjoyable. I reflect back on the astrological book that I was going to write a few years ago, and I am feeling glad that I did not.  Mr. Chadbourne made a point of mentioning that Demetra George, among other authors tend to grow beyond their first several books and then look back and say, “Hey, I didn’t understand it then, now I do,” or something like that. After lunch with Mr. Chadbourne and fellow astrologers, Mr. Chadbourne gave me a hug and said “thank you for contributing.”  I’m not sure that I did contribute, or whatever he meant, but I do know this: People rarely understand me when I speak!  I felt like I was in company with my soul family, as usual.  So, if I didn’t understand him, well – that really meant something! Oh, we are both Leos!

Aside from some poetry here and there, I see’s original function in astrological information is on hiatus. In place of that, there may be pictures and poems, maybe little token symbols embedded within. There may be nary a sound. I continue to engage in ceremony with every lunar cycle, but I’m tired of writing about it dedicatedly. I stopped doing it for the last couple of cycles. It’s a quieter period for me now. There’s a trillion and one blogs about astrology, anyways.

Soon I have some silent retreats coming up with Gurus that I’ve been following for some time: Mooji, Gangaji… that after I dig into my familial roots in Italy, and then engage with fairy forest lands.

I saw Matt Kahn recently. He hugged my husband and I and told us that we are awesome. I think we also talked about where we live briefly, and that was the extend of our up-close conversation. I even got my photo taken with him! I asked him if I could ‘pose him.’  He said, “Sure!” So we are pictured each giving a “thumbs up,” while my husband snapped the picture. What a journey that was, and what a delight – to share presence and live the truth is very relaxing!

This morning’s yoga class was interesting. My current teacher, Joe, said to me, “The first day I noticed it, you have this energy. It’s really good. I just wanted to tell you that.” I told Joe that I have a home here, in SD. I love that – and I have a home wherever I go, because I am at home in me.

I have no idea what he meant about the energy, but I do know that I’m always thinking: “I love this guy!” He’s so funny, and has been studying all the sacred arts for years and years and is so not pompous about it.

*******    ******   ******   ******   ******  ******  ******  ******  *******  ******

So Cheers! Here’s to my first blog post after a short break, and to the entry into reading yours again. While I’ve gotten my data issues somewhat worked out, I am completely uncertain about how or when I will post while in Europe. So, we’ll just be taking this step by step, Okay?

I LOVE YOU ALL!  ~ See Some of you Soon!

Aries ~ Springtime ~ Guest Post



With the beginning of spring, now is the time of the first sign in the Zodiac – Aries, the ram. While domesticated sheep have an image as passive, docile creatures, in the wild a ram – a male sheep – is anything but passive. Rams are distinguished by the large, curved horns on their heads. A mature bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) can have 30 pound (14 kg) horns on a body weighing up to 300 pounds (140 kg).


Rams are known for fighting each other for dominance of the herd – including the right to mate with female sheep, or ewes. Rams fight each other with their horns, and even jump towards each other, ramming their heads together. This image of a ram jumping forward – headfirst – illustrates the energy of the first sign, Aries.


Aries energy is characterized by the 3 A’s: aggressive, ambitious, and assertive. Just as life all around us is “springing” into bloom, Aries springs into action confidently, eagerly, and perhaps even a little bit recklessly. Or perhaps very recklessly.


Individuals with a lot of Aries in their chart are natural leaders. They are self-starters who see an opportunity and go for it. If someone says “Can I have a volunteer to do something?” and you immediately raise your hand before you even know what you are signing up for, you may have a lot of Aries.


Once (4 years ago), at a poetry open mic, I was so eager to volunteer to recite a poem first, that I stood up without taking stock of my surroundings, and I knocked over a large plant that was beside my chair. Ka witnessed this, and she reminds me of this incident with a laugh. I have Aries rising, and this brings with it an impulsive energy.


I would be well-advised to be aware of this tendency so I can make use of its strengths – willingness and courage – but to temper this energy with the caution and prudence of Virgo (my moon sign). To be assertive is a strength, but to be so aggressive that it irritates others is a weakness. To begin a new project with energy and aplomb is a strength; it is also important to have persistence and follow-through, which are not strengths that Aries is known for.


When we talk about astrology, Ka always makes it clear that your birth chart does not create a prescription or destiny that is immutable and written in stone. We are all a mix of many energies and many signs, and it does not help us to over-identify with one sign. Rather, we should look at a whole chart, in order to have the whole picture of ourselves and all of our integrated parts. To paraphrase Walt Whitman, we are all vast, and we contain multitudes. Astrology gives us a tool, and a language of archetypes, that we can use for understanding ourselves. Thousands of years ago, the first psychologists were the stargazers and the storytellers. They told stories of many gods, titans, and heroes who coexisted, fought each other, competed, and journeyed to the ends of the earth. Likewise, the many aspects facets of our own minds (or psyches, to borrow a word from the Greeks) must coexist and work together. Sometimes the many sides of our personalities work together smoothly – like tempering Aries energy with Libra energy to be assertive in a balanced fashion. And sometimes the inner relationship may be less smooth and more like “Clash of the Titans.”


If you have a lot of Aries in you, celebrate its strengths during this time of year. Throw yourself head-first into your spring cleaning. But also be aware of Aries’ tendency to over-do it, and temper this tendency with non-Aries strengths such as diplomacy, a cool head, and follow-through. If you don’t have a lot of Aries energy, and you find yourself often being timid, now might be a great time to tune into that enthusiastic, confident energy that is blooming all around you. I wish you all a happy spring!


My thanks to my astrology teacher, Ka, for the inspiration as I wrote this, my first guest post. We had been talking about me writing a guest post for about two years, and it was just now that I rode the Aries energy into writing it. Learning the language of the stars is a lifelong process, and I feel grateful to be taking this big first step of writing this.


Author: Enrico Curioso
Aries is a painting made by Erika Pochybova, you can visit her at her site