Sarah Starts Living, a novel by Gina Medvedz

A novel by Gina Medvedz
A novel by Gina Medvedz

Do you see that thin line on the book in the picture above, just to the right of the book’s spine, that’s a “reader’s crease” ?    That’s a love mark.

A few words about where I met the author:

When I met Gina Medvedz at our Sangha in Bethlehem, PA, it was several years ago. This is the group where I also met my husband. It’s a place where I regularly meditated with our Sangha on Monday nights. There’s a part of my spirit that is still joining every Monday night and sharing in “Evening Aspirations,” as the group continues on. Meanwhile, it was there that I took my meditation practice to a deeper level. I cultivated a place of refuge within me; indeed, it was my first ‘true’ community in every way that I needed it to be. Sitting in silence, alone beside one another, is how I’ve felt the most connected spiritually. As my husband and I have since moved our residence 3 times, each group I’ve discovered along the way has been different, and so much to be appreciated about each. In Santa Cruz, CA is where I met a group that I also miss very much, but our live connections (via online or in person have not continued due to loss of contact information and “life happens,”) and so far my Bethlehem Sangha has lived in my heart and since widened to include a much larger online community. My new meditations have expanded in ways that I would have never expected.

About the Author: Gina Medvedz

“Rev. Gina Medvedz is a certified Akashic records reader, spiritual healer, and certified nutritional consultant with a MS degree in holistic nutrition. Ordained in the Order of Melchizedek, she uses divine guidance to clear the fear and self-doubt that prevent her clients from living an inspired life. Her passion lies in reconnecting people with their spirit guides and teaching them to bring all areas of their lives into alignment with their soul values and purpose. In this, her first novel, Gina continues spreading her message of healing through self-love. She currently resides in Lehigh Valley of Pennsylania with her husband and two children.”

About: Sarah Starts Living 

“For eighteen years, Sarah has been a devoted wife and doting mother. When her only child leaves for college, Sarah wonders how she will spend her days. But when her husband announces that he is leaving too, Sarah is forced to reexamine everything that she holds to be true. On a dare from her best friend, Sarah agrees to listen to God and do what He suggests. Following signs that she interprets as divine, she winds up in a convent in Connecticut, on a mission in West Virgina, and in a metaphysical bookstore in Pennsylvania. Learning lessons along the way that shift her belief in the nature of God and her mindset about herself, for the first time in her forty-five years, Sarah Starts Living!”

What really struck me, what made the text so easy to read, was the way the dialogue between the characters directed the plot. The characters’ voices were audible in my own mind while reading. They basically started to live with me for the couple of days during my reading of the book. The main character, Sarah, had a lot of inner dialogue and guidance, and she was keen to follow her cues to integrate and make decisions about her guidance, regardless of any contradictory feedback from her family and friends. The book includes a series of questions at the end for further discussion and is helpful as a springboard to the readers’ intuitive development through inner responses and group discussion.

To read more about “Sarah Starts Living,” visit her at her website here.

Castles in the Sky: Pisces Full Moon

Castles in the Sky by Marcel Pirosca

Full Moon in Pisces
August 29, 2015 11:35am (PDT)

This Full Moon in the Tropical (Western Zodiac) of Pisces is referred to as a Supermoon. The term “Supermoon” refers to the lunation being during, or near the Moon’s perigee. Perigee is the closest point of the moon in its orbit around the earth. The term Supermoon was coined by astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979. The exact perigee occurs on Sunday, Aug. 30, at 11 a.m. EDT (1500 GMT), about 18 hours after Full Moon.

It’s the following Full Moon, on September 27, 2015, 7:51 p.m. PDT
that will not only be a lunar eclipse, but it will be the closest to the Earth of all the lunations, aka, the “Most SuperMoon” for the year.

With the August 29th Full Moon in Pisces, we look to both Jupiter (the ancient ruler of Pisces) and Neptune the modern astrological ruler for Pisces, first. Jupiter is conjunct the Sun within a very small orb, while opposing (180 degrees) to the Moon as it conjoins transiting Neptune. The energies of Moon and Neptune are co-joined which mixes together the two principles. The Moon and Neptune combination, from Reinhold Ebertin’s book, “The Combination of Stellar Influences,” p.106 on Probable Manifestions of Moon/Neptune:

(Positive) A sympathetic understanding of other people (psychometry), the activity of the subconscious, a state of relaxation, receptiveness, impressionableness, an intensely vivid dreamlife.

(Negative) The danger of being exposed to peculiar and strange influences or being exploited by other people. Instability or unstableness, weakness, crises in life are caused by laziness or indolence.

These attributes are in opposition, or in a “pull-pull effect” at the full moon with the following expressions of the Jupiter/Sun combination. The opposition can manifest as a “push pull,” essentially a calling to balance opposing forces.

(Positive) Advancement in life, recognition, success in the material or spiritual sphere.

(Negative) Conflicts caused by arrogant and pretentious demeanour, illness through wrong nutrition, differences with people in one’s environment or with superiors, a person in conflict with the laws of the land or realm.

Saturn and Pluto also feature in this full moon, and there’s a lot going on. There’s this combination of catharsis and intensity with Pluto, while there’s also some restraint and compression with the energy of Saturn in Scorpio forming a T-Square (tension) configuration with the Sun/Jupiter in Virgo and Moon/Neptune in Pisces. Saturn transiting the last two degrees of Pluto-ruled Scorpio further intensifies the energy of this lunation with Scorpionic vibes. With Pisces and Neptune there’s a desire for escapism and/or transcendence through spiritual retreat.

The Piscean experience can be fuzzy and elusive. It can even embody the energy of release and renewal through sacrifice. If we hang out too much on the Virgo side of the balance we may find ourselves too critical of ourselves and/or others, not maintaining an awareness of our health, or being too overly focused on a health or fitness detail, potentially even as an escape. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. The keyword with Jupiter in Virgo is discretion. Otherwise, we too may be prone to flights and escapism through romanticism and experiencing some intense dream times! The unconscious is very much alive with Pisces, and the grounding energy of Virgo is balanced in structure and routine. Finally, let’s not forget the Venus/Mars applying conjunction forming, too, at the Full Moon! It might even be exciting!


Ebertin, Reinhold. The Combination of Stellar Influences. Aalen, Germany: Ebertin, 1972. Print.

McClure, Bruce. “Most “super” Supermoon of 2015 on September 28 |” EarthSky. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Aug. 2015.

About Ebertin Reinhold, courtesy of Wikipedia:
[February 16, 1901 – March 14, 1988] He was a German physician and astrologer. Ebertin’s book was first published in 1940 and the most recent updates in the English translation were added in 1972. Ebertin’s greatest and most truly original contribution was his research in the field of medical astrology and his addition of more psychological correlations.[2] Ebertin worked with the “Anatomical Correspondences of the Zodiac Degrees” as presented in the “Organuhr der anatomischen Entsprechungen” of Fritz Brandau.

News Article with similar theme to this lunation: Here
Jupiter conjunct Sun in Virgo (health/vitality/optimism) opposite 180 degrees (reflecting or mirroring the awareness via contrast) Moon conjunct Neptune (beliefs about the past/emotional body/dreams and possibilities/placebo) squaring Saturn (time/age/limitation). Sun conjunct Jupiter trine Pluto in Scorpio (self-mastery & deep healing through transformation).

Inner Child Challenge and Creative Blogger Nomination



The creative blogger award

snorkel_source unknown

My inner child has been a tiny bit restless, I say ‘tiny’ because she’s pretty small, and imagine that she is still cute – not the annoying and terrible thing that her older brother saw her as. The image of the child above the text here is not of little me. Sadly, the link that I found for this image was posted at has been abandoned:

404 – File or directory not found.

Therefore, I am rescuing this child’s image! It’s what I’d imagine my inner child would have been like if she ‘lived a little.’ When we look at children, some of them are fearless and open and abundant with their thoughts. They play around with their friends with the industriousness of a full imagination just pouring out into the world. On any given day, there could be epic missions, and heroic rescues. They live with the purpose of their imaginations and process their emotions as moments that come and go. One day there’s a fall from a bike, wailing and tears. The next day the child is doing bicycle loops around their dad who is beyond proud of them: stunning and amazed. We are most amazed by how independent children are, how despite all the influencing around them, they still end up just being themselves. Many of them are confident and busy at play. To me, this IS the essence of my inner child.

When I used to work with children and tutor them, I enjoyed seeing their eyes light up when they reached within themselves and drew a picture, or answered a math question, or danced to a song by their own choreography. Many of the students I saw in my classroom wanted to be singer/songwriter/musicians/acrobats. Many of them wanted to be stars, celebrities. My heart ached when one of my students felt excluded from an activity that the administration was doing for students who attended a certain number of days. The students I tutored were from the inner city school. There were lots of cut programs and tutoring was an attempt at filling after-school gaps. This particular student, M.,  cried and cried. I ached right along with her. I can’t tell you that I’m the opinionated type that took sides either with the administration or her broken heart. I did not feel this was my cause nor my duty to make anything just, nor to eliminate her sadness by fighting for what she wanted. I just did my best to comfort her, seeing her process as a continuous initiation into all the trials that we ever, as humans in society, endure.

There are simply times that we are excluded, there are times that some students get rewarded more than others, there are times when peers are mean or just simply uninterested. I try to remember the kindergarteners that I worked with at the Navajo reservation in Tuba City, Arizona when I was assisting as a volunteer for my Spring break during undergrad. That’s a beautiful age when the kids surrounded each other, and also gave each other space. At least in this classroom, this was the situation. They seemed to understand when one child excluded himself from the group activities and instead focused intently on the magic of the wall map. They interpreted that he just wanted to do what he wanted to do. They didn’t seem to need to make an excuse for him in their minds or with each other, “he’s different.” The didn’t perceive him as “different” just doing what he wanted to do. When the activity ended, they all joined hands with him and me. That little child, F.,  I was told, had fetal alcohol syndrome. He was a little angel. I think he was perfect, but I do know how hard we work to accommodate and make an early intervention. Sadly, this student wasn’t attending school very often, and the limitations of being a teacher and pursuing that particular course any further felt rather unfulfilling.  After all, I was an anthropology major, a participant-observer.

Eventually I worked with a group ESL students from Burma, and I enjoyed setting up their classroom and making worksheets, and really enjoyed talking with them – the goal was getting often getting them to speak in their non-native language. If I had continued working with children, I probably would have enjoyed the high school groups more – as for right now – the inner “teenager” aspect of me is very much alive. Those creative years when I would join my older friends at their colleges while I was still in high school. I would paint in my one friend’s studio; and we were wild. Yes, alcohol was involved. That kind of freedom to be wild; that rebellion in some sense, that was the best medicine for my creativity and my friendships. I still miss J. but she never liked technology, nor public attention. I’ve got a lot of ‘inner friends’ who represent all sorts of sides of me. I’m toasting to her right now…. wherever you are… you will always be loved; and I will always appreciate the wildness that you inspired in me! Somehow we were “old” before we were ever really young. I’ve been seeing a lot of memes that say, “Growing older, growing bolder.” It seems that getting bolder are acts of courage we all could use; and it doesn’t come from a place of naiveté, as much as it comes from place of having been wounded before, but moving forward anyways.

Luckily, life gives us plenty of opportunity for exploring all the ‘inners’ with all the ‘outers.’  Thanks to Sindy from Bluebutterliesandme for tagging me in this blog challenge, and I am grateful that you extended your dates.  Thank you to Aquileanna from La Audacia de Aquiles: El Mundo Visible es Sólo un Pretexto for the Creative Blogger nomination! I honestly take this award as a challenge to get more creative, and to ‘live a little more fully.’ I am so humbled by you and yours. I mean that in the best way!! 😀

Here are my nominations for the Creative Blogger Award. Please note that if you are not “into” awards, that is fine, just please accept my appreciation for your creativity!!! Also, if you already have the award, then here’s another one, this time **from me, with love**!

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Shehanne Moore

Universe Speaks through Dazzle

Going with the flow
I don’t know if I’m spreading myself
too thin. I see myself spiraling
in all directions, using more arms
than I was given, on a given day.

We’ve got thick skulls
and thick roots
and hefty rain boots here.
The diamond of compassion
nestled in our center, ironically as
soft as puppy nose kisses
can melt the age off of a face.

His name was Francis, yesterday
reminds me of the Sage Francis,
a rapper and priest for barbed
hearts and false starts
a lyrical collection of lonely hearts…

And driving through the rain. at night.

Here there’s no rain anymore
it’s all sunshine and yesterday I
joked with a hippy saying he was
really a troll because he told me
to get my head out of my phone.
Interesting imagery.
Sure he didn’t like being called a hippy either.
But he preferred it to troll..

It was an appreciative smile…
and a nod to our connection over big fish
and the pier. Words were carrier pigeons,
and the pigeons
did not represent words.

Still the Universe speaks
in people, in whispers
in loud car honks and the puppy
left alone who cries all day to the whole

Those with ears like auricle satellites
don’t exactly rotate to precise coordinates
but vibrate on existing strings, historic
symphonies that the souls played
from time immemorial.

Here’s to tonight’s viewing of the Perseids
while the moon is silent in Leo.
And sitting in the darkness
is the best way to see the show.

Why not? Break the Silence…with Darkness & Sound

To make a sound, any sound
I may need the screech of pitch
or a certain definite
to break the glass in.

I interrupt this silence which
has seeped so deep inside of me.

This is not the calm silence of balance
and equilibrium, not the settled outcome
of a ripened meditational fruit-flower.

This is the compression of so much left unsaid,
unwritten. It gets caked up, stucktogetherinstuff-ness
and becomes downright flammable.
This is the build up of Movement-Qi without

It is also natural,
when your busy-busy in a particular kind of way.

Crack! Awake!
And who are you? and what is this? How did we get
here in this blogcar, wearing our blogflipflops
and our blogshirts on blog-backwards with all the blogtags
sticking out under our bloggychinchins.

There is a fire in consciousness that’s exploding
With the wicked heat of thought; and
it’s building up, and it’s leaking out
Steaming the edges of Consciousnesses-es
Crisping the light-and-shadow contours
Spitting with energy, just to
release some pressure.
Water Filling-in complex edges with deep dimensional
ridges, building on a new Form.

We are molten and molted.

There’s no other poem I want to write now
than the one that leads me out here naked, and
leaves me wondering, How DID I get here?
Where ARE the Extraterrestrials?
How DO I account for this loss of time?

The release valve has been found, and the nozzle
ambitiously turned.