Mars, Saturn & the Wisdom of the Opossum: Save your energy!

Mars is the “faster moving planet,” and it’s coming into conjunction with Saturn in the hidden sign of Scorpio (skilled at finding the bottom-line). This is called an applying aspect. Right now, Mars and Saturn are about 10 degrees apart – this is a loose conjunction. If I want to be strict, I use a 3 degree orb for interpretation (and it really depends on the aspect I am looking at. Is it major or minor?) – but, I’m speaking to a pretty sensitive group, and myself.

Sensitivity to energy can exist beyond normal constructs. I view astrology as a construct – albeit a useful one.

Mars conjunct Saturn:

Underneath the surface of everything is this super-intense energy of compression; it is building. Energy and drive is represented by Mars (the sexual urge), while Saturn is the Master of Old Age, restriction, limitation, and wisdom. Saturn’s really not into speedy delivery. Astrologers of the past used to look at Saturn as the “task master” and the server of karma in an astrological chart. Whew intense stuff, right?

Well, Liz Greene re-wrote one of the books on Saturn called, Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil, published all the way back in 1976. In academic standards (depending on what you are studying) that’s a while ago. In astrological terms, that’s pretty recent. It takes a while (not quantified on purpose), and lot of people (again, no number given) to form and shape something like astrology. But, here we ARE!

Feeling held back while still being propelled forward? (Mars conjunct Saturn)

By meeting with the controlling element, meeting with the teacher who’s helping you build your energy by storing it up, we experience compression. The teacher is your inner teacher. That’s who I am speaking to here.

That is: holding back when necessary *while* allowing restriction shape you.

Regarding Saturn, here’s a quote from Alice Bailey, Esoteric Astrologer, who is basically quoted on the page before the Table of Contents, in Liz Greene’s book, because astrologers and esoteric junkies don’t really work alone.

“When the disciple

knows Saturn as the God

who offers opportunity

and does not only

feel him to be Deity

who brings disaster,

then he is on the path

of discipleship in truth

and in deed

and not just


Opossum: What does the opossum have to do with all this?  He recognizes imminent death, and so he fakes it first. Why does he fake it?  He’s not being a trickster for any other reason, than he’s just smart, and knows that he must take pause. The opossum meets his/her limitation by knowing when to rest; he/she knows when to take a break.

Mercury Rx opposite Saturn, square Pluto

Resistance is not likely to be helpful at this time

I am moved to write, strange how that is since Mercury is opposite Saturn at this time. This has been a strenuous aspect for many people. I can see it all around me. Saturn is in Libra (same sign as the recent full moon) and it is opposed by Mercury Retrograde (about to Station Direct Motion) conjunct Mars in Aries (drive, impatience). Therefore, we have a tremendous amount of restriction and resistance going on with communication, with technology and logistics, and within our relationships–this can even manifest very strongly in our minds and thoughts (Mercury).

Today’s a good day though, the moon is in Sagittarius, a fire sign that’s in harmonious aspect to the almost conjunct (side-by-side) placement of Uranus and Venus, meaning that we are collectively emotionally ready for some changes, at least during this moon, and if we can tap into it (depending on your natal moon placement) we can see changes and developments optimistically (Sagittarius). We can choose the adventure. Remember those “Choose your own adventure” books? Well, you don’t control the adventure, but you open yourself up to it, and then you make the decisions you can make to best of your capability. If your restless and nothing is going on, don’t forget to open up the book. Choose to start.

I’m very fortunate to be headed to Kauai this weekend for a meditative adventure. That’s right, I am going for both the silence, and the adventure. I am also trying to figure out how I will bring my technology with me so that I can continue writing this blog with the ease of my keyboard. Meanwhile, around me there are enough people with challenging situations that call upon their internal resources to keep to their commitments and ride the tide, so to speak. This is what has moved me to write this blog. None of the situations are the same, but a lot of tension is building.

Saturn in Libra is asking us to make decisions, or that we’ve made our decisions and now we have to ride out the challenges that arise by experiences that do not appear to be our own creation. Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury are all packed in Aries, opposing Saturn in Libra, squaring Pluto all equating to a “Wooahh intensity.” All the while, the Sun, a fresh resident in the sign of Taurus (Earth) is the harmonizing point: Sun sextile Neptune (look for the higher purpose, deeper meaning and let go, surrendering to what is). Sun trine Pluto (Your life energy is being transformed and revolutionized, rapidly). Sun trine N. Node of the Moon (What is being required of you now on an essential level, has much future direction, and is providing the substance, or sustenance for the future). Moon square Neptune (Face illusions about the past, see the consequences of negative thought-habits or visions that repeat almost subconsciously, do you have any say in those?…. YES).

The bottom line is “resistance is futile.” Recognize that the more you experience friction at this time, the more you are unnecessarily attempting to enforce your will. That is, allow your will to be aligned with what is needed for the greatest interest of all. You are unlikely to know what that is, so it’s best to allow as much as you can. Step aside where needed, be useful in the most apparent and obvious ways, but stop there. Stop gently.

Much Love,