*End in Light* ~ Introducing poetry by Kai Coggin from her new book: Periscope Heart

Dear Friends, Readers, Co-hearts, Star-lovers,

This year I was blessed to be reunited with another poet of the heart & viscera. She is Kai Coggin. From the beginning, when I read her words, it was confirmed for me that Spirit had put me on the path of meeting and connecting with soul family; and she is One. She’s one of those co-hearts that transcends space and time. Our connection was quick in understanding; and roots run deep. She’s given me permission to share with you now one of my first favorite poems from her new book. It’s called, ‘End in Light’ p.99  Thank you, Kai, for sharing the gift of your voice and with all your heart!

⌘  End in Light

A Ghazal

Every footstep on the ancient wise path is worth the fight.
There is no other true purpose in life than to end in light.

Deviation is normal – not every journey starts out right,
but there is an internal compass steering to end in light.

Truth blindness and deaf ears defeat your heart’s flying,
everything is open – the source begins and ends in light.

Your first heartbeat is a star being born in the blackness.
Each beat and breath brings you closer to ending in light.

I have lived through the chaos of becoming illumined,
shedding false skins and shells, screaming to end in light.

This can be a dancing of spirit if your heart can break through,
be the ever virgin song that aches to fulfill the ending in light.

Life is a burning ground, a filling of a chalice that you hold inside.
My dear, fledgling soul – death is not the only way to end in light.

Let go of what you have been forced to believe is your self,
become everything that you know you are, that bends in light

and is not broken, but transforms into prisms and eleven rainbows,
and knows “I AM” becomes everything you are that ends in light.


Peace Crane from Kai

Kai sent me this beautiful peace crane pictured above. She’s an amazing person, author, and educator. She has touched my heart. The edges of the book’s pages are already dog-eared with love.

I’m not alone in celebrating her…

“I first met Kai Coggin as a blazing fire of energy, a supernova educator in the Houston high schools.  Now she is on her light path, teaching through her own poetry.  Her words are spells, chants, prayers, invocations.  Thank you, Kai, for work of the spirit, for illuminations like desert thunder and a night sky of benedictions.

Sandra Cisneros, Internationally Acclaimed Author of The House on Mango Street”

Please visit her at http://www.kaicoggin.com/ and explore her wonderful site where you can read more reviews like the one above, and purchase her book.

Card of the Day – Joker – Fool

I agree: an appropriate card for the day! Happy New Year to you all!

Readings by Gwendolyn

The Fool12/31 – New Year’s Eve – The Joker / The Fool.


What an appropriate card for today! This card has a strong sense of innocence & adventure to it – completely in line with the optimism of a New Year. It’s all about being open & trusting what is to come. Traditionally, the Joker was the person who took on different roles and entertained the royal court – often doing impersonations of the king or other members of the court. The Joker could be anyone – even showing up in card games as being a ‘wild’ card that could take on the personality or identity of any of the other cards. The Joker/Fool card is about freedom – fresh starts, new beginnings (is the first card in the deck, and separate from all others because it has no…

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What is boxing day? Blog Challenge Wrap up 2014

I chose this day, the 26th, for Linda’s Blog Challenge over at Litebeing Chronicles because it’s a day that seems to go under the radar (at least in America), and therefore it’s a day that I wanted to know more about. I also wasn’t sure when I’d sign up and time was running out! Here’s some of what we discovered.

The day after Christmas is known as Boxing Day in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth nations such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and others. Traditionally, on the day after Christmas people give a box of presents to servants or tradespeople to show appreciation for their year-round hard work.

December 26th is also the Feast of St. Stephen (or St. Stephen’s Day), a holiday during which people traditionally give alms to the poor. This compassion and generosity is celebrated by the Christmas carol “Good King Wenceslas,” which tells a story of Wenceslas I, Duke of Bohemia, bringing firewood and food to a struggling peasant on a cold winter’s night. Here’s the song:

What Boxing Day and St. Stephen’s Day have in common is to focus not on the accrual of material possessions (gifts, toys, candy, or decorations), but rather on sharing kindness with those outside the family and therefore within the greater community. I found it quite interesting to learn about St. Stephen’s Day/Boxing Day.

Here’s the Blog Challenge Q & A:

Which lessons did you learn?

I learned to keep moving forward in 2014. It was also a busy year for me in my personal life. It was full of excitement and a bit of wonderment. It was also my first full year of being in a new city with my husband. As it turned out, there was so much change and newness for the both of us this past year. The newness has helped me to stick to the present moment, taking each day as it comes.

How did you serve others?

My husband recently called me, “the stranger whisperer.” I think he meant it humorously, but he says there’s truth to it. I asked him why, and he says that I connect well with strangers and inspire them. This year I saved a woman from losing her car battery by knocking on the door to her home to let her know her headlights were still on outside. She had these immense birds in her house that were squawking, and she didn’t easily hear the knock at the door. It was difficult to get her to answer, but when she did, she was really grateful about the car. Then on another day, due a strange and specific urge of mine to take the elevator in a deserted parking garage, I saved two men who were trapped in the elevator. Sadly, no one could hear their previous calls for help. Freeing them made me feel lucky! So, that was actually a blessing to me. Grace comes in and helps us to help another.

What blessings did you receive?

Every morning when I wake up, I am grateful that I am alive. I am grateful that I am healthy. Every day, I am grateful that I get the chance to walk around. Having recovered from an injury – I do not take my mobility, nor any ability to conduct my ‘activities of daily living’ (ADLs) for granted!!

Did you receive any “gifts” in terms of powers or skills? 

The greatest gift I received was the return of ‘Beginner’s Mind.’ I’ve been meditating for a while now. Every time I get back to ‘Beginner’s Mind,’ I get this sense of living on my edge in a soft and compassionate way – it’s the power of love and genuine receptivity of Spirit. Mmmm

Next up in the blog challenge is Pearlgirl  on December 27th. Nice to meet you at the Blog Challenge 2014!

An Open Space

I saved an empty page

With a title,

Designed for what may come,

Maybe a letter to the divine.

I saved the memory of a smile

Just in case,

I needed some more inspiration

to get up.

There’s always a dream within

A dream, it keeps on going


I’m unpainting my pictures now,

Washing them in white.

Opening into that knot of flame

That sharpens my 3rd eye.

Yielding to the hot wax of emotion.

As it turns to liquid, dripping


This wick of creation is melting and undressing

me from the inside.

You can come to me now

And you can live in me forever.

Ka Malana, 12/15/2014

Imagery was found at

Voice and Vision NJ

because of a google image search

If you or someone you love is in need of immediate assistance call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233.

Healing with the Master’s: Morgana Rae – Deep Work- Expires today!

Hello readers!

This morning one of my many, many emails jumped out at me and said “Read me.” This is the holiday season. When something comes of interest to myself as well as ‘vibes’ and asks me to share with others, I don’t doubt it – even if I have lots of things to do…and this wasn’t originally on my list.

Do you feel loved? I hope so. While sharing this with my close family and friends is good, I find that people beyond my family and friends are benefiting. In fact, all of my life experiences up to this point have been showing me that I need to continuous reach beyond that which is familiar to me. Every job I’ve ever had, I played the role as counselor, confidant, a listener to someone in need.  I KNOW that I am not alone in this. As with anything I post, if this isn’t for you, then move right along and place no emphasis on it. Have a happy and fulfilling day!

Listen to this call, there are people who are trying to fill their piggy banks, people who are laid off, people who are transitioning into their practices and finding clients, etc. What Morgana Rae shares, her processes, are valuable & they are free. Not all of her processes are free – but this one healing for yourself that if you are ready for, you don’t want to miss out on! Money isn’t everything, but relationships ARE.

GET TO IT: http://tinyurl.com/o5lbpuz   The password is ‘healing.’

Get back to the self that feels like you – the one that is abundant and has plenty to give…also, don’t forget to receive.  A gift from the heart is complete when it’s received.

With Love,

Ka Malana

Uranus Square Pluto to help us Re-Pattern: (2013-2015)

This blog post that I wrote a little while ago – it doesn’t seem like anyone read it. I am going to assure myself that it is because no one SAW it. LOVE YOU ALL…. ❤

Fiesta Estrellas

Uranus Square Pluto to help us Re-Pattern: (2013-2015)

Carpe Diem

There has never been a better time to change the deeply-ingrained patterns that run our lives. The universe is doing this for us anyways, as we are currently being called to deeper and deeper levels of awareness. This experience need not always be full of pain and resistance. In fact, we may even find unique ways to re-pattern, bringing ease into our lives where we may never have imagined possible.

If you can feel it building:  May 21, 2013 is our next exact aspect.   It’s building.  

See if you notice any existing patterns in your life around these dates involved prior to today and see if you help yourself balance the energies within yourself and note themes in your life around these dates.

Uranus square Pluto (2013-2015)

Dates for exact aspect
Uranus square Pluto June 24 2012 –…

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Uranus square Pluto is activated. These are the times we are in.

Hello dear friends and readers!

I’m reposting on the Uranus/Pluto square transit that I’ve been writing about. The sub-stories have changed, but the main theme is still the same. We are in the midst of major change – and manifestation is happening quickly.

Wishing for your happiness and world peace, Ka

Fiesta Estrellas


                This is the current planetary configuration. Bare with me, it is more than a mouthful: Moon conjunct Jupiter in Cancer, which is opposite Venus conjunct Pluto square Uranus in Capricorn. (by the time I finish this, the moon will be in loose conjunction with Jupiter—hopefully)

I’ve been writing a bit about how Uranus square Pluto is a major planetary transit (a longer term cycle) that is revolutionizing our culture (the world’s culture).  I’ll briefly elucidate, but first: An aspect is formed by at least two bodies or mathematical points of value in an astrological chart. You know, like in music, you need a couple of notes in unison to define a chord.  Well in astrology, you need at least two to form an aspect. You can also think about geometry.  In geometry you need two points to make a line, or a straight line joining the ends of an…

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Taxis & Santa on a River: Full Moon @ 14 min 18 sec, Gemini !


Dec 6: This Sun/Moon opposition (Full Moon) is squaring off Chiron in Pisces. I’m trying to get myself to write a little bit, but I feel like I’d rather hide under a rock. Why?  No reason, maybe it’s my natal Chiron in the 3rd (sure, that’s it). I just want to wrap myself up in softness and ask that life not *interfere.*  I’m chuckling at myself, because that’s what I do: laugh at myself. It passes the time.

December wall calendar art by Masha Dyans
December wall calendar art by Masha Dyans

Venus trine Jupiter and blessings abound! We got rain in Southern California, as I write, even!  All those semi-solo rain dances (my husband and I) paid off, I guess. I always call to the rivers when I am by myself. It’s just something I do when I want rain. I’d also been watching El Nino reports like a hawk for several months, reading about increasing water temperatures in the Pacific and other tell-tale signs for this weather event.

Venus trine Jupiter and my heart is expanding many times over. Saturn’s about to cross over my MC and I’m being really, really hard on myself. Generally speaking, though, most of the planets have been really good to me. Saturn passages have been *really* good to me. I hope Saturn sees my blood, sweat, and tears, sleepless nights… etc., but it’s true – there’s always more I can do…

photo (14)
photo by Ka Malana 2014

I feel like I am on new a strata of my onion – opening up more and more and revealing soft-spots, happy spots, scary spots, and stuff that’s just no one’s business!  Life is staring me in the face asking me to continuously come-hither, come out of my Cancerian crab moon shell. The thing is… my shell is comfy. I want to make more shells, in fact. I want to create my home everywhere I go – that would be more shells.  With a Gemini IC, I would travel back and forth and shuttle to my different little shell-homes. That’s what these taxis are for!  Ah-hem…. thank you for listening. I bow to you and take my leave.  Please enjoy my photos! The Earth, she breathes! & taxis…