This morning, I breathe.
i hear my belly flicker
like a candle.

like the one on my altar
illuminating all my work,
night and day

what’s manifesting in there?

knowing the universe will
deliver what’s inside.
knowing the universe is
like my input/output machine

where are my thoughts?

i’ve been germinating through
my seeds,
such an assortment,
seeing them spread out before me,
in a colorful array.

an arc,
like the sky’s gift on Christmas morning, presented a rainbow,
like the eclipse listened to me
and took a picture –
with its momentary wink,

ringing in the new decade
the next classy 20s act,
the best material is being
memorized by the cast

we are all character acting
and compelling. you believe us.
you believe in our dreams.

the best show is still in production
the sets were designed and constructed
this whole previous decade

and now the clock ticks on,
with each tick a new brilliant
thought, a dream, a breath…

tick tock….

the count, the flicker, the manifesting, the dreams.


I love the magic and mystery of the season – a season that reminds me of miracles and my place in them. At this time of year, I find myself wanting to be both present with my loved ones and meanwhile desirous to carve out a nook for contemplation.

This morning, on the first day of Winter, I find myself being with God. Which God? My pantheistic tendencies allow me to engage and interact with so many dynamic forms of god. For that, I am grateful. I’m not Jewish nor Christian, but I spent my early childhood with Christian mysticism and that followed me. I enjoy the richness of Kabbalah, and it’s led me. I’m not sure it’s the mystic path. Is it a pagan path, no, not entirely. Many would call it a name. I don’t want to. I found Taoism at 15, still a child, Taoism and literature was added into my “now-cauldron.” At 21, I traveled to India, was blessed by priests, and visited many countries as globalism was just being to explode; I added many other aspects and myths of many cultures to my then still younger pantheon through anthropology as my early undergraduate education. In my early 30s, I found Amma, Mooji, Gangaji and countless others. Each one who was there for me.

I find myself, today, seeking that unified voice of God, the one that isn’t a religious God – but I put the capital G because I am exploring this colloquial name, this non-gendered experience of “the one on the other end of a total transformation.” The one so preciously available at all times. The subjective-objective meeting point. The central one.

I enjoy my choices, as I know does God. Me choosing, playing, creating, being…

Finding the need and desire for my unique way of rejoicing, as I evolve myself in this body, is part of the fun of my life, and the life I Get to share with others. I’m embracing the God of my childhood, the one who was sometimes ‘there’ but often left me stranded. The one that seemed to morph at some point into a Sufi reflection, and now is just tenderly waiting for me to come back into union, to notice my self in her. To be one with me. The one who is always available for me.

Whatever faith or non-faith any of you, my dear readers practice, I wish you a very joyful time in your heart, even if you celebrate quietly or if it’s a roaring party for the next set of 20’s.

Thank you so much for being here!

May health, wealth, friendship, family, and contentedness be in store for us in 2020 – and miracles! Yes, miracles.

Oh, and 1 more important thing:
may we continue to improve ourselves so we can contribute to others, especially if that means: first we must care for ourselves.

Chronic pain

we all have the ability
to become wounded,

never noticed before
how chronic looks like
chiron besides the extra “c”

maybe Called, to service
as a way of remedying
the pain we haven’t “yet”

but aim to,

with the strength and aim
of a Cenataur.

offering true hope, instead of
false hope – as one who
truly knows what it’s

to walk the ever-crooked path,

…Hitched to a star ⭐️