#Tribus 3 Loves +

Tribus is a holiday now 🙂  Ra, over at Rarasaur [because obviously she’s a dinosaur] has launched the celebration.

There are no Non-Sequiturs in my writing, whateversoever!

We here at Fiestaestrellas, are always celebrating, so we love joining the fun, even though we’ve got A LOT of herbs to memorize, and some heavy studying to do for our course work which gets priority over these 3 loves (+Blogging! +Astrological Sharings +Community Conversation).

Here’s MY 3 without any further ado.

#1     Making Art to Make Art – Older Styles of mine

IMG_1204   IMG_1206  IMG_1209 IMG_1207


#2 Towergardening!


#3 Exploring, Eating (Gluten Free Pancakes with Raspberries), Drumming, Writing on my Dry Eraser Board (in no particular order).

IMG_0574 IMG_0989      IMG_1210  IMG_1212

It was a lot of fun to be freely messy all over my blog post – and still in list format! 🙂

Tabula Rasa

Hello my lovely readers and co-creators!

Here are some blank images. I mean, here are some white spaces that may not stay white for long – although, I’d be fine if they did! In the pure state, there’s so much potential!

Tabla Rasa2

TablaRasa2 TablaRasa3

Here’s an interesting side note. When I went to purchase my head, the cashier said, “I found the prettiest one I could find.” I said, “Oh really?       Thank you.”

She said that we students tend to be picky with our heads. I said, “You know what, I’ll work with whatever I got!” I also thanked her very much for her consideration. After that I noticed a little “birth mark” next to the ear. There’s no name yet for this new man. I’ll take name options, and consider it.

*When I named my post originally, I was thinking of the Tablas or Tabla drum, and merging the two ideas in my title* Though, I did not photograph my drum here, I gave it away a few years ago as a gift to the person who gave me my first medicine bag.

A Lily, Horses, the Trust Technique & Reiki


I did a unique meditation sequence this morning. Since I awoke at 5am to my surprise, I had plenty of time this morning. I started with a guided meditation, for which I used the 5 minute mindfulness meditation track. Then I practiced some new Qi Gong techniques I learned yesterday. Following that, I joined with my study buddy for A Course in Miracles, day 8. I practiced more Qi Gong, and then I  meditated and opened the Akasha .

I am completely new to opening the Akasha, so I’m just just briefly relaying what came up for me. It was while I meditated on my experience afterward that I was guided to share this video below, following a brief description of my vision.

I had this vision of lightning that struck a barn and caused a fire. There was trauma associated with a beloved horse’s death, but it has now been put to rest.

In honor of our animal friends.

Please see the Trust Technique here:

As an attuned Reiki master practitioner, I am often guided to be of service. I became a Reiki I practitioner in 2007, and I became a master practitioner in 2012, attuned via my teacher, Barbara Jeanne Igoe.

Photo credit: Ka Malana

Hunger for Life

Cannot fall for deception when
hungry for life.

There’s an angel inside of me
her name is ‘faith.’

Life is eating, breathing, loving.
Loving is the eternal present

Every face is beauty
and it always works out somehow.
I don’t know how how, but it does!

The angel and the warrior in me
are merging. The face of what I cannot
see, nor need to believe.

I am alive now. What matters is
all the past is now gone. There’s this
wonderful now moment, even in the midst of fear.

I do not fear fear today.
Moving toward my life, living in my breath.
What other temple is there?

Sitting at the alter of my broken shadow,
loving all parts, and trusting in the sacred.
Seeing the monsters on the walls have
shapes that form into smiles, too.

I will hug myself through it.
I CAN do it!

Today I don’t have survivor’s guilt. Today I DO for my family, for my sangha.

Today I find a little bit more bravery than I had yesterday.

Creating a *daily* “DONE LIST”

Morning Glory_Ka Malana's Garden

When building a new schedule, and accessing “just what is it that I need to do during my day?” I create a “done” list. I started doing this a little while back, and it’s offered me:

  • A sense for my own accomplishments
  • A sense of peace about my vision for the future (& the present)
  • A sketch into the real-world of my life in terms of my values

Today as I created my morning “done list” which consisted of meditations of various types, as well as fixing the bed, making breakfast, eating, dishes, cleaning, reading/writing, taking care of my plants, visualizing, stretching, communing with my self, and then others. I was able to see that there are sets of actions and values that I’d need to prioritize and sort out. Without my daily “done-list,” I’d be thinking I accomplished nothing – which while good in certain contexts, is not so good in others.

Wishing everyone a happy, smooth, peaceful, productive, enjoyable, pleasant day – filled with the sweet breeze of accomplishment and a self-renewing sense of peace. _/1\_

Astrological Transits: The Beginner’s Guide…by April Elliott Kent

Astrological Transits_April Elliott Kent
Ka Malana holding up April Elliot Kent’s book: Astrological Transits.

Some people are just so easy to converse with!

That’s how I feel about April Elliott Kent.

When she and I met, I didn’t realize that I’d be taking my astrology anywhere. As a solo practitioner of astrology, I didn’t really have any astrology friends. I was mostly closeted about it for a while. I was discovering it all on my own, with the help of books, while maintaining and editing my own constant reflections upon the transits. To me, it was my private scientific investigation.

Eventually, I had this blog, and I was meeting with the occasional client. I was still feeling out what exactly I wanted to do with my clients in the astro realm. I kept looking for the “WE,” the co-creating. How could I really be of service in a way that also worked within the flexible framework of my highest values and within my integrity? These were the types of questions that I began asking myself while healing from a major back injury, when I met April two years ago, in my new city.

I didn’t realize that April was such a popular and well-established astrologer!

She was just such a great friend to me from ‘go,’ and I noticed that we linked up nicely when comparing our charts, but I really only looked ‘after the fact’ for any astrological connection. Then, after a while, I started to read her blog posts on the New and Full moon (just like I had been writing about on my blog!) and I kept getting more and more of this sense about her as a WISE woman, with a delightful conveyance of the astrological archetypes. Truly her writings are highly accessible, and contribute to anyone’s monthly astrological undertakings.

To say that I have developed a deep respect for this woman as a person far surpasses even my own understanding for what she knows about astrology! That being said, I want to move onto a review of her book. Yes, I will basically be doing that from the perspective of being a friend and a fan.

A Beginner’s Book is a beginner’s book; it is something that you can understand if you don’t have a lot of background knowledge. The full title of her book is Astrological Transits: The Beginner’s Guide to Using Planetary Cycles to Plan and Predict Your Day, Week, Year (or Destiny). Side note, I can admire a woman who uses parentheticals. It’s one of my favorite features for writing in TODAY’s complex world. I applaud her use of parentheses in the title of this book.

If you notice the way I photographed the book, it appears as though it is as big as my heart–no, even bigger. It takes up the entire space of my chest. Why did I photograph it that way? Although this book is a “beginner’s book,” I see the value in all things “beginner,” and recognize that this book is for me. ☺

I commend this text for its concise organization, while containing a lot of solid “How To” information. April writes to TODAY’s astrologer: Astrological Transits makes what is classic, accessible.  I am also referring to her writings, here, where her style really shines.

For the non-astrologer: Other books like it (Beginner’s Guides: sure there are some exceptions but…) rarely do they include a tiny little box of helpful tips specifically like, “how long this transit lasts,” and the approximate age that you may experience a particular transit.  You do not have to be an astrologer to learn from this book!!! Whether you are an astrologer or not, consulting with another astrologer can be very helpful, as it helps to guide your understanding of what you are learning, experiencing, and evaluating.

Here’s an excerpt: I like April’s advice here about the Sun transiting the 10th house of a natal chart; it’s good advice for anyone, at any time!

The trick to enjoying the Sun in the tenth house is to imagine not that you’re in an inferior position that must be escaped at all costs, but rather that you’re in the perfect position to get where you’re going. Part of that journey begins with a plan—for your career or even for your whole life. If you already have a plan, revisit and revise it. If you don’t know where you are going, you won’t recognize it when you arrive. Also, since you probably work plenty hard already, work smarter—and learn to delegate. Even if you can do anything, you don’t have to do everything. Partner with others who like to do things you don’t care for, and vice versa. You’ll go much further with help from others than you can alone.”

Please visit her here  @ BigSkyAstrology.com, where she’s been publishing for 15 years! Astrological Transits: The Beginner’s Guide to Using Planetary Cycles to Plan and Predict your Day, Week, Year (OR DESTINY) is her newest book!

In Astrological Transits, astrologer April Elliott Kent teaches you:

  • How Today’s astrological weather affects your birth chart and what is going on in your life
  • Ways to make the most of good transits and harness and transform the energy of challenging ones
  • The roles recurring planetary cycles play in your life and how to anticipate important transits

Astrological Transits Full Book Image

In the Razor-Sharp Focus of My Red Tail Feather

Make me into the softest
razor blade
of your truth-edged clarity,

chiseled by your loving warmth
and compassionate understanding.

Your [Mars-meets-Venus]
Soft Electric Love Touch –
Let the sparks fly!

You should know
that I am forged from the fire,
every day.

Yes, I am phoenix –
8th house
Mars and Pluto conjunction in Libra,
in love’s service.
Follow me and our spiritual marriage transforms!

I have seen my
own demons more than enough!

God dresses
up for Halloween.

The treats are always
the unexpected visitors that come
in and rescue any memory of OUR grace,

with a smile and a little open bag.

Jupiter and Neptune do not disagree.
While they transit,
they play Rummy.
I’ve got the leftover
potato chips to prove it – all those
notes I took for 20+ years of transits
are plenty crusty from love.

At the middle now,
I eagerly anticipate
sitting down
to attend
to the details
of expressing my perfection,

from the fruit of thy womb.

I am babe and elder
the in-middle years,
receiving and
sending off
souls of yours,
at your request.

Please do not
give me more than I can bear!

Love us, dear divine!
Bring us into an understanding where
the atheist, theist, pantheist do not
care if they agree or disagree.
The agnostic does not need to know
what she knows. It’s still none of
her business!

Where the word ‘I’ is
not a message in and of itself,
but a vehicle
for courageously attending to our truths
beyond divisions
and seeming perceptions
of splitting hairs.

‘I’ is one of the
tiniest words i know.
ya know? I still like it, though!

For all is
impermanent and pertinent.

Let us recover
the child lost to the shoreline of
warsome devastation,
Join in the only prayer worth

A request for freedom in peace,
peace inside freedom, and justice for all.
Hallowed be thy…
Kingdom come.

Where and when the vague admissions of
the heart are seen as the clear
night and day offerings
of refuge.
We do not care
when we are needing help,
In Who’s arms we are held, just
that we are loved by you, Divine!

Here I am. Ready.
Amama, A’ho!