We are not free from others’ misperceptions

We are not free from others’ projections of us –
nor the collective power of social organization, which shapes
our policies, and what’s available – what’s on the table to be chosen.

In fact, we are exactly defined by how others see
us, regardless if what they see is an extension of
themselves, even within a collective. We live falsely from the onset,
by no device of our own; In effect, we are born to be misunderstood.

The beauty in this situation is
that whether or not anyone realizes ‘what’ really
belongs to ‘whom,’ we all are involved in the healing process, of
these projections and the role-assignments that are forged either because of them or despite them. We build a community, we form alliances; we courageously listen to others.

How does justice fit into this?

In the trial system, the people in the courtroom,
their thoughts and the lawyer’s arguments, work on the community
as a whole. The jury deliberates. People soul search. We hope that each voice gets heard, and that justice is served through the collective.
Our very idea of justice is based on the system of the collective. But what is at the core of that?

Community/Collective is healing, there is no separation from community. That is, it needs to heal, if it is to function properly. That is if by properly, we mean all things: prosperously, productively, healthfully. When we meaningfully ask for truth and reconciliation, we mean all things.

The inner world may not reflect the outer world, but the outer world certainly develops because of the individuals. It takes the individual to rise up and be heard in order to and for the collective/community to transform. This means we each must stand up for ourselves, by seeking inwardly that truth and reconciliation. Meanwhile, the outer world is reflecting where we need to serve this peace-making. This practice is a risk that we take, for the betterment of our neighbors. We make ourselves vulnerable when we offer our unique and untested ideas, but we do it in service to the greater good.

We are all unique. Our perspective need not follow along lines of
all those who have gone before us (or surround us), while each individual is touched by all he/she/it (general neutral) experiences. We need not look to the members of the group who wield the most social power, for we have our own individual sovereignties.

The world is real and yet it is at the same time only viewable through the lens of self. Each one’s relationship to the self. If one’s relationship with oneself is golden, then one can do great things in the world – because the impressions that the world places upon it, don’t scratch its surface, but just clear the veil to seeing that there is light. There is love. There is peace. We can clear this. We can do it, each of us.

For those who experience loss, may something be gained.

Maui inspired print

I wasn’t planning on sharing this painting, or at least yet. I made it as a fun print, with kid’s washable paint. It’s on wood. I like the blank spots, for now.  Not worrying about being a “serious” painter – I like that every time I sit down to make some art, or I make art on the fly – it’s for a different reason, season, need, purpose. Sometimes I study an object, sometimes I just want to have fun. That’s what this was. Also, I’m not pigeon-holing it into “something” or needing to be defined. I’m letting it live on its own.

That said, I am sad to hear today about a colleague’s artwork being stolen. I’m angry. I’d like to keep the details private but I wanted to offer up my “make it easier” coloring in honor of this loss and ask that the artwork be returned to the owner it was gifted to and so that the work can continue to heal and make its offerings on the wall where it was originally set.

Scorpio as a sign in general tends to guard that 8th house of losses and gains. We are in the midst of the full moon with the nodes changing into Leo/N.Node and Aquarius/S.Node. I am a big believer that we don’t lose anything, only the physical form. I can only imagine how much of a blow it was to the creator of the artwork – with the art’s intention to heal and provide.  This is the human condition, no one is free from loss. May this person, and all involved, experience a full restoration.

Taurus moon burst, touching, new

i returned home to my roses bursting –
opened by more than mere grace
an abundance of nature, holding space

nature held place for you,
and for me
at home, together

while we healed and learned
and read books, Reikied over everything
while the highest light guided
and nature divided
the space opened and closed
into the shapes of waterfalls

different edges and

how when painting everything is seen first
as a geometric shape
and then
fleshed out,
drawn, stretched, applied,
revealed as nuance,

light shining
light shimmering

and the green gushing
clay cliffs
on the road to Hana
forming snapshots – would keep an
editor busy for hours,

but i don’t have any reason
to edit

not today
not when more work is around the bend
and poems to be written
and people to see.

blogs to visit
and new names to learn, books to read
at a pace that, that only mercury retrograde
would allow.

Taurus was New, sculpting my memories
of sound, art
in darkness,
and each thing I ever made

came back to life.

the way the sun rises
the poetry is good
because life is written in it.

and the music playing is always the right song.

In a new era: one leader shows ‘A’ way hOMe

Wishing everyone a fine Sunday. This video moves me deeply.

Perhaps you might enjoy this short video where Morgan Freeman interviews His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, as much I have. This man is one of my leaders (Karmapa – but Morgan Freeman is pretty standup, too), my ‘wayshowers,’ and I’m so proud to say it. He’s very ordinary. That’s what I adore about him. He’s also very extraordinary. Keep your eyes out for him. Though he is young, at 31, he embodies the transmissions from the former 16 Karmapas. He is a walking lineage and he is, I believe, a vast “energy holder” for our new era.

There is no winning hand

Each day
I look down at my hands
and make sure
I’ve emptied them.

Otherwise, they can’t be
filled, and sometimes
I get thirsty, and need to
make a cup.

For wisdom.

Maybe tonight we can
just not talk, but
just sit beside each
other, silently rooting
for one another.

Silently saying, “Go, go, you can
do it.” Your hands are open,
and you are ready to
and all the Universe will
silently flood in,

no one will know it, but it’s
already happened.

Roman Holiday – Italian Subway Graffiti

I probably shouldn’t be admitting this on my blog, but I’m not a very good storyteller. I want to just show up and say, “It was magical- THE END,” and then quietly sit down, without a whole lot of rigamarole, so that I can go onto my next adventure. That being said, the other issue with telling the tale, is that… it’ll get re-framed as less awesome than it really was. My words and my pictures cannot do justice to my experiences. Maybe that will change, but today it is the same. The actual experience is the best, and well… that’s really all I can say. Enough excuses and disclaimers (but I needed to be a little bit real about my awkwardness and include them)!  Commencing with the rest…

The title of my post: “Roman Holiday” was inspired by Trini over at Pathways to Spirit, a few months ago she posted about this movie, and we’d just returned from Rome, so I wanted to extend the fun and watched this fun movie with Audrey Hepburn. At first, I was going to title, “Rome was like Home.” Really, maybe I’ll just start with the title last, next time.

Usually words just flow. 

Let’s start with some subway scene photos. Very real. Oh, and an Italian snack machine, because for all adventures, snacks play a role.


Next up…. a short story written in college, entirely unrelated to anything…

Reflection #1 Entrepreneur; Heart Math; mer. Retro


Side note: I plugged in my HeartMath device and decided to have looksie at my heart’s coherence while I write. This is my personal medical information that I do not feel like disclosing; and therefore, I won’t, unless I change my mind. I take my own personal information very seriously. Each person is entitled to their privacy and proper respect of their information. This is one reason why I do not discuss about my clients, patients, etc. on my blog or anywhere at all. I know there are people who are clever at discussing without names, etc, but I won’t even get close to that; to me that is a risk I am unwilling to take. Second side note: An EmWave device (by Heart Math) is an excellent tool for the goal-oriented meditator. The device can supply very helpful feedback about what is happening during your meditation ~ whatever style or type of practice you choose!(except the one w/out goals)

Today’s reflection is from a random passage reading. This is a technique known as bibliomancy. If you google it, as I have done, just to be sure I am representing it correctly (or in accordance with the current internet Gods), most likely you will get this:

Bibliomancy is the practice of seeking spiritual insight by selecting a random passage from a Holy Book. Bibliomancy is divination using a book, sometimes a bible is used.”

I consider everything is sacred. So this book I got back in 2010, which is absolutely amazing FOR people who ARE looking for direction in their lives. I highly recommend it; it’s perfect for entrepreneurs like us. People who are self-employed, people who are learning to become self-employed. This book helped me find my way into my current path. I’d like to say it was a nudge to write a blog but that came from Keen.com and my friend Kathleen, aka. Deva Vidya who told me about keen.com, which got me thinking about starting my services up there. While she said nothing about a blog, she was an inspiration to me by simply being a first follower of my blog.

Since then, I was “graduated” to more schooling and a different framework for incorporating what I do; who I am; “healer,” etc. Plus, what I am doing now is really for me. Yes, just for me 🙂 I needle myself!

Without further ado…

Zen and the Art of Making A Living: A practical Guide to Creative Career Design, 2010, e.d. by Laurence G. Boldt

I have taken the time of transcribing a small passage here below in the interest that the author of this work get the credit.

p. 207  How Many Do you Want to Reach and How Deeply?

When contemplating your life’s work, consider the scope of the impact you want to make. Is the change or benefit you want to make at the level of the individual, family, community, nation, or planet? How many lives do you want to reach and at what level of depth? The quality of depth of the impact that you make upon others can be as important as the breadth of your impact. For example, an elementary school teacher may profoundly impact the twenty-five students that she teaches each day for a year. Her students will grow up to be better people and to give more to the world because of her effort and love.

You may have heard it said that effectiveness is a matter of doing the right things, and efficiency is doing things right. Your work purpose reflects what you think are the right things to do. It is the why-you-do that proceeds the how-to-do. If you have a strong enough why, you will figure out the how. When we continue to act on and into purpose, the results have a way of taking care of themselves, even as when we care for a tree, the fruit takes care of itself. Thoreau said, “Be not simply good– be good for something.” Discover what you are good for! Look within your heart and out upon the world. Look at how much the world needs your love and at how much you want to give it. Then determine to live your life on purpose, to play your part as it was meant to be played.

And whosoever of you will be the Chiefest, Shall be the servant of all.   Mark 10:44

Tomorrow I’ve got a plane to catch, and I’m not quite ready. I’m not worried about it because, well, I’ve always survived. I have more to share than I have time for, and on more than one topic, or in one type of style, voice, or format. Heck, I have lots of writing to do for me, and just for me. I’ve got authors I’d like to share about, etc. That’s right! I want to brag about my friends to you, my friends. I will do my best to make time for you – as I always do. Also, I might need your support. I need to write a book of poems. How do I do it? Where do I start? Are my poems good enough?  Who wants to be my editor? I’m kind of picky about that one because I am adamant about leaving creative errors and challenging peoples’ ideas of what constitutes, “good,” “marketable,” “worthy.”

I’m taking you all with me as best I can, for I love you, and of course, we have always been connected ~ as I am following you. So be my leader. Do it. Show me the way.

Astrology blurb

I have natal Mercury sextile Saturn [and Mercury trine Uranus]; and I will tell you, from my experience, I always produce more creative output around the Mercury retrograde cycles. It’s so cool!  Will I regret it later? I don’t know, that’s later’s problem. I love Mercury Retrograde! I’m not the kind of astrologer that fears it, until it pisses me off, then I am. But, I bounce back, just like planes do! Here’s to Mercury retrograde in Taurus: May all your (HE)ART be rewarding in the physical, and let this retrograde cycle (Mercury in Taurus) be the one to help you learn how to win more for everyone, and/or to keep at it in the best way! Success is all there really is…even failure is success.



Images from stock images and playbuzz.com
Author: Ka Malana

A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part II

This is a selection I wrote for MeMyMagnificientSelf, where we are encouraged to share our awakening experiences with others. This is Part II of a two part sequence. My participation is here, below, in Part II. I had recently met the other participants while Part I was taking place, and/or had already been completed.


Awakening used to sound like an ending to me, so complete, and total and full.

But, I think of it as this endless continuity. It is almost a complete engagement, and yet it is so dynamic that it is always “in the process” of being engaged.

There’s this idea that “one” has access to everything, all that has ever existed. But that is not just an idea; it is a sense – a smell, a quality to the nature of connectedness.

There’s still the personality, and of course because there is absolutely nothing wrong with the personality.

There’s just a sense of being beyond the capacity that one originally set out with in the life, and perhaps a sense of connectedness to all the other lives that came before, including the soul’s journey.

There’s this sense of not knowing what’s ahead, but being nearly absolutely certain, most of the time, that this gift of life keeps giving to us, to me, to everyone. There’s this sense of constantly being in reception with source. There’s a deep relationship with the cosmos and with the pain and suffering of the world, but not in a way that is gripping or feels identifying. There’s a sense of ‘coming and going’ and it just sort of improves over time. The witness who is watching is not really the subject, and there really is no object, but it is the peacefulness of center-point, and the culmination of pointlessness.

The emotions get deeper; the connections with others become richer. People in your family that you may have thought you didn’t “get along with” show you their spiritual love for you. Disagreements on the personality level do not affect the deep nature of the connection. The connections deepen. Family members start to feel understood and “seen” by you – as simultaneously the experience is mutual, and love enters where it the illusion was it was not. The veils on relationships keep lifting.

Awakening is a process – for this being it started in 2007, but the blueprints for it where there all along. The circumstances leading up to it, and in the beginning required a lot of releasing, a lot of acceptance into the path of the unknown. Meanwhile, all the support shows up. It can be rocky at times, even extremely difficult and painful, but ultimately awakening is the most brilliant gift to consciousness. It’s the kind of thing that spreads for those who are ripe and ripening. The clarity is what reigns, rises, and spreads, breaking up all the dross of thought, conditioning, and aberrant energy patterns. Awakening is final, but it isn’t done. It is like a seal that has opened and the energy from the container is decompressing over time.

Note: When I saw Barbara’s challenge show up in my inbox, I immediately penned the words above; it literally took me only about 2-3 minutes, if that. My own clarity on the prompt – as I experienced it unto myself – was surprising!

Next in the sequence is Julianne Victoria with Through the Peacock’s Eyes.

Tabula Rasa

Hello my lovely readers and co-creators!

Here are some blank images. I mean, here are some white spaces that may not stay white for long – although, I’d be fine if they did! In the pure state, there’s so much potential!

Tabla Rasa2

TablaRasa2 TablaRasa3

Here’s an interesting side note. When I went to purchase my head, the cashier said, “I found the prettiest one I could find.” I said, “Oh really?       Thank you.”

She said that we students tend to be picky with our heads. I said, “You know what, I’ll work with whatever I got!” I also thanked her very much for her consideration. After that I noticed a little “birth mark” next to the ear. There’s no name yet for this new man. I’ll take name options, and consider it.

*When I named my post originally, I was thinking of the Tablas or Tabla drum, and merging the two ideas in my title* Though, I did not photograph my drum here, I gave it away a few years ago as a gift to the person who gave me my first medicine bag.

Overcoming the desire to want everything NOW; Releasing the past

We’ve got the transiting Sun, Mercury, and Mars all in the tropical zodiacal sign of Cancer, and many thoughts and themes are about reminiscing and looking into the past. While I’m currently not writing deep analysis of the astrological themes at work, I am keeping a hand in it, or shall I say more aptly, a feeler out there for it.

In fact, I am ‘living’ it, just like all of you. Every week brings new challenges; and each day is another day to ‘find the fun’ in it. Which brings me to the comfortable, dare-I-say conclusion that:

‘I am here.’

The temptation to dip into the past is a juicy one, each year it can be all the more enticing. Carrying one’s past with them is inevitable, and at the same time, it can be a wonderful, pleasant, momentary respite to just reminisce. Sometimes some of us, we may discover a desire to start anew. Why not? Why not take every opportunity to give a fresh look to your situation, at your moment.

I want to introduce you to: The Sedona Method  I’m not trying to get you to click on the link, but I just wanted to quickly write this post and put it out there, because I want people to benefit from this technique, just like I have benefited. It’s that simple.

May your summer (or winter depending on where you are) days be fun!  If you think this method might be something that will help you, I will file it under ‘meditation,’ so you know where to find it for when, and if, you are ready… I also (and especially) recommend the book by written Hale Dwoskin. That was how I discovered the technique several years ago.

Image 1 credit: meditatecenter

Image 2 credit: Forgiveness butterfly, http://sevenstonesgallery.com/

Honestly, I want to introduce to all of you: The Sedona Method

Here’s a brilliant song inspired by a friend who reminded me of Toad the Wet Sprocket, and I like it for this post, it wasn’t an old personal “old favorite,” but it certainly fits the transits in the maternal and creative aspect of the sign Cancer:

A Journey Out of the Labryrinth of Anger

What is a journey?  How much do you plan? For this journey, we just went for it…

On the road...
On the road…


I can often use some time away to clear my head. It rarely fails to work. Around here, it’s not too difficult to drive away from the masses. That’s how I try to live, on the borders, the edges… so that I can get away when I want.

So what is a journey….?

Could transformation have something to do with it? How about the fact that on a journey, we often don’t realize where it is that we’ll end up! Perhaps we have some known elements: like, “I know where I’ll end up, but I don’t know how I’ll get there; or I know how, but I don’t know where; or, maybe I don’t know just when it is that I’ll arrive, but I’ve got all the other elements!” Rarely do we have all the elements.

On a journey, thoughts are just thoughts, extra things… we can let them go at any spot we choose. Everything is about Direction in movement.

How about here? Leaving deposits? In the beginning? Wait–> the annoying thoughts aren’t that annoying, just extraneous. I probably didn’t even realize then that leaving them behind here, was an option. But, it wasn’t ready yet. The ‘thing’ I was carrying hadn’t crystalized.

The mist, where we were headed, as seen from a distance
The mist, where we were headed, as seen from a distance

Realizing that we are headed into the mist, the journey is far more interesting; I decide to take ‘my stuff’ with me. The mist sort of drops and collects in the valleys, and it seems to move very quickly, as we were later to discover.

We think we know the destination when we start out – sometimes, as a strategy – we make that destination nebulous, though… like, “I’ll start out West, and go until I reach the ocean.” If our target is blurry, we think maybe we’ll be more likely to “get in the ballpark.” Fortunately, for the journey to be effective, rarely is it necessary to have a specific destination in mind, but we could just pick “something” so we get started.The important thing is that we need to be ‘ripe’ for the journey, like a fruit, we are ready to ‘fall to the earth.’

I’m reminded of a film I watched recently called, “Tracks,” where one woman wants desperately to just be alone, only to realize that ‘alone’ is all she’s ever known and felt, except with animals. Few of us, as with the Alchemist ,will ever realize the dreams within us; especially if we do not grab them, and listen to them. What are they? What is this nagging desire to put it into words all about, the ineffable?  What is this nag that’s become anger? Pain. Wait, it’s not anger yet, it’s only pain. LOTS of PAIN. Energy without a story is only charged energy. So, who needs a story? A-hah! The one who wants to learn from pain.

At the moment, I don’t know, as we can’t even see anything really clearly. This is the dyke that leads to the island. At moments, I can feel the cold mist sit on my chest and make it difficult for me to breathe. And asthma, and all the years… of being limited. stuck. held back by my own reactions to the environment, my body being ‘unhappy’ while my mind is excited, ready.


There are some beautiful distractions…those precious distractions, they keep the legs moving, the mind open. All is well…pain isn’t everything…

IMG_8663 IMG_8662

So, in reality, in the journey, there’s a bigger factor at play; it’s the interplay, perhaps, of the elements of the journey, including the weather. Weather always has a mood. But, you don’t always have to claim it as your own. Unless, of course, there’s a message there for you. There definitely was a message there for me, about my pain, and about what consistently eludes me.

We felt very fortunate that we didn’t choose to go boating that day. We laughed about how funny (or not) it would be, if we were out on the water and rowing in ONE direction and hoping for a shoreline. Mist has the potential to make two people more confused than one, can’t it? What about when the land is totally open to you, and you have all the choices in the world… except you don’t see the whole road, just the hint of a road?

The veiled terrance
The veiled terrain

I knew I was headed for the Labyrinth, and talking about it was a distraction from finding it. My body knew exactly where it was.  Why? Because it was carrying charged energy.

Passages through trees
Passages through trees

Through the trees, along the shoreline, my excitement grew. I was a child again. I was now borrowing my husband’s broken camera..phone, and completely captivated by capturing the images – feeling the mist on my face – engaging with the water droplets.

Spider-legged tree
Spider-legged tree

By this point, I was no longer held back by my back pain, nor the imagery, I was completely immersed in it. I was called, and I was dancing my way merrily through what felt like was actually a portal into the British Isles. I was back in time again, some other place, I lived many times before and where my husband and I first connected, as we both keep ‘receiving.’

After the spider-leg tree, I took a B-line into the woods and led us both directly to it. I led us to the Labyrinth that had been nearly overgrown, it was difficult to see – but ‘seeing’ was not my knowing. Only flowing was my knowing…

Grown-in Labryrinth
Grown-in Labryrinth
Illuminated Tree
Illuminated Tree

There’s always a special tree. And, this was it for me, directly above the labyrinth, opposite the gate. It stood tall to me, after my ceremonial walk. The walk we’ve walked so many times, but here, for the first time.

~ We are timeless. I speak and I am spoken to ~

Any way the journeyer arrives has less to do with appearances than the way the journeyer has changed inside. How does the journeyer look/feel/experience the change? A new found lightness of being? Or, could the journeyer have gained something, something valuable – a serious, grave truth, or understanding; a mental seed deposited from heaven, perhaps. You know, maybe even a present to unwrap the next time you dream… Perhaps even a key, or the entry point…to all other places.

We’ll have to see, for me, as each journey tells a similar story for the one who has written it. The “higher-Self” is intimately connected to all the ages that one has ever lived. God is everywhere, even in pain, in darkness. It is only with compassion that we listen to all the messages, and discern which ones apply to us, and which ones are not for us.

May you always have what you need… when you journey ❤

Fleeting beauty

” Just for today, I will not worry.

Just for today, I will not anger.

Just for today, I will earn my living honestly.

Just for today, I will honor my parents, teachers and elders.

Just for today, I will show gratitude for everything.”

~Reiki Prayer

Lady Fi

Once again, I found myself back at the Japanese cherry blossom trees without my ‘big’ camera;

Once again I did the best I could with my mobile phone.

I gasped as I looked down the south alley:

Most of the sakura blossoms had already fallen

Creating a magical world of petals and light.


In Japan, people contemplate the fallen petals

As a reminder of how fleeting life is.


The trees on the north side

Were bursting out in pink pops of joy.

PInk canopy

Everyone – no matter religion or nationality –

Was united in pure enjoyment of the blossoms.

(Look at the big grin on the face of the woman to the right of the monks.)


Just as I was leaving, the sun burst through the clouds

Reminding me that there is beauty in those brief moments we call life.

Dramatic sky

For more fleeting moments, please visit: Our World.

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Positive Self-Talk

It’s the beginning of my semester and it’s always a good thing to at least TRY to start everything off on the right ‘note.’ Therefore, I wanted to post about a subject of prime importance to me at this time. It’s one of things that I notice throughout my day – and something I’ve been improving upon. 

1). Positive self-talk

How we speak to ourselves is one of the most important things we can be mindful of when we are getting through the day.

When learning something new, creating a new schedule, or simply interfacing with the world in a ‘new’ way, we need to remind ourselves to be kind inwardly. When our inner voice is kind and gentle and compassionate toward our own learning process, we can and will move mountains. One way to become aware of your own self-talk is to learn something new. That is, try something that requires eye/hand coordination in a different way, or something as simple as drawing one line atop another as close as you can, without the ‘new’ line touching the other. This is an action that requires a steady hand and a focused eye. How do you respond when you make a mistake? What happens when you OOPS? Right here is the key: How do you respond? …Do you quit? Do you shout? Do you call yourself a name?

It’s not about moving through life without experiencing disappointments, or setbacks; it’s about TAKING those apparent “setbacks” and leveraging them as a spring-like motion that propels you forward onto your next success. After all, the person most accountable to your sense of success and failure is yourself. You’re the one setting the mark, making the target…(and as I have learned today. YOU ARE THE TARGET.

2). Your target cannot be “other people” 

No matter how much we are ONE, we cannot act for others. We are not responsible for other people’s actions/thoughts/behaviors.

When you look really closely (or not), there’s no one to convince. I’ve asked myself why I keep writing this blog. I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything, sell anything, or be ‘the best’ in my field. I really don’t know why I keep writing this blog.

I love you. It’s simple. There are OTHER PEOPLE. This is my favorite part about life! Perceptions are many! Thank you for that! Thank you for your part in my life while I get through my day/hopefully days. I aim to take nothing for granted.

3). Take nothing for granted.

That I “get to breathe” is something I appreciate. That I have eyes to see is something I appreciate. Each moment in time is not to be repeated. If you think back to number one on my list, and you’ve successfully navigated any of your OOPS (big or small, imagined or not), you can be kind to yourself. You may even be relieved by this one: that moments just aren’t repeated. You may even realize that your passing moment of depression is really just a moment – NOT PERMANENT.

4). Self-amusement 

In all honesty, it all comes down to this for me: Self-amusement. If cannot laugh at myself – by taking myself lightly – or, if I cannot amuse myself with this AMAZING WORLD that we live in -because there’s plenty to learn and play with – then I am not feeling like I am really living. It’s just that thing for me that keeps my mind happy while my real life is being led by the hand through a number of experiences that keep me growing and developing.

And now for the inspiring stuff: 

Clearing Blocks that limit Abundance

I personally don’t speak light language. In fact, I have no idea how to understand it in terms of my rational mind. There is, however, some kind of rational bi-passing mechanism that moves through, and brings grace into one’s life. Though this process may seem ‘unbelievable’ and even appear to be packaged in a ‘strange’ modality, it can turn into tangible results – leading to tremendous healing. Truly, there is life beyond on some dimensional level, we are not alone.

Judy Satori has a truly beautiful heart, and shares so much love with us through her channeled light-language.  If this resonates with you, and if you’ve been asking yourself about moving beyond limitations to finding abundance, go ahead and listen as Judy advises.

I’ve received more than one question about this recently as I have had some friends and clients who are undergoing some of the most profound experiences at this time. Ultimately, to me, abundance boils down to the capacity to hold and MOVE energy in a dynamic and healthy way. Life can be intense and focus is essential. Keep your mind on the highest intention as a servant leader in the realms within where you attract and exist.

We are all in this journey together on one level or another. Let us move through it with all the energy of the universe supporting us at this time.

Clearing Blocks that Limit Abundance

One more thing, I have closed the comments section. While not permanent, at present I am not supporting the comments section of my blog. Trust that I receive your appreciation for any postings that have helped you in some way. I am grateful to my readers, as I know that those who have not commented still read (and have been reading, and those people are perhaps some of my most loyal readers – you know you are.) Also, to those who have commented: I sincerely appreciate your desire to communicate with me in a way that is supportive to this blog, and this blog’s mission to celebrate and be of service. Namaste to you all. May you receive what you give, and vice versa…ad infinitum. I am grateful for the friendships that have been born from this blog in ways that I otherwise wouldn’t have imagined.

Navratri: Celebrations for the Goddess

Divine heavenly mother, I call your return into consciousness.

Illuminate my body so all that I touch, breathe, and radiate is your love.

Bring your light into my body so that beauty grows wherever I go and kindness fills the

hearts of myself and others in the warmth of your full awareness.


and so it is, and so it is

Navaratri - Nine Nights Celebrating the Goddess

I was moved by a recent post by my blogging friend Julianne Victoria where she wrote a wonderful description of Navratri, and included a gorgeous invocation. You can visit her blog here:  Navaratri – Nine Nights Celebrating the Goddess.

From Amandaseesdreams at Dreamrly., I was inspired to include a prayer I wrote from my journal back in 2009, underneath the weeping willow tree at the Little Lehigh Park in Pennsylvania.

Finally, I’m not sure who painted this image of Kuan Yin above. This is familiar artwork to me; as, I began seeing this artist in 2010. Does anyone know? Both of the images above have different signatures, although the smaller one looks like it might be the original signature. Such is the way with the new age of the internet…

The artist is appreciated even when unknown, for her works are evident everywhere.

Blessed be to you, the divine in us all

as Shiva dances with Shakti…