My original blog intention & Full Moon in Sagittarius

My original intention when starting this blog was to write about the new/full moon phases. I also was originally interested in educating people about astrology, as I have known it and studied it for… as long as I can remember. I think this inspiration sprung up from my work tutoring kids, and a group of refugee high-school students from Burma a few years ago (2011).

I was nudged and guided to begin this blog when Uranus moved into Aries – Many of us here know how guidance does this… Also, I was in a sangha for a number of years and decided to make a longer-term meditation based on astrological themes (as I had been noticing that despite a million fluctuations in my life and a million different jobs/hats (a non-specific number for now – i am most-certainly using hyperbole), astrology was always there to some degree in my life, leading me by the hand, when no other hand would do).

Now, I must tell you: astrology requires study; and not just study of astrology itself. It’s a subject that tends to require a long-term work: on self. To me, the definition of astrologer is “one who studies astrology.”  I don’t believe that you are ever done studying. That’s why an astrologer is, in many ways, a lifetime study (and probably going beyond that via lifetimes) in either direction.  Mine just happened to start before I knew anything else. It started with Rosicrucianism. That’s all I am permitted to say, directly – at this time.

Back to the blog, I originally started opening up my astrological services to the public, but that quickly became, for me, too challenging to balance with school. I needed to be the student, again, completely. However, a graduate student is a different kind of student; it’s a student who also practices. Still, I am in the beginning of my graduate student studies, and ever so quickly transitioning yet again.

Back to the basics and the original intention

When I was a young child, I was taught some very sacred things that I do not remember mostly. Maybe it’s for the best, okay? I’m sure that we were all taught, or understand/understood very sacred things. After all, at that time, we were able to see things best through the eyes of a child. We saw through everything, easily – and without effort. Also, children often don’t realize the effort that they are exerting, because they experience everything as play.

For children, their performance is easily rewarded by those who wish to encourage and support the budding life. We all want to see blooms!

Well, we also need roots! To me, those roots are study and meditation.

I committed myself to doing the lunation posts because (and if you look back, they are there in some capacity), because my natal moon is in the sign of Cancer, as are my natal Mercury, and Venus. To say that I am an empath, IS an understatement.

I felt the solar energy of my sun sign in Leo was shining pretty comfortably in my life, and I wanted to “work on this facet of my life,” my ‘feminine aspect.’ I felt that the SUN was there, everyday, already. But now, Leo’s coming back, and doesn’t want to be a king. Leo just wants to be accepted for being.

So, I may be bringing you daily posts, but I haven’t worked out the details yet. I am also excited about the prospects of continued re-blogging, and the tree project that I’ve been working on. It actually has to do with my Jupiter placement’s sabian symbol. Definitely that one is for another post. But, as you know, everything changes and shifts. So, everything is technically “up in the air.” I’m revisiting old poetry, old songs. I’m singing at the top of my lungs in the car again!!! YES!

There is always a vision. I have my own, but there’s also one that I am not fully aware of 24/7.  So, that being said. I just wanted to share this with you, too link, and get back to my studying:

children studying

I will be re-blogging more, and posting more… I’m sorry. I just gotta have more cowbell. Please don’t feel obligated in anyway to comment. Just know that I will be around to visit you all, because we are family.

Happy Near Full Moon in Sagittarius. Contemplating the stars… and ‘BEING’ me… in full.

Mandala~ in Retro.

Truly, if I can find a way to ‘step away’ slowly, and hurry back, I will!
I think a Mandala is kind of like a tree, too… Regardless: friendship 🙂 xoxo Ka.

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

This Post is via invitation of Sindy over at   to go Retro In honour of Mercury Retrograde, Sindy has invited me to re-blog or re-fresh, or re-fresh a post from my archives .. I spent a while choosing which I should share and chose this.. one below.. Why? because I am into my own ‘Creative’ mood again, but I also realise that everything is only on loan..  As we learn to let things Go, and the Monks show us several of the traits I have posted on recently.. Patience, And Balance  as they show us all is in ‘transit’ as we merge and flow within the Universe.. 

Blessings Sue

The Original post can  be found HERE 

Completed Mandala

So what is a Mandala?

The word Mandala (pronunciation mon- dah- lah) means “circle”.  A Mandala represents wholeness, a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity, extending…

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To be….

Peace, Love and Patchouli

Alive through ages
I’ve stood the tests of time
As hurricane winds blew
Roots planted and grasping
The core of earth.
Smooth skin surrounds me,
I feel your heart beat
As you wrap your arms around
And laugh as you couldn’t quite touch
Your hand to hand.
I shelter you from the harshest sun
My adornments in shades of seasons,
The gentle spring the best
Yet amazing in the autumn sun,
So very strong I would stand
As you lean your back against me
Maybe you dream perhaps?
Or you watch the stars twinkle at night
And I reach so high above
And pluck you the moon
If I could of course
But I cannot.
But I can send you a sign
I can show you the power
The magic of might,
If you only notice
For what it is,
My message of strength
For you to feel within yourself.

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A Journey Out of the Labryrinth of Anger

What is a journey?  How much do you plan? For this journey, we just went for it…

On the road...
On the road…


I can often use some time away to clear my head. It rarely fails to work. Around here, it’s not too difficult to drive away from the masses. That’s how I try to live, on the borders, the edges… so that I can get away when I want.

So what is a journey….?

Could transformation have something to do with it? How about the fact that on a journey, we often don’t realize where it is that we’ll end up! Perhaps we have some known elements: like, “I know where I’ll end up, but I don’t know how I’ll get there; or I know how, but I don’t know where; or, maybe I don’t know just when it is that I’ll arrive, but I’ve got all the other elements!” Rarely do we have all the elements.

On a journey, thoughts are just thoughts, extra things… we can let them go at any spot we choose. Everything is about Direction in movement.

How about here? Leaving deposits? In the beginning? Wait–> the annoying thoughts aren’t that annoying, just extraneous. I probably didn’t even realize then that leaving them behind here, was an option. But, it wasn’t ready yet. The ‘thing’ I was carrying hadn’t crystalized.

The mist, where we were headed, as seen from a distance
The mist, where we were headed, as seen from a distance

Realizing that we are headed into the mist, the journey is far more interesting; I decide to take ‘my stuff’ with me. The mist sort of drops and collects in the valleys, and it seems to move very quickly, as we were later to discover.

We think we know the destination when we start out – sometimes, as a strategy – we make that destination nebulous, though… like, “I’ll start out West, and go until I reach the ocean.” If our target is blurry, we think maybe we’ll be more likely to “get in the ballpark.” Fortunately, for the journey to be effective, rarely is it necessary to have a specific destination in mind, but we could just pick “something” so we get started.The important thing is that we need to be ‘ripe’ for the journey, like a fruit, we are ready to ‘fall to the earth.’

I’m reminded of a film I watched recently called, “Tracks,” where one woman wants desperately to just be alone, only to realize that ‘alone’ is all she’s ever known and felt, except with animals. Few of us, as with the Alchemist ,will ever realize the dreams within us; especially if we do not grab them, and listen to them. What are they? What is this nagging desire to put it into words all about, the ineffable?  What is this nag that’s become anger? Pain. Wait, it’s not anger yet, it’s only pain. LOTS of PAIN. Energy without a story is only charged energy. So, who needs a story? A-hah! The one who wants to learn from pain.

At the moment, I don’t know, as we can’t even see anything really clearly. This is the dyke that leads to the island. At moments, I can feel the cold mist sit on my chest and make it difficult for me to breathe. And asthma, and all the years… of being limited. stuck. held back by my own reactions to the environment, my body being ‘unhappy’ while my mind is excited, ready.


There are some beautiful distractions…those precious distractions, they keep the legs moving, the mind open. All is well…pain isn’t everything…

IMG_8663 IMG_8662

So, in reality, in the journey, there’s a bigger factor at play; it’s the interplay, perhaps, of the elements of the journey, including the weather. Weather always has a mood. But, you don’t always have to claim it as your own. Unless, of course, there’s a message there for you. There definitely was a message there for me, about my pain, and about what consistently eludes me.

We felt very fortunate that we didn’t choose to go boating that day. We laughed about how funny (or not) it would be, if we were out on the water and rowing in ONE direction and hoping for a shoreline. Mist has the potential to make two people more confused than one, can’t it? What about when the land is totally open to you, and you have all the choices in the world… except you don’t see the whole road, just the hint of a road?

The veiled terrance
The veiled terrain

I knew I was headed for the Labyrinth, and talking about it was a distraction from finding it. My body knew exactly where it was.  Why? Because it was carrying charged energy.

Passages through trees
Passages through trees

Through the trees, along the shoreline, my excitement grew. I was a child again. I was now borrowing my husband’s broken, and completely captivated by capturing the images – feeling the mist on my face – engaging with the water droplets.

Spider-legged tree
Spider-legged tree

By this point, I was no longer held back by my back pain, nor the imagery, I was completely immersed in it. I was called, and I was dancing my way merrily through what felt like was actually a portal into the British Isles. I was back in time again, some other place, I lived many times before and where my husband and I first connected, as we both keep ‘receiving.’

After the spider-leg tree, I took a B-line into the woods and led us both directly to it. I led us to the Labyrinth that had been nearly overgrown, it was difficult to see – but ‘seeing’ was not my knowing. Only flowing was my knowing…

Grown-in Labryrinth
Grown-in Labryrinth
Illuminated Tree
Illuminated Tree

There’s always a special tree. And, this was it for me, directly above the labyrinth, opposite the gate. It stood tall to me, after my ceremonial walk. The walk we’ve walked so many times, but here, for the first time.

~ We are timeless. I speak and I am spoken to ~

Any way the journeyer arrives has less to do with appearances than the way the journeyer has changed inside. How does the journeyer look/feel/experience the change? A new found lightness of being? Or, could the journeyer have gained something, something valuable – a serious, grave truth, or understanding; a mental seed deposited from heaven, perhaps. You know, maybe even a present to unwrap the next time you dream… Perhaps even a key, or the entry point…to all other places.

We’ll have to see, for me, as each journey tells a similar story for the one who has written it. The “higher-Self” is intimately connected to all the ages that one has ever lived. God is everywhere, even in pain, in darkness. It is only with compassion that we listen to all the messages, and discern which ones apply to us, and which ones are not for us.

May you always have what you need… when you journey ❤

Gemini New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse

As a participant in my blogging friend, Sindy’s, “Let’s Go Retro Challenge” over at and while being additionally nudged by dear O and OM at yesterday, and in honor of Mercury having gone retrograde, I chose an old post I wrote for the theme of Gemini. This Mercury retrograde occurs in the sign of Gemini, so it’s valid. This was written during my second month of blogging. Wishing everyone a smooth retrograde… 🙂 Or at least, a comfortably mercurial one! xoxo Ka

Fiesta Estrellas

The Twins, Duality and Consciousness

New Moon Partial Eclipse in Gemini @ 11-12 degrees

Credit from Please see, great write up!

June 2nd (depending on where you are) will be the new moon partial eclipse event that activates and refreshes the Gemini part of our charts. Gemini rules communications, thought processes, and short-trips. Gemini rules our siblings and the duality of the mind, ever-fluctuating between the positive and negative poles. Gemini is the sign that rules the activities of the mind, categorizes things, and distinguishes them into patterns. Gemini represents how we filter information from our environment, and could be described as a mental “net.” It’s our subjective lens for viewing our neighborhood and our neighbors, and shows even how we obtain our information about the world. Gemini is the also the mouthpiece of the astrological chart, showing us how we speak our truth using either chosen symbols…

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Relaxing in the neighborhood


Wandering around my favorite oak grove loop….

I savored every single moment. The shapes the tree’s shadows (below) mark my favorite spot in the tiny wooded area. Above, there’s a bee that dusts its legs on the pink pollen of the California buckwheat.


The natural designs on the sand walls are like etchings left by elder sands.


I wonder what you see in the rock-face. I see spirals and all sorts of unexpected shapes that seem like a coded message.

Below is a circle of light, inside this Kumayaay house made of grasses.



On the right is the remnant of our heavy, 2-day rainfall.

Fresh banks of flattened grass, framing this small, ephemeral stream.

Finally, here’s the beautifully yellow, but invasive,black mustard.


Image reference: Ka Malana

New Moon in Taurus: Tap roots run deep

Artist at

Tap roots run deep.

Ease and grace flow,
Into the sanctuary of Self

Deep, dark red, deep.

All senses return to the Source.

Not a sound or noise in the universe.

The red velvet of this private
Interior provides warmth,
And humble retreat.

There’s no asking. No needs.
No one to see.

Ka Malana

Note: This afternoon, the experience of presence reminded me of Suzuki Roshi (1904-1971)

To my delight, I discovered that today is his birthday.

“The world is its own magic.”

“Each one of us must make his own true way, and when we do, that way will express the universal way.”

“We do not exist for the sake of something else. We exist for the sake of ourselves.”
Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind: Informal Talks on Zen Meditation and Practice

Mars♂ in Gemini; May 11th – June 24th, 2015 ♊

Excellent astrological post on Mars in Gemini…. especially since Mercury has gone retrograde, and this aspect of our busy minds and our extensive communications is up for “review.” I’ve been illustrating this with many posts – increasing my frequency (literally). Keep the body moving! Keep the mind free from feisty, but when it’s feisty… enjoy it! Keep it spirited. Focus on the positive – on agreement!

Fleeting beauty

” Just for today, I will not worry.

Just for today, I will not anger.

Just for today, I will earn my living honestly.

Just for today, I will honor my parents, teachers and elders.

Just for today, I will show gratitude for everything.”

~Reiki Prayer

Lady Fi

Once again, I found myself back at the Japanese cherry blossom trees without my ‘big’ camera;

Once again I did the best I could with my mobile phone.

I gasped as I looked down the south alley:

Most of the sakura blossoms had already fallen

Creating a magical world of petals and light.


In Japan, people contemplate the fallen petals

As a reminder of how fleeting life is.


The trees on the north side

Were bursting out in pink pops of joy.

PInk canopy

Everyone – no matter religion or nationality –

Was united in pure enjoyment of the blossoms.

(Look at the big grin on the face of the woman to the right of the monks.)


Just as I was leaving, the sun burst through the clouds

Reminding me that there is beauty in those brief moments we call life.

Dramatic sky

For more fleeting moments, please visit: Our World.

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Sketches and Impressions

IMG_8592 IMG_8593 IMG_8591

These sketches are older works of mine.

Due to a blogging conversation with one of my blogging pals, Dewin, I found these sketches while looking for another one that I was thinking of in our blogging conversation here. I may not resurrect the image that I was originally planning on sharing… but I hold the hope that I may find it.

‘Art’ often shows up at night, and when you least expect it… 

A Mother’s Love

This is so beautiful…. and I’ve been enjoying the gifts of many amazing and talent women…. primary among them are my own Mother and my Sisters. For a silent moment, just sit with me – and know that you have in some way warmed my heart. I just had to share…. Wildflower Women’s Post, and let her know, that the message was received and passed on… xo

Wildflower Women

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love. ~ Mother Teresa

 As Mother’s Day approaches, the desire to thank my own mother and all other mom’s that I know surges in my heart. This feeling is one of love and gratitude for all that these many women have shared. They may not all be mothers by the very simplistic definition of having given birth, and in fact one very special woman who touched my life never had any children of her own, but she most definitely represented all that one would want from a mom, and that is love. Love is the greatest force we have on our planet. We are all love and will return to love, but we often get lost on our way. It is in keeping with this spirit of love that I wish all women everywhere…

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