July 29, 2013 Star of David

This configuration goes by many names due to its historic use and geometric shape: Solomon’s Seal, star tetrahedron, diamond tetrahedron, and more generically described as a ‘hexagram’ or six-sided figure. It is also called a ‘Grand Sextile’ in astrology. Some have even referred to this special configuration as the “MerKaBa,” or gate. Any of these key terms you can google and find oodles of information from all different sources. Take your pick.

Now regarding the SOD configuration’s astrological meaning, I’ve been aware of different astrologers’ opinions regarding this configuration. Many are ‘playing it up’ in importance (because it is so unique that it must signify something) but without a lot written on what the configuration portends other than the historically surmised “birth of a king,” you are unlikely to find a standard astrology-by-book interpretation.

Perhaps even more intriguing, is that many astrologers are glossing over SOD, merely mentioning it with no real emphasis. For instance, the astrologer Susan Miller feels that there’s a missing moon phase to kick this massive energetic aspect into gear. You can see her website at astrologyzone.com. I partly agree with her. Though this configuration may come and go with some silence on the subject, it is certainly not due to lack of its power.

What will it mean? I cannot honestly say what it will mean, on a personal level, nor for identities such as countries, nor for what it means to the global community. But, I will say that I feel it to be a “dawning.”  SOD in the sky is like a stamp of unknown official meaning. Do what you will with it. In fact, it is like a gateway of truly palpable and powerful energy that orders itself like a lock and key (perfect fit), and just commands the beginning of a new era. What is commanded?

SOD symbolism is ancient – that’s for sure – and it’s potentially even more ancient than its use by the Hebrews whose 22- character alphabet is said to be actually hidden within the star ( Magen David or Shield of David. The Star has been used in the sacred geometry of matter, with its meaning in alchemy as the joining of Fire (upward facing triangle) and Water (downward facing triangle). In the Indian tradition, SOD represents the Sat-Kona, or Lord Krishna’s abode, referred to as the Star of Goloka. Tantra has even claimed some meaning of the SOD as a sacred yantra representing the merging of Shiva and Shakti, the divine masculine and feminine principles in the universe. Wow. That’s some meeting!

Perhaps this Star of David configuration best reminds us that the universe is so complex and permutable, and our experience of it is more than just the fluctuation of dualities (good and bad aspects), but a meaningfully woven experience with a central purpose and sacred harmony. ‘Be Still and Know that I AM God.’  Our experiences on earth are processes by which we refine our soul and polish our mirror. This seal is about the light of the soul, its ability to stay on the path, guided by inner stillness and openness to All that Is. The triangle of water is represented with Saturn in Scorpio, Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, and Neptune in Pisces. The triangle of earth is represented by Venus in Virgo, Moon in Taurus, and Pluto in Capricorn.

Mars Conjunct Jupiter in Cancer

Mars is energetic, provides the drive for action, the passion, and the impulse to act. Jupiter is about great expansion, philosophy, long distances, and optimism. Both planets are currently transiting together in the sky. There’s a few different ways this can play out. For example, the focused energy of mars can become diffused, and you end up with some laziness. Jupiter and Mars in Cancer like to reflect on the past.

Mars is debilitated in Cancer – meaning it’s not the best sign for Mars to act like Mars. Perhaps there’s a lot of sentimentality and emotionalism surrounding the past, the family, or the mother. Maybe energies are frustrated that are tied up with home projects. Even if the energies aren’t frustrated, there’s likely to be a lot of activity around the home and family, and in people’s private lives. Capricorn is the sign for public life, structure, and maintaining and keeping appearances. Cancer is Capricorn’s opposite, with the private life as its domain.

The presence of Jupiter usually brings optimism, good luck, and a deeper yearning to connect with the ancients, timeless wisdom. Jupiter’s essence is abundance itself.

Mars conjunct Jupiter is an aspect that is part of a much larger configuration which culminates by the end of the month into the ‘Star of David’ on July 29th.

New Moon in Cancer: July 8, 2013

(originally published on my blog at keen.com, has since been edited)
A new moon indicates a new and yet unseen manifestation. Cancer is also the sign of home, family, gardening, cooking, and chemistry. Emotions provide the spice, the medicine, and the path to balancing – when ALL is taken into view from the perspective of cosmos.  
Emotions are rich and enriched at this time! Take some time out to nurture yourself, get in touch with your emotions. You probably inwardly deserve this attention on how you feel. Cancer is the sign of the crab. She is very, very strong (and hides) because she is very, very sensitive. Let her show you the energies of flow, water, and unconditional nurturance. Here, in the astrological archetype of cancer, it is Mother Nature who provides the medicine you need.
Emotions can flow, get pent up, hide, or even manifest as physical pain
If emotions can flow like hot, thick lava…drawn up to the surface, then we are bound to destroy things in our path, but what comes up is molten and new, spewed from the earth for the sake of her own ground and expansion – to bring about her equilibrium. Emotions can also be as clear as fresh water, sparkling and revitalizing – healing to all those around. If you don’t know what kind of emotions you have because they aren’t on the surface, spend some time with this. Get in touch with the source.
The Cancer archetype is unique to the twelve zodiac signs, but it is a cardinal sign which means it shares this modality called ‘cardinal’ (directional, seasonal) with 3 other signs: Capricorn, Aries, and Libra.  These cardinal signs exist in each of all of our charts, in some astrological house or area of our lives.
The sign of Cancer – at her best – shares with us unconditional love and acceptance. This she expresses in constructive harmony with the other cardinal signs. These cardinal signs indicate the direction of activity in the universe, seasonal markers of developmental change.
EVERYTHING in the universe seeks equilibrium (Libra) for its individual urges (Aries) that exist within the overarching structure or system (Capricorn). Aries and Libra are opposites: me (Aries) and you (Libra), private life (cancer) and public life (Capricorn). All the components must find constructive harmony.
When the archetype of Cancer is in its most constructive expression, its experience is emotional richness, and unconditional love energy just flows. In it’s less constructive expression, Cancer is easily hurt, wounded, and *in need* of nurturing. 
Ultimately, in the sign of Cancer, if we are to be in the experience of unconditional love, we must understand that all in the universe has this same need – to feel loved, supported, and nurtured. If it’s difficult to remember that, take time out and practice nurturing yourself during this precious time of planting new intentions. It’ll always be worth it.

Closest Full Moon (Most Super!) until August 2014

FULL MOON in Capricorn

(originally posted on June 24th at my keen.com blog site.)

Here I am taking a look at the chart for today. Every day has its own signature, so to speak. Pay attention to the days after a full moon and tell me if you feel a release. There’s some anxiety building up to the full moon (especially one like this), and then, things start to settle. You may have never believed it at the time, but they do. And if they haven’t settled for you yet, they will. It all depends on how and where you experience “the wave.” Here’s what’s so cool about what this full moon: it coincided with and sort of “left behind” this super amazing triangle. This super amazing SUMMER triangle. I hope you all enjoyed the Solstice on June 21. 

Super Summer Triangle

If you’re feeling the richness of your emotions, well, you can thank the sun in the nutrient rich sign of Cancer. Cancer is the sign of the mother. She is our true provider and caretaker in her best light, and “she” is conjuct Jupiter. Jupiter is a planetary symbol that inflates absolutely everything it touches. It’s going to be spending some time in Cancer soon, but for now, Jupiter is in Gemini. Have you had TONS of communication lately? If not, well, maybe all that has been brainpower. One thing is most likely: you’re more aware of your nervous system in some way. So, we have Sun (Life Essence) next to Jupiter (ideology or faith, optimism). Jupiter is squaring the North Node, perhaps this abundance is not the KIND of abundance you were hoping for, nevertheless, admit to the abundance 🙂  It’s abundance. If you’ve got gobs of good stuff going on, yes, by all means… live it up! We’ve got the moon (emotions) opposite mercury (thoughts). Are we seeing how our emotions really seem to affect our thoughts? How many near scares did you have this full moon before you realized that it was just “in your head” and all turned out okay? So, we are growing! The Sun (life essence) is opposite Pluto (transformation). Pluto was just hanging out with the full moon in the sign of Capricorn.  How do you feel about the structure of things? Does the way things are structured in your life help or hinder the way things flow?

This summer triangle is likely to help you work on “having” some more fun!  Here’s why: We’ve got a triangle formed by 3 points: Sun, Saturn, and Neptune. Neptune is the ocean, our dreams. Neptune is also our illusions. So, how do we know the difference? What’s real and what is a dream? Well, work with these energies that are in your life right now. Ask yourself, what is it that you really want.  What is it that you really, really want? Then, see what comes next. Let yourself know what you really want, and then all the right questions will pop up. It’s your job (Saturn) to answer the questions that come up – those things that stand in the way of your dreams. Remember, keep it fun. Keep it in the spirit of fun. I think Jupiter wants you to do that 🙂

New Moon in Gemini, June 8, 2013


Every new moon is an opportunity to start something new, or sow a “seed” and see if it germinates. At this time it is perfectly natural to become more silent and inwardly reflective. This new moon in Gemini (the sign of communication, the mind, and the twins) points to the inherent duality of nature. How the mind perceives is in twos, ‘good and bad’, ‘right and wrong,’ ‘left and right,’ ‘yes and no’… etc.  Every new moon in Gemini offers us a new imprint on our mental consciousness, giving a chance to edit and even re-write how we perceive and communicate what we perceive. It is entire possible to make shifts in our thinking or communication at this time.

The sabian symbol for this lunation is “Chinese men talking Chinese.”

Perhaps at this new moon, taken with all the “new” energy of the recent eclipse series, we find ourselves reaching out and finding again those who are “like-minded,” and become more desirous to speak with those who understand our personal language (and sometimes this is a cultural history) and/or making us more comfortable sharing conversations with people who are “on the same page” mentally. 

The new moon is trine the asteroid Juno (also known as the spouse or Hera in astrology). This is an easy aspect, allowing for the smooth flow of energies from the new moon (conjunct sun) to Juno in Aquarius (inventiveness, uniqueness, unpredictability, freedom-loving). What is being supported now is some level of non-attachment and/or “getting with” what’s true in the present moment about our relationships. Perhaps there is a need to establish boundaries by summoning your personal authority in a creative and previously unattempted way.

Expansive Energy in Gemini: What to DO? May 29, 2013

(this blog post was originally posted on May 29, 2013 at Keen.com; both sites are currently undergoing a conversion process)

As the sun nearly steps out of Gemini, there’s still a ton of energy packed in the sign of Gemini. We’ve got Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury, all within a 6 degree orb of conjunction. Holy moly! We are talking, visiting with siblings (or working through sibling stuff), having busy minds, busy in cars, in traffic, and visiting with neighbors more than ever before. Perhaps you are building your social network, or finding yourself more social than usual – at least, the urge exists, and it doesn’t want to be ignored. Whether from inside you or noticeably outside you, the urge is there.

The Gemini nature is about information, news, short-distance travel, your neighbors, and your siblings. It also rules your mind and nervous system. How the mind/spirit/body deals with the energy has a lot to do with the natal chart (birth chart). All these points need to be viewed in terms of their context, and astrology is no different than life itself. I can give you the ‘gist’ of astrology here… much like explaining how the waves are moving – if they are choppy or smooth, what types of things you want to set your sail to, but I can’t see your natal chart, so I can’t tell you what other ‘personal themes’ are linked up with these current planetary transits.

Setting your Sail: Transiting North Node in Scorpio

Let’s look deeper at what flows beneath the surface themes and have a look at the North Node of the moon (this position shows us where societal energies tend to flow – what is our “stretch goal”, if you will.) The north node of the moon is currently in the sign of Scorpio and it is conjunct (right next to) the planet Saturn.

Now Saturn often gets bad ratings, generally, but Saturn is truly a “teacher” planet. Both Saturn and Jupiter are teaching planets; in fact, but Saturn does things the more practical way. That is, Saturn will get you into gear, by watching you scramble to “hold your own.” You can call this the “school of hard knocks,” but everyone really DOES experience it differently. For example, Saturn can give you the energy you need to be self-disciplined – a certain sticktoitiveness. Saturn will MAKE SURE that you are successful at your endeavors. Saturn will even enroll you in the “program” when you didn’t know you were “going to school.”  That said, let’s look a bit more at the sign of Scorpio and how the North Node of the Moon functions inside this nifty sign.

Scorpio is a pretty sexy sign. Honest. I mean, it’s all intense and purgative and ready to expose itself. Scorpio also has to do with merging, forming a union, and that’s right: joining forces. The sign Scorpio will show itself in psychological studies, questions about motivation, power and, well, status.

Scorpio and Saturn kind of, well, they “get along.” The reason is that Saturn is ruled by Capricorn, another dogged sign, another archetype chock full of ambition and self-making. There’s a single-mindedness to both signs which make them natural companions; that is, if they share the same goal J

North Node in Scorpio: Get with the Cosmic Plan

Look for opportunities to work with others, consolidate your business ventures, build trust relationships, and/or discover the need to purge.

And, ask yourself the following question: “How can I USE this energy that’s involved in socializing, collecting information, and thinking (Gemini) in ways that will help me build a better, more sound, and more solid (Saturn) network (Gemini) of alliances (Scorpio) to help bring about the consciousness evolution (North Node) that is SO needed on this planet?”

Full Super Moon, Lunar Eclipse May 25, 2013

(this post was converted from my blog at keen.com – it was originally published on May 25, 2013)

This full moon, super moon, (in fact ‘super’ in astronomical terms) takes place on May 25th, 2013. In astrological terms, this full moon will be in the sign of Sagittarius.  Sagittarius is the sign of wisdom. Wisdom’s counterpart is knowledge, or Gemini.

This moon illuminates the wheat from the chaff. After this moon, it will be easier to make decisions about what gets your energy and what does not. Let us be clear in our intention (Sagittarius) to sow better seeds (Gemini). Those seeds can be words or deeds, and they can also be seeds of inspiration that we plant. The full moon shows us what we have already planted, or have neglected to nourish.

The gardener watches all of this with detached observation, has some faith in his or her intention, and plants again with higher knowledge (Sagittarius) – the wisdom that comes from experience. Let’s try to do that with our thoughts, and our deeds.

Spend some time tonight and look up at the stars. Soak up the cosmos in a single, deep breath. Take a moment to embrace the silence of that deep knowing without mind or thought. The ultimate pregnancy is in swelling silence and expansion. Be an empty vessel, filled up by love itself.  Just for today, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Just step off of it completely…

Sabian Symbol

An old owl perched high up in a tree.