Patience, Patient

945CD0F6-D394-4F1E-BFF3-3A065D8C19E0why do those who seem
so effortlessly gifted
pay the price with their suffering?

is it for their gift?

one’s karma is one’s karma
and yet, when asked, and given
permission, an intervention
is possible, but it does not
interrupt ~

the process. it helps it along.

the permission piece is the most

so much beauty in those moments
of connection, of making peace
and settling, and balancing,
and playing a role in that

being deadly tired at the end
feels worth it,

for something
that is beyond anyone’s plans
happens when we meet.

As Venus ingress (enters into) Pisces
we dissolve our gifts into the melting pot,
and wait…

Castles in the Sky: Pisces Full Moon

Castles in the Sky by Marcel Pirosca

Full Moon in Pisces
August 29, 2015 11:35am (PDT)

This Full Moon in the Tropical (Western Zodiac) of Pisces is referred to as a Supermoon. The term “Supermoon” refers to the lunation being during, or near the Moon’s perigee. Perigee is the closest point of the moon in its orbit around the earth. The term Supermoon was coined by astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979. The exact perigee occurs on Sunday, Aug. 30, at 11 a.m. EDT (1500 GMT), about 18 hours after Full Moon.

It’s the following Full Moon, on September 27, 2015, 7:51 p.m. PDT
that will not only be a lunar eclipse, but it will be the closest to the Earth of all the lunations, aka, the “Most SuperMoon” for the year.

With the August 29th Full Moon in Pisces, we look to both Jupiter (the ancient ruler of Pisces) and Neptune the modern astrological ruler for Pisces, first. Jupiter is conjunct the Sun within a very small orb, while opposing (180 degrees) to the Moon as it conjoins transiting Neptune. The energies of Moon and Neptune are co-joined which mixes together the two principles. The Moon and Neptune combination, from Reinhold Ebertin’s book, “The Combination of Stellar Influences,” p.106 on Probable Manifestions of Moon/Neptune:

(Positive) A sympathetic understanding of other people (psychometry), the activity of the subconscious, a state of relaxation, receptiveness, impressionableness, an intensely vivid dreamlife.

(Negative) The danger of being exposed to peculiar and strange influences or being exploited by other people. Instability or unstableness, weakness, crises in life are caused by laziness or indolence.

These attributes are in opposition, or in a “pull-pull effect” at the full moon with the following expressions of the Jupiter/Sun combination. The opposition can manifest as a “push pull,” essentially a calling to balance opposing forces.

(Positive) Advancement in life, recognition, success in the material or spiritual sphere.

(Negative) Conflicts caused by arrogant and pretentious demeanour, illness through wrong nutrition, differences with people in one’s environment or with superiors, a person in conflict with the laws of the land or realm.

Saturn and Pluto also feature in this full moon, and there’s a lot going on. There’s this combination of catharsis and intensity with Pluto, while there’s also some restraint and compression with the energy of Saturn in Scorpio forming a T-Square (tension) configuration with the Sun/Jupiter in Virgo and Moon/Neptune in Pisces. Saturn transiting the last two degrees of Pluto-ruled Scorpio further intensifies the energy of this lunation with Scorpionic vibes. With Pisces and Neptune there’s a desire for escapism and/or transcendence through spiritual retreat.

The Piscean experience can be fuzzy and elusive. It can even embody the energy of release and renewal through sacrifice. If we hang out too much on the Virgo side of the balance we may find ourselves too critical of ourselves and/or others, not maintaining an awareness of our health, or being too overly focused on a health or fitness detail, potentially even as an escape. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. The keyword with Jupiter in Virgo is discretion. Otherwise, we too may be prone to flights and escapism through romanticism and experiencing some intense dream times! The unconscious is very much alive with Pisces, and the grounding energy of Virgo is balanced in structure and routine. Finally, let’s not forget the Venus/Mars applying conjunction forming, too, at the Full Moon! It might even be exciting!


Ebertin, Reinhold. The Combination of Stellar Influences. Aalen, Germany: Ebertin, 1972. Print.

McClure, Bruce. “Most “super” Supermoon of 2015 on September 28 |” EarthSky. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Aug. 2015.

About Ebertin Reinhold, courtesy of Wikipedia:
[February 16, 1901 – March 14, 1988] He was a German physician and astrologer. Ebertin’s book was first published in 1940 and the most recent updates in the English translation were added in 1972. Ebertin’s greatest and most truly original contribution was his research in the field of medical astrology and his addition of more psychological correlations.[2] Ebertin worked with the “Anatomical Correspondences of the Zodiac Degrees” as presented in the “Organuhr der anatomischen Entsprechungen” of Fritz Brandau.

News Article with similar theme to this lunation: Here
Jupiter conjunct Sun in Virgo (health/vitality/optimism) opposite 180 degrees (reflecting or mirroring the awareness via contrast) Moon conjunct Neptune (beliefs about the past/emotional body/dreams and possibilities/placebo) squaring Saturn (time/age/limitation). Sun conjunct Jupiter trine Pluto in Scorpio (self-mastery & deep healing through transformation).

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces


From February 6th to 27th of 2014, Mercury will retrograde.

Really, I like mercury retrograde. Call me weird. This is the time when things all around us could benefit from slowing down, our communications, our movements, even our thoughts. Maybe we could try walking instead of driving the car, if possible. When I slow down, the scenery that I see EVERYDAY can become richer and more detailed. This never fails. When I go slower, I notice more.

We can all benefit from being more careful—but how can we do that unless we go slower?

Let’s consider the standard astrological advice about Mercury retrograde. Don’t sign contracts. I will tell you from experience that I’m not super interested in signing contracts during this time—and, if I do, I do so with the awareness that there’s a whole lot that can change about the contract’s terms. Or, maybe I’m not getting what I thought I’d be getting out of it. Hands down, things done during Mercury Retrograde aren’t really “said and done,” ever. When Mercury is retrograde, the evidence presents itself: ours is a life “in-progress.” Actions and projects are re-workable, and they may need re-working—even when it’s not convenient.

But, what does it mean to experience Mercury retrograde in Pisces?

Well…. it’s rather boundless and non-categorizable. I just made up that word. It’s creative, too! Pisces is a paradox—two fish swimming in opposite directions, bound by a silver cord. Does that silver cord represent the karma of cause and effect? Could the fish moving in opposite directions indicate that the spiritual meaning of Pisces is to relinquish our knowledge about direction?

I think Mercury Retrograde is a fantastic time for having more questions than answers. After all, what good is a mind/body that doesn’t keep moving? We can meditate on that together, if you wish.

This reminds me of some zen koans:

“To carry yourself forward and experience myriad things is delusion. That myriad things come forth and experience themselves is awakening.” -unknown

“The place is right here and the Way leads everywhere, the limits of what can be known, cannot be known.”

The image above is a tattoo design. Anyone could be wearing it… (and I don’t know who)


September 19, 2013 Full Moon in Pisces: Harvest Moon

The Sabian Symbol for this lunation is Pisces 27: “A Harvest Moon”

The full moon takes place at 4:13A (PDT) and 7:13A (EDT)

The theme is about the collective and social dynamics of working together. What does that mean? Pisces/Virgo is the harmonizing axis for intuition, compassion, practicality, and being of service (not to be confused with servitude!).

Noticing at this lunation that we have some other challenging or “creativity-making” astrological aspects (cardinal cross, transiting Saturn conjunct Venus transiting the north node) let us be mindful of what we have worked for and created, envisioned, and have some gratitude for that process, and recognize our ability to make a difference. To BE a difference in the health and well-being of us all.


This is where we make God (with a capital ‘G’) come to earth through our own actions of service and of love. Recognizing the need for more patience in the world (be more patient), lending a hand (hold the door for someone), lending your ear, or your shoulder- without the brownie points – because no one saw you, because you love someone 🙂

With Virgo/Pisces in balance, a person just doesn’t go out looking for a cause, or looking for someone else to have a problem they can solve, a person sees that it’s the tiny little assistance that makes all the difference in the experience for most of us. It’s the connecting. You can even hold courage for someone, hold faith, and hold confidence in them. The best way of helping sometimes is to let someone do something by themselves and let them find the courage within. So compassion and service expresses in many ways.

Employed or not, physically capable or not (sick or healthy), everyone is contributing to the vision (Pisces) of humanity. That means that everyone is working!! If you don’t realize the impact you already making, then you can’t make an impact! It is our collective efforts that bring health, healing, vision, and purpose to the planet.

Look around, a lot of people are really trying their best. Both Virgo and Pisces make the difference on earth, molding and envisioning, like the mutable water and clay they represent being earth and water signs. High intuition, vision, and the culmination of things made real. It’s so necessary for us to look outside with compassion – and hold it within, too. There’s but a hair of a difference between us all…

Saturn conjunct Venus in Scorpio: Serious

This aspect makes relationships less demonstrative, and more serious. Saturn brings business wherever he goes. He’s the teacher, Chronos, father-time. Saturn restricts us so that we learn things like discipline and determination, even self-determination. Venus is money, values, relationships. Saturn can stifle or be too rigid, authoritative, or overly critical about anything he touches. Saturn can also *stabilize* and bring security to anything he touches. Saturn appears when someone’s in it for the “long-haul” or the long term picture.

A conjunction is about the energies of both Venus and Saturn being infused with one another ~as with all conjunctions, the energy acts in unison but not always on the same note, if yah know what I mean 😉 ~ Sometimes these energies don’t blend well in our lives, but when they do blend well, effort (and sometimes struggle) materializes into form or reward (Venus, money, Bravo!, positive-feelings). The last time that Venus was conjunct Saturn was at the end of November, last year, 2012, in the sign of Scorpio. The next time that Venus will be in conjunction with Saturn will be the end of November 2014 in Scorpio. After that, Saturn enters Sagittarius, in December, 2014. Saturn will not transit Scorpio again for another 28-30 years. If you’ve heard of Saturn’s return, you’ll know that a Saturn cycle is roughly that time frame. Following the Venus/Saturn cycle in Scorpio, is a Venus/Saturn cycle in Sagittarius. Since Saturn is the “slower moving” (further away from Earth) planet, it occupies the sign for a longer period of time. Therefore, its effects are longer lasting.

Pisces Full Moon: September 12, 2011

Spiritual Cleanse

This full moon is a spiritual wash. It reflects the light of the Virgo Sun (the astrological sign for purity). At this time we have an inner call for atonement, which is the urge to merge with the infinite in all Creation, and the Universe. We might find ourselves more energetically tired at this time, or even more aware of tiredness that may have been accumulating over time. Take this time to nurture yourself and those you love in the softness of the Piscean Moon. Sit in nature and absorb the air in your environment, really embrace all your surroundings. If you find it difficult to focus at these times, go easy on yourself, be gentle. This is a time for gentleness and for kindness. A brief moment in time where you have a chance to step outside of the daily details and see the bigger picture as something that supports your vision for today. For some, this may be time to edit (Virgo) that vision (Pisces), but be sure that this time is definitely a time for awareness and not being overly critical.

If you can be by a lake or a river now, any body of water–especially, the ocean, you can commune with what you need most now. Namaste. Be blessed in every way.

New Moon Awareness from Head to Toe

New Moon on Friday, March 4th, 2011 at 3:46 PM EST in Pisces

~A good time for beginning a new spiritual practice~

Pisces Sun and Moon join

With this Pisces new moon consider how important your daily commitment is to your Spiritual life. Does it even exist? If not, why are you here?

In psychological astrology, the sign of Pisces shows us our intuitions and how we connect with the divine Source. Can you merge with All-That-IS? Pisces also shows us how we can develop compassion-this is where we were once swept up and challenged with boundaries, and our challenge with “not knowing” what to do. If you dive into the Piscean waters, I guarantee you’ll see that there’s a lot inside of you. What swims in your unconscious may be of value to you, and to the collective–so why not start paying attention? How else would you know otherwise?

The opposite sign of Virgo in the Virgo-Pisces polarity shows us how the body, Spirit’s house, is to be used in service to Spirit, and to others in our world. We can learn a lot from Virgo at this time about the “How-To’s” of spirituality. Consider the following:

How do you honor the Spirit in you? Do you listen to it?

Do you exercise it?
Do you feed it?

But…how do I…?       Start Anywhere, NOW.

This sign of Pisces is so active right now in everyone’s chart. That’s why I am telling you more about the sign of Pisces than describing the energy of the new moon by itself. The new moon is a new moon: a beginning, though it can’t quite yet be seen. The full moon will bring the illumination of the seed you are now planting. This new moon is connected to larger, greater cycles within the sign of Pisces.

Right now, we’ve got the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Uranus, and Chiron, all transiting in Pisces. Wow! The infusion of new beginnings (new moon) is having a major discussion with mars (the planet of action). If this doesn’t get your fire lit, Uranus certainly will.

Uranus waves “Adios, Auf Wiedersen, Au Revoir” to Pisces

Uranus (electricity, flashes of insight) will deliver you with the sometimes kick-in-pants change you need. If you feel restless, think: Uranus. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. Send me a message and we can look at your chart to see where these planets are working specifically in your life at this time. Uranus is saying goodbye to Pisces and will move into Aries mid-month. Are you READY for all this?

Neptune says, “Hello” after 165 years of transiting the Zodiac

Pisces’s planetary ruler, Neptune, will be transiting in its own sign next month: Pisces. When a planet is on its own turf, it’s just so much more comfy. Neptune takes 165 years to transit the sun–meaning that Neptune hasn’t been in Pisces since 1847. Beginning in April, on April 4, 2011, Neptune “goes home” so to speak.  When a planet occupies the sign that it rules, it shows it’s better, more conscious side–we all show our brighter side when we are content. This is a taste of something fairly long-lasting. Neptune will go back into Aquarius this August-February 2012, returning to Pisces for about 13 years.  I will be writing more on this topic in the future.  I just want to demonstrate why you should take this New Moon seriously.

Tapping into Spirit, using your body

This is a good time to start a meditation practice. Even if it’s only 5 minutes a day. Be diligent. Show spirit that you can surrender just 5 minutes of your day to whatever happens in that time. Set your timer. Go.

Eat with conscience and consciousness.  Feel the food in your mouth, taste it, experience its textures and how it absorbs into your mouth.  At what point did that ‘one’ bite dissolve into invisible nutrients, supplying your body with energy?

When you walk to your car, or to the door of your house—before you enter the building at work, how do your feet feel?  Can you bring your consciousness to your feet?  Let me ask you, do your feet feel differently depending on where you are going?  I’m sure you have never imagined living like this!!  With Pisces (imagination), you do yourself and others a service to bring increased awareness into your life.  Start with your body, and where you are right here and now.

Trust me. This is going to be awkward at first, but if you surrender (Pisces) to the experience, beautiful things will happen. Remember to *imagine* the positive visions. Keep that focus on the best outcome, let go, and trust.