Courageous living, Solar Eclipse

There is no outward representation for peace.
we can look to examples all around us,
and while there might be evidence of the opposite,
the creator force inside us

if we shine our attention on It,

can motivate us to rise out of bed,
can motivate us
to face injustice,
can help us hold our core values
within our hearts,

despite what is happening –

though I do think this is not easy
all the time, and therefore, like holding oneself
by virtue of the muscles of ones own legs,

one needs to rest from time to time
in the center of one’s own being

for a while,
for renewal and for strengthening.

Inside us is the whole peace ensemble.

Inside us is the access to trust,
Inside us is the fuel for living through –
and beyond the terrible rage that threatens with violence,

which is only the weather –
that must pass,
for it cannot stay forever.


‘Living the dream’ is something that most of
us do, every day. We just don’t know it.
Somewhere, someone has the dream that we are living in,
carrying out. We live their dream.

right now.

That is the infinite possibility in life, all the
different moments, styles, ways of being
havings and not-havings
feelings and not-feelings
believings and not-believings

living in a home and living in someone else’s home,
or not living in any home, or moving to the end-of-the-road home.

Some need work, food, shelter, friendships
but they have self-respect, dignity, and inner peace.

Some people love their pain, and clutch to it like it is their
teddy bear – the last thing that protects them.

things are never as they seem. i don’t blame anyone for
using whatever they have to protect themselves from injury.

Some are retired, some forced to take time off for their
health – others long for a vacation – freedom in their brain,
or from thinking about what their work forces them to think about, or do.

Some want to continue their education, and others, are tired,
overwhelmed and overworked in the same setting, never quite
“getting there yet,” but getting shown more techniques, more ways-
despite that one, done right, is good enough.

Each of us is most likely living someone else’s dream – at least in part.
Or, we are even living our own
dreams from the past.

I think when we realize that –
it’s not a message about having gratitude, like another thing
to check off the list.

It’s a message that’s deeper. Somebody has body parts that hurt
while that same body has body parts that don’t hurt – and someone else
wishes they could be free from pain there.

Today, let’s just acknowledge that together we’ve all got it,
and that makes us all

on the same page.

We’ve got it all, and we are going to do something awesome with it.
It’s not someday – it’s right now. In the middle of the maelstrom.

That war zone that exists, I see it. And the thing that I’m going to do
about it, is be very good at being appreciative for not living in one.
And I’m going to keep doing my best, in the middle of the thick of my own busyness, and stress, to keep my eyes and ears open, above the water – seeing that

freedom is ours. We will make it ours. We will find it, and we will develop it.
Lovingly and kindly, and with compassion.

©2017 Ka Malana
All rights reserved

How Much?

How much do you identify
with your beliefs?
your thoughts?

When you label a thing, “that is ‘good'”
that is “bad”?
How much does this cost you?
By time?
A moment, or an eternity?

One wonders how we can be
in a state of not deciding, while
also very firmly placed on
the foundation of aliveness.

There is a way –

Close your eyes, and breathe
into your hands all the gifts you
are given, see them transforming
your mind, and turning it into
a beautiful branching, luminous crystal –

now sit back

and watch it grow, while deciding nothing,

and experiencing


©2017 Ka Malana


Inside myself I want to open
all the tiny windows
and let out all atoms of information,
spiraling in both directions.

Inside myself, when I want
to pinch shut, or burst forth,
I want to instead respirate with a million

If I could be a mushroom with
gills, and with fungi prints,
or a tree frog that sits beside
you. If I could just keep you company;
I would not bite.

Inside myself, I have little air packets
and hollowed out canals. I am airborne,

There’s are things I wish I could be,
and then, there are things I really am, if you
let me.
Millions of tiny hugs, little blood vessels,
saying ‘aaaahhhh’

Tomorrow might be stressful, but right now is not.
Let me love you like a peristalsis hug.

I am your body. I am mostly made of

Taurus moon burst, touching, new

i returned home to my roses bursting –
opened by more than mere grace
an abundance of nature, holding space

nature held place for you,
and for me
at home, together

while we healed and learned
and read books, Reikied over everything
while the highest light guided
and nature divided
the space opened and closed
into the shapes of waterfalls

different edges and

how when painting everything is seen first
as a geometric shape
and then
fleshed out,
drawn, stretched, applied,
revealed as nuance,

light shining
light shimmering

and the green gushing
clay cliffs
on the road to Hana
forming snapshots – would keep an
editor busy for hours,

but i don’t have any reason
to edit

not today
not when more work is around the bend
and poems to be written
and people to see.

blogs to visit
and new names to learn, books to read
at a pace that, that only mercury retrograde
would allow.

Taurus was New, sculpting my memories
of sound, art
in darkness,
and each thing I ever made

came back to life.

the way the sun rises
the poetry is good
because life is written in it.

and the music playing is always the right song.

Buddha’s White Rose, Libra’s Full Moon

© 2017 Ka Malana, Photography

Tiny granite gravel garners
your contours
arranged and shaped by larger hands
from the hours and minutes

Our conversations linger above
like a cloud
accumulating memories as
rain drops and I chase the

In new places, on islands,
in another part of the world
I sit under the same tree.

At this point it is beyond
40 days and 40 nights,
how many lifetimes,

Like a leopard stalking
hungrily, I’ve faced you,
and sought your incarnation
in every one.

Yet each moment with you
is like a million moments
that are first moments;
and I am covered in morning light,

a soft gaze, your tenderness.

I shall return for more.

© 2017 Ka Malana, Photography

Leaf me here

© 2017 Ka Malana, Photography

“In Borneo, there are palm trees that walk on their high roots. Slowly, with effort, they lift one leg then another. I would like to join that stilted transmigration, To feel my own skin vertical as theirs: An ant-road, a highway for beetles. I would like not minding, whatever travels my heart. To follow it all the way into leaf-form, bark-furl, root-touch, And then keep walking, Unimaginably further.”  – Jane Hirshfield, from the poem, Metempsychosis.

Completed another chapter,
turned another corner,
met another pause;
With time, already filling herself,
there is more color
in my new schedule,
and a bit more peace, bliss

Please join me at this Spring. I’ll be here, too ~ musing & amusing xo Ka

Hermit Crab New Moon: Aquarisea


I was born from the land of Ocean

mixed with salt and sea.

Darkness is calming, soothing, and through it,

I sail.


Down into the deep.

Touching nose to sand,

I feel the vibrations of Mother.

SeaTurtle Face

Rest my belly on this rock.

for a moment.


rising up, I am guided by my blue-eyes.

Blue-eyed SeaTurtle

…and there are Jellys….

whose lights hover over and drift like spaceships.


Revealing complexity and hairlike extensions

while transparently supple

White-yellow Jellyfish

Black and white clownfish and are tickled by,

and tickle,

the sea anemone.


I can be seen among them, peeking out from time to time.


Majestic leafy sea dragon fills my dreams with primordial dances of creation.


Such a marvelous costume


Everywhere the sea continues in blue unison, the darkness abiding, providing safety and rest.

Light blue Jellyfish

…simply rocking, calming

Florescent Pink Jelly Fish

Easy lights on the eyes.


Sacred detail.

Blue and White Jelly Fish

my dear, a Starfish

Version 2

and a Lionfish,

are here, too. ❤



Fledgling Crow

Fledgling Crow
Blue-eyed Fledgling
Fledgling Crow2
Visible feather shaft

Summer has ended up being far more full-bodied than I anticipated, and somehow I am not surprised! I still fantasize about getting my photos worked out and all my computer files found. There’s been another glitch along the way, but there is a plan. Meanwhile, I can’t seem to stop finding beings to photograph. There’s a flow that goes through the faucet regardless of any valves that may regulate it.

Um, Saturn square Neptune… for those who practice that.

Happy Summer Days! Here’s a song from the past. It came up in conversation, and this crow also has blue eyes, so…)

Sai Maa Lotus-Flower

How can I read this poem
without it stirring my insides?

How can I look at you without

You handed flowers to the
man in front of us,
but witnessing this moment

and what i Felt

Who is to Say, when Darshan
really occurred?

We stood before you, then,
with your peacock feather in hand.

Touched my forehead and chest and I thanked you
as I would any beloved friend.

How can ‘I be’ and not
be moved?

Who are we to stop some tears
or suggest this is the illusion
of sugar-drenched thoughts,


When I saw you give us flowers…
and I read your voice written
directly into my mind.

Blissed out on Green Growing Food

Editorial Commentary on the nature of the Planet and me.

Though I am definitely a runner, I’ve never been very good at keeping my head in the sand for long. There’s just too much to do, and there’s good enough reason to demonstrate strength and leadership in this world, or at the very least, aspire to it. This morning I read articles related to the mass extinction warning. You can read about it here, in the article posted by the Guardian recently. It’s also been plastered all of the news for the last 3 days.

But, before I get to the pulp:

As you know I write about astrology and other subjects. I write about my personal experiences. I share stories and write poems. This blog,, is my place to play. This is my sandbox. It’s also the place where I celebrate the mysterious genius, without a need to be overly literal, nor ever-so completely precise (my natal Jupiter return in Virgo is coming up). I even give myself ample freedom to be grammatically incorrect; that is, when it serves my need to shuttle out and create from the compost of my being.

Well, this morning, as predictably loyal as my imaginary dog, so is my imaginary newspaper. I’m making a joke here, because I read on the internet, just like all of you. Definitely do not come to me for your news. Sometimes, inwardly, I wish I could be more like the; all this reverence I have for life and living is often balanced with the irreverent jokes and gallows humor. A gal has her own survival to keep abreast. My real point is that I don’t really follow hype.

I’m not the first person to run to a trendy topic (at least knowingly). I also don’t allow myself to get wind of the “next asteroid that is set to kill us.” I believe that it’s possible we may die via asteroid – end of story. That’s something I can do the least little bit about. Every day is a day I, or someone that I love, could die. What more do I need to know?  I’ve enough personal drama to keep my inner Monk busy tidying and cleaning mirrors, that I like to keep the engine of my life well-oiled and humming, at a reasonable, ‘steady and ready’ speed. I think I’ll register-trademark “Steady and ready.” If you beat me to it, good for you. You karmically owe me now. 🙂

Back to the stuff that distresses me:

Passages from the Guardian that claim conservative estimates in this mass extinction scenario:

“Caballos and colleagues have thought through these difficulties, and come up with probably the most robust estimate yet of how severe the modern crisis is.

They have been deliberately conservative – they’re well aware of the dangers of crying wolf on a topic of such importance, and where passions run so high.”

From another article, more recently published, ScienceAlert:

Such dramatic biodiversity loss will also put humans in danger within just three generations, the team estimates, particularly if we also lose crucial pollinators such as the honeybee.

How does a person decide on a future, or their children’s future, or their children’s childrens’ futures in these conditions? How does a responsible person overcome the idea that the cradle of the world has not even a rattle to calm them in the face of ultimate destruction? Where will this planet be? How likely is it that the future that we dream of for our loved-ones of the future can come into play? We will return to our regularly scheduled sandbox play, momentarily. Meanwhile, here’s a quote from Margaret Atwood that reminds me of the importance of my own writing, thinking, brainstorming, my own liberation through fire. To me, liberation means solution, and I will always make my contribution to the discussion, whether or not I do it with ‘cheerios,’ or my own strong opinions. Nevertheless, who should put so much responsibility on future generations?! I pause…for Margaret Atwood now…

“The genesis of a poem for me is usually a cluster of words. The only good metaphor I can think of is a scientific one: dipping a thread into a supersaturated solution to induce crystal formation. I don’t think I solve problems in my poetry; I think I uncover the problems.” Margaret Atwood

This editorial was inspired by my quote challenge, given to me by my dear friend, Aquileanna at La Audacia de Aquiles: El Mundo Visible es Sólo un Pretexto. I definitely changed it around a bit. One quote is from an author, while the rest are from newspapers. I suppose it’s just like me to spin on my feet, and try to make a ‘basket’ in another court. Let’s keep shooting for the team-earth, friends. You can respond to the challenge any way that you like – as far as I am concerned. Definitely check out Aquileanna’s post at

Aquileanna, I am expediting this post because I have got work to get to… so, I copied and pasted your beautiful layout. I hope you don’t mind!!!  Giving you credit for your beautiful blogging craftsmanship!

💫Quote Challenge💫 

My blogger friend, Aquileanna, invited me for a so called 3-Day Quote Challenge.

The rules of the challenge are: ♠Post your favorite quotes or your own quotes for three (3) posts in a row. ♠Thank the person who nominated you. ♠Pass it on to three (3) other bloggers per quote, each time you post them. Or pass it to nine (9) bloggers if you choose to post all the quotes together, in the same post. (CHECK)

⚠ Note: I will post the three (3) quotes at once. Thus I will nominate nine (9) Bloggers. 

My nominees for the Quote Challenge are:

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Seize One Day

I’m glad that I did this post, even if it wasn’t the original direction that I was headed. I hope that all of you find something valuable and surprising in your own quote challenges.  Wishing you a delightful day, regardless of whatever we face in the world! Our creativity is needed here!

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Finally, for your consideration: I offer this song as my embedded prayer and continuous hope:

UPDATE: Tree Badge is complete!

Earth Centered Heart Tree Project Participation Badge
Earth Centered Heart
Tree Project Participation Badge



The original re-quest (during Mercury retrograde):

Dear friends,

I think it would be neat if you helped me with some art. In fact, it’s more of an interaction experiment; and I’m hoping that you’ll share in the comments your ideas, along with a link to your own blog post around a tree of your choice. I’ll be away for a little while, and I’m curious to see if, when I come back, there will be some more inspiration to finish my own tree. I like to see your ideas, expressions, thoughts, ruminatings, visions, photographs, inspirations, prophecies, recipes, potions, field guides, haikus, short fiction, novels,  Whatever.  If you participate, I will be very inspired, and I will finish my tree painting and turn it into a badge for you.

I’d like to ask you some questions [I decided to answer them, too]:

If you were a tree, what would life feel like? [Here are my answers.]

If I were a mighty tree, I would sway in the wind and receive the rains from the sky. I would enjoy the sun soaking up the rain, and feel peaceful at night when all the little critters have gone to sleep. I would be free from ants. I would look up at the moon, and cherish the twinkle of the stars, and experience the awareness of all my beginnings and endings, from the depth of my roots, to the tips of my fingers and beyond.

What kind of tree would you be, if you got to be a tree just now?

I would be an ethereal tree, a consciousness that has accumulated from many, many times but can change form, appearance, name, and quality. I would be flexible enough to move through the world. I’d carry my roots with me. I’d open my limbs and leaves one day and the next, I’d wrap them up and bury myself like a fig tree in the winter (such as every year at my grandmother’s house) to rise next spring. One day, I’d be a house plant, another day I’d be a Rainbow Eucalyptus or a Rudraksha tree living on the island Kauai. Then, I’d be a redwood tree with an amazingly shallow but well-connected set of root-systems, connected to all my brothers and sisters, and taking in water from the coastal mists and through my leaves. It really wouldn’t matter to me what form I’d take on – just that I am free to be a the tree, any tree, that I need to be in the moment. 

If you could choose to make artwork to honor a tree, what format/media/style would it be in?

How old would you be, if you were a tree ?🌴😃 (This is Kim’s Question!)

Since I am a tree spirit, I have been around for as long as I can remember, and even longer than that, there’s evidence of me. 




Sue Dreamwalker

eyes Of Odysseus





Sindy’s Saturday Satsang


Barbara Franken






Little BIG life