Deadheading: Sagittarius Full Moon

I began with this Azalea in resplendent BLOOM
Then her blooms got tired—so added new pot and fertilizer to the bottom soil
Finally I commenced with deadheading and removing the blooms—their ovaries!

I just learned about this process. The ovaries of the plants are where the seeds develop and it never seemed so personal to me as to be involved in this very process. The deadheading helps the plant focus the energy and not waste it on developing seeds.

Calling in more focus for me in my life. I have vital energy and I want to use it with promise. I want to explore and trial and error, but I want to be fruitful in my efforts.

Nature requires us to have many lessons in our development. I received 3 gifted plants that have died simply because they were overwatered when I got them and the timing was bad—we have not had much blazing sunlight to match that water supply and the plants drowned and rotted at their roots. I seriously grieve the loses of the Zinnia, the Sunflower, and my transplanted fig tree. I’m still hoping that the fig can miraculously wake up!

Deadheading is supposed to make way for more blooms! Let’s see what happens. Meanwhile I have an orchid that I cannot kill. It has so much mana, so much vital energy, that it inspires me to be like it.

I was about to say “goodbye” for the second time but this orchids leaf is growing and saying “STOP” I am ALIVE!!🔥

Recently I have been doing my daily meditations that I got from Briana Borten. Her husband Peter Borten is an acupuncturist and she is a spiritual entrepreneur. She’s amazing! She’s inspiring. They are both the owners of The DragonTree Spa. She also has her own businesses where she leads spiritual processes, coaching, energy work, and many other super successful offerings for her mentees. I have to grow to be in her sphere because she’s super expensive. Anyways, she’s amazing.

I’ve also been working with Joe Dispenza’s meditations on a daily basis. My goal for this lifetime is to achieve true and full emotional balance and to build a network and community of individuals I can live and love with. I have been trying to build a community for years, but I’ve struggled just the same. This is the trial and error I speak of. In the meantime, I work on myself every. Single. Day.

Here’s to the FULL MOON in Sagittarius ♐️ at 14 degrees! The Sabian Symbol is “Reclaiming old teachings that pass the test of time.”

Well, you see, it all goes together? We are planting the seeds of our future every day, with hope and faith. Know that I sense your life and your glow. I am aware of how ALIVE you are, and I’ll never let you go! Rise and Bloom and let the energy begin from deep in your roots first. Raise your hands up! You are divine!

I must add this Dane Rudhyar video that goes exactly with this lunation:


This era is weird. We have so much social media—so many inside jokes, memes, small little culture clusters. Technology. Our language and communication is now very dominated by technology. We have social media that offers us quick canned responses, too. This is the trend. This is the dominating culture.

But blogging is different.

It’s more substantial.

I’ve been living in Southern California for about a decade. Before I came, the word on the street is that it’s shallow here. I waited for a while to form my opinion, but I think that’s true. It’s difficult to put into words, but the connections are harder to forge. It’s more about business and being savvy. When talking with clients sometimes I am told that this is also about the newer generations. Social media. Everyone exists on social media. I’m not sure if it is the younger generations pushing this momentum of more online validation, but I am hungering for something more authentic, more meaningful and substantial in our human to human interactions.

So, what to do?

How can we make a world for our children where it’s okay to be ourselves. Why have we gotten to the point of “influencers” as being the new standard for an expert. We have lost actual experts, actual legitimacy. What is valid and what is “real” is constantly threatened by the growth of tech adoption. Now, I’m a fan of tech in many ways, don’t get me wrong. I just have a strong wish for more relating and connecting and growth and less of the “likes and follows” types of validation that our quantifiable world has centered in on transactional validation.

What are your thoughts? Do you have some pros and cons? How can we strengthen humanity and what makes us human in the field of communication? What can be done?