ode to my new magical house

fit for starry nighttime visions

glowing morning opening decisions

will you rise and walk with your chicken feet like

baba yaga within my own fairy imagination?

Dear magical house–

Thank you for finding us: our bright cottage lush fruit tree and palm oasis

i can hear the laughter joining in with the birds!

i’m imagining my herb and wildflower gardens.

i can see the mansion in your wings and arms.

i can see the wilderness, forests and streams in your yard.

Thank goodness we found each other to enjoy companionship,

our new sweet house–full of childhood glow, sunsets, and easy sleepy nights,

morning inspiration and a luminous sky and deep ground to nurture

our new stories, and story times.

the sun will set with my happy, closing eyelids as your cozy, charming embrace

is already beckoning.

Tracing my daughter’s hand

I gave her fingers lots of space!

She says “draw my hand 🖐”

and this simple action

for me, is High art—

the art of masters, becoming young again.

Our combined intelligence

simplified into the elegance of

a single line drawn,

contour: a line developing into a form

One day she will sit in an art class

and draw what she sees, without

looking at her paper.

Because of me.

her request: “draw my hand”

is helping me illustrate one of the most

creative gifts of her body

As a baby,

she learned her hands quickly.

she studied intently.

Her hands were her first friends

enabling her into positions, and grasping my

finger well after that reflex had gone.

her fingers articulating quickly,

her hand in mine—always wanting my hand. Brave. And still always wanting my hand.

“Mommy, mommy, draw my hand.”


I want to find the wave form in all the particles

to know the linkage pattern in my own hero’s journey

when traveling, I trip on yarn wads left from my chaotic moments

Trying to salvage them for use to make a bridge of yarn 🧶

Or tie together the endless “loose ends”

Always looking at the wreckage as a mess

Rather than a treasure to unwind uncover unmask

Here in the center of my heart

All threads lead

I know home, but not how I got here.

Even though I am home; I am lost.

Creative consciousness

It’s all been written

Hi Friends!

I can wait until it’s time to do another blog post composition. Even more-so, I can’t wait until I have more time to visit your blogs, which keep me fueled with art, humor, and beauty!

Happy day to you! Since this last full moon in Cancer I’ve been so busy with lots of creativity in my energy field.

Archive Adventure: Elephant babies, ears, art

Baby Elephant at the San Diego Zoo, taken with iPhone zoom –not the best resolution

Before I was pregnant with my now-daughter, I had so many beautiful experiences letting me know what was on its way. My life often forecasts for me. It’s like a prophetic way of knowing your own life. There’s a “wind” of experience that blows through me gently and lets me know what is on its way. In the case of my daughter, her spirit had been with me since my 20s. Yet her spirit was yet in personality form. Now I am watching that personality grow! The elephants have always been a part of her journey; one of her many totems. We share this elephant messenger as well.

This is a picture of one of the most wonderful Turkish coffees I’ve ever had. Note the elephant.

Archives of 2018, sketch for unknown reasons (the best kind)
elephant ear plant
Look at how the light shines through!
Elephant Ear Varieties
Elephant Ear Plant

The image above is of an Elephant Ear Plant, as noted in the caption. These are not my pictures, but the rest above are. The drawing of mine and the meditation for me this morning is on this image of an elephant year (keeping typo). My love for nature has me nudged in sharing more:

Elephant Ear Tips to Proper Growing
The two main issues that may arise when caring for your alocasia plants are; dry air and cool temperatures. Elephant ears are tropical plants so are used to very warm, humid conditions. These things can be hard to replicate inside our homes so we’ve come up with some top tips to help you out: Your plant will appreciate medium-high humidity, to help increase humidity daily you can do the following:

Temperature and Humidity

1. Place a tray of pebbles with water underneath your plant to evaporate.

2. Mist your plant daily.

3. Place near a humidifier.

Problems with Elephant Ears:

• Brown leaves: Brown leaves on the Elephants Ear plant could be caused by two problems: Overwatering or the cold. Check your watering schedule and ensure that the soil is moist and not soggy. Check that the plant is placed in an area where it is warm enough, 15°C or more.

• Leaves are dry and/or crispy: Dry, crispy leaves are caused by low humidity. Increase humidity to address this.

• Crown, leaf spot, and stem or root rot: These diseases are caused by overwatering and usually appear as dark brown or black spots on the leaves surrounded by a yellowish rim. To prevent this, avoid over-watering, keep the leaves dry, and provide it with good air circulation. If your plant does get infected, immediately remove the infected and damaged leaves. Treat it with an organic Fungicide.

• Pale/Patchy brown leaves: This is caused by too much light, usually direct sunlight. This may also occur if you have moved the plant from a dark area to a very bright area too quickly. The plant may have been unable to adapt to its new surroundings sufficiently.

• Pests: to prevent an invasion of Mealy Bugs, Scale, Aphids or Spider mites you can spray your plant with warm soapy water every few weeks. This will also keep the large leaves dust free. If you do find that you have an infestation of pests, spray the plant with an ultra-fine insecticidal oil, such as Neem Oil. This will kill the pests as well as the egg.

Elephant Ear Plant Toxicity:
NOTE: The Elephants Ear plant is very poisonous and should be kept away from children and pets.


Lisa Hannigan Undertow

For 2022, I’m going to attempt the following format: “Adventure Achives” contains material of mine previously unpublished. I will include information about a plant I want to highlight, and a new song that has become highlighted in my life as a new favorite.

Covid is bringing us together

You can focus on political division and human perspective, ideology and personality, or you can focus on the fact that all human experience on the planet is facing a changing, mutating virus (and many of them) which is causing society to adapt.

Regardless of what you think policies ought to be, Covid is changing our daily lives. People out sick, understaffing, and tremendous change is the new storyboard. Shamanically, we are shedding our skins and purging a great deal. We are developing more deeply as a human race. I don’t use the term evolve because it’s a scientific term and it means something differently than the way people colloquially mean it. I have a lot of respect for the scientific process. Science is a verb.

This virus has infected nearly everyone or at some point will; we will overcome it. I do believe we should protect our most vulnerable. I also believe that we can move forward, not focusing on talking heads, but focusing on the fact that a biological mechanism is affecting all of us either directly or indirectly.

I absolutely believe that “Covid” is bringing us together, even thought it might not seem like it.

Cleverness fairy

We sort of hosted fairies this year for the holidays. They felt comfortable moving in next door 🚪 and brought their green rabbit 🐇 💚 which my daughter “little K” loved. The rabbit has mossy green hair. We are fond of rabbits here.

Fairy home 🏡

Not long after they moved in, they quickly put up a tree. Not too long after that I started to see their fairy lights on the tree. I think they put up their tree before we did, go figure.

Nighttime fairy home 🏡

I’m not sure what 2022 will bring but the end of 2021 was a lot of fun. Tonight I had the thought, while considering using prompts to write, if only the cleverness fairy would come and visit me. At this point, I would say, that anything is possible. Keep celebratin’ ⭐️🐇💚✨

Oh yeah! Happy New Moon in Capricorn! Now let’s get to happy work… preparing for the next shindig.

Comforts of the Season

Buckwheat Pancakes
“I am Cosmic“
“I am Restored“

This has to be my favorite Autumn to Winter season yet. It is full of connecting, warmth and fun. I started feeling better just in time for all my visitors, seeing lots of family. I haven’t been blogging in a long time, but I have been living “the good life“ offline. My daughter’s school closed unexpectedly so we got to enjoy her at home for 6 weeks while we worked from home.

I feel like I am energetically upgrading and preparing for new chapters in my life. I’ll be acting as an “elder” in one of my tribal classrooms, supporting others on the journeys and delving deeper into my own through one of the mystery schools I have been apprenticing in for a few years now. I’m really happy to revisit many of the mystical teachers I encountered on those journeys through the lens of holding space for others, as it’s second nature for me. I am now a licensed acupuncturist, and have been practicing acupuncture with a lot of family and balancing and doing distant energy treatments for family, mostly, but also friends, too. I see myself wanting to do more service work in the future on the side. I also haven’t opened my own office yet. I don’t think 2022 will be the year, but it might be 2023. In the meantime, I keep acquiring skills and learning through doing. Naturally I enjoy what I do. It pleases me to help people feel better.

The food and drinks above are from a restaurant called “Cafe Gratitude;” they have a beautiful environment and concept. The food is delicious and nutritious.

We celebrate solstice and Christmas here and just about everything Yuletide and magical.

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy New Year! I hope to write more poetry in 2022, but haven’t set a goal.

My feminine and masculine guides for the New Year are helping with balancing:

Also known as the “power couple” 😆

The current moon is in its balsamic phase and void of course… this is a relaxing, “go-inside” time to ready and prepare for the New Year 2022.


Sun rises with orange tasty smiles

Oats, eggs, and coffee mix with autumn

I hear the leaves crunch like cereal when

I’m walking outside.

Then there’s the design of the ocean

A stretching scape of smoothery

I love to hear the ripples and dance with the shimmer of golden mica sand

My home is a beauty.

a delightfully crisp autumn fog promising sunshine

Night chimney burning with cool morning mists.

My feet are dazzled by the shore while my head is in the mountains.

My home is a beauty

Rising land ambiance, rising mists, rising spirits.

Stillness in Freedom

A moment’s peacefulness can make up for many weeks’ strife. Never forget the power of a few moments of freedom.

Thanking God and Goddess for all the love that is everywhere, ready to receive all the trials, tears, and traumas of our planet. Dragonflies and butterflies are about, the wind is in the leaves 🍃 rocking the dry ones off the branch.

A day or two without pain is welcomed. The pain will probably return, but this moment is to be rejoiced! A sigh of relief. The road through life is hopefully long, and likely convoluted. There’s a moment to behold when our prayers are answered, for however long in freedom, we can embrace.

Painful life reflection

My situation has gotten worse the past few weeks after a short period (2-3 weeks of freedom from pain) but I still managed to pass my last licensing exam even after the pain returns. I did all 5 (in total) so I could be licensed in any state. Sitting for that last board exam, though, that in itself was a miracle.

But at this point, I’m more or less confined to mostly my bed, due to pain. The smallest amount I do causes me to become disabled in pain. It seems I am unable to be picking up my toddler anymore. She’s too young for me to feel okay with this. All the ways forward don’t have the best known results. All the procedures and treatments beyond the conservative ones which I’ve used for the past decade, all have consequences. I spend time in meditation and prayer for the best guidance and to have the best support. I have been a cheerleader for natural and non-pharma medicine but I am greatly disappointed with my outcome with using all medicines (including Western) I can find on the planet, including the one of my own inner guidance. I have surrendered, asked for complete assistance, but I don’t know how long I will be waiting to “find a reason for all this.” On the pain forums I’m on, I truly see many people in purposeless suffering. It’s sad. I’m one of them. I’m suffering. I’ve lost so much of my life to this “my” version of degenerative disc disease with painful herniation/protrusions and painful spinal nerves.

The truth is I feel unsupported, unappreciated and abandoned. I feel isolated and depressed often. I can’t even imagine ever hiking again or being able to take my daughter to the park by myself let alone if I were to be there only briefly with others. It feels like with these back problems I am guaranteed to miss out on enormous aspects of her life; those that would bring special joy.

My daughter needs me now more than ever and so much falls on my husband to do. Our house isn’t getting cleaned or organized as I would do. My life feels so chaotically stolen from me. The bright moments are all shadowed with this looming reality of debility. We have no supports, friends or family nearby. My in-laws just visited briefly. We are all aging. Everyone has some planned surgery. As an older mom, the possibility of these horrific circumstances do exist, and I’m living it. I’ve been fighting for nearly a decade to have the best quality of life for myself and for others and there were times I was winning. I have seen shamans and done so many healing techniques under the sun. I have prayed regularly with silent Unity. But, I’m not—right now—overcoming.

This is suffering. I know very well what it’s like. And, I’m still young.

I’m writing this so I can be less alone, less invisible, less burdened.

My birthday is this Saturday and it will be another quiet one. 41 years old. I will likely be crying as I have for many of my recent days.