5 min sketch

Thanks to Janet, from her blog and my virtual 5 min travels there, I soaked up the inspiration to give myself another 5 min to do a quick sketch. It’s inspired by the Shaman divination card I pulled for this 5 min drawing. What happens if you live in 5 min increments?

Also, I had more time, and I spent it on a call with the poet David Whyte. I’m keeping my inspiration alive in the shadows of others. This has been a long time strategy. I hope to offer support as I have received it. I hope my blog post inspires you to consider how meditatively or intentionally you can live in 5 minutes. I hope one day my work will achieve a worthiness for the attention it needs.

I’m not in the business of putting out polished work right now, but one day I would certainly like to be able to do that. In the meantime, I’m keeping that pilot light lit 🔥

I’ll be visiting everyone in those same 5 min increments, as I don’t have a lot of “free” time, even with the world-wide lockdowns. I just have all the stuff I’ve been procrastinating, waiting for me to give it my 5 minutes. So much of my time is given freely, as is yours….

Thank you 🙏🏽

5 min meditation

Hello 👋! I hope everyone is staying healthy and or moving in that direction. I know it’s a hard time for all of us.

I recorded a 5 minute meditation for you. It’s at this link:


I wanted to offer what I can to help bring some grounding and centering into your day with this recording. I’m feeling inspired today to do more meditations in the future but not sure when I will get to them. It’s something I would enjoy doing, just not sure about some logistics.

Would you be interested in listening? Would this be helpful for you at this time?

Looking forward to connecting again,

Love, Ka


Everything around me slowed down,

But I had not.

I could tell because I wasn’t absorbing

The sounds and smells and textures

Of the day.

I know because, on some level,

There’s a part of me who has been it all

And done it all, before.

I know there’s truly no hurrying to go anywhere,

Because there’s no where to go.

There’s still this animal part of me

That’s itching to be in a hurry

That’s anxious about tomorrow.

I can see it all. I can accept this part of me,

And I don’t even have to worry about it.

Beautiful awareness.

Pictures Herbarium, 2011, Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg (b 1955), shown at the Slow Art Exhibit in Stockholm 2012.

Pictures Herbarium, 2011, Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg (b 1955), shown at the Slow Art Exhibit in Stockholm 2012.

How much more slowly can I go? I am teasing myself with this idea, out of curiosity. It’s too tempting to speed ahead, but now is the perfect time to breathe deep, take a moment longer reading. Take a moment for myself.