Spontaneous Evolution: Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman (2011)

~“To Ka,  Thank you for being a co-heart on the journey!” ~ Steve Bhaerman

In 2012, luckily, I “ran into” both Steve Bhaerman and Bruce Lipton. Isn’t it interesting how that happened? I didn’t see these co-authors at the same time, nor did I see them in the same place. In fact, I didn’t even realize until now that I met both of the authors within roughly a year’s time – a year of massive change – 2012. If I did realize it, I probably forgot it already.

I’m thinking about it now because I was witnessing so much growth and evolution, so many thoughts and ideas zipping around WordPress in the most fabulous way.  I’m finding new blogs to read and making new friends and acquaintances in such a super-fast way.

It seems like there’s no person/blogger who is originating the thoughts or ideas that get shared – even in my circle, we are all sort of evolving at the same time into this new consciousness. It brings up questions like, ‘What is inspiration?’


I don’t know, but I’ll definitely add my contribution. “Talk UP to people,”  says  Steve Bhaerman in this video

[When I was an undergraduate I studied anthropology as I mentioned in a previous blog post, and one of the theories that came up for inquiry was about how biological structures can independently evolve. This is referred to as Convergent evolution. If you want, you can read more about it here. It’s a super fascinating subject. In fact, I don’t really understand it! There are competing theories. http://www.princeton.edu/~achaney/tmve/wiki100k/docs/Convergent_evolution.html]

I ran into Steve Bhaerman (Swami Beyondananda) and his lovely wife at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Santa Cruz. I just “felt” like going that day. I’m very ‘random’ like that.  By the way, that’s how I chose what I read in terms of blogging. As my sister says, “You always followed your heart.” It’s true; it has never underserved me. I read a quote today, it said, “an open heart is an open mind,” Dalai Llama XIV. This couldn’t be more true!

We had a very interesting conversation, Steve and his wife Trudy and I. He was kind enough to sign my copy of his book, and write: “To – Ka,  Thank you for being a co-heart on the journey!”

photo (7)

It feels good to be on that path, knowing that I am not alone. Others have paved some roads, and I will pave my own road *while* I witness what converges.

I definitely have to take a little break everyone – a blogging break! Things are moving too fasdalai lamat. It’s time for me to leave you with Bruce and Steve. I may pop back in now and then to share some astrology updates. The rest of story-telling will likely come after much rest; and, after I’m on break from Oriental Medical school.

Much love to you all of you! Happy forward momentum!

Heart Woman – Inner Knowing – Integrity – Francene Hart

Francene Hart
Francene Hart’s Sacred Geometry Cards

In honor of the strength of life itself, here’s a poem I love by Frédéric:


Here is Francene Hart’s revelation about the HEART WOMAN from Sacred Geometry Cards: For the Visionary Path

“This ‘Heart Woman’ is filled to bursting with the radiance of universal love and light from within. She holds in her arms three waterlilies, which represent our potential for enlightenment, and she is surrounded by vibrant, featherlike geometry borrowed from a 2006 crop formation. She stands firm in heart essence and here represents the highest and best of all.

This card requests that you, man or woman, connect with this woman of heart and your own inner knowing and core integrity. How might you more fully embrace life’s potential and live wholly from your heart? What must come to the surface in order for you to live your personal truth?

Be not afraid. Release feelings of inadequacy and realize that by the original integrity of your soul, you are a powerful being of manifestation. You are the beloved child of God, perfect and whole, nurtured and loved. Resolve today to connect with your inner knowing and the reality of your divinity.

This brilliance is fundamental to all beings. As you let your gifts shine, you also give other people permission to do the same. As you are liberated from the worry of not being good enough, your presence will without doubt liberate others. Allowing your light to be a beacon of support and encouragement in someone’s darkness may aid in liberating them from the shadow and dullness that holds many in doubt.

Stand fully in your own inner knowing and trust in the integrity of your heart.”


P.S. Here’s more about my story:

My Story

Cards: Back in 1998, I had laboriously cut out all these cards to make my own tarot card set.

Digression: At the time, I had just started as an undergraduate at university in anthropology (all of sub-disciplines interested me: linguistics, physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, medical anthropology). I took classes in each as well as astronomy. I also took very few studio arts classes, and garnered a film studies certificate with a dual degree in history of art and architecture. Global interests, I’d say, YES.

Cards: I guess I was thinking that I would create the images in that tiny little space I cut out for myself rather than make bigger paintings, and THEN scale them down to card sizes. I see now, years later, when there are lots of different types of cards on the market – that many people did this – and it was a smarter approach to make a painting first, and then to scale it down. I guess I was hoping that I could start these cards right when I had the idea, because I was really making them for myself, just me. The cards never happened. Luckily, many other people received similar inspirations, and we have so many beautiful cards on the market, and by purchasing them, I feel like I’m “housing” an artist. It takes one to know one.

Van Gogh, Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, Self-tortured

Back then, I was more into “making art” at the time, and surviving minimally. I was a tortured soul, a heavy smoker – then alcohol helped me loosen up. Luckily, again, they were temporary friends. That is, I would paint and feel artsy (angst-y for me), and mostly tortured. I had taken two classes on Van Gogh at this time, and read Van Gogh’s journals (I wasn’t even a big fan of Van Gogh), and I was like… wow… he’s really had a “hard go of it.” I remember asking, how much of this self-torture did he “create”? I also learned of the suspicion of his temporal lobe epilepsy, along with his brother Theo’s medical conditions and how those issues affected the quality of their lives, and close relationship.

NLP Thoughts

At that time, even while taking big drags of my cigarettes, I remember thinking NLP thoughts (I didn’t know it was NLP at the time).  I thought, what is it that ‘i believe’ that is causing me to experience my own pain and suffering. I wonder if I can change my beliefs and have a different outcome. I remember WHERE I had this thought. I was literally ‘at an intersection’ at the corner of Forbes Ave and Bigelow Blvd, right next to Hillman Library. I was probably on my way to work there shelving books or taking slide photos of paintings in books. I also worked as an ad clerk, and as an assistant to the graphics editor for the school news paper my freshman year.

I had struggled so much in my life, just trying to find love, sanity, and a peace within myself to love.  Well, the effort was worth it. I found it. It’s not a permanent condition of being invincible or enlightened; it’s just that I feel really nice in my own skin, most of the time – i also say this comparatively to older version of me – the sad heavy smoker with “so much to get over,” including those ancestral wounds that our whole family carried due to deep and tragic loss.

Hawaii ~ Aloha Forever ~

Fast forward to 2011, When on Kauai, receiving guidance to conduct ceremonies, and receiving the name ‘KA MALANA,’ meeting Kahuna’s at the most interesting of moments, and putting on the rainbow shield.  One friend who I met along the way tried to name me Pukalani, and I remember giving him shit about it. I didn’t want to be “heaven’s hole” – talk about missing the point.

Fast forward again to the wedding of me and my husband on the big island, and all the amazing miracles that led up to that and continue from that. Sure, I still had struggle lots of it – but these struggles could no longer consume me. I learned the magic of YES *and* look how beautiful nevertheless.” A story of vulnerability can be about taking your power back (from yourself – ego, whatever you want to call it), and living in your true light. Authenticity can look just like that. I quit smoking many, many years ago now. I barely remember how long it’s been. That’s how good it feels to “not look back” for anyone who wants to be where they are, still. I’ve left “old her” behind and I love her just as much as *if* I were with her. She is still me, but she need not leave me confined. For even in my dreams then, this rebirthed vision of myself was ever present. I could even see it in the natural growth at Angkor Wat, and I’m thinking back to the Dandelions in Frédéric’s beautiful post.

Wisdom of a Broken Tree

Seonaid’s posts are always so seriously awesome! While I had just written what I have typed here below, I paused and I found and read Seonaid’s post that I have reblogged. It feels like it’s in alignment with what I was experiencing _ but to me_ I hadn’t seen the message at the end, until now..

We are connected in ways we cannot imagine. There’s such a mystery to this experience of life that brings us everyday into the presence of love. We pass by others, we share our thoughts, our day-to-days, but there’s a clearer line of transmission, and this is the energy aspect of us that moves across space and time.

We move beyond space and time and show up at one another’s virtual doorsteps—it is actually in our hearts that we know one other intimately. The energy moves through us, and beyond us in ways we cannot imagine, lighting up grids and flowing like water into all the cracks and crevices that hold us fragmented.

We meet and greet, mapped together by energetic lattices, sewn into a tremendous quilt of story and connection.

Let every moment be endless breath-filled :::Aloha::: in the tenderness of spirit , and from the breath of Love & Life. Let us witness the gentle and tender connections we form.


Ancient dancing oak wood.JPG
I was walking yesterday, among the ancient twisted oaks, as the tail end of a hurricane swept across the land. I was sheltered on the forest floor, but high above me the branches bent and strained in the high wind, creaking and complaining. The leaves fluttered wildly in the wind stream, sounding like rushing water, and the energy of the storm excited everything. The dogs were a little wilder than normal, and all across the dry earth path, the tips of high branches lay scattered, thrown to the ground by the storm.

Broken oak tree.JPG
Then ahead my path was blocked by a sad sight. One of the ancient oaks had cracked and it’s huge old limb had fallen to the earth, still attached to the trunk. Despite the huge crack it’s leaves were still lush green, and then as I approached, I saw something amazing. Beautiful red ribbons were fluttering in the…

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Neptune: Olokun, the Goddess of Dreams and the Dark Realm of the Unconscious (Yoruba People, West Africa)

Here is the second part of my re-blogging of her two posts: Olokun & Neptune

Goddess Inspired

The blue-glowing planet Neptune is named after the Roman God of the Sea (Greek Poseidon), and just like the sea astrological Neptune’s character is vast, boundless and unfathomable. It rules over our dreams, our right brain and the unconscious.

These are all traits of the Waning Moon or Dark Goddess in Her aspect of the Keeper of Wisdom and the Bringer of Death and Decay. (See also “Moon Magic and the Triple Goddess“) At the end of our lives our bodies and egos are dissolved and once again we become one with the Goddess, our loving Mother. Figuratively speaking in eastern philosophy the death of the ego is needed to experience enlightenment and become one with the Cosmos.

There is no better allegory for the mysterious and dark unconscious part within us that is ruled by instincts and emotions than the unpredictable and seemigly bottomless sea. For that…

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Olokun – The Yoruban Goddess of the Deep Dark Sea

I’m hoping this blogger shares more with us. I love her work here with Olokun. I also agree very much with what she writes.

Goddess Inspired

Olokun is the Goddess of the Bottom of the Ocean of the West African Yoruba People. [1] At one time She was the Goddess of all Waters and all of the Oceans, for Her name means Owner (Olo) of Oceans (Okun). Today, especially amongst the New World Yorubas, Olokun is generally associated with the dark and cold bottom of the sea, while Yemaya, the Goddess in Her life-giving aspect, is linked to the light top of the ocean where plants thrive and photosynthesis takes place.

To understand Olokun’s nature we need to look at the nature of the bottom of the sea, a vast mostly unexplored dark habitat. The Abyssopelagic or Abyssal Zone lies 13,000 to 20,000 feet (4,000 to 6,000 metres) below the surface in perpetual darkness. The Hadal or Trench Zone lies deeper still. No sunlight ever gets down there. The pressure at such depths is phenomenal, about…

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Mars, Saturn & the Wisdom of the Opossum: Save your energy!

Mars is the “faster moving planet,” and it’s coming into conjunction with Saturn in the hidden sign of Scorpio (skilled at finding the bottom-line). This is called an applying aspect. Right now, Mars and Saturn are about 10 degrees apart – this is a loose conjunction. If I want to be strict, I use a 3 degree orb for interpretation (and it really depends on the aspect I am looking at. Is it major or minor?) – but, I’m speaking to a pretty sensitive group, and myself.

Sensitivity to energy can exist beyond normal constructs. I view astrology as a construct – albeit a useful one.

Mars conjunct Saturn:

Underneath the surface of everything is this super-intense energy of compression; it is building. Energy and drive is represented by Mars (the sexual urge), while Saturn is the Master of Old Age, restriction, limitation, and wisdom. Saturn’s really not into speedy delivery. Astrologers of the past used to look at Saturn as the “task master” and the server of karma in an astrological chart. Whew intense stuff, right?

Well, Liz Greene re-wrote one of the books on Saturn called, Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil, published all the way back in 1976. In academic standards (depending on what you are studying) that’s a while ago. In astrological terms, that’s pretty recent. It takes a while (not quantified on purpose), and lot of people (again, no number given) to form and shape something like astrology. But, here we ARE!

Feeling held back while still being propelled forward? (Mars conjunct Saturn)

By meeting with the controlling element, meeting with the teacher who’s helping you build your energy by storing it up, we experience compression. The teacher is your inner teacher. That’s who I am speaking to here.

That is: holding back when necessary *while* allowing restriction shape you.

Regarding Saturn, here’s a quote from Alice Bailey, Esoteric Astrologer, who is basically quoted on the page before the Table of Contents, in Liz Greene’s book, because astrologers and esoteric junkies don’t really work alone.

“When the disciple

knows Saturn as the God

who offers opportunity

and does not only

feel him to be Deity

who brings disaster,

then he is on the path

of discipleship in truth

and in deed

and not just


Opossum: What does the opossum have to do with all this?  He recognizes imminent death, and so he fakes it first. Why does he fake it?  He’s not being a trickster for any other reason, than he’s just smart, and knows that he must take pause. The opossum meets his/her limitation by knowing when to rest; he/she knows when to take a break.

Hexagrams and me

Hexagram 4

Once upon a time when I was an undergraduate student at the University of Pittsburgh, I took a class called “Great Minds of China.” This was year 2000, fourteen or so years ago. At that time I was already “using” tarot cards, mostly as an exercise to discover what was it “in me” that was speaking (was it just my intuition? I wasn’t getting auditory experiences upon waking until later). I also needed some help that no one really was effective at giving me. So, I did it myself. There was something deeper pulling me into awareness, seeking me. I had to know it – directly.

During 2000, I discovered the Yi Jing or I Ching from my Taiwanese teacher, who also taught me about Confucius, Chuang Tzu, among others who I probably forget, or remember, but don’t care to go into elaborating on right now. I’m sure these ancient sages wouldn’t be so hard on me for forgetting, as I am on myself. It is ironic, I know. But, maybe this just helps me boil down to the essentials: what is remembered.The Tao is effortless, after all.

I immediately began learning the hexagrams in 2000, and had the Bagua (or 8 trigrams, how I referred to them then, memorized). I kept most of this as a secret study. Just about everyone who knew me, though, knew about the astrology (accept for my family). It was simply easier that way, for me, to delve into things that didn’t seem very “scientific” to the outside, judgmental eye. Plus, this was scientific study for me! I wasn’t convinced about anything! I wasn’t deterred, either. I prefer direct experience.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago when I was still using Yi Jing for divination but mostly for study. Around the time I discovered it, I was taking a course about basic programming with Java. So, I was psyched about the binary code that is yin and yang.

Later, a couple of years ago, I tuned my mom into it, and she then found and told me about some interesting books that she started discovering to help her with casting and interpretation. However, that made me lose interest a little bit because we were on separate paths with it, despite the fact that it was somewhat fun to share something important to me. She’s (my mom) always been an interesting person, I might add. I’m so appreciative of that fact.

My guide was taking me on the journey that I was meant to travel, so I followed my guide & not my mom. I’m sure she’ll find it in her heart to forgive me. I’m sure she’s also benefited by my explorations as well. I pretty sure that she told me that she has, indeed, benefited.

Meanwhile, I had turned my attention elsewhere, but I never would have forgotten what I had begun.

It was only recently that I was reading a text on Qi Gong that I received recently from my father-in-law about someone that he respects, that I *finally* realized I haven’t cast a hexagram for quite some time.

Okay, so I realized it before he gave me the book. I added the part about the book to dramatize the story- and to show you how many connections and moving parts there are in this huge web of connection. Leading me to…

I’m meant to be exactly where I am.  (One day I’ll write about my Kung Fu and Qi Gong experiences in 2009) If I don’t, it’s probably because I’m writing about something I find to be more in alignment with my present.

Back to the main story: I hadn’t cast a hexagram using the coins that I brought back with me from China during my visit there in 2001.

Now I am learning about Chinese Medicine. Pretty cool.

As many things are coming full circle for me, I feel as though I’ve just begun. And, I have!  The hexagrams I cast today are “Youthful Folly” with all changing lines to “Revolution.” I cast them for my readers. I asked the Yi Ching what it wanted me to say to you.  I’m also leaving the meaning up to you. You decide.

Hexagram 4 (the beginning) changes to Hexagram 49 (fullfilment of the beginning)