Current Transits: Questions for you?


Hello there,

We are currently under the observation of the following transits. Though there are endless notable or discussable topics, my curiosity is about these:

Venus and Saturn are forming a conjunction within the same sign in Capricorn (quite close to Pluto!), and Uranus and Mars are paired up in different signs at 29 Aries for Uranus and 1 Taurus for Mars. Mercury and Neptune are coupled at 11 and 15 Pisces. These pairings could correlate with a number of manifestations, inner experiences, etc.

I’m opening up the floor for comments and curiosities, many of my readers and/or followers have already expressed interests in astrology, no matter how deeply or superficially.

Have you observed your life running along any of the themes “governed” by these transits?

* Venus/Saturn (in Capricorn)
* Uranus/Mars (end of Aries/beginning of Taurus)
* Mercury/Neptune (Pisces)

With Venus and Saturn we might be looking at values, resources, relationships (Venus) and experiencing longevity, limitation, consolidation (Saturn).

For Uranus and Mars we might be looking at spontaneity, unpredictability, surprises, technological innovations (Uranus) with assertiveness, intensity, passion, action (Mars)

For Mercury and Neptune we might be looking at thoughts, siblings, short distance trips (Mercury) with poetry, visions, art/film/photography, vision, confusion (Neptune).

Do angels?

do angels really hold up the world
or is it built on Science

and the zillions of moments of
quantum observations

that build these intricate
network systems, and

when you observe this in nature
in its complete perfection

not one human can emulate
the symphonies of color in a field
of wildflowers,

nor compose all the universes that
we mathematically deduce the vector
of, as we move through space,


there’s no stopping us.
we are angels,
and angels are we,

and still there are more angels

And, yes, there is Science,
and it’s wonderful.

Full healing

I dedicate this poem to the full
healing of a beloved:

Let time and space open,
and bring wholeness into your being
May you be filled with light
and balancing energy,
May the air you breathe recover your
spirit, and bring you into union,
so that your whole body is completely
healthy again.

Blessed be.

May this be the beginning of a deeper
healing for many, that joins us all together
and brings greater peace and joy for all.

Practical Materialism

fixing the bed,
making it soft.
deleting batches of emails,
joyous with
less electronic clutter –

time off from internet,
browsing, Click “erase”

deleting old contacts,
acknowledging time and space
and re-imaging relationships

washing the dishes
with love

this is the stuff of poetry!

you want more passion?
how about: find it in clarity?

moving energy on out
picking it up
for a moment,
and then, waving goodbye.

curtain draws

resuse, recycle, renew

the plants don’t wait for their
water, they make use of what they

tonight is a new night
yesterday was a different story

review, renew, receive.

Happy New Year of the Pig!
Venus transits Capricorn