The Planets Saturn & Jupiter


This image above is a photograph I’ve taken from an image in the book: Astrology, Magic, and Alchemy.  The painting is called The Planet Saturn. It’s a miniature from De Sphaera, 15th century. Modena, Biblioteca Estense.

In the image can be seen the dual rulership of Saturn, the waterbearer image (Aquarius) and the goat 🐐 (Capricorn). In the image, Saturn seems to be represented as a man, carrying a sickle and also a cane, as if to indicate old age.

Perhaps as depicted in the image, the power over death, and that for a long life, is in our own hands – if only we are to realize it. Yet most of us gaze outwardly with fear, understandably. Often the power seems beyond us. This begs the question for a more nuanced stance, and a depth of inquiry that rarely ceases.


Since Jupiter has moved into the sign of Scorpio, many of us are wondering what it means – what it means for us individually.  The image above is from a painting called Jupiter. It is a detail. It is by Jacopo Zucchi; Rome, Palazzo Rucellai, vault of Galleria.

In the image above we have Jupiter’s dual rulership represented, Sagittarius on the bottom left, and Pisces on the bottom right.

Are our heart’s asking for justice? How can we be more judiciously loving with ourselves?

Is there a being whose highest authority we can appeal to, who will listen to our woes, our trials and tribulations? A being more intimate than the one we all are connected to in our hearts? What about the peace within our own hearts? 

This New Moon in Libra is juicy and new – and it has a lot of energy to contribute to our  relationships. Take a moment and be present with who you are today, and in loving, full acceptance, say: “yay!” I am so grateful to share this space with all of you! 

Greetings my loves….

Happy Diwali! 🔥💕🌸


fill a cuppa

dew has rested on soft
resetting the land
and freshening the air

the birds
chirp into wakefulness
as darkness lingers,
the blankets of night
slowly lift

i find a younger version
of myself this morning
in this body that has lived
longer than its wisdom
lets on.

can we exchange our thoughts
for today’s perceptions?
begin emptying our heads

as we fill up a cuppa

Her Open Glow

When first I met her
I needed a relationship
that wouldn’t pursue me,
in the usual way.

I needed an intimacy
that moved with me,
as I moved.


She will not lead you
to still waters, nor even ask you
to take a drink. she doesn’t even
care if you pursue her.

She just loves.

She met me under a tree,
when I called to her, I saw
that she was the tree.


She doesn’t demand commitment,
nor sacrifice,
she but notices it, and gently
encourages me to
keep pacing myself.

keep finding ways to be gentle with you, she says.

She shows me how to love myself,
in this way.

I met her when,
I needed her voice to be the
gentlest, clearest, cut-through-the-bullshit,


she doesn’t define a gender.

she isn’t gonna hurt your heart,
to teach you a lesson.

you weren’t born for that.

she says, “oh honey, life just is,
love as much as you can”


you are an instrument, she said,
and self-correcting,
and self-regulating.

isn’t it neat how you get to
play differently
every day?

yes, some of this is painful,
but there’s a lot of joy, too.

there’s enough room in this
world for you, my dear.

you are allowed to exist.

don’t let anyone tell you
that you’re not an instrument,
that you are not beautifully
made of all the
sounds and all the colors,

and what you do here,

it matters.
it matters.

New Moon in Capricorn on New Year’s Day: Constructing the New Earth

Re-Blog; As I work to integrate 2013 with the present day – many things from 2014 are coming up. This post which I had titled, “Constructing the New Earth,” is appropriate now as much as it was then. We are still in the web of these larger patterns that are happening, Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and will be until 2024. Wishing everyone a lovely Sunday.

I’m re-weaving in my own life, drawing as I study. It’s a lot of fun! In the past, I had disciplined myself from drawing so that I could focus fully on the subject that I was studying. Now, and with more research, there’s been more kindness surrounding how we do things. I’m bringing it all back in 🙂 at my own pace 🙂 I love the work that I do, every day! My new English mantra has been “a little bit at a time.” Turtle energy 🙂 Earth energy. Reconstructing the New Earth from within. This morning’s meditation session was uniquely plentiful. Happy Sunday everyone!

Fiesta Estrellas


“The pottery wheel is symbolic of what he builds his ambitions on. When he feeds it a lot (“colossal” amounts) of clay, he is being ambitious.” Image and quote from Aesop Rock Lyrics page @

As I look forward to this New Year 2014, I know I am not alone. I know that there’s this whole blogging universe of conscientious people.  As I read many blogs in the blog-o-sphere, I begin to notice that I can relate to a lot of writers in ways I hadn’t even realized. It’s true; I feel most connected with those who are on a spiritual journey, especially in the context of many lifetimes, serving humanity from places of much personal and spiritual exploration.

I feel SO connected to all these beautiful-hearted people, who just like me, are sharing a bit of their experience, knowledge, and inspiration!  I see some really beautiful things happening…

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be gentle


while connecting with nature,
the human wanders in, through the
eye on the stone.

goddess hasn’t spoken with
feathers in a whiles,
she prefers the nudges
to strong declarations,
the gentle tears,

to the deluge.

her anger need not be so wrathful,
her transformation not so ultimate.

there are gentle ways to call in
changes, and changes do not need to be
dramatic, nor colorful, to be effective.

let the subtle speak more today.

Guided Meditation, Vipassana Tradition

This moment came up thanks to one of my newer blogger friends. There’s a lot of continuity building in my life, and I was able to facilitate the meditation this morning, again. Comments are fine and lovely – it’s always amazing what a ‘like’ can do: let’s someone know you are reading and just being present and listening 🙂 Thank you, you know who you are 🙂

Fiesta Estrellas

Hello friends, new friends & visitors!

Last week I led the meditation for our Clinical Counseling class. I received some good feedback.

Today, I thought about adapting the script and posting it here. From what I understand, this is from the Vipassana tradition.

Here’s a good description of Vipassana

“To focus impartial attention on the present moment is the hallmark of vipassana. There is awareness and acceptance of whatever is occurring in the immediate now, without judging or adding to it. We see things as they actually are, free of subjective associations. Systematic vipassana practice eventually eliminates the cause of mental and physical pain, purifies the mind, and results in a stable happiness that isn’t affected by moods or outward circumstances.

Vipassana meditation comes from the tradition of Theravada Buddhism. (The Theravada school is based on a group of texts called the “Pali canon,” which is widely regarded as the…

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A peacock at a park, happiness, and my mom

Fiesta Estrellas

photo 2(1)

I saw a beautiful peacock on Friday.

It is also my beautiful mother’s birthday today – I am honored to be her daughter. I am grateful that she brought me into this life to learn, and to develop; in all honesty, she always encouraged me to be myself. She wanted me to become whatever it is that I wanted to become–nevertheless–I always still wanted to please her, and everyone. I thought by making other people happy, it would make me happy -maybe because this often does work out that way.

I also learned it’s much easier now. When I’m happy, other people are happy because they love me, too. They can share it with me. This was a big lesson for me. I can be bright, and it doesn’t ‘make’ anyone else feel bad or unloved. It’s my choice. It’s their choice to be happy, and to go for…

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Benison: Shells are for Growing in.

When we try to “do it all” we grow more, so that we can do more. I’ve spent most of my life outside of my comfort zone. I write publicly, I published a personal book of poetry, which is still available for purchase here. You can buy it, read it, and add your own review. I’ve studied anthropology to learn about different cultures, so that I could make sense of peace and how and why sometimes it doesn’t happen. I’ve traveled to places where I didn’t feel comfortable. I’ve moved a lot, and sometimes into situations that didn’t feel comfortable. I’ve somehow managed to survive discomfort.

Here’s what’s what:

I’m not going to let go of my blog, because I can’t reciprocate by visiting all of your blogs, and showing my interest (even though I am interested!); but in the spirit of the season, I’ve had some sniffles and some aches, and I’m letting go of all of that which does not serve me. I’ve had to miss class for the first time. So, what is happening, is that I’m graduating into a more realistic version of myself – here’s what I can do, and let it be for me, what I can do for me. Because without ‘me,’ I am no good for anybody.

That said, I titled my picture below: “Shells are for Growing In”


I earned my shell, as much as my wings.

Using bibliomancy, I opened up 2 days ago, to this particularly apt passage from my favorite Rumi book, gifted to me from an old friend who “left my current reality” years ago, when he became a Buddhist monk. My friend and I shared a close friendship, and right when he was at the gateway to his “new life,” he turned back to me and said to me in a letter, “Thank you for encouraging me to follow my heart.” Greg L. Those words were the magic words that let me know: I had been doing a good job.

Happy Virgo New Moon- and now for RUMI, before I run off to do many more things, some things just unjoyful busywork, for now:

Dear Readers, collectively, thank you for encouraging me to follow my heart.

Without further ado, words from the ever popular and magnificent Rumi:


A human being being human, out of breath,
burns the strangers to ash,
and breathes deeper.

Completely gone, the new moon
is able then to become the new moon.

Autumn anger turns wistful in early spring.
Language-headaches smoothe their brows.

Let the military hero fight barehanded
with lions and elephants.

When you drift up, remember: Fold in on yourself
as clouds do to open downward
their water bags of rain.

Reflecting on Autumn’s Past

It’s the turn of the year again, soonish
and I’m anticipating another very busy schedule,
at least that’s what I’ve signed up for.

I still try to visit blogs as much as possible,
and will focus in on my current blogger book list.

Those that I’ve invested already in.

While I get things together at home, and find myself,
my attention is turned to this wonderful Virgo Sun.
She draws me back into my Earthly needs,
to soothe and to fix, to sort and to order.

Self-care and loving center hearth’s embrace.

Mr. Ka’s most repeated quote to say is, “After ecstasy, laundry.”
Mine is, “don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.”

Even after the epic eclipse period, we have a continued planetary presence of Sun and Mercury in Virgo with Mercury still retrograde, while Mars conjoins the North node in Leo. Mars has featured very strongly in this recent time period, and as we look inwardly to where we can make the difference in our own lives, and bring about our greatest active compassion closest to home, we can learn a lot from these transits, while also keeping some forward gaze, realizing that the planetary weather, is just weather, and there’s certainly been a bit of planetary “hot air” 😉

Here’s a collection of photos from our Autumn’s past, all photos by me, except for the one of me. Courtesy of Mr. Ka ❤
mossy heart.jpg


The Seven Requirements Of Love ~By Andrew Harvey

I absolutely loved this post! I agree with it. My reading list expands again. I’ll want to seek out the whole book. Meanwhile, I’ve been moving slowly through my current text, “In Search of the Medicine Buddha” by David Crow. I have a couple of bloggers books in queue after that, but I haven’t been reading as quickly as I was a few weeks ago. I notice that during Mercury retrograde I often extrovert, (as an extroverting introvert). Also tend to communicate more that I don’t feel is “ready,” to share but, it’s an energy release. It’s awkward to talk about oneself, even if I do it, anyways. I’m simply emptying for tonight’s sound journey! Be fearless, my friends! I saw Spain’s response to the recent terror attacks, “I am not afraid!” This gives me chills – this is the heart of Leo archetype. They makes me emboldened.

Evolutionary_Mystic Post

Image: Tomasz Alen Kopera

How to Develop an Evolutionary Relationship

It is critical to remember that this crisis we are facing is a crisis in which the sacred powers of love in the human soul are being diverted by distraction, by greed, by ignorance, by the pursuit of power, so that they never irrigate the world and transform it. What is needed is a vision of evolutionary relationship as a relationship that helps us come into the real, take responsibility for it, and enact our sacred purpose with a partner, and for the world: when two lovers come together in this dynamic love consciousness, they create a transformative field of sacred energy, from which both can feed to inspire their work in reality.

There are seven requirements necessary for evolutionary love to emerge in the world.
There are seven requirements necessary, I believe, for this tremendously potent vision of evolutionary…

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A Candle for Peace, Dragonflies


Neither of the photos in this post were taken by me, these are open source stock photos. I haven’t been able to get to my photography love in a while. I’m barely catching up with where I left off with ‘my’ astrology, and all the people in my worlds, and my inner being.

I’m devastated by what has been happening. I’m not going to go into it at this time. I’m also experiencing a lot of growth and peace and a lot of connectivity – I’m on break, so I have the time to schedule and block out appointment time with friends, and for myself.

Two days ago, the green space in front of my house was filled with at least 50 dragon flies. I’d say that’s highly symbolic for eclipse time. A time of great change (every 6 months), but this viewable – in the United States –  ‘total’ eclipse is more intriguing to people; and therefore, there’s a lot more interest and energy going on ‘about’ it, and well, into it.

Dragonfly Symbolism


RE-Blog of Full Moon in Capricorn Post, 2014, 7-12

As I have been attempting to sort out my computer and clean out a number of things in my downloads folder, I came across this post that I had written, here, on my hard-drive. Fortunately since it is here on WP, I can delete it from my hard-drive. This is the best way that I know to “utilize” Mercury retrograde (clean and review) and mostly it has just come up naturally to use this time as such — years of practice, I guess, when it’s convenient.

I can basically be not looking at an ephemeris and have my head in the sand, and still get my universe’s memo. Interesting to note in one of my comment replies on this older blog post from 2014, I mentioned that I interpret Saturn as in my 7th house. It all depends on the house system one uses. However, I have been interpreting Saturn in my 8th house, and tending more to Koch rather than Placidus systems as of recent years, more definitively. It’s on the house cusp, which often astrologers will interpret for that house because the idea is that energy falls away from the house “angles.” All of this is why over the years, I’ve sought to interpret my astrology readings based on ‘experience’ as the clarifying factor. Meaning, ‘what actually happens.’

It’s also reasonable to consider an experience that fluctuates based on transiting aspects, progressions, etc.

The really interesting point about finding this particular document, and the reblog, is that I have been contemplating the Saturn/Pluto conjunction on January 12, 2020 at the end of the second decan of Capricorn. Having my nodes there (trine in aspect – to Leo II) recently activated at the lunar eclipse on August 7th. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes forth -it’s likely to be related to this August 7th lunar eclipse and my natal nodes, as this will also be strongly activated with the Stellium that forms in Capricorn around the conjunction and new beginning for Saturn/Pluto. Times sure are interesting. This August 21st eclipse is at the end of the 3rd decan of Leo. Fortunately I can use my S.Node in Aquarius skills to detach from the current fray and my N. Node in Leo to focus on what’s coming on the horizon for myself. In the center of the astrological wheel, of course, is Earth, or the integrated being (hub of the wheel).

The original or alternative version of this post, written but not published in 2014, is now included after the published re-blog post (after the asterisks). Boy, that just sounds confusing!

Fiesta Estrellas



Moon loosely conjunct Pluto ~8 degree orb

Sun loosely conjunct Jupiter ~9 degree orb

Jupiter @ 29 degrees Cancer and about to ingress (enter) Leo.

Active grand cross in Cardinal signs


My contemplation lately, my personal journal, and my astrological reading for the ‘Full Moon’ in Capricorn has been centered around this idea of “discipline.”

What is discipline other than to “show up” for what you signed up for? Stick-to-it-iveness. I mean to be really ‘present’ with your goals, devoted. I’m sure this thought of mine evokes some of your own thoughts. I do hope you will share them below.

I think discipline is also based on the word “disciple.” One acts as a devotee to something, even if nothing but to the process itself – the inner development. In other words, I think of discipline as being devoted to the process of self-development, relationship development…

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Courageous living, Solar Eclipse

There is no outward representation for peace.
we can look to examples all around us,
and while there might be evidence of the opposite,
the creator force inside us

if we shine our attention on It,

can motivate us to rise out of bed,
can motivate us
to face injustice,
can help us hold our core values
within our hearts,

despite what is happening –

though I do think this is not easy
all the time, and therefore, like holding oneself
by virtue of the muscles of ones own legs,

one needs to rest from time to time
in the center of one’s own being

for a while,
for renewal and for strengthening.

Inside us is the whole peace ensemble.

Inside us is the access to trust,
Inside us is the fuel for living through –
and beyond the terrible rage that threatens with violence,

which is only the weather –
that must pass,
for it cannot stay forever.