Leaving the hobbit hole only so briefly

when it’s springtime and the hobbit hole is so perfectly comfy,

but its super bright outside –

it might not be the time to write a poem, or gaze slowly and languishingly into your glowing glass of tea.

to celebrate your everything comfy,

or recollect whether not you are hitting your mark, and being in your daily diligent meditations,

being a good hobbit,

so you get out your broom and brush,
and put on some of that music that’s already playing in your head,

and you get to whistling,

and each step brings you closer to thick forest, as you sweep.

and maybe the critters are stirring more underneath your feet,

and maybe the clouds are articulating
and so


can not be


Participating and playing vs. Observing quietly



My title is a spin on my natal nodes and the current transiting nodes (at this point I’m looking forward to the Cancer N./Capricorn S. nodal transit).

The images above show the blur of engagement and activity, while the reflective, observant images are clear and crisp.

Having my 2nd nodal return in the  set of approx. 18 year cycles, it reminds me – again – of the “ping pong” and “intense” nature of the opposition (180Degrees) aspect generally, and then how the one in my natal chart Sun – Leo/ opposite Ascendant – Aquarius, gets emphasized, with nodes like this. Certainly this form/body cannot be everywhere and doing everything – so observing one thing at a time, has been the respite, saving-grace! Staying out of drama, hype, comparison… I’ve completely been scaling back my social media to its virtual non-existence. Not saying that it is permanent, but I am not eager to return to social media anytime soon. Self/Other was never a dichotomy for me, but boundaries are a necessity.

But this blog is a unique form of social media – it’s reflective and meaningful. It’s second only to reading books – which is what I try to do in my non-existent “free time.” I’ve only barely completed a few books, while I have consumed multiple tv show series, no doubt – just anything to be a little bit easier. I enjoy reading a book, far more, since social media.

These photographs that I’ve taken and shown here are several months old now, and as I continue to work on my photography skills, appreciating my subjects, more recently I’ve not had much energy to return to my blog to feature these marvelous faces, nor to embrace my writing publicly and with others, nor to discuss the ‘here and now.’ Part of that reason, is that I, have been on vacation after a *very busy and eventful trimester working with others and on myself* and maybe, I will return, from that vacation/ spiritual “retreat” – ‘one day’ in blog world, but I’ll start to return to the day-to-day offline world, first, and I have.

I feel deeply connected, so I’m not worried. So many pujas later…and time spent in the woods of the great green earth…

A lot has been simmering for me, and while it may seem like I am not experiencing a dynamic time here via Fiestaestrellas.com – if you are aware of some of the current transits – Western astrological version…

  • Mercury station direct and all the airplane news &
  • New Moon on April 15th at  26 Aries
  • Saturn SR on April 17th
  • Chiron ingress Aries
  • Sun ingress Taurus, form, matter
  • Pluto SR on April 22
  • Venus ingress Gemini
  • Mercury Square Saturn
  • Mars/Pluto Conjunction
  • Full Moon on April 29 at 10 Scorpio

…. you’d know that I’m undergoing quite a bit of transformation, and that process looks different all the time. It shifts quickly to and fro, and while the ‘3D’ appears to be fluctuating, the eternal experiencing is ever-present, calm, enjoying the show, and embracing all the moments. I remain ‘undecided’ about most things and am mostly enjoying that ride, despite certain times of definite and specific discomfort, which fortunately leaves quickly. I am cultivating what Napolean Hill has coined, “a definite and specific purpose.”

There’s a lot of energy in the collective field.

I’ll be taking, potentially more time away from blogging, and dedicating myself more to my day-to-day offline activities, but I do hope to resurface here and there from time to time with greater purpose, and with more clarity at some sort of ‘one-day’ stabilizing point. I eagerly await Uranus’s move into Taurus, and as I pull into my center… I enjoy uncovering more from my core. In my Ascendant chart, Uranus will be linking to my 3rd house of neighbors, siblings, and closer networking – opening up the mind – which it has begun to do! With my ascendant ruler in Scorpio and all my Cancer planets – you might imagine: I like my privacy, and my transformational cave.

~ * ~

Thank you to all who have been a part of this blog, and who continue to be the celebrating shining lights of sparkle and joy in this world, bringing passion and compassion into your every-day, and in the blog world where I can see you. I look forward to providing another update or two before I take another dive into the deep…

Aloha, Ka

For those who have actually read this blog post in its entirety, I am so grateful that YOU are here. Most of my blog posts are very short and don’t require a lot of time and attention, but that may change in the future. In this post, I am rambling, but right now… it’s enough to pass.

A Different Sort of Astrological Metaphor: New Moon in Aries, Birth of a Neuron

The Aries New Moon occurs on Saturday, April 18, 2015, at 2:57 PM EDT and 11:57 AM PDT.

I’ve been thinking, and temporarily concluding, that there is very little real individualism (Aries) in life. We are each a composite of our relationships (Libra), and the forces that shape us are our social structures. Even the past decisions that we make have consequences independent of us, that shape us beyond our new decisions. To add more to metaphor: If Aries is the stimulus, then Libra is the response. Something new and awkward is happening to me. Finals are over. We bought a house. My brain is balancing.

The Sabian symbol for this Aries New Moon is “Music of the Spheres.”

Recently I picked up a book called, “A Symphony in the Brain,” by Jim Robbins. It’s about the field of neurofeedback and reads, at least to me, a little bit like an Oliver Sachs book yet from the perspective of a deep-diving journalist. Regarding the symphony aspect of the brain, Jim Robbins writes,

“The four parts of the brain, as well as myriad areas across the surface of the cortex, must ‘talk’ to one another constantly, and the brain accomplishes that by means of a vast assembly of tiny electrical devices, the neurons or brain cells. Neurons are like microscopic batteries. Their membrane builds up a charge electromagnetically and then releases it, over and over again, in the form of what is called an “’action potential.’”

What is powering this symphony is undifferentiated energy – metabolism that gets specialized along the lines of the axons and received and networked by as many as a hundred trillion connections. But even that is an over-simplication of what makes an individual look and behave like an individual, considering all the undifferentiated parts that actually make him or her up.

A Symphony in the Brain, the Aries New Moon, and the Sabian symbol for the new moon have got me making my own connections. Aries, here, represents the undifferentiated aspect of energy. It is the spark of a neuron, but it needs the support and direction/pathways of the network to bring a spark into an idea, its synthesis; that is, it needs to be defined through relationship (Libra). Let’s label the glial cells as Libran, again for the sake of metaphor.

I’m looking at this New Moon in Aries as the birth of new neuron. Perhaps its signal will travel from Wernicke’s area to Broca’s area (in the brain), to vocalization, to WordPress. Will this neuron survive? It’s only one tiny neuron in the midst of many, many.

“At birth, a baby’s brain contains 100 billion neurons, roughly as many nerve cells as there are stars in the Milky Way, and almost all the neurons the brain will ever have. The brain starts forming prenatally, about three weeks after conception.”  http://umaine.edu/publications/4356e/

But let us consider that unitary neuron. According to Robbins, “Each one may make from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of connections with other cells, which means a total of perhaps ten to a hundred trillion connections.” That’s a lot of action potential!  By the way, you’re likely to find new neurons in the hippocampus only, not anywhere else. See the quote above. We are born with most of our neurons already present!

So….What’s happening in your life that has a lot of ‘action potential’ right now?

New Moon in Aries: The action within the movement


A couple of blogs ago I wrote about Mars and initiation. I’m not sure if it will become a series or not, but it’s definitely a theme in action. Now, as I look at the New Moon, it’s filled to the brim with Aries/Mars energy!


First, the New Moon is sandwiched between the Sun (definition of New Moon in astrology is Sun/Moon conjunction) and Uranus in the Mars-ruled sign of Aries. Second, the New Moon opposes retrograde Mars in Libra (Aries counterpart).


Mars in Libra conjuncts the N.Node of the Moon, and is opposite the New Moon. The node is the point where the moon’s path crosses the ecliptic, and it indicates the evolutionary direction—in evolutionary astrology. The North node is the future trajectory, while the South Node describes the evolutionary past of the soul. With the Mars in Libra conjunction to the transiting N. Node, we are sent right back to Venus (Libra-ruled) to connect the dots.


Venus and Mars are the dance partners in this show of planetary design. The themes of right/left, male/female, passive/active, etc. The main theme is initiation. Ask yourself how you have started relationships (Venus) in the past (S. Node in Aries). Transiting Venus in Aquarius will help you to be more objective about what you see when you look. It will help you to keep a reasonable distance to examine your relationships with a “cool” mind.


Venus and Mars are in sextile to each other during this New Moon, showing that masculine and feminine energies unite in relative balance, with a tad bit of work.


Nevertheless, the new moon brings us right into the larger pattern of Pluto square Uranus, since Uranus is conjunct the New Moon, while squaring Pluto and Jupiter. You know, the biggie that everyone is talking about? Seven exact aspects spanning 2012-2015, transforming everything… What’s Jupiter’s role in this?


The Jupiter and Pluto opposition is asking us, “what’s possible?” and likewise, “what is impossible?” This is your chance to expand (Jupiter) your home (Cancer). Also, you can transform (Pluto) the structure (Capricorn) of your work, your business.


The presence of Saturn (in mutual reception with Pluto) still calls for restraint, and boundaries. Why? Because, we are still working out the negotiations (Libra), and involved in deep processes of self-(re)discovery (Uranus), for something that will be fairly long-lasting (Saturn).


When we have such intense aspects within the Aries/Libra archetypes, we want balance but not the stagnation that comes with perfect balance. I’m sure those very Virgo-identified are wondering why perfection has been “taken off the table” for such a long time. In other words, why are we working so hard?!  Well, Capricorn wants results, measurable and substantiated results – and Pluto carries the wreaking ball of transformation, er… the hidden key.


When Pluto is in an Earth sign, all the Earth signs are affected, since they form a natural trine.  Re-forming the Earth is happening: that means how we serve others, our work (Virgo), and our values (Taurus) are moving with Pluto in Capricorn. They are like the arms that have to move with the body. Remember, we need a body to drive the chariot – to light the kingdom of heaven on Earth.


Happy New Moon!

Ka Malana ©2014


Image credit: original is unknown. retrieved from http://meditationvisualizations.com/order-of-melchizedek/

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, October 18, 2013


I’m looking at the chart for the full moon lunar eclipse on October 18, 2013 @ 23:37 UT and 3:37 PM PDT. I see a lot of hot energy. Not only is the full moon in Aries, the super-firey 1st sign of the zodiac, but the Sabian symbol for this full moon is full of energy too. Jupiter is in square aspect to the full moon which is opposite the North Node. This energy is for expansion. We need this energy to move forward, just like Aries- the starter of the zodiac- wants to move.

Jupiter is sitting in the sign of Cancer, home and domesticity, real-estate, also cooking, gardening, and nurturing, motherly energy. Jupiter is hooking up with transiting Mercury in Scorpio, planet of thinking and flexibility in the sign of shared resources and joint ventures (Scorpio). I’m so optimistic about Jupiter’s presence here (after all, it’s the planet of abundance). In traditional astrology, Jupiter (even when not in harmonious aspect with another planet) has a good reputation.  Jupiter wants to help you envision a greater vision for your life.

Let’s take a look at the Sabian Symbol for Aries 26: “A Man, possessed of more gifts than he can hold.” This image certainly reinforces Jupiter’s abundance and brings us to see a lot of creativity at home, lots of proverbial ‘irons in the fire’ and multiplicity of talents, unopened gifts. Since this picture on its own can be interpreted as ‘too much at once,’ let’s look at the Sabian Symbol for Libra 26. This Sabian symbol (same degree of Libra as the full moon in Aries) shows how the sun has progressed from its point at the new moon, when the sun and moon were conjunct (side by side). At the full moon, the sun is opposite the moon and represents a balancing point (even more so in Libra).

Libra 26: “An eagle and a large white dove turning into one another.”  We have it here folks – the way forward is to recognize *both* the eagle and the dove. Acceptance is its own gift, for the teacher (eagle) is the one who brings insight for peace (dove). In Roman mythology, the eagle carries Jupiter’s thunderbolts (Zeus to the Greeks). The dove’s coos symbolize patience and kindness – be at peace.

I’m confident that the quincunx presented at the new moon causing discomfort and the need for recognizing adjustment by conflicting planetary urges (planetary energies involved with Uranus) will start to show us some creative solutions – or changes to our thinking and communication (Mercury) which is pretty much as good as anything external changing.

A lunar eclipse traditionally has longer affects than a full moon without the eclipse.  The November 3rd Solar eclipse will follow, and that chart has a lot of fun aspects to talk about. Easier energies on the way in that chart! Just about all our eggs will be in the Scorpio basket by then. So pay attention to who you are teamed up with! You may not want to do some of this alone. Scorpio is the sign of sharing assets (and liabilities).

For now (October 18th eclipse), there’s always room for optimism when Jupiter is involved – no matter how much dirt the Uranus transit is kicking up in Aries. In fact, the Aries lunar eclipse will be more cordial with Uranus since it’s in the same sign – could also mean double the impact–>more unpredictable, out-of-the-blue, “weird” Uranian happenings.

From now and through November, tend to your inner fire, make constructive use of your drive and ambition – let it be focused on yourself (such as Aries would have it anyways, as Aries doesn’t really draw up such distinctions, but is more a primal force). Mars will be playing a strong role for a little while since it’s trine Pluto in Capricorn, trine the eclipse full moon, and Mars rules Aries.

The energy of Aries is about the head – the front of the body. Think of the phrase, “jumping in head first.” It’s gonna give you initiative, starts, and sparks. It is not the staying power of other signs. Cancer (where Jupiter is right now) is a water sign and Aries is fire sign, normally these signs don’t sit at the dinner table together without much ado. Give them a good subject to discuss so they can channel their energies together and not cause too much squabbling. They are both cardinal signs indicating the need to take a direction.

Uranus will be quincunx Saturn in Scorpio, indicating that our inspired solutions and some of our very awesome individual ideas, our need for freedom, may not be too easy to influence others, or to ‘breakthrough’ just yet. Attempts will be challenged by the dictates of the current structures (and really of our own past self making).

Nevertheless, the Sun trines Neptune (harmonious angle) and this gives us a transcendant, graceful aspect of spiritual help: if you can ask for it, and are open to receiving it. This can be in the form of compassion, art, or channeled information. Neptunian energy is angelic and psychic, tied to sign of Pisces.

Finally, let’s finish with a note about all Saturn’s hard work. Saturn is really holding everything together for everybody. Saturn is trine Neptune. Saturn is also conjunct the North Node, conjunct Mercury, and trine Jupiter and Pluto. These are all very nice aspects for Saturn, so if you show discipline in whatever your aims, a certain non-dramatic “stick-to-it-ive-ness” will reverberate in your favor.

Image from ilikewallpaper.net

Aries New Moon, April 3, 2011

Aries New Moon and the First Law of Thermodynamics

This picture represent “heat” taken from a physics site, http://www.splung.com/content/sid/6/

The new moon will take place in the new moon chart’s 11th house, so the emphasis will be on starting projects, working in the community and with groups or associations, and finding a new orientation toward the desires and wishes of communities. The Ascendant is at Gemini sextile Jupiter in 11th, so there will be many opportunities with collective projects to discuss and communicate the vision for the future.

Saturn will be oriented in the 5th house in opposition to the new moon in the 11th, indicating that individuals will be challenged by obligations and other restrictions held by the domain of Saturn in Libra—restrictions are with authority.  Saturn in the 5th house also indicates major fear around taking risks because of the profound change that will come to relationships (Saturn square Pluto in 7th).

How this transit is dealt with will have a lot to do with the current maturity and development of the emotions of those involved (11th house moon trine N. Node). We may also be influenced by the feelings and suggestions of friends with regards to risk-taking, either with romance, art projects, children, or gambling and investments (5th house). In some cases, our responsibility to our children (5th house Saturn) or their issues will highlight the challenges we experience with our hopes and dreams.

Pluto in the 7th house sextiles, Neptune, Venus, and Chiron in the 9/10 houses of the new moon chart indicating that our future direction is unclear (Neptune) and we want to see more diplomacy and beauty (Venus). Nevertheless, while Pluto squares the Mars/Uranus conjunction during this new moon, plus or minus 2.5 days, there will be more unexpected uprisings with the pursuit to extricate individuals from powerful and oppressive governance and establishments (Pluto in Capricorn). Current societal power-constructs are very much under duress.

Sabian Symbol, from Elsie Wheeler for the new moon (Sun, Moon conjunction) is Aries 14: “A Serpent Coiling Near A Man And A Woman.” This symbol connotes the presence of temptation. It’s also the symbol of a powerful, healing energy presence.  Opposite this moon Saturn at Libra 14, Sabian symbol: Libra 14: “In The Heat Of The Noon, A Man Takes A Siesta.” Here’s the balancing point: Using one’s energy with wisdom. Preserve power, use it only when the environment supports that it will be most effective. Also, the snake can coil for many reasons, sometimes protection, sometimes to prepare to attack, sometimes to keep warm. But the basic symbols are consistent with the same principle. A man sleeping during noon is conserving his energy at a time when expending it would be most exhausting (when it’s most hot); and, a snake maneuvers itself into a coil or spring to increase its potential energy and position itself most effectively for attack.  One is reminded of “the metabolic cost of growth.” Be careful not to overdo, or waste potential energy. Use the conditions of your environment, consider the level of “heat” when deciding if it’s best to keep it cool and rest up.

Mercury Retrograde Aries, March 30, 2011

Mercury Retrograde in Aries

On March 30, 2011, Mercury goes retrograde (Rx) in Aries during the planetary hour of Saturn. Mercury will retrograde at the Aries point of 24 degrees 21 minutes.  Traditional Aries associations tied with Mercury are impatience, impulsivity, and overall fast and full-force action. During a retrograde phase, the apparent view of Mercury’s motion is backward.  Mercury’s apparent motion will turn direct on April 23, 2011. During the retrograde period the process is finding new solutions to old problems. Mercury retrograde is associated with delays in communication, travel, and scheduling. It’s a period allowing for re-thinking and re-doing. Mercury retrograde does not lend itself well to making new commitments (such as signing contracts) or starting new projects. It is simply a period for re-view.

At the point and time Mercury retrogrades, it will septile (51 degrees) Venus, Chiron, and Ceres in the sign of Pisces, sexile (60 degrees) Neptune in Pisces, and trine (120 degrees) the transiting N.Node. A septile aspect suggests the numinous, being 1/7 of 360 degrees, and expressing the 7th harmonic.

What all that means is the following:

We will review our artistic talents and concepts of healing and spirituality by reconnecting with areas in our lives where we experience a deep sense of purpose. Parent/child relations involve over-attachment, separation, or letting-go issues and we might receive or be seeking divine intervention with this. On a more mundane level, we need to be watching what we say and using our heads very pointedly to push through delays and stay on task. We may have moved too fast to begin with and need re-direct our energies into the most purposeful end result.

Vernal Equinox, March 20 2011

Vernal Equinox, Sun conjoins Uranus in Aries


At the vernal equinox, we have a 12/12 situation: 12 hours of day, and 12 hours of night. This happens every year on the first day of spring.  Uranus, known as master of invention, and brilliance with electricity and magical displays of power, inspired from above—will be smack-dab next to our very own nuclear-reactor Sun. The sun has a special place in our astrological charts. Its solar fusion is a metaphor for our own spiritual engine—that mechanism “lighting up” our lives. At this time, our consciousness is like 50/50. We’ve got the light shining on things we are aware of, but we aren’t aware of it all.

Vernal Equinox Chart

Woohoo!  Ok, here we go:  A big square into Sun conjunct Uranus. Where’s the tension? Where’s the creativity needed? It’s all around us (squaring the nodes of the moon). We realize that we are going through this tension with those around us.  Saturn is hobnobbing with the moon. Restrictions are coming from security needs and beliefs about love and values, maybe even material things (Saturn conjunct Moon, trine Venus). This energy is stabilizing the Saturn/Moon to Sun/Uranus opposition.  What’s favored by the universe in this “stand-off” is the Sun/Uranus point because it’s right at the vernal equinox point. Here’s your ticket. Go for the ride. Be a free bee and buzz around the beautiful flowers that shall spring. Since the Planet Neptune is trine to the South Node and sextile to the North Node, you need to trust your intuitive answers right now more than anything else. A sextile (60 degrees) aspect is more constructive than a trine aspect (120 degrees), which means that you have to work a tiny bit to get the benefits, but this is easy work.  Whereas, the trine aspect, indicates absolute flow.


Your psychology, your power, your deepest capability to bring forth transformation: this is based at the vernal equinox’s 4th house part of the chart. Our home, our roots, and the soil that nurtures whatever we wish to plant into our lives herein lies. Make your soil very fertile now, allow what needs to decay fall away, so that it can provide fodder for the new little greenlings we are expecting to emerge this spring.  We know this is not easy, for we have tenderness under what we protect. That is okay, also. Let nature do its thing and clean up the ground for you. We have “April rain” for a reason, so I am suggesting let tears come through as they may. When we sacrifice our current position we are giving an offering to the gods. The gods live through us. All life is purposeful and all life is remembered in our hearts. Our dear Japanese friends and all of our losses, financial, emotional, relational, are actually gifts. Difficult to see. Difficult to know, but the key word is reverence. Let’s be tender and delicate with full life-awareness.


It’s tough to achieve, but the only thing truly worth the work. Today is an appropriate day for meditation, for a pause. Ground yourself as much as possible for the energy of Uranus is electrical. We want to be able to manage it. Also, be with others, as yourself. This day individuality (Sun and Uranus) is and the vernal equinox is a seed planting time. Be dutiful and pure in your intention to plants the seeds in your life that your heart wants to see be born.

Love is always~

Uranus in Aries

Uranus is Hoppin’ into Aries, ready to drive.

Matchbox Cars

You know those matchbox cars that you rev up, turning the wheels while you hold the tiny car in your hand, winding it up to set it down and just “let go.”  That’s what I see happening now….
Uranus changes signs about every 7 years.  Remember the “seven-year itch,” or that all the cells in your body are new every 7 years? Uranus entered Pisces in March 2003.  Think about all that has changed. Some science (Uranus) has gotten mystical, and some mystics (Pisces) have gotten scientific. Pisces is diffuse and dilutes the mind’s sharp sense for direction. Pisces teaches faith while naturally bringing doubt and confusion. We are better for walking this path, for surrendering to the “unknown” and to that holy mysterious place within and without.

To my calculations, Uranus will be “setting foot” in the territory of Aries on March 11, 2011. Of course, this is a movement taking the course of approximately 7 years.  Sure it’s a relatively slow movement in the heavens–so you’ll feel the changes in gradation all the while. However, usually when a planet crosses over a threshold, our lives begin to move in ways that are fairly recognizable.  In the special case of lightning-fast Uranian symbolism, and naïvely quick Aries temperament, we’ve got quite an animal being born in our lives.
Think about all the disillusionment that you’ve experienced while Uranus was in Pisces.  Now you can use your disillusionment and group-mind to bring out your individual. This is a time for being “self” without being “self-ish.” You have all the permission in the world.

Where’s my Uranus At?

Uranus is my natal chart’s ruler, so I’m really hoppin’ for sure. I’ve got a million ideas that I’m ready to ship out of my nervous system, and I’m going to do it in packets of energy. How will you use this new development? For many of you I wonder where Uranus is in your chart now, what house it’s occupying, and what other details I could know to help you get a better picture of what’s for dinner, if you know what I mean. I could tell you more about my chart but really, that’s just boring.  I could also give you a “canned” version of your stars, but that’s also boring. So, just write me a little note and I’ll tell you where Uranus is if you don’t already know.

Aquarius …

That said,

Aquarius is the sign ruled by the planets Uranus and more traditionally Saturn.  If you know anyone with the standard Aquarian temperament, they are usually very genius, albeit aloof, but they got tons of friends. The reason why is that they will be a friend to anybody. They serve the human need for invention, and can spend tons of time alone, apart…but never quite totally detached from humanity, just serving humanity from a different platform. Aquarians are quirky and always recognize what’s special and yet very ordinary about others. They like groups of people who share a purpose.

We are likely to see more developments and quick clustering of like-minded people.  People have the fire lit and they are ready for change. Playing with Uranus is like playing with a mystery card—it’s powerful because, will it be good? (serve my wishes) or will it be bad? (not serve my wishes).  In reality, the only wishes we really want honored are the ones that are good for us. Alas, we don’t always know what’s good for us. Therefore, it’s wise to use this time to consider how we are going to deal with the changes that are thrust upon us now.  My recommendation is to cultivate a certain Aquarian detachment.  That is, see the bigger picture. This will help us get out of any heated mess we get ourselves into with the Aries inspiration to “just-go-already.” There you have it. Let your courage be, accept what happens as a result, and also, let’s revisit friendship.

Friendship and Heavenly Music

We need our friends. At this time I urge you to save yourself some hassle, if you already haven’t started, and consider if your friends are really your friends.  Believe me this is a time where you stop listening to what other people tell you who they are to you, and you decide for yourself: “this person, ‘such-and-such’ calls me their friend, and I’m happy that they do… but, really, I don’t think they are much of a friend to me in return.” Think about the balance. We will be spending more energy on this and developing the true spirit of friendship—it’s really about how we are with humanity. I remember the story of the Good Samaritan: consider how you treat strangers, that detachment is the key.

Freely giving love through friendship, brotherly and sisterly love, is the most open and loving relationship that we can still label “a relationship.” Let’s keep in mind that Saturn in Libra will oppose Uranus in Aries.  Libra is about relationships and Saturn is about restrictions or commitments. Uranus is about freedom and individuality and Aries is about self.  Libra is about “other” and, Saturn (roles, structures, convention) are in opposition, bringing awareness and often-times an element of confrontation.


—–>What’s rising to the consciousness is the sudden changes in friendships and relationships.  *Remember your relationship to yourself.* If you can honor you, then you can step into authentic relationship (other). Not before, not after—all the time.  Make it a mantra. Know/love thyself and honor your connection to all life. Keep this in balance and your lightning rod/antenna (Uranus) will pick up heavenly music instead of static electricity, or worse—a sudden flash that knocks you off your feet with a clap of thunder.

With much love and gratitude ~