Fledgling Crow

Fledgling Crow
Blue-eyed Fledgling
Fledgling Crow2
Visible feather shaft

Summer has ended up being far more full-bodied than I anticipated, and somehow I am not surprised! I still fantasize about getting my photos worked out and all my computer files found. There’s been another glitch along the way, but there is a plan. Meanwhile, I can’t seem to stop finding beings to photograph. There’s a flow that goes through the faucet regardless of any valves that may regulate it.

Um, Saturn square Neptune… for those who practice that.

Happy Summer Days! Here’s a song from the past. It came up in conversation, and this crow also has blue eyes, so…)

Stages of Grace

It never occurred to me
that grace could be
letdown, like hair,
in a few gentle layers,
one year at a time.

Now I look up
and I see myself covered,
no, dusted
in white.

We are never left alone,
and for peacelessness
a gratitude arises
meeting the grace that comes
down from above, but reaching
up when noticing, a moment’s

I’ve seen a rainbow form
in this meeting.

Heaven knows sunshine and
rain make a good couple.

Don’t give yourself away. Give yourself away.

You were made to be exactly who you are. That means, there’s a recipe that built you, that only you know, that only your cells know. That means, you don’t need a claim to a lineage, or a story, or a legacy. You can be born right now, in the moment of who you are.

You don’t have to follow what looks like “the rules for success.”  You already are a success.

Build on that.

There doesn’t need to be a history to ‘you.’ You didn’t grow up in a vacuum, but there is a part of you that the outside world cannot see (siblings, even best friends), that you are constantly bringing into manifestation. It’s time to claim that. Be who you have never been before, in every moment. That is self-discovery. That is “making it.”

We can always look to the greats for inspiration, but when it comes down to it, the inspiration to get up in the morning – it comes from our love. It comes from the most intimate place where there is no media coverage (and where other people really aren’t terribly interested or intrigued; it’s boring to them). The Great Work is an inside job! That job is hidden, inside, internal, and moment to moment. Drop the media, drop the lens, drop the notion that you can really see what’s going on “out there.”

May today be your birthday! The one you claim. The day that you decide you want to live for what you want to learn about yourself, about loving, about your potential, and about filling your world with the single-minded focus of your greatest birth.  Happy Solstice!  Go beyond where you’ve been, even if it’s quieter, more focused, and completely driven. Go to where no one else is interested. That’s the scope that only you can hold! Society needs your individuality and your love.


Summer Saturn

Summer is filled with Saturn

A welcome guest, whom I invited.
When he sits in the house,
He already has his own chair.

It’s a sensible chair.
It has arms that are sturdy, of course.
He bought it at a yard sale
He told me.

Haggled for $5.

Saturn doesn’t take up a lot of space,
and is mostly pretty silent, but I
can feel him breathing with the floor.

We go up and down, together.

Saturn is my friend, and when he’s good,
I even lend him my flip-flops, and send
him out to the pool with Neptune.

Yes, they do have sun protection.

Sometimes they square off and fight,
but mostly they just
make stuff happen, together.

Neptune is always hard to pin down, making
images with the clouds. He doesn’t know if
he is drawing with his mind, or if that bunny
is really there.

But, Saturn, he draws those same pictures
in the sand with his finger, and then
he smiles.

Ode to my Dusty Guitar

I’ve tuned you a few times
in the past couple of weeks.

Started getting back the memory
of the day and ‘age’ when we met.

You were newborn and now
you are, well, still dusty.

Even with old
strings you still do ring
for me.

What do i do dear friend
to bring you into a state of glistening?

How can I awaken our rapport
without the callouses
or the finger stretches?

Realistically, and without too much
forced effort, that only
frustrates us both.

I’m sorry that we fought.

During which time I made friends
with the ancient spirits who

started drumming anxiously within me.

We take a risk

Every time we open our arms
and embrace another who is in need.

Every time we seek out a person
in need, or respond to the call of those
who show up.

Every time we click “like” or
leave a comment on a blog.

Each time that we support and encourage another
is the opportunity to pass on the encouragement
that we have received. Or, the encouragement that
we have never received just as we would have *liked* it.

“I am so 100% loved, cared for; seen.

People derive value from my presence.

I have purchased their works.

The comment I made just led to the butterfly effect
of his or her perfect realization. It was the tipping point
that brought them to the place where they
succeeded in something they have been earnestly working for a very long

My blog post, got someone thinking…
or triggered some healing in a deep way that
reverberates onward.”

While On the bus:

Every time we open our eyes, smile and
make eye contact. Connect.

Every time we give the gift of ourselves, our
time, our thoughts. Our presence.

These are moments where we take a risk
that something or nothing may become of it, and the
best part is, I hope both happen at once.
I want nothing and
everything to come of it. I want it to be simple, but it never

I want to remain free, giving from the space
of openness in my heart that does not respond to
obligation but derives deep pleasure from
delivering a message,

for being a cog in the wheel,

for being just an ordinary being involved in an ordinary
process that neither myself nor my words put on their
special dress for.


*photo from wikimedia commons. I find this image inspires me.


Pharaoh’s Space Dagger


Via dailymail;

“When the tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered nearly 100 years ago in the Egyptian desert, the treasures found inside had an other-worldly quality to them that captured the global imagination.

But new research has discovered that one of the items found alongside the mummified remains of the young ancient Egyptian pharaoh really is from out of this world.

Analysis of a dagger, intricately decorated and encased within a golden sheath, has found the blade was made from iron from a meteorite.

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