Happy Spooky Autumn Love Dance

Guitar strings feel sore on my fingers while

my daughter’s voice chants “sing again! Again”

“Sing me the spooky song,” and so I begin again

“There is…

a house…

in New Orleans”

as I shift from one minor chord to the next,

sore and weak fingers coordinate to each rolling chord and manage the gist of the spooky

Now dancing in circles with joy…”They call it the Rising Sun”

***We stopped briefly to look at some flowers and saw a special moth

Happy New Moon in Libra ♎️ tomorrow!

Advice on being a better writer


I have zero advice to offer you on this. Still reading? Maybe you can comment in the comment section on what qualities you think good writing has? I’m talking about, asking about, what speaks to your soul, your mind, and your heart?

  • Do you only read on a certain topic of set of topics?
  • Do you like to be inspired, motivated?
    • What motivates you?
  • Must the author have qualifications and expertise?
  • Do you only read from writers who already have a big following?
  • Do you wish to work on your own self-expression?
  • Is it important to you that the author be relatable?
  • Do you want to be able to interact with the author?
  • Poetry: do you respond more to subject matter or voice? Do you expect to be the same or changed by the poem, in some way? What if the poem makes you think? Do you like that or does the challenge feel too uncomfortable for you?
  • What are your own writing goals? Do you have quarterly writing goals?
  • Where do you see yourself going with your audience? How important is your audience to you?

The internet is down

We are managing through the heat wave but the internet is down. My cellular service is providing this little bit of connection. I have really, truly missed WordPress in the last several months while I was less present and more in my “local” life and goings ons… The community we’ve created is so beautiful. I love how we are all living our own lives, working on our own art, writing, hobbies, freedom and voice. Thank you for being here! 😃

There are so many of you who I miss, who have not been writing. You are never forgotten.

Ka’s Guide to Mercury Retrograde

I didn’t know what I was going to write, exactly, until I sat down and click-clacked away at the title. Apparently I am going to be writing a guide. If you know me well, you will know that the mere idea that I would provide you with a guide that you will immediately read and ignore is hilarious to me. There are many times in my life, when I have tried to share my wisdom but it has absolutely fallen on deaf ears. Sometimes people forget my advice was mine and they took it for their own and thought it was their own idea. Eventually they catch on. One of my first pieces of advice for you is to skip everything that I am writing and go directly to the song I have posted. The song is everything you need. The end.

But I am still here and click-clacking away. I’m doing this instead of cleaning the toilet. If you know me, they you would know that it is ridiculous for me to spend this time writing before my warrior training; I should really be cleaning the toilet. However, if you also know me, I think I’m going to bang out this post and still have time to do a glowy job on the toilet and make the good old porcelain shine. My voice feels different, but I assure you: it’s mine. It’s even more “me” because of this Mercury retrograde shadow period.

Essie Jain – my new favorite singer-musician

Source from above is Cafeastrology.com

Mercury Retrograde September to October 2022

  • On August 20, 2022, Mercury enters the Retrograde Zone (pre-retrograde shadow) at 24° Virgo 12′
  • On September 9, 2022, Mercury stations and turns retrograde at 8° Libra 55′ Rx
  • On October 2, 2022, Mercury stations and turns direct at 24° Virgo 12′
  • On October 16, 2022, Mercury leaves the Retrograde Zone (post-retrograde shadow) at 8° Libra 55′


  • 1). Create comfortable space between your people and you.
    • Do this by taking more time to understand what people are saying. Recognize that even if you give it more time, you might still have a misunderstanding.
  • 2). Spend more time in quiet, journaling, and/or expressing yourself with the AWARENESS that you may not be understood as clearly as you’d like. Work on refinement.
  • 3). If you HAVE TO sign a contract, realize that it may not be perfect and it will likely need a “redo” so try to be as clear as possible by understanding that you may change your mind later, or need to do extra work around it.
  • 4). Use your time to get better acquainted with your technology, car, neighbors. If anything requires extra attention, expect to have to pause to take care of things more frequently. Pace yourself.
  • 5). Have an outlet for your frustration that is not another human or an animal. Practice deep breathing.
  • 6). Allow your spirit to guide you in a whimsical way but don’t sway too far off track. You need to give your spirit a wee bit more freedom to be “airy” during this time.
  • 7). Ventilate your space and keep your air circulating.
  • 8). Participate in movement activities to help nourish the energy that can get restricted during the retrograde movements. Any frenetic energy needs to be channeled into brainstorming or even scribbling. It’s okay to be messy during this period, give it an outlet. Your systems will improve when you observe yourself as a “train off the tracks” so you can be more mindful of your habits.
  • 9). REALIZE that this and every and all retrogrades are phenomena that don’t need to drive you crazy, because they are helping you to improve and become a much clearer and more direct version of yourself within your environment (3rd house, domain of Mercury/Gemini).
  • 10). If people from the past come back, ask yourself what you can learn from this period, so that when Mercury goes direct and into the post-shadow phase, you have clarity around your relationship.

Toilet cleaning is about to begin, at its best! LOL