Neptune – Poseidon – Sea SpIRIT’s KinGDoM



We’ve got a New Moon rising on the dark horizon. She’s busy going inward. And, as she slinks into the darkness, she is actually helping us ALL clear the canvas and paint the picture of what we Spiritually need to “see” in our lives. On top of that, Mercury is going direct, and right back into Pisces. Who could ask for more…. Pisces?  🙂 (smiley face)

“Men (and Women) Seeking Illumination” — Sabian Symbol for Pisces 11

With all the Pisces energy I’ve got in my natal chart, coupled with the current Piscean trends… I’ve been swimming a lot. Not to mention that his current Piscean New Moon is conjunct Neptune!  My natal chart has Sun trine Neptune in Sagittarius on my 10/11th house cusp. Neptune, in this lifetime, will be transitting my 1st house for 27 years! And, much of it, will be in the sign of Pisces. Yes, my Placidus 1st house/7th house is huge, and Neptune slow and nebulous… ( which is why I must use ellipses)

I’ve been working on more projects than I want to mention–and I totally love them!!!

In all this inspiring energy… I must take a breath, because I have an exam to prepare for… and because, I just like to *breathe.*  Now more than ever, I’m very aware of how perfect everything already is… and the Virogic experience of slicing and dicing only serves to prove that all is exactly as it should be–

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus.  I don’t need to polish my post today. I love it already. Today, I get to just *show up* and be here with you all, sharing in that beautiful, all-encompassing energy and expansiveness that is Pisces.  The Virgo/Pisces axis is about busting illusions, and learning to feel deeply loved in the imperfect/perfect version of ourselves that we are–

Blessed be, YOU ALL…. ❤   My Orchid wanted to say “Hi.” Remember, feel the beauty inside you!




Nodal axis moved from Sco-Tau to N.Node in Libra and S. Node in Aries


In honor of this switching of the tides, I thought I’d write a little something about it. According to my trusty ephemeris, the nodes changed into Aries/Libra on February 20, 2014.  While some of the new energies and themes may seem to have really changed the tone of our surrounding relationship themes, the new Libra/Aries nodal positions will be in effect up to October of 2015.

The nodal positions in our birth chart show our soul’s past and future trajectories. While this may sound like fate/destiny, it’s really only so in the sense that we are working with archetypes. There’s so much room for movement and interpretation in this expression of the archetype—such as is with astrology.

What the changing nodal positions indicate is theme for all relationships and outcomes. In essence, the nodes express the focal point for the One’s evolution, and therefore consciousness taken as a whole.

Libra/Aries changes the tone quite a bit from Scorpio/Taurus. Perhaps we’ve taken things as far as they can go “on our own.” We’ve may have even triumphed with the energy of individuality and with Uranus currently sitting in Aries, there’s been a lot of electricity and inspiration in self-motivation—but it’s also been a lot more erratic. Where’s the balancing point? What’s the unifying piece, the “key-stone” in togetherness?

This is what it means to have the North nodal position in the sign of Libra.  It means that we are working on making things more pleasant for ourselves and for those around us. We are more interested in developing social graces and tactfulness. The idea and the goal is for the expression of the individual, Aries, energy to find ‘peace’ within the Libra framework of beauty. This, in essence, is the balancing of the masculine ‘within’ the feminine.

Mars as ruler of Aries has been in Libra for an extended stay. The energy of Mars has been bubbling to the surface in little spits and fits. Underlying is the need for expression in a socially acceptable way. The planet is healing this anger and the boundaries put in place by Scorpio/Taurus arrangements.

Want to Play? Kokology, a Game for Self-Discovery


Kokology is the study of kokoro (“mind” or “spirit” in Japanese). It is a game of self-discovery that was designed by Isamu Saito. We are about to play it!

Directions: read the exercise below and leave a comment with your own response to what follows in the story.  Once I have 3 comments/responses (or until I get back to my computer)—I will post the responses/meanings to the kokology game in my comments section.

The Game Begins:   Welcome to My Parlor

In the human unconscious, spiders hold a place of fear and respect that’s entirely out of proportion to their tiny size. Perhaps it’s their skill in hunting, their patience when lying in wait, or their ability to weave devious webs to trap their prey. Whatever the reason, spiders evoke a strong mixture of feelings in us all.

Imagine you are a spider, sitting at the center of a large web you have spun.

You will need a pencil and paper for this one—to record your answer (or you can describe with words what you pictured in the comments section).

1). Draw a picture of your web and the number and types of insects you have trapped in it.

2). You move to make a meal of one of your pray, but somehow it frees itself from the web and escapes. As it hurries out of reach, the lucky bug says something to you. What are its parting words?


****************************************KEY************************************Kokology’s Key to “Welcome to My Parlor: The spider is one of the great hunters of the natural world. Your impressions of life as a spider show us something about how you see your experience as a hunter in the wilds of love. 1.) The number and types of bugs you drew corresponds to your own love conquests. The web represents your strategies and techniques for luring others into your clutches, while the types of bugs you caught reflect your opinion of your former lovers. Was it a single common housefly? A lovely butterfly that only leaves you hungry afterward? Perhaps a fat, juicy caterpillar? Or maybe an unappetizing mass of mosquitoes, roaches, and worms wriggling as they await your approach? Some spiders will eat anything. 2). The parting words of the bug that got away are your memories of rejection in a failed conquest. Let’s face it, we’ve all been shot down at one time or another–this game shows the words that hit closest to home. “You’ll never catch me, you ugly old spider!” Ouch. “Better luck next time!” Well, thanks for the encouragement, anyway. “Hooray! I’m free, I’m free!” Okay, you’re free. But you don’t have to be quite so happy about it, do you?”

What I didn’t know I’d write…

There’s this beautiful silence that begins every word.

If I allow myself the time

to saturate in the words,

to marinate in the feeling,

I admit, my colors spin more vividly

on the page.

It’s as if I immerse my whole self, bodied, full

into the pool of language.

into the space of spaces,

open to the air.

Such is water-color and brush

Whole-heartedly dunked in hue.

but if such a moment happens,

that I lapse in concentration,

the color spills out of bounds

and onto unintended pages.

no longer vibrant, nor intentional.

but, sometimes,

I’m way happier.

Exuberant Full Moon in Leo, February 14, 2014

ImagePhoto from:

This full moon is at 27 Leo with the Sabian symbol for, “Daybreak – the luminescence of dawn in the eastern sky.” All year so far we’ve been heralding new beginnings—and OH it does continue. This beginning is more about your individual flare. What is it that only you can contribute, that no one else can? Simply by virtue of being yourself—you offer your energy and your services—your presence, your individuality is part of ALL that is. Your ability to ‘be present’ is your gift to creation.

I’ve never really identified with my Leo Sun-sign, even though, in part I did more-so when I was a child. When I was a child, I was rather uninhibited. A full moon in Leo with sun in Aquarius is a time when my solar energy and my ascendant path are highlighted. Perhaps it was the attention to the Leo side of me that the Aquarius side of me felt really neglected—outcast, even. Well, I’m starting to feel the pendulum swing back again, my friends. Every time it does swing though, it brings with it the momentum from where it’s come. The seeming polarity of Aquarius and Leo has begun vibrating in my life with a resonant tone. The archetypes have been singing together, the SAME tune!

I‘ve been walking the path of Ubuntu. As astrologer Stephanie Austin so wonderfully writes in the Mountain Astrologer for this lunation something that I’ve had in my mind for a while, but never put into words myself. “Ubuntu, a Zulu or Xhosa word meaning ‘humanness,’ is a principle that describes the spiritual task of Aquarius: to create a kinship transcending family, religion, race, and country.”  It’s a great word. I first noticed it when people talked about open source computer software. Then, I heard it while wearing my Anthropologist’s hat.
Now, you don’t have to be an Aquarius rising and Leo Sun to want that, Ubuntu, nor do you have to be an astrologer, a Zulu or a Xhosa, but the anthropologist in me feels that she was looking for that kinship in tribe for a long time, and she’s really found it. This full moon in Leo also activates my Nodal axis of N.Node in Leo and S. Node in Aquarius.

Regardless of what the astrological interpretation IS:  I’m going to enjoy myself –and move as spirit moves me.  I know what it means to be human and transcend my family, religion, race, and country. Now, I want to know, again, what it IS like to just be ME again, with nothing to transcend.

I’m starting to get my incredibly long and unmanageable mane back (my hair). I’m starting to find that spark that was purely ME again.  Let’s DO this, tribe! Let’s BE US—a people full of ME—that are really good at letting other people BE whoever it is that THEY ARE… and encouraging all of us… just to BE. I look forward to this new momentum and updating my website, and all that I can make available to you via this spiritual transmission of beingness called Ka Malana. In my heart of hearts, I SEE you. I FEEL you. You have inspired me to cultivate my own spark, for you and I are ONE. Thank you.

I’ve been working with a beautiful deck by Ana Cortez, She and her father created the deck together. Here’s a poem about the One-Eyed Jacks by CJF that I think really illustrates the duality of Aquarius and Leo; the subjective and the objective realities; science and art. I also encourage you to check out this oracle beautiful deck, if it resonates with you.


In among the Lords and the Ladies

That rule this curious pack,

There’s a one-eyed pair of brothers

Both take the name of Jack.

At a glance they seem dissimilar,

Like night opposing day

Each looks his own direction,

Sees the world in his own way.

What’s misleading, each lives separate

And serves a different Queen

But unless they’re viewed together,

Leaves half a man unseen.


Daily Inspiration ~ February 8th

I just LOVE this photo and the quote, “Growing does not happen all at once. It is gradual awareness and cultivation of little awakenings!”

Global Light Minds ~ Daily Inspirations

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The Warmth and Light we pass to Each Other

Imagine yourself as a flame…

Soul Healing Art

When you were born
God provided vessel and

Ever since, Your flame
has been warming many of

I like to imagine God always being so pleased that you are part of creation. In an initial spark, you emerged and you have been providing light and warmth ever since. I think of God sitting close by, being pleasingly warmed by your flaming heart.

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Mercury Retrograde in Pisces


From February 6th to 27th of 2014, Mercury will retrograde.

Really, I like mercury retrograde. Call me weird. This is the time when things all around us could benefit from slowing down, our communications, our movements, even our thoughts. Maybe we could try walking instead of driving the car, if possible. When I slow down, the scenery that I see EVERYDAY can become richer and more detailed. This never fails. When I go slower, I notice more.

We can all benefit from being more careful—but how can we do that unless we go slower?

Let’s consider the standard astrological advice about Mercury retrograde. Don’t sign contracts. I will tell you from experience that I’m not super interested in signing contracts during this time—and, if I do, I do so with the awareness that there’s a whole lot that can change about the contract’s terms. Or, maybe I’m not getting what I thought I’d be getting out of it. Hands down, things done during Mercury Retrograde aren’t really “said and done,” ever. When Mercury is retrograde, the evidence presents itself: ours is a life “in-progress.” Actions and projects are re-workable, and they may need re-working—even when it’s not convenient.

But, what does it mean to experience Mercury retrograde in Pisces?

Well…. it’s rather boundless and non-categorizable. I just made up that word. It’s creative, too! Pisces is a paradox—two fish swimming in opposite directions, bound by a silver cord. Does that silver cord represent the karma of cause and effect? Could the fish moving in opposite directions indicate that the spiritual meaning of Pisces is to relinquish our knowledge about direction?

I think Mercury Retrograde is a fantastic time for having more questions than answers. After all, what good is a mind/body that doesn’t keep moving? We can meditate on that together, if you wish.

This reminds me of some zen koans:

“To carry yourself forward and experience myriad things is delusion. That myriad things come forth and experience themselves is awakening.” -unknown

“The place is right here and the Way leads everywhere, the limits of what can be known, cannot be known.”

The image above is a tattoo design. Anyone could be wearing it… (and I don’t know who)


Enter the Maiden Goddess, Imbolc



[“IMBOLC” © The Celtic Art of Hamish Burgess 2011: Original Celtic art by Hamish Burgess]


Today we celebrate Imbolc, the return of the maiden goddess, Brigid, and the exit of the Crone (winter). Although she is part of the Celtic legacy, Brigid (whose name is spelled many different ways) represents the eternal goddess in many pagan traditions. During Imbolc we celebrate her aspect of youth and new beginnings. Her spirit is fiery and her message is that Spring is near.  Thank Goddess! I’m ready for that dose of triumphant energy that magically awakes the green life from its slumber. Here we mark the turning of seasons, along with the Chinese Lunar New Year and all the other lunar-aware traditions, such as Groundhog Day, Candlemas, and others! I think it’s especially auspicious that Venus would turn direct at such a time! The Goddess is in the air as we continue to remember and celebrate her.

The following is a song, hymn written for Brigid by a man who has since past. This youtube video was made in honor of him who honors the Goddess.

Venus Station Direct: February 1, 2014


[Image from, artist unknown]

Venus keywords: relationships, values, art, the senses, Taurus, Libra, money

Some relationships are built into our lives so deeply that they simply seem to align with our deepest needs for growth and change—despite all the ups and downs and vicissitudes of life. Other relationships, well, they may have been continuous, or seeming to last over a span of time, but there’s something about them—in and of themselves—wherein interaction betrays our deepest authenticity. These relationships we feel compelled to maintain due to on-going patterns beyond our control, such as family relations, or because we made promises to ourselves to be a good friend by being consistently present.

Both of these types of relationships can be described by Venus in Capricorn: those relationships that are solid and lasting because of their ease and innate naturalness, and those relationships that persist to wear away at our very essence. If we are honest with ourselves, we know which are which, and we can make appropriate decisions about where to put our energy. Nevertheless, as Venus stations direct, we can return our awareness to those relationships that are most in alignment with our deepest values—relationships that honor the integrity of our being. In other words, It’ll be easier to spot a true-blue friend going forward.