This moon is for us 🙂🍀💗

🍀Chiron and Pisces
don’t need an address,
Just touch the pain –

It has no point,
it’s everywhere that
you’ve felt misunderstood.

but it loves you,

Unconditionally teaches

2:22 balancing you
links us together
as we learn how to
appropriately disconnect
as permission is not
needed for when we seek
safety, we are allowed to
care for ourselves too,
as we do with each other
when it is appropriate.

just know that I will
be here.

all empathetic Storms
have a “pause button,”
for however long you want to float

On that buoy.

Remember to follow the light shining
On the water. Sometimes you can see me more clearly in my reflection.


**it is really difficult to compose posts using my phone but this “poem” wanted to be share, so we do what we can 🍀

How do i serve?

you might find me whimsical
or wanderlust
or fractured and a bust
forcing a rhyme on a dime
or taking the easy peasy street

that is not me.

you might read a description i wrote
with a lengthy, dated timeline,
but i am not in those steps, nor in those
actions of my past.

i am here.

you might wander in the dark
tracing the light’s reflection on the

here, you will find me, choppy and mobile
but as clear as the shine of light.

And, i am partly caught in the crabbers net
some fishing line in my hair,
because i’ve been swimming so long, long
in this selfdom, kingdom sea

still, i am here.

a mashup of experiences
a true, live human
living in the flicker of light
called a dream.

still, i serve.

lost, imperfect, easily disagreeable

still, i serve.

long ago, i wanted to be pretty and respectable, and now,
i’m rushing about the house, trying to figure out
how to show you that i have all the same
parts as you, hidden in the folds of my

how i am outside and naked and clueless,
and still worthy of you.

Ka Malana©2018

Has it really been 7 years, already?

via New Moon Awareness from Head to Toe

Above is the link to my first ‘ever’ WP blog post. I wasn’t able to re-blog it since I already re-blogged it once – and the button didn’t work. The post I wrote is about astrology and consciousness, meditation, etc…

Since then, so much has changed, and then again, so much hasn’t. Meeting wonderfully kind and talented people has been the best part of the experience.
Sometimes I think I am standing still because I watch so many people in the blog world develop in leaps and bounds – so much talent and with increasing expertise and sophistication. Many people come to visit and introduce me to all the wonderful things they are doing on their blogs. I’m better for it. My world is not small and self-contained. It is ever expanding outward – while I work to keep the base at home.

I’ve found that I’ve sort of lost my impulse and reason for blogging, but that didn’t stop me. Every time I’ve been motivated or inspired to blog, I do it. I didn’t set out to be a writer, or a poet. I never planned on sharing my sporadic artistic creations. It just sort of happened. I didn’t actually know that I was going to write a book and publish it in 2017: Art for Art.
I never anticipated that I was going to be sharing so much of myself, and experiencing whatever resulted from that. It was a big thing for me last year, and it’s strange that my book is now in the past. For all my life, my book was in my future.

An aside, at a Gangaji retreat I met another poet and took his suggestion to slightly adjust the name of my book’s title. The original was “Art for Art’s Sake.” Not to be confused with the Japanese beverage. 🙂

So many times, I wonder why I still blog – except for the satisfaction in knowing that I’ve made a home here. I’m not marketing or selling anything, and so that makes it strange to blog (never been good at presentation). I haven’t created a show, or a series or drummed up interest in my cause, or a common cause. The part of me that was inspired to “get myself out there” left long ago. Replaced has been the inspiration to find what’s going on inside, get through my days, and rebuild the part of me that is exuberant and ready – the part that is always here.

So that’s that. That’s my anniversary message. It’s not all shiny and flashy, it’s just what it is ~ another day, and not another dollar. I’m not going to force the celebration, but I am going to acknowledge.

The good that we do/are. – dedicated to a friend. (I am always here.)

422DB211-E1E6-4773-A92F-ED79F5784D9AA friend sent me a message today,
returning to me a message I had sent to her
(about 7 years ago now).

This is good, so I could send more love to her,

as she transitions in a hurry, during what is
an emotional and necessary move,
due to Earth changes, and catastrophic messages
about house and home.

Landslide: TIME TO MOVE!

May her next foundation be built sound and strong
and the family: herself, her daughter, her husband, pets,
be safe.

We, sometimes, our gifts, might show up
in the little articles of ‘things’ in the rubble.

It made my day, to know that she felt my presence
in something that I left behind. That she knows,

I am always here.


***the image above I took to show that my white roses turned pink, likely due to the colder weather we’ve had locally.