The Transits are helping with Spring Cleaning & then some!

Hello Everyone 🙂

I want to say WELCOME! to my new readers. Thank you for joining me!

My blog is currently undergoing some long overdue maintenance and some structural updates. You may notice things that have changed, or things that are noticeably in-progress. Thanks to the final Uranus square Pluto transit- it is the final and 7th exact square aspect. I’m leveraging (square aspect) the opportunity to make some deep (Pluto) structural changes (Capricorn), and re-organizing my collection of gifts for you. Once this is complete, I will have the space to add more.


Happy Spring to many of you! I re-blogged my old Pisces New Moon post because I am rapidly moving forward – and SO ARE YOU! I love seeing how one year’s theme moves into the next, and I want to take the time to integrate where I’ve been. I just completed 4 years of blogging! Technically 3, because I didn’t write at all in 2012. In 2011, I didn’t reach out to anyone, and no one reached out to me. That’s okay, because I was being whisked away on an adventure – right in the middle of what I started. I guess that’s what happens when you take up blogging!!! Everything that you dreamed of, starts coming true. YOU really BEGIN to illuminate your PATH!

This upcoming New Moon will be a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces – at the 29th degree. We are right ON the THRESHOLD of big endings and beginnings! Poised for great things!

I am here in beautiful city of San Diego, California, welcoming the energy of Spring: Because believe me I feel it. It’s a lovely YANG energy stirring; and I’ve been working that fire breath!

Thank you so much to newcomers for visiting me and for those who have chosen to join me. Our friendships are so cherished! I look forward to connecting with everyone soon! Also, thank you to friends who regularly contribute their thoughts and comments – especially that loving support and interest.

There are so many exciting developments on the way, and I am eager to share more with you in the coming months. When I return I will be bringing new energy to Fiesta Estrella, and sharing some new information/inspirations. In the meantime, for those of you who are new to Fiesta Estrella (or haven’t read this post yet), please see this link below that is the basis of my evolving perspective:

Conceptualizing Astrology, the Universe, and YOU.

Last but not least, here are some pictures of my views here in Southern California. These photos were taken by me: Ka Malana!

IMG_6976IMG_7023IMG_7041IMG_8212At the Mycology Fair 😀  YAY!


I will be connecting with many of you in Spirit, as I will be away from my blog-writing for a little while. Susan from Susanwithpearls has a great journey coming up, starting in 2 days; and Michael from EmbracingForever will be continuing his fiction series. There’s planned activity all around! I’m excited for Spring, and I will be embracing the renewal that comes with it. That said, I’ll pop in when I can, and when I am ready; I’ll be back!

Love & Hugs all around, Ka

Vernal Equinox, Part II: A Profound Start


Title Unknown. Painted by Andrew Salgado

As the Sun enters Aries 0.00, it trines retrograde Saturn in Scorpio. Some conventional astrology will have us working on our experience with father and fatherhood. Other Saturn-style manifestations could be teachers, people in positions of authority with the ability to guide or restrict our movements.

All this Vernal Equinox energy of initiation in Aries-ruled Mars can find anchoring in the Saturn/Moon conjunction in Scorpio. Saturn stabilizes (stills), Moon emotes (moves), and the trine to the fiery Martian Sun pierces the veil of shallowness. In Scorpio, we dive deeply into experiences, and dwell for as long as necessary to bring about transformation (Scorpio).

Do we dedicate (Saturn) ourselves to such a task? Do we have the support and leadership?

The joining of Fire and Water can heat up the water, or make it boil over. The choice is always yours in this version of astrology. I think that’s a good platform for an Aries beginning. Grow in the direction you want, and find the supports/structure (Saturn) to help you, expect your experiences to be deep (Scorpio) and long lasting (Saturn).

This new energy is exciting, and… we can sense how it’s deeper than we may have originally saw or thought.

~Ka Malana ©2014


Credit: Painting by Andrew Salgado

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Vernal Equinox – PDT , March 20, Thursday, 9:59 AM – Part I


Happy Spring & New Growth!  (Part I is Analytical) (Part II is Energy-Specific)

Before we tap into the energy signature for the vernal equinox and explore its timbre (Part II), let’s first review precession of the equinoxes (Part I). The timing of the vernal equinox is when our Sun crosses the celestial equator and travels north. See the image below where the point of the vernal equinox is labeled.

ImageTraditionally, the timing of the vernal equinox is at the moment when the Sun enters 0.00 Aries.  This indicates the changes of the seasons and the equal timing for day and night. However, Tropical/Western zodiac does not match with the sidereal or Vedic zodiac, where the vernal equinox point is now in Pisces. The reason for this is due to the precession of the equinox – a period of 26,000 years – due to the Earth’s wobble on its axis.


As a consequence of precession of the equinox, the pole star (a star that does not rise or set, such as the North star) changes, as does the earth’s orientation, to the viewing of circumpolar stars. In other words, we will see different circumpolar stars throughout time. Our current North Star, Polaris, points to the direction of the North Pole, but this was not always the case. Thuban, in the constellation of Draco, was once the North Star, ~3942 BC to ~1800 BC.  Due to the precession of the equinoxes, Thuban will become the North Star again ~21,000 AD.

Image So, the *actual* constellation – Aries – does not match up in the sky at the same point at the vernal equinox, if you were to go outside and look. You may wonder why we still use the Aries point to indicate the beginning of spring in the western zodiac, and this will be a good question. There’s no one final conclusive answer on that one. A mathematical construct has meaning within the context from which it is derived.

In accord with antiquity, mathematical constructions have served the purpose of drawing meaning between observations and recording events from the past into the future. There is practical application for both methods of astrology, using either the Vedic or Western Zodiac, just be mindful to be consistent within each system. Symbolic meaning of points are only relevant so long as they are observed to be relevant and descriptive of actual occurrences. It makes no difference whether or not you call midnight “midnight” as long your labeling is consistent within your system. Often times, I see people trying to merge the Western zodiac signs with the Westernized version of the Vedic signs, and, in my personal opinion, meaning is lost this way.

Finally, why do we put the Earth in the center of our astrological charts? The reason is that this is the point of our observation. We live on Earth. Earth is from where we look at the sky. Astrology is the art of subjectivity as well as a quest for objectivity in the sense that it is realistically melding the subjective and objective viewpoints together for interpretation. The apparent objectivity of the outer spheres is still only apparent, based on the perspective of from where one is looking. Such is the basis of all astronomical measurement to the exclusion of satellites and other orbiting, recording devices. Regardless, for all practical purposes, we are still pretty much Earth-based. Relax, you’re not meant to understand everything all at once!

Here is a link to figure out the precise timing for this event for the area where you live.  Click on the link. Then click on, “Local times for March Equinox 2014 worldwide.” There is a caveat, however. The software I used to drawn up the chart for the vernal equinox shows Aries at 0.00 at 9:59a, not 9:57a as the website indicated for the timing of the vernal equinox. Please be mindful of that when you draw up your charts. Stay tuned for Part II of the Vernal Equinox.

Ka Malana, 2014©

Note about image credits: Where I could find the actual source of the photo, it is credited. These images were found using Google Images; however, in certain cases the originals could not be found. Many times the website included the picture without linking back to where it was found. In this case, the credit would be falsely attributed. If the photography is uncredited, in most cases that means it is my own (such as the rose above). Please feel free to contact me for any questions or clarifications, or if you wish to share my images. Blog writing is unique in that it is editable, and always subject to updates and revisions. Thank you for reading!

Vernal Equinox, March 20 2011

Vernal Equinox, Sun conjoins Uranus in Aries


At the vernal equinox, we have a 12/12 situation: 12 hours of day, and 12 hours of night. This happens every year on the first day of spring.  Uranus, known as master of invention, and brilliance with electricity and magical displays of power, inspired from above—will be smack-dab next to our very own nuclear-reactor Sun. The sun has a special place in our astrological charts. Its solar fusion is a metaphor for our own spiritual engine—that mechanism “lighting up” our lives. At this time, our consciousness is like 50/50. We’ve got the light shining on things we are aware of, but we aren’t aware of it all.

Vernal Equinox Chart

Woohoo!  Ok, here we go:  A big square into Sun conjunct Uranus. Where’s the tension? Where’s the creativity needed? It’s all around us (squaring the nodes of the moon). We realize that we are going through this tension with those around us.  Saturn is hobnobbing with the moon. Restrictions are coming from security needs and beliefs about love and values, maybe even material things (Saturn conjunct Moon, trine Venus). This energy is stabilizing the Saturn/Moon to Sun/Uranus opposition.  What’s favored by the universe in this “stand-off” is the Sun/Uranus point because it’s right at the vernal equinox point. Here’s your ticket. Go for the ride. Be a free bee and buzz around the beautiful flowers that shall spring. Since the Planet Neptune is trine to the South Node and sextile to the North Node, you need to trust your intuitive answers right now more than anything else. A sextile (60 degrees) aspect is more constructive than a trine aspect (120 degrees), which means that you have to work a tiny bit to get the benefits, but this is easy work.  Whereas, the trine aspect, indicates absolute flow.


Your psychology, your power, your deepest capability to bring forth transformation: this is based at the vernal equinox’s 4th house part of the chart. Our home, our roots, and the soil that nurtures whatever we wish to plant into our lives herein lies. Make your soil very fertile now, allow what needs to decay fall away, so that it can provide fodder for the new little greenlings we are expecting to emerge this spring.  We know this is not easy, for we have tenderness under what we protect. That is okay, also. Let nature do its thing and clean up the ground for you. We have “April rain” for a reason, so I am suggesting let tears come through as they may. When we sacrifice our current position we are giving an offering to the gods. The gods live through us. All life is purposeful and all life is remembered in our hearts. Our dear Japanese friends and all of our losses, financial, emotional, relational, are actually gifts. Difficult to see. Difficult to know, but the key word is reverence. Let’s be tender and delicate with full life-awareness.


It’s tough to achieve, but the only thing truly worth the work. Today is an appropriate day for meditation, for a pause. Ground yourself as much as possible for the energy of Uranus is electrical. We want to be able to manage it. Also, be with others, as yourself. This day individuality (Sun and Uranus) is and the vernal equinox is a seed planting time. Be dutiful and pure in your intention to plants the seeds in your life that your heart wants to see be born.

Love is always~