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August 13, 2014

Can you benefit? “Every step we take is Rhythm”

It’s a simple question. The question itself i – when repeated – its own medicine. Who’s responsible for benefiting, perceiving, healing? You.

The truth for me is that I don’t really know in advance whether or not someone can benefit from any of my actions, good intentions, sharing of experiences. From any of my own work on myself. The truth is that I don’t know anything except that I am lucky to be alive and relatively healthy.

Maybe that is all I need to know. Whether in service to ‘self’ or ‘other’ a dualistic mind is still in the trappings of duality. However, if there is no ‘me’ and no ‘you,’ that is perhaps a possible definition of an inefficient brain. Discretion has a purpose, but who’s is worth relying on, other than your own? Ask.

We need to make constructions, make assumptions, think and have reason or else we might lose purpose, direction, and/or develop an inability to operate in the world. But to think and reason too much, gives us this false sense of power. Instead just ask, what is the magic working through us all? (Usually, there’s no definitive answer)

Sometimes lightness of being comes from the must curious places. Sometimes a zen koan can silence your mind instead of eliciting an endless response of ricochet. Sometimes “call and response” signatures can bring forth the most beautiful music.

That’s where I am now. I don’t ask you to benefit from reading this. I write it for me. My drum is nearly ready for the circle.


Please these videos remind me of my time spent in Africa, and my time spent in Pennsylvania…(either drumming, or my one and only ethnomusicology class) and probably further back.

Thanks to youtube: I found this: my favorite from my enthomusicology class back in early 2000ish. This CD was stolen with a couple of precious sterling silver rings when an apartment I had was broken into (twice!) back in Pittsburgh.  You know… I take this, as God’s return of love to me… joy, and the happiness of life! You will be healed!

P.S. So far I am keeping my original ‘typos,’ in some cases, they were appropriately wrong.

Chordae Tendineae: What keeps us together while we move.

If only someone would have bought my art. I could just have been an artist. --> BUY her ART
Re-birthing the Earth:

“Life has it’s own rhythm and you cannot impose your own structure upon it—you have to listen to what it tells you… It’s not earth that you move with a tractor—life is not like that. Life is more like earth that you learn about and plant seeds in.” —Jeff Buckley  (inspired by a FB post_ and my notes)

Heart Location:

Whoever you are

who makes me tick…

In the mediastinum of the thoracic cavity

2/3 left of center

whatever nature magically

attunes me

Hangs like a frame in the center of your Skeleton House. The top Center.

Base of Heart is Above

And its Apex Below

Like an inverted triangle is the female

Birthing downward


And making more Earth.     

You can view some of Abby’s Art @

Ka Malana

Happy Mercury Retrograde from an Aquarius Rising!

Hello Everybody 🙂

Today I am being held up by the Apple store! UPDATE: Problem solved by determination/patience, deduction, and luck!

I need to do all these things to fix my phone – and having the situation of a forced upgrade because the operating system updates are getting too large; and, I have too many pictures on my phone; and, the prong contacts are old and corroded, so my phone is not charging nor transferring files. (resolved).

Having previously worked in the cell phone industry as a “back end” systems, Credit/Order and Operations Specialist, I helped people get through the nasty, long-winded, endlessly riddled struggle of doing simple things: making a purchase. I had to do the equivalent of putting out technological fires, and making small operational miracles out of issues resulting from transitioning and non-communicating systems. My department, of course, was phased out. (good for me because I got the universe’s message, beforehand).

I still do like technology. It is, however, a love/hate relationship; and I quickly learned, not my number #1 thing I wanted to be adept at – or have to do. Somebody’s gotta do it, sometimes. (Done)

Here’s something fun I dug up: old TV shows that influenced my sometimes obvious, other-times-not-obvious, Aquarian persona. They are short clips (the first one – at 27 secs), merely for enticing, if you have the time for this kind of entertainment.

Positive Self-Talk

It’s the beginning of my semester and it’s always a good thing to at least TRY to start everything off on the right ‘note.’ Therefore, I wanted to post about a subject of prime importance to me at this time. It’s one of things that I notice throughout my day – and something I’ve been improving upon. 

1). Positive self-talk

How we speak to ourselves is one of the most important things we can be mindful of when we are getting through the day.

When learning something new, creating a new schedule, or simply interfacing with the world in a ‘new’ way, we need to remind ourselves to be kind inwardly. When our inner voice is kind and gentle and compassionate toward our own learning process, we can and will move mountains. One way to become aware of your own self-talk is to learn something new. That is, try something that requires eye/hand coordination in a different way, or something as simple as drawing one line atop another as close as you can, without the ‘new’ line touching the other. This is an action that requires a steady hand and a focused eye. How do you respond when you make a mistake? What happens when you OOPS? Right here is the key: How do you respond? …Do you quit? Do you shout? Do you call yourself a name?

It’s not about moving through life without experiencing disappointments, or setbacks; it’s about TAKING those apparent “setbacks” and leveraging them as a spring-like motion that propels you forward onto your next success. After all, the person most accountable to your sense of success and failure is yourself. You’re the one setting the mark, making the target…(and as I have learned today. YOU ARE THE TARGET.

2). Your target cannot be “other people” 

No matter how much we are ONE, we cannot act for others. We are not responsible for other people’s actions/thoughts/behaviors.

When you look really closely (or not), there’s no one to convince. I’ve asked myself why I keep writing this blog. I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything, sell anything, or be ‘the best’ in my field. I really don’t know why I keep writing this blog.

I love you. It’s simple. There are OTHER PEOPLE. This is my favorite part about life! Perceptions are many! Thank you for that! Thank you for your part in my life while I get through my day/hopefully days. I aim to take nothing for granted.

3). Take nothing for granted.

That I “get to breathe” is something I appreciate. That I have eyes to see is something I appreciate. Each moment in time is not to be repeated. If you think back to number one on my list, and you’ve successfully navigated any of your OOPS (big or small, imagined or not), you can be kind to yourself. You may even be relieved by this one: that moments just aren’t repeated. You may even realize that your passing moment of depression is really just a moment – NOT PERMANENT.

4). Self-amusement 

In all honesty, it all comes down to this for me: Self-amusement. If cannot laugh at myself – by taking myself lightly – or, if I cannot amuse myself with this AMAZING WORLD that we live in -because there’s plenty to learn and play with – then I am not feeling like I am really living. It’s just that thing for me that keeps my mind happy while my real life is being led by the hand through a number of experiences that keep me growing and developing.

And now for the inspiring stuff: 

Science & Non-duality: Mathematics as Hidden Reality

One day, I will attend one of these conferences. For now, I feel privileged to be able to attend via online. We are so fortunate to live in this era – a time when – LOVE & KNOWLEDGE are not separate functions, nor enviable characteristics “out there.”  We can actively pursue our dreams with all these RESOURCES at our fingertips!  What’s not to get excited about?!?!

Special note: I’m thinking of a blogging pal, Debra, over at Ptero Card who posts stimulating subject matter, often writing about Carl Jung, Hillman, the Green Man, Alchemy, and more… Thank you for posting that video in order for me to be able to “have the time” to listen in – and participate in your current enquiries. Here are some of my current ones. I think you’ll find that there’s some overlap in our “venn diagrams”/ circles.  “To Science and Non-duality” 🙂

The Desert Oasis

I’ve been meaning to post some of our photos from our Palm Springs adventure/holiday, but where’s the time?! We have been very busy, and about to get busier! —->The desert is so very, very magical. Ah!  So was this FULL MOON IN CANCER!


Out in the desert the Fiestaestrella may be easier to identify. The stars shine brighter out there.

… I made this little piece of “found art” from the junk lying around in the desert.  Let’s clean up our HOME – the Earth!  The owl has an ‘angel-playing-the-violin’ for a brain!

photo 4 (1)

Oh my goodness, would you just LOOK at that view!!!


An OWL in the middle of the desert, on an electric box, framed by the landscape.


The mural below is so neat… Life is filled with WONDERS! Always remember that!