Evening Aspirations – The Eve of night and cleansing

This was handed down to me from my dear friend and one of my many teachers. I offer these aspirations as I have received them. This Hallowed Eve I choose to celebrate with Buddha 🙂

Last year I attended classes at the Medicine Buddha, and meditated upon my own death. I am reflecting on that now, as well as further into the past when I met with my regular Sangha for a period time.  Sangha is a precious gift, and those who are in it remain Buddha friends for all time. Without further ado:

“May my actions reflect the love, compassion and wisdom shown by the Buddha.

May I overcome my difficulties.

If I have carelessly hurt someone today by word or deed, may I be more mindful next time.

I shall strive to live in harmony with nature, and I shall strive to cleanse my heart from hate and envy and live in harmony with all beings.

I shall strive to be close to the Dharma in good as well as in difficult times.

I know that when the moment comes for me to leave this world. I will do so without fear or regret. I leave this world a better person than when I came into it.

Whatever wrong someone may do to me, may I be compassionate and forgive with no hatred in my heart.

I shall be grateful for the acts of love and consideration shown to me, no matter how small they may appear to be.

May this life be a blessing and source of happiness to all beings.”

Om Mani Padme Hum

Happy Halloween from The Geek Anthropologist!

The Geek Anthropologist

I think it’s safe to say that anthropologists don’t scare easily. During fieldwork, anthropologists may be called upon to communicate with demons or spirits through a shaman or spiritual conduit; confront death and mourning rituals; interface with corpses or occult artifacts; or negotiate conditions of extreme poverty, violence or illness. Anthropology also requires a certain amount of existential and physical vulnerability from its practitioners throughout ethnographic research; anthropologists may be called upon to enter dangerous, uncomfortable, eerie and perhaps frightening scenarios for the sake of their fieldwork. Many anthropologists, questing after research in the subaltern, dispossessed or invisible aspects of societies or cultures, regularly deal in patterns of fright and death, spooks and the supernatural, and the impact of demons—whether spiritual or institution—on the daily lives of people in their ethnographic communities.

From Ossian Brown's collection of vintage Halloween pictures Haunted Air. Source: http://www.ln-cc.com/content/ebiz/latenightcatcafe/page/ossian-brown-interview/ha_12.jpg From Ossian Brown’s collection of vintage Halloween pictures Haunted Air. Source: http://www.ln-cc.com/content/ebiz/latenightcatcafe/page/ossian-brown-interview/ha_12.jpg

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Clearing Blocks that limit Abundance

I personally don’t speak light language. In fact, I have no idea how to understand it in terms of my rational mind. There is, however, some kind of rational bi-passing mechanism that moves through, and brings grace into one’s life. Though this process may seem ‘unbelievable’ and even appear to be packaged in a ‘strange’ modality, it can turn into tangible results – leading to tremendous healing. Truly, there is life beyond on some dimensional level, we are not alone.

Judy Satori has a truly beautiful heart, and shares so much love with us through her channeled light-language.  If this resonates with you, and if you’ve been asking yourself about moving beyond limitations to finding abundance, go ahead and listen as Judy advises.

I’ve received more than one question about this recently as I have had some friends and clients who are undergoing some of the most profound experiences at this time. Ultimately, to me, abundance boils down to the capacity to hold and MOVE energy in a dynamic and healthy way. Life can be intense and focus is essential. Keep your mind on the highest intention as a servant leader in the realms within where you attract and exist.

We are all in this journey together on one level or another. Let us move through it with all the energy of the universe supporting us at this time.

Clearing Blocks that Limit Abundance

One more thing, I have closed the comments section. While not permanent, at present I am not supporting the comments section of my blog. Trust that I receive your appreciation for any postings that have helped you in some way. I am grateful to my readers, as I know that those who have not commented still read (and have been reading, and those people are perhaps some of my most loyal readers – you know you are.) Also, to those who have commented: I sincerely appreciate your desire to communicate with me in a way that is supportive to this blog, and this blog’s mission to celebrate and be of service. Namaste to you all. May you receive what you give, and vice versa…ad infinitum. I am grateful for the friendships that have been born from this blog in ways that I otherwise wouldn’t have imagined.

Refracted Venice Love

I almost missed them too!


Venice bounces light and love into beautiful soft distortions, from it’s crumbling creamy plaster to its curvy colourful glass. Nothing looks quite the same in Venetian light, and reality and dreams merge into surreal and beautiful forms. These moments are fleeting, drifting into reality for mere moments, to take our breath away, before floating away like balloons on a summer breeze.

It’s so easy to miss these beautiful moments, distracted by our busy minds planning the perfect future. Yet if we pause, holding ourselves still for just a fraction of time, we might catch the beauty hovering at the edges of our awareness. The refracted light, the drifting shadows, never again to be repeated in just that form. The gifts of the present, held on slender threads, in celebration of this beautiful light filled world we live in.

I love the trick of these Venetian glass balloons, drifting skywards past…

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Dancing CHA-CHA!

Anna, You were the very *first* person who started ‘liking’ my blog posts. From the very beginning it was clear: This is an amazing woman!!! Please, Please consider helping Anna. ❤ Thank you for being YOU!

cancer killing recipe

I found this quote by Robert Brault:
– Optimist: Someone who figures that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it’s more like a CHA-CHA. –
I like that!
So I just have to dance a little before I can go on. Fine.

I’m in trouble.
GoFundMe idea is not working to good: $5.00 in 9 days.
I should have know, that I’m not a “money magnet”. 🙂 .

I have to find some other, faster way to get some help.
I’m asking local Catholic Charities to help me.
You know, they are those Angels without the wings.
They are willing to help me.

All what I need now is some patience.
Do you know where I can get some?
Send me a note. Or a quote. 🙂 .

Got to go now.
Have to CHA-CHA some more.
And later I go to sleep…

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Saint Francis and World Animal Day: Julianne Victoria

Saint Francis and World Animal Day.

Dear Friends,

Please click on the link above and visit Julianne Victoria, for those of you who don’t already know her 🙂  She was the first person to have given me an award as a blogger; and, at the time, I was much too shy to receive an award – as I wasn’t sure I knew what it meant. I know what it meant now, coming from her. I’ve never really been interested in awards. I just want to do a good job at being myself. At the time, I had much on my plate. In fact, I still do have a lot on my plate which makes it ever more important to me to acknowledge those who have really touched me and made me feel recognized. THANK YOU!

I asked my heart, what can I do to honor Julianne Victoria as one of my first WordPress friends, because I didn’t realize that I never followed up with her acknowledgement, either that or I am extremely slow to respond. (January 2014). This post that I re-blogged feels like the essence of what Julie is about.

Thank you, Julie, and please forgive me,

Love Ka xoxo

P.S. Here’s the post she gave me the award on https://fiestaestrella.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/moon-trine-pluto-in-the-earth-signs-dig-how-deep/

Sneak Peek at October 23rd Solar Eclipse


My ‘voice’ has returned; and, I am about to embark on another inward journey. I’ve begun receiving some information, so I thought I’d write early about the solar eclipse- as it has arrived within me.  I have that feeling of excitement. There’s newness unfolding. There’s a question of what’s around the bend. There’s faith (Neptune) and patience (Saturn) in the process of Chiron’s wound-healing (Saturn trine Neptune conjunct Chiron). Eclipses happen because of the moon’s lunar nodes. See previous post and google whatever you need to supplement the information provided here. The North Node is the head of the Dragon, and the South Node is the tail of the dragon. I’ve been following the nodes since I was in my early twenties because I was born during a balsamic moon phase, 3 days before a solar eclipse. I will not describe what that means here. Let’s just say it’s unstable energy (eclipse) and relates to my old soul (moon).

“What cannot be said will get wept.” -Sappho

This solar eclipse is cast for Pacific Time. I did all the charts in the beginning of the year, and I believe in local resonance. In fact, I believe in long-range resonance too.  I can only speak from where I am. I am both personality and higher consciousness – indivisible.

May only those who would receive and experience this message as a gift read these words. The words are carriers for the divine seed. They are sealed with love and open to many who would receive by grace.

The message I received is… use no force... just drift through this process with as little resistance as possible. keep your faith. There are many gifts on the other side of this passage.

I’ve come to see that these eclipses and transits are really ‘passages’ or liminal states. Walking through an eclipse is like leaving one universe for another one. Choose wisely while moving gracefully, for time is of the essence and the Goddess is with you. You are the night being born again and again in the light of consummate Divine.  Hidden messages will open to an open heart.


photo (10)

“Anything will give up its’ Secrets if you Love it Enough”

~George Washington Carver

Neptune and Venus are featured very strongly in this new moon solar eclipse on the 23rd. Neptune and Venus are expressions of the same energy. Neptune is referred to as the “higher octave” of Venus (love) and taken together they certainly reveal unconditional love.