Ringing in Peace & Friendship in 2016, 108 times, in a “9” year.

This New Year is off to a good start. The manifestation maps drawn during the 21st of December during our winter solstice celebration are quite ALIVE. The energy has been building for some time now, and it’s delicious.

In 2016, I’m going deeper into my shamanic practice, and diving deeper into my “Kung Fu.” It’s almost time for the new trimester, and I’ll be working alongside a new team. Meanwhile, I’ll be experimenting with new ways to communicate my astrological fun, and engaging more with my photography.

UPCOMING! I have a planned sabbatical (with travel!)

and guess who’s coming along with?!

you ARE 🙂

More music in 2016, lots of people to play with and won a raffle for free lessons in 2015.

So, it’s a truly abundant life.

At the moment, we have visitors here, and their company is delightful.


Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

to all my NEW readers.

Thank YOU

To all my existing readers:       You are SO loved!    

Thank you for being so patient with me, as I have been very busy creating a lot of space for an even more eventful year to come. I’m looking forward to sharing with you as Spirit moves me. In the meantime, I am truly enjoying reading your blogs; and I LOVE Fiestaestrellas.com – so Thank you to everyone for your visits here and support!!!!!  You make me feel welcome in my own house. It feels good to be loved, too. I see T-shirts in Fiestaestrellas’ future. My blog has brought me the most wonderful satisfaction and inspired connections – it makes me feels so AT HOME you have no idea (or maybe you do.  I think you do. Yeah, you know it 😉 )

My growing community here on WP, and in my daily life, brings me so much joy and contentment. Mr. Fiesta and I are thrilled that this year we will be literally, “Ringing in the New Year.” I hope you don’t mind, Fimnora, but I was inspired by your Music Medicine and wanted to share it – not to mention I have already been really enjoying the music.

SO please read and listen here 🙂, and then I’ll get back to my story:

This year, we RING IN the NEW YEAR – and I want every one of you to be with us!

The history of the Yokohama Frienship Bell, by Masahiko Katori

The citizens of Yokohama, Japan presented the Friendship Bell to San Diego in May 1958 as part of the Centennial Celebration of formal relations between that country and the United States. It also served to mark the establishment of the sister city relationship between San Diego and Yokohama, which is the first such affiliation on the West Coast.

The bell itself stands 6-feet high and weighs in at almost two and one-half tons. The words “Bell of Friendship” are inscribed on it in both English and Japanese. Like other traditional Japanese bells, the Friendship Bell has no clapper inside. It is rung instead by being struck with a large wooden ram that is suspended horizontally from two v-shaped chains in the bell house. To ring the bell, the ram is pulled back with a lanyard and then released, which causes it to strike a specially raised surface on the bell. The bell house is typical of those found in Japan. It is open on four sides and surrounded by a moat.

During the dedication ceremony in December 1960 eighteen traditional gongs were struck for good luck, in accordance with Japanese custom. Among those taking part in the ceremony was Saburo Muraoka, a driving force in the Sister City program. Over the years the bell has become a popular spot for groups and individuals to visit and take pictures, and it is regularly tolled on New Year’s eve.

When I was in Japan in 2001, I enjoyed ringing for the Kami. I’m reconnecting this year with what is and always has been: my connection to the land.

Random Fact:

Did you know that the molecule benzene was first thought to be ouroboros in a dream? In 1865, August Kekule had a dream that unlocked its atomic structure. (Michio Kaku, 2014)

Here’s to your dreams! Here’s to a New Year – and to the existence of timelessness.

Finally, Crickets

Crickets have been plentiful in my life since my husband and I joined up in Pennsylvania and made our way across the country to what eventually became our new home in California. The first cricket that visited was my Nana – she gave me a benevolent “send off” from my Pennsylvania life. Then, a beautiful cricket was “there for me” when I wrote my admissions essay for graduate school, and began working on what will eventually be a doctorate degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine. Please don’t hold your breath, because I am going to be taking my time… It’s good to breathe, anyways 😉 Lots of breathing in 2016…

To wrap it up, crickets have been (lots of them now!) with US since we moved into our new home in 2015. They have been playing in the water of my Towergarden. The Towergarden is a project to honor my Italian roots and to always having a garden, wherever I am. You are welcome to purchase one at the link, and join in our garden fun.

To all who READ herein,

MAY all the BLESSINGS of this NEW YEAR be yours to Manifest however you WISH in alignment your highest and best good, for the peace and prosperity of ALL.

To watch New Year’s live celebrations around the world: Click me.

Photo credit: The Buddhist Temple of San Diego


Current Moon transiting Uranus: Tesla’s Last letters to his mother

Dear Tesla,

I am sorry that humankind kept you back from your personal life, and never understood you, nor what you tapped into.

Love, Ka

For some reason, today, I encountered this article, and decided to share it on Word Press. The Moon in Leo is transiting Uranus in Aries. I thought I’d light a candle for Tesla…

****************** Letters excerpt********************************

“Friday, November 20…

I didn’t write to the Patent office, one of their agents came and I told him about my intentions in person. He said he was sorry, but the dates could not be changed because all the congressmen have already determined them. I went down to the Waterfalls and told the boys to prepare the turbines and wait for my call tomorrow.

I have decided to provide the mankind with the gift it deserves and to retourn to Europe, to You, Mother. Governments here are the same as the ones back home. I have realized now, at the very end, that the mankind depends on governments and the individual cannot change the world on himself. But that strange voice still bothers me. I know it is connected to You, my experiment, with something transcendental…”

See the full article here: