Excitement! Art for Art: Free Verses! β€” Fiesta Estrellas (DAY 1- REBLOGATHON)

Welcome to my ReBlogathon for November. This is my blog celebration of 11 years of blogging! We kick it off here, today, as DAY 1. I have also joined forces once again with the most wonderful blogging pepper group in the world: Cheer Peppers. This month we will all blog for 30 days (for me it might be even more!). For me personally, I didn't have the time for a proper celebration in March when my blog turned 11, and then I "rebirthdayed" my blog in August 2022--Now, I finally get to celebrate: That's how celebration goes: Celebrate when you CAN! 

This post is all about the publication of my first poetry book (2017)-- See the attached Reblog. At the time, I swore I would never write another. But, I think I shall πŸ™‚

"Free verses" is a play on "free verse." It's the type of poetry that doesn't follow a format. Since my book is called "Art for Art" its only purpose is to share the heart in a format free fashion. In fact, The format is so free that it isn't even "free verse," it's "free verses." Like multiverses, universes-- the latin versus means "to turn."  So maybe my poetry took "many turns" in sharing my heart. It certainly was an exploration, one that led to the birth of my wonderful daughter. But, you'd have to read it, to know it and see that. To feel it.

It's time to GO BACK and look at things anew...

I feel immense gratitude for everyone who was with me on this book journey, all my fellow bloggers who I love and connect with. I was absolutely not alone. Michael Mark and Ra Avis were ‘beyond words’ supportive and deserve special mentions. Another poet and marvelous human Kai Coggin inspired and supported me in this endeavor, too. I hosted a poem of Kai’s way back in 2014. You must absolutely read her poetry and check out her website. This was before Kai became ‘Big Big’ and she is an educator with a heart of gold. Go find her. In the post, in the comments, I elaborate on the cover art created by artist & friend, Debbie Graul. Ironically, words can not express the importance of the birth of a book, nor what such a book could foreshadow, foretell, or clear away room for in one’s life…

Write that book! It will open you up for more πŸ™‚

Finally, for extra credit. There’s a little “nesting doll” link for my “blog post within the blog post” if you read my original 2017 post, where I end with crickets. Can you find that post? Comment about it if you dare.

It is no surprise to me that I am hearing crickets as I type this right now…

Cover Art by Debbie Graul, Cover Design by Ka Malana Praise for Art for Art Hello dear friends & welcome new followers! I am delighted to share with you that my 1st book of poetry is published and available. It’s available immediately at the CreateSpace eStore. It’ll be able at Amazon.com in 3-5 business days (now […]

Excitement! Art for Art: Free Verses! β€” Fiesta Estrellas

Do Stats Talk?

Hi, I’m chiming in today because anytime that I sit down and spend just a little bit of time on the blog (blogging around), my mind get filled with content. So, all that meditation I’m doing is really helping, right?! WINK~ to those who hear me and know the truth of this!

I am not a big stats person. If I were, I would spend time looking at them and cultivating them. I have nothing, absolutely nothing against stats, by the way. I can also see myself becoming a stats person–just for fun. (Like, everything I do, is just. for. fun.).

But, do stats talk?

Here’s something funny. When I started my blog. I wasn’t interested in getting comments on it. Before you judge me (and I doubt that you are the type to judge) just hear me out. It was so nerve-wracking to just even be in a place where other people existed. I was sharing astrology information, my style of doing it. This was before astrology literally blew up online. This was where everyone ended up on youtube right afterwards talking about what the stars had in store. Was I doing personal readings? Yes. I had been doing personal readings for years (even decades) and I was doing them at first, very informally. You don’t need to have a long sit-down conversation with somebody to help them out. I find that even with a glance at their chart– you can offer a few brief comments (observations that can come in the format of questions) that could plant a very important seed. That seed will turn into a plant, and then blossom.

But Stats, do they talk? Comments talk.

So, anyways, I got over the issue of comments by realizing that I was here to ‘make friends’ and not necessarily sell anything to anybody. Why would I want to ‘sell,’ besides, I figured if that’s just boring me– don’t do it. YAY! Good decision. Another thing that happened with astrology is that people sometimes want to know and consult on things that I don’t find are deep questions (not so interesting to me). This may sound like a judgement and I’m sorry, but I was bored with the “How long will I be single?” or “When will I get over my boyfriend?” or questions that were more about manipulating life rather than facing it, developing oneself, etc. So, I knew I didn’t want to counsel any more at that point on astrology; at least, not to work with those questions. Also, I didn’t want to read people their natal chart and “tell them who they are.” I wasn’t into that style, either. Finally, I got bored of talking to globally about astrology: here’s what y’all should be feeling/seeing kind of stuff. Also, not really my style!

What about stats? Do they talk?

Yes. and. no.

Stats are silent and do not tell you “VALUE.” They are valuable only if you can put a number or quantity to each stat (so more stats need to be added to make stats meaningful–math people, I know yah feel me. But if you and me are anything alike–we don’t want to be a stat. Stats are how big organizations make decisions. Stats are used in public policy. Stats are big trends. But in a small world, how much do you think stats talk? Does looking at stats help you to value your own blog? Do you judge others by their stats or comment #s? It doesn’t for me. If it did–I would have stopped in 2011, the same year that I started.

However, I have gotten tremendous value from blogging. This is something that someone looking at stats, would never see. Blogging is my background, it’s my thing I do no matter what. I’m in love with blogging even more than I ever was. Why? Because:

People talk. People are fascinating. People are awesome! I am here, because of you!!! So if you are getting bored with blogging, I hope I can entice you to keep doing what you are doing, and let the moment pass. You will fall in-love AGAIN.

The reason for my REBLOGATHON in November is many. The first reason, is that I am celebrating my blog that built from March 2011 re-birthdayed in August 2022 (near my birthday) and I want to go back… and celebrate my purpose for being here. Please join me. Share your favorites.

What do you think about stats? Do they motivate you, or vice versa? Let’s be real. Please. Love you.

photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio

For anyone who read my first post with the all those typos: I am sorry. I had way too many of them. Hopefully most of them are fixed now.

Loving ache

My body is a gorgeous contour of land

with hills and springs

and valleys;

its slopes are shifts of light and shadow,

dualities of majestic flow.

My hair is soft and flowing; unbroken,



My feet are lightship anchors, gravity defiers–

alien technology

The moat that is my aura is filled with precisely designed

drawbridges, high-quality transparent, translucent material

that bulges and and softens

I am made of all colors of the rainbow

from seneca red to deep sea purple urchin,

and my heart reflects that loving ache that exists everywhere.

** While I plan for our ReBlogathon in the back of my head– where is that anyways, exactly!? (because there’s a whole detailed workforce there, and the secretary of my cerebellum keeps the grace in order with keeping my body moving in space, while my thalamus selectively tosses all the mail in its properly labeled boxes) I figured out what my first reblog will be. I haven’t made a schedule yet. What will yours be? Will I make a schedule (that I’m not planning to share)? I don’t know yet.

❀ With Aroha and Aloha —–

Looking forward to that Scorpio Solar eclipse…. the sensuality oozes. It’s time to take a deep dive! For me, it means returning to all that I am.

one. slow. carefully placed step. at. a. time.

Savoring this immersion into November. But! I don’t want to miss all that is ‘right now,’ so I won’t! Easy. done.

Happy Blogging, blog fam!!!

Image by Holga Jen: Here

November REBLOGATHON with extra (pumpkin) spice

Photo from Unsplash

I’ve been blogging here on WordPress for 11+ years with everyone! Some of you I met early on, even! You fill my heart with so much glee that I want to share that glee with the natural glee of the season. I plan to sprinkle the re-blogs with autumny-loveyness. Bringing my energy here–every day–

March 2011 was the inauguration of Fiestestrellas. Then on August 2011 I re-birthday-ed the blog. Now, I am actually gonna CELEBRATE the blog! This upcoming month will be filled with the joy I have been cultivating over the years. I will be picking through the best of the best in my previous posts, poems, drawings, etc. Then I will find time to blog-sprinkle with something colorful, unexpected, delightful, whimsical, or unsuspecting.

Dear friends, thank you, thank you for being on this journey with me. I know that this re-blog celebration is the just beginning. I was strongly nudged by my spiritual team to get this up and running as a pre-cursor for all that is to come at Fiestaestrellas.com

It is so fulfilling to be here, daily, even when I am always busier than last year! πŸ™‚ We can do this. Also, of course, I’m gonna ask you to join me. Please re-blog for the month of November. I just know you have gems sitting on those dusty blog shelves. What are your own favorite blogs? Can you fill whole month with them? Now is the time. Sparkle and sprinkle in the autumny dark spooky nights, leaf-slide deep into autumn and prepare to rock your holidays with the best bustling and amusement coming from the comfy corners of your blog home. πŸ™‚ JOIN ME!!! Who’s in?!

Unsplash, Sincerely media, free

Golden tongue sounding ocean

It’s time for me to open up my prayer within the word,

the journey with my tongue

into the sound of the ocean spoken

Through my lips, containing the vastness of my heart

You are the unbroken yoke of

My wandering heart

You are the dream where illusions fade into

washes of watercolors that bleed truth upon me until my marigold eyes lie wide open, capturing the sun into the depth of me, rooted

fountaining from me is my singing heart

bright with the depth of night stars, reaching

traveling from the distant inner deep

We are together now in this moment

steeped with hue and ink and dried tears of sparkling gold. I feel crystals in my hands, elegant, solid

You and I are the prayer, together,

ocean, golden, singing, shining

Lovely Ritual

If I’m middle-aged, I spent the majority of half of my life uninterested in ritual. Growing up I felt the rebellion to any type of ritual. For one, “ritual” meant to me as an activity that most people were disconnected from. I saw those who were living their rituals as just doing them for reasons unknown, usually out of habit, or by the shear influence of their society and culture. I saw a lot of people who seemed confined to their rituals. I didn’t want that for me. I didn’t want any structure for me. That was because I didn’t *understand* structure. However, the beauty of my path led me into true empowerment to where I could make and define rituals that were truly meant for me (and now my family).

To begin with, I started to become enlightened to the meaning of ritual when I studied anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh for my undergraduate degree. I learned that ritual not only provided structure but highlighted and connected people with their purpose. This doesn’t have to be religion–which is what the word ritual used to be confined to. Fortunately ritual is related to spirituality and this is why: with ritual we are creating space for our spirits to live. Ritual helps us “house” our time.

Now, I have always been interested in astrology. But not for the conventional reasons, but maybe for some of those too. Astrology has helped me connect to time in a ‘larger than community’ way. However, it has also connected me with community. There are so ways I could assess and think through how astrology has led me to ritual, but I don’t make a stink out of ritual. I still don’t want to be confined to it-so I’m not. It’s as simple as that. A ritual can be a simple “nod” to the inner part of me that wants to acknowledge the importance of space and time.

So, back to time: here I am. I am almost all planned for 2023. On that list of activities that I am signed up for is seeing Neil Degrasse Tyson. I am over the moon excited to see Neil Degrasse Tyson in 2023. My daughter has been attending a very wonderful “science” preschool with the most amazing humans who run it whom I have ever met. I’ve always loved science. But, I am not confined to science, either.

Back to ritual: I am writing out my calendar for 2023, and I am visioning and planning in ways I would never, ever have wanted to when I was younger. I’m doing it with delight and joy. This is not work. This is definitely pleasure. The previous 5 or so years, I started looking back over the last year. Basically the first part of my life, I had no ritual for reviewing the past or moving into the future. Now, I do. There’s momentum gaining in this process, and I’m excited about what’s around the bend.

Do you have rituals or do you dream? Do you do both? How do you organize your life? My years of “letting it happen” have finally co-joined with “making it happen” in a way that doesn’t constrain my soul. I feel this immense freedom I have not felt before. A lot of that freedom is coming from a new teacher I have been working with the last 6 months. I am looking forward to sharing more. But, I’d also like to hear a lot more from you!

James Lee Unsplash
Heather Zabriskie, Unsplash
Joice Kelly, Unsplash

P.S. One of my future goals is to take my family on an ancient library tour of the world. When shall I plan it for? Maybe in my 60s… Not sure yet.