The Marathon of Enlightenment

~I’m interrupting my blogging break~ for a moment to thank Susan for writing such a beautiful and touching blog article. Her thought to include me on her journey is beyonds words available to me at this moment.

We all encourage one another to continue along our path to realization. _/1\_

My blogging rest and break currently comes from the divine order of my body 😉 I can’t wait to return to y’all here! ❤


My friend Ka (aka Fiesta Estrellas) is many things: an artist, a poet, an astrologer to name but a few. A few years ago she had a 9mm herniated disk (L5/S1), which she chose to heal naturally, through things like diet, exercise, acupuncture, but most of all, through learning to listen to her body for what it needed to heal. Her healing was slow; it took over a year. That process of healing she likened to what others might experience learning to train for running a marathon. She says:

“Many people embark on the journey/goal of running a marathon. More and more are interested in pushing themselves to states of peak performance. Yet, how do we train for a marathon other than running a longer distance, over time; in effect, we run further and longer than the marathon itself. That’s how we train!  That’s how we get ready for…

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Living in the Parallel, Holding in the Center

This blog post is written in response to a Time Machine Challenge given from Linda, over at Litebeing Chronicles.

To my surprise, I hopped onto my timeline, and I went parallel!


Also, I didn’t go parallel to just one place, but to many places along my timeline.

#1). Vacation on Molokai

#2). Art making periods along my timeline

#3). My back injury in 2012 that influences my current path.


#1) For this parallel timeline, I picture myself as vacationing on Molokai, and I’m incredibly healthy. I am meditating all the time on this timeline, so it seeps into the experience of my busy course load and fills me with the sense of always holding my center.

#2) Some of you, my dear readers, may have seen my recent blog posts where I published some of my old art pieces. One of the skills that I value in myself is my ability to live through my art, to express through color, and to step away from words. Though I value language, I do find so much contentment in the silence of visual imagery.

#3). Regaining myself/my life after my back injury.

I had to retrain myself to walk after the disc herniation.

My husband and I got me through the toughest time of my and our lives through this experience. What I know now is something far more valuable than I could ever learn in school about healing, from any person or book, or anything else. When I reach back into my past, I realize that I can overcome anything that weighs me down.

What’s happened is that there’s a level of confidence that I can tap into here, and it will get me through every failure, every false start, every terrifying moment of working with needles, fire, smoke; and if it doesn’t, and I decide: Hey, I’m not really into needles that much after all, that’s okay, too. I got my body back, and it became mine again: not necessarily ready to have it become a human pin cushion. Recently I had an acupuncture treatment that left my arm feeling a little bit numb, and that made me feel uncomfortable – it has made me question and doubt my path.

I’m in this,

and I know I could get hurt again.

After all, I can walk now. I made it through without the surgery that loomed in my mind as a possible next step to walking again.

That’s good enough for me. I value my mobility!

Note: I will be away from blogging for a little while 🙂 Best to you all in the interim.

Much Love, Ka


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