It’s okay to be afraid

And, you can still keep an open mind. I see in many places that there is an attack on fear. People fear fear. While fear can lead to poor decisions and bad calculations, it can also bring necessary caution.

We live during very challenging times. If adaptation is hard for you, that is okay. Businesses and institutions are pushing to survive. We are all trying to survive, to feed our families, to protect our families. We are all trying to make “Hope” even when we don’t feel it ourselves. This if how we survive when we don’t know when the relief will come, or how.

It’s okay to be afraid. Being aware of your vulnerability doesn’t make you a coward; it doesn’t make you weak; and it doesn’t make you a bad person if you find it hard to be positive. We are living during difficult times. Difficulty requires love and compassion. It requires patience, and often we may not have any extra.

These times are transforming us in ways we don’t even know. As a planet we are facing challenges we have not experienced for a long time. It’s okay to be afraid, to not know, to not be turning every moment into its silver lining.

It’s okay to be afraid.

It’s a thing

The sound of coffee cups

And breakfast plates clinking

The birds in the morning

The hawk from yesterday

She is always by my side, these days,

it seems,

My aumakua 💗

Walk with me shadow,

in the morning

light; my other companion,

as we listen to the piercing cry

of my soaring hawk


and the morning doves with flapping wings

I and you are not alone in this hot world

with Covid threatening

The news is deafening

but my morning walk is peaceful, bright, serene

There are ways to build worlds within worlds

to live inside eggs within eggs

creating safe spaces in these smaller circles

The rabbit hops across the street with grass in her mouth.

filling up with sun and love

When pausing a thought,

The dove flies away,

you know the sound

The bees buzz swelling from pine trees…

that kind of abundance.

***poems while walking***