Rain falls

drops easily fall from the heavy sky
in 360 surround sound
i’ve been waiting in this dark n’ quiet
corner, soaking up the peacefulness of
solitude in the midst of the
busy, moving, bustling life around me,

like the rain drops, I am released.

free to roam the ground and be as
petrichor, free as
any particle moves about from the
forces it is a part of,
free from mind or duty,
free from need to craft a vision,
of peace and calm, or growth
and creation.


it’s all already been done,

and the show I’m watching is the best show on Earth,
and from it can see Mars,
the expanding universe,
and feel the tiny little presence
that silently awaits its own journey of release.

Friends are lifting me up

it wasn’t long ago that I realized
that anything I had to offer anyone
was incidental.

try and try as I may, my contributions
and service always fell short of
my soul’s intention.

too much struggle in my own efforts
and not enough levity in my heart,
what can I give from that place,
but my emptiness?

my impact and influence on those around
me have been not the real way to be
a blessing, as my experience would show me:

being helped,
being lifted,
bringing that smile to others
who are there for me,
that’s the true joy I see in their eyes-

when they feel like they did something
good and their gifts were received.

when I want to “do” for others
it is when I find myself the
most “needing,” it’s like that,
unfortunately and yet innately
fair to recognize that

it’s an honest human equality,
it’s my truth…

allowing another’s love,
their efforts, their caring
to be heard, seen, respected,

receiving love, blessings, grace…
surrendering with gratitude to the goodness of others…

Grateful for so many
in-tune people to share this
adventure with

If I were to…

open up and unfurl my inner poetess-process

I’d trace the skyline 🌃 of my heart’s city

with the finger of my imagination

And cover myself head to toe in fresh colors that smell of oil paint and spices

I may not make it to any meetings, appointments, or classes,

and I’d definitely not use a calendar 📆 except to color in the palette 🎨 of my life’s activities, exactly at times, and sketched at times,

and I’d cut out huge areas of clocklessness

i’d appoint each moment when it feels perfect and effortless 🔥 rather than schedule intersecting time-space happenings

i’d be cooking, and dancing, sculpting and then napping. I’d light incense and candles and then run through the woods, following the scents and tracks of animals…

I’d wear masks every day with purposefulness and intention, the feathers from my hair would stream in the wind as I follow the scent of dusk into dawn, and ride each day like an amusing dragon 🐉 of delights, streaming through the sky

unbeknownst to anyone….